Strong Business

A Starting Handshake


By gymtoffee

Marcus Freeman is today a big man, a muscular and strong human being with a long history. Marcus was looking at old pictures that morning. Pictures of him, several years ago, when he was a teenager, playing football, looking gorgeous at 18, even if not very beefy but muscular and 183cm(6') tall 80kg (177) weight. Cyan eyes, dark hair, and a good genetics that made him strong, very strong. His character was already tough and determined, and he felt the desire to overpower and dominate any other male. From 19 years old he started seriously pumping the iron, and not a long time after the results were evident. Even if the body was chiseled and not beefy like his gym buddies, he was the strongest in the gym at 21. He was known for his deadly hand grip. He knew exactly how to get hold of another hand, to feel the bones and the nervs, and how to accommodate his irony fingers around the other's palm. After smiling with an evil grin, what started like a normal handshake was going to turn into a definite torture. His forearm muscles would suddenly explode all their power and transmit the huge amount of power to his hand of steel. After just a second the creepy sound of squashed nervs and moving bones was almost udible...After some more, the real cracking sound of broken fingers was just giving him a great pleasure, while his victim was in incredible pain and sometimes screaming. Not always, as the level of pain was too high to let the poor victims make any sound sometimes... Was he going around crushing hands then? In a way, yes. After high school, he started a job as a credit collector in a local private company. He liked that job, but it was just boring to deal with people at the phone harassing them sistematically to get the money. One day he was approached on the phone by a guy who gave him a chance to work "in a very private business" that would give him "a personal reward and a lot of money". The offer was interesting, so he accepted. After a tough meeting, when it faced the fact that he was going into another layer of the society, he was conscious to have become "the Evil Marcus". Basically he was asked by nasty mysterious organizations to get back credits from people. At that stage he was not supposed to phone them. He was supposed to make them feel the pain. Real pain. That crushing handshake, started as a joke to make his friends understand who really was the boss, continued to be used and was really pushed to the limit. His first assignment was to get back a lot of money from a youngster who lived in a skyscraper, in the suburbia. He rang the bell many times, but he didn't open. So his fist was already on his way, and with a hard sound the door was easily open. A voice from the inside..."Hey, what the f..." and it was him walking into the flat like a bulldozer. "Mister Benjamin, I am here to get the money". That young Benjamin was much taller and bigger than him. He was standing in the middle of the messy room, naked feet, with jeans on, a can of beer in one hand, naked torso. Muscles, big, huge muscles. A thick neck and long blond hair with a rotten face. Consumed by any kind of drug, and devastated by loads of steoids. His skin was also red and sore. Marcus started very gentle: "sorry for getting in, but the door was kind of open. Am sure we will sort this out very quickly." And he was offering his hand to be shaken. To his surprise, the giant blond was swearing like a bull, but he made the same gesture back to him "listen, I already told you dirty bastards I haven't got anything". And the hands made contact. A rapid adjustment, a fraction of a second. And he was ready to release the immense power of his grip. It wanted to made that as the best crushing handshake, and he did. An exploding crack signalled that all the fingers were now broken. After less than a second the hand was halved in size and some blood started dropping on the carpet. The blonde giant screamed, and in a shock he collapsed on his knees. He barely tried to do something with the other hand, but it was too late. Big mistake. Both hands were now being crushed. He left the grip, leaving the young man in pain, looking at his now unusable hands. Evil Marcus was born. Evil Marcus put his big hands under the armpits of the muscular man, getting hold of his thick lat muscles, and lifting him almost off the grounds. "If the money is not in this room tomorrow ready for me to be picked up, this is going to happen to all your muscles, young man". And his devil grin changed in an expression of power and concentration as he suddenly exercised just some of his power to crush his lat muscles with his fingers, which penetrated the hard mass of steroided muscle. The man screamed like ever before, this time no bones broken sound but an uninimaginable pain that led the blond giant to faint after some seconds. Marcus left the flat and the day after the money was there, and the man was scared like hell. That was the beginning of a brilliant career for him, he almost never failed as he was controlling and overpowering anybody on his way. One day, he was training at the local gym when he saw another guy near the showers, with a particular that drew his attention: he had the same sign on the shoulder: like an old scar, shaped like a lightning and a circle. He always thought that was just too much to be done by chance, as he always wondered why he had that sign on the shoulder. He approached the guy, and before a second, they were staring at each other. They were naked, and their bodies were something unique, something chiseled and hyperhuman. But this other guy was also beefy, tall , huge. The kind of man that NEVER goes unnoticed. Something strong was in both, something in common. They didn't need to talk, they were sniffing their sweat bodies, their muscles, their fluids. At the same time, they both offered the hand. All muscles were pumped and hard...and hands made contact. In silence, veins started pumping. Biceps started bumping out vigorously. Like an earthquake, all the body muscles of both got a propagation of extreme tension and definition. They started sweating. No bones cracking. Too strong, both of them. The free hand of both suddenly got grip on the opposite bicep. Their blood was running in their bodies like never before. Their muscles were slowly, sistematically getting firmer and bigger, pumped by the blood. their cocks started stiffening, their balls got big. The experience was like the prelude of an orgasm for both. The hands pressed stronger. Any muscle was used more and more. The cocks full hard, huge, pointing to each other's torso. The expressions on the faces were tough, hard, strong. Stronger. The cocks exposed all their huge head simultaneously as the excitation was over the top. A subtle noise, a loud sound of two beasts releasing their immense powers shaked their bodies as both were moaning like bulls. The balls got ready for action, the cocks stiffened even more, to an unprecedented hardness. Both looked up. At the very same moment both cocks fired a huge, long, thick and strong load of boiling juice, that hit with a smacking noise each other's pecs and face, over and over. It was like the first ejaculation. The pleasure was so totally blowing away their minds that they collapsed on the floor. After showering and starting to talk, not with some difficulties, as they were really turned on by each other, they started realizing they were really similar, they liked the same things and they felt the same, totally mindblowing pleasure in overpowering the others. His name was Jack, and he was going to join Marcus that very day into his "particular" job. •

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