Stud Formula, The

By Kevin Clements

It was a warm day for spring and the mugginess of the breeze taunted Joe to take his shirt off. He might as well, it was already soaked with his sweat, besides he worked out, and never minded showing anyone who bothered to look, at his nice gym body.

His proportions were pretty good for a 6ft, tall guy. 205 lbs, 16.5 inch arms, 46 inch chest and nice 6 pack with BF of around 7-8 % that he liked to maintain year-round. He always wanted to gain a bit more muscle, but at what price? Steroids? Nawww, he wanted to compete in a powerlifting meet later in the year and it was a tested show. He'd stay without gear. His powerlifting core lifts were pretty darn good and he was gaining on them but not as fast as he'd like and not as fast as his training partner Kyle. Kyle's squat had jumped up more than 30 lbs in just a couple of weeks, his bench had gone up 25 and his deadlift, man now that was skyrocketing, up a whopping 50 lbs. What was it? Did Kyle have a new boyfriend? Was he taking gear behind Joe's back? Joe vowed to find out at their next workout.

Friday rolled around and Joe was already stretching and warming up when Kyle showed up. Joe was caught offguard, WOA ! Look at Kyle, he's not only stronger but look at his old tank-top, he was almost busting out of it it looked like. Kyle's arms must be 2 inches bigger than 2-3 weeks ago. Okay Joe was determined, he would just bust right out and ask.

"So Kyle, what's going on buddy, what's with the new bod? You look, well as Tony the Tiger would say, GRRRRRRRRRREAT".

"Thanks Joe, you know I do have a little secret". As he he smiled at Joe, Kyle took off his tank to reveal a perfectly proportioned body, beyond anything seem in that gym in a long time. Kyle then stood in front of the mirror and flexed a double bicep pose. It was amazing, he had Frank Zane like quality symetry, but larger proportions. Kyle told Joe "I now weight about 235 at 6ft, and my arms measured cold last night at 18.75, but what is most amazing is my strength is going up higher than that, because of my little secret. I get it from a friend who knows a Haitian voodoo guy down in the Little Haiti area of Miami, you know down by Little River?" Joe nodded, he knew the area.

At this something else was happening to Joe, he felt his dick getting harder and harder, he was getting really turned on by the site of Kyle's new structure. Joe wanted more than anything to see Kyle workout and show off those new muscles and that new strength. He wouldn't have to wait very long.

Kyle then moved over to the deadlifting platform and started his warmup set with the bar, all the time he is smiling at Joe who is mesmerized and forgets about his own stretching, because of the show Kyle was putting of with his own warmup. Kyle also noticed how turned on Joe was by all this, and his dick was also rising after seeing himself in the mirror, he was the stud he had been promised by the Voodoo guy, Jean-François. He then told Joe "He dude, put on 4 plates a side", Joe was stuned. He said, "Kyle you sure I mean you look a lot stronger, but 405 lbs?, Dude we have never pulled more than 385 for reps". "Joe, this is just my warmup set...wait til you see my REAL working sets". Joe was begining to tremble in anticipation of watching this incredible feat of strength. Kyle moved forward and gripped the bar, and hoisted the 405 1, 2, 3, 4,5 ....10 reps....11, 12 and then setting it down. Joe was bug-eyed, he had his mouth hanging open and Kyle says to him, "Hey Joe you're gonna catch flys with that hangin' open, better close it, cuase the show is just starting".

Kyle started by putting on 2 more plates a side making the weight up to 585. Kyle bent over and smiled at Joe, but before picking up the bar he said to Joe "You know it's really warm in here, I'm gonna go buck naked, there's no one else here at the gym, so why not, right? " Kyle slowly took off his workout shorts and revealed to Joe what was perfection, a beautiful 9 inch cock. What was this? Joe had seen Kyle hard before, he was never bigger than 6 ½ inches, man this was great. Kyke then took the bar and lifted it in perfect deadlift form, all 585 lbs and started repping out 1,2, 3....10, 11 and 12. Kyle looked at Joe and smiled and started doing some poses admirining his beautiful body. He was perfection and knew it. He was not only built but he also was powerlifting strong. •

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