Some Strong Stuff!


By Muscledude49

That afternoon we went to the beach and had the time of our lives. Neither of us had ever been noticed as we walked the beach before. Now guys and girls were coming up to us to talk and look closer at what had happened to our bodies. We loved the attention!

A few girls came up and wanted to feel our muscles which we let them do and they ooed and ahhhhed them. Then a few of the guys came and did the same thing. There cocks got hard in their swim suits as did Henry and mines.

There were a couple of the guys who were especially skinny (like we had been) who were watching us from a distance. We decided to go over and talk to them. Their names were Greg and Sam and they were from the town there. I had seen them before, but never had talked with them. The were really excited that we had come over and I could tell they wanted to feel our muscles so I asked. “Oh thanks, “said Greg, “I love a guy with muscles.” “Wish I had them, I’ve worked out, but didn’t see much happen.”

Henry and I asked them to come over to our place so they did. We were sitting in the living room just in our swim suits. I could tell Greg and Sam were a bit excited by how they talked and the bulges in their suits. I sat next to Greg and Henry to Sam and soon we were hugging and getting close to one another.

I looked over at Henry and he winked at me as he pulled out the “Grow” poppers. Sam said “I don’t really use that stuff”, to which Henry replied., “Come on just this time for me” So he took his hit and Greg did the same. We saw the looks come over their faces and then sat and watched them grow. What a turn on to see a guy go from a skinny dude to a muscle guy!

What happened next was an incredible night.

I wish I knew where that stuff came from. There was no address or any company info on the bottle and the store never got another bottle in. The effects were permanent and today the four of us go out and show off our muscles to anyone who will look. Maybe your store has some. Let us know! •

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