Something in the Water



By tlee400

Been lurking for about 6 months, so I thought I'd try my hand at writing. Especially since I've got an antique computer that can't handle the type of morphing software needed to even create a crappy morph and my drawing skills don't even exist to try to improve. Anywho, I read through many of the stories posted here, several that I enjoyed and some that I didn't but after trying this I've only praise for those who took the time to create the stories and post them. First, just a little warning. This story, if it continues beyond the introduction, will contain scenes of male-to-male sex. There will only muscle growth in the males in the story. The growth will not be instantanous but occur gradually over a course of 2 weeks, storytime. And for those Sci-Fi fans, yes I stole the format from "The Twilight Zone" and adapted it. I think that was because I thought up the story while watching one of their marathon showings.

[Opening shot: map of the U.S.]

[Zoom in on the southwest corner of South Dakota. Highlighting a small dot representing a town. Off-scene the narrator speaks.]

Deep voiced narrator. "The town of Hemas, South Dakota."

[Scene change. A single two lane highway and a road sign "Hemas Population 375". Follow road into town showing houses, mom & pop stores, city buildings, and etc.]

Narrator. "Hemas is a typical small town of nearly 400 people. To the West are the Great Plains and large spreads of cattle ranches. To the North are the Black Hills and Badlands of the Dakotas and Montana. To the South and East are the farms of corn, wheat and soybean of the American grain belt."

[Scene change. displaying average people walking the streets of small agricultural town.]

Narrator. "The people of Hemas are your average small town people, typical of the region. Life here has been the same for decades. Everyone knows everyone and are generally friendly. They earn their living either from the cattle ranches and the meat processing plant, or from the farms and the grainery, or from the city/state government, or from providing a service business."

[Scene change. back to road and city limit sign.]

Narrator. "A small town and it's people just like any number of other towns that you may have driven past or through on your way to somewhere. The kind of town most people have seen but never really remembers because it is so ordinary."

[Narrator walks in scene. The narrator is a heavily muscled man dressed in a tight cotton shirt stretched across his chest and a pair of cargo pants with the legs near to bursting. He has dark hair and eyes. He sports a deep golden brown tan. He casually curls a 75 lb dumbbell as he speaks.]

Narrator. "But all this is about to change. Call it a twist of Fate or an act of nature or God, whatever you wish. For tonight, after midnight, the town of Hemas slips into..."

[musical accent]

Narrator. "The Muscle Zone"

[Fade out] •

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