Some Strong Stuff!


By Muscledude49

I was at the local adult bookstore looking around at all the interesting and over priced items when my eyes fell on the bottles sitting the cabinet up front. There were a number of items from stuff to numb your dick so you last longer (yeah right, want numb nuts when I pop), to lube and poppers.

I’d never been a poppers fan, having an intense orgasm had never been a real problem with me. I’d tried them in the past, but never really liked them. But there was one bottle that caught my eye. On the label was a wonderfully drawn muscular man, the stuff was called “Grow”. There was only one bottle of this brand and it was priced at $40.00. A bit steep I thought, but I had a thing for well drawn muscular guys so I reached into my pocket and bought it.

The clerk said he had never heard of it either, that it was just there that day when he got there and saw it.

When I got home I emptied my pockets and there was the bottle. I looked and there was nothing else on the label but the name “Grow” and the picture of the muscle guy. I wasn’t planning on doing anything right then so I did what a friend had told me he did and put it in the fridge to keep it fresh.

That night a friend came over and we began to get a bit frisky with each other. I knew he loved poppers almost as much as I had stayed away so I went and got the new bottle. He was intrigued by this new bottle he had never seen before. I opened it up and took a snort in my left nostril and he did that same.

My heart started pounding almost immediately and my head felt the rush, but this was different…I also felt a tightening of my body as well. A sense of euphoria swept over me like I’d never felt before. I looked over at Henry and saw him look amazed! I also noticed that his chest and arms looked different. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but he looked a little better than he had before. Maybe, I thought, it’s these feelings I’m having all over.

This time I took a hit in both nostrils as did Henry and man what a rush! I have never felt so good all over as I did right at that moment. I think Henry was the same cause we both went after each other with a passion we had never had before. We both came and came and came that evening.

In the morning I got up and went into the bathroom to get my shorts and a t-shirt. The shorts fit fine, but I had a real problem getting the t-shirt on. I thought it must have shrunk in the wash. I thought that till I went to the mirror and looked at myself. The t-shirt looked like it had been painted on with muscles underneath! My pecs stuck out, my chest was huge, my delts looked like cannon balls and my neck was like a tree trunk. My arms bulged out of the shirt.

Now let me tell you this, before all this I was just a normal looking skinny guy. Not in bad shape, but not a muscle guy. And now I was!

I ran into the room and there was Henry, still asleep but naked with the covers off him. I could believe what I was seeing! Here was a guy that that night before had been like me, just average in the body dept and now he had cut, huge pecs, a six pack, wide muscular shoulders and legs that wouldn’t quit!

I woke him up and said look at this as I took off the shirt! He couldn’t believe his eyes. I told to look at himself.

I got out a tape measure and Henry measured my flexed biceps, 17.5”. I wasn’t exactly sure how big they had been the night before, but I would guess maybe 13-13.5 at the most. My chest was now 45”, my waist was 30”. Henry was about the same.

By now we both had raging hard-on’s and we saw the other change that had happened. I had never been ashamed of my dick, it was a little above average..but now with the tape I came up to 9”, so did Henry.

“How did this happen?” Henry asked. “I’m not disappointed with the change, but I’d like to know”

Then both of us looked at the talble and saw the muscle guy on the bottle of poppers called “Grow”.

We looked at each other and grinned. I picked it up, took a really heavy hit in both nostrils and my mouth. Henry did the same. That same amazing feeling came over me and Henry as we began to once again ravage each other. I don’t really remember all that happened, but I know it was incredible. I must have come 8-9 times in the next couple of hours. And we grew again.

This time when we awoke from our marathon session the changes were incredible. We got out the tape measure and this time my arms were 19”, chest 52”, waist was the same size at 30, but with a eight pack. Henry was about the same.

That afternoon we went to the beach to show off our new bodies and had the time of our lives. •

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