Super Kids


By Muscleluvr1956

My name's Gary Ross. I'm also the host of the "SUPER KIDS" TV show - a show that spotlights young boys (and the occasional girl) from around the world who have extraordinary muscular development and near super-human strength.

What? You've never heard of "SUPER KIDS"? It's syndicated nationally - usually on one of the mini-nets, WB or Fox - in some markets, it's on non-affiliated UHF local stations... but it's available throughout most of the country - check your local television guide for show times in your area, yadda, yadda, yadda...

OK, I'll come clean. The show's a fake. My dad, who's the producer/director of the show and I MAKE the kids on the show... no, I don't mean we 'make out' with them, nor do I mean to imply that they're "Stepford" kids or something... You see, several years ago, I was in the South Pacific - island hopping... I came across a village on one of the larger islands I visited where lots and lots of people, men and women, boys and girls alike had super-human muscles, and super-human strength. It was amazing. It was like I'd stumbled into a race of supermen or something... but soon, I was to discover the secret - a mutation of sugar cane that produced a substance that had the amazing ability to cause immense muscular growth and super-human strength when consumed. Somehow, the sugars created in by this plant worked wonders on the human physique... men, women and children alike were transformed into supermen... amazingly muscular, endowed with superhuman strength, as well as increased size of the genitalia. There was a catch though - it wasn't permanent. It lasted only about a week, then the size and strength would gradually subside, and the body would revert to normal. I negotiated a deal with the village chief - I got him to agree to export bundles of his cane to me in the States...

I discovered that by chopping the cane, fermenting it, and turning it into an alcohol based clear liquid, it could be made to work it's magic on a permanent basis - but it had to be injected, oral ingestion and the subsequent digestive processes broke down the complex sugars, preventing the growth. Pity - the stuff makes killer booze - especially mixed with Rose's Lime Juice - YUM! Furthermore, it only takes a very small amount when injected. The 200lbs a month I was having shipped from the island was producing enough of the juice to turn every man, woman and child on the planet into a superhuman... and, in my own way, I was now working to do just that - starting with boys between the ages of 5 and 17!

My Dad shopped a very rough pilot for our TV show around - he found a like-minded producer who signed up after getting his rocks off over a seven-year old Navajo super boy... a kid who lifted a full grown horse with just one hand!

Anyway, Dad and I travel the country, scouring playgrounds and elementary, middle and Jr. Hi schools for potential candidates. We're looking for the kid that's picked on - bullied by his friends, the kid who's really a good kid, but just doesn't have a chance based on what he's been given in life. We always make it as above the board as possible. We present it as a sort of scholarship to the kid and his parents... of course, there's no monetary reimbursement given by us - the kid is free though, to capitalize on his new-found physique in any way he chooses... several of our 'stars' have gone on (to the humiliation of many a pro bodybuilder) and cinched major physique titles... Our first candidate - a kid we shot for the pilot - John Sanders, a 12-year-old 7th grader who benched an incredible 675 pounds live, for our camera - he competed in a power lifting meet right after that shoot - the kid broke world records that to date, still stand - even the biggest, most powerful pros in the sport have been unable to beat him - and he's a kid - now in the 8th grade, but still a kid, nonetheless.

When we shot the first show of the series, we inadvertently shot up our 'star' in front of the crew... they witnessed the kid's growth. Every one of the crewmembers on that shoot wanted the drug... the all sacrificed their paychecks in order to get a dose of the drug. You see, there's one small side effect, beyond the obvious muscle-growth. Once you take this drug, you're hopelessly attracted to the same sex... that's right, it turns you queer!

I've already mentioned that I'm a pedophile, but I've never had a relationship with a child - ever. I've had plenty with adults - mostly male, but a few females too - I'm definitely more along the 'gay' side of the spectrum... women just don't 'do it' for me. After we'd had about 14 shows in the can, my Dad suggested to me that perhaps I should take the drug myself. For some reason, that was not something I'd ever considered. I always liked watching the transformation, and seeing the end-result of the super kids that we created for the show, and I like each and everyone of that original crew we transformed (all of whom are part of our regular crew to this day), but take it myself? Why had I never thought about that? I decided it would be cool to do it.

Finally, the day was upon me - Dad was going to give me the injection. Our chief cameraman and his boyfriend, our lighting guy, were on hand - you see, in adults, the immediate effect of the drug is to make you unbearably horny. Horny to the point of committing rape. The guys were there to protect my Dad, and to offer themselves when the situation arose - which, it was guaranteed to do.

We had two kids who were scheduled to be in guest shots later that day - so they were brought in with a parent to get their shot along with me. Kids don't go sex-crazy, kids go into sort of a seizure - it's not painful or harmful, but it can be pretty frightening to anyone witnessing it for the first time... we'll be given our shots in different areas of the studio... the kids on the soundstage, me, in the dressing room. I gave the two boys their shots... the first, Daryl Hickson, a 5 year-old from a dirt-poor family, and the second, a 14 year-old geek, Harlan Sommers, who's Dad just wanted him to spend less time with his computer... Daryl got his first - his Mom was with him. We show the parents videotapes of prior transforms so they are prepared for what will happen to their child, but no amount of preparation can really prepare a parent for seeing their child double-up in muscle-spasms or seizures while watching their muscles inflate to super-human dimensions... Mom was just about ready for a rubber room by the time the transformation of Daryl had completed. The two families had agreed to be present for each other as well. Harlan, after seeing the apparent pain Daryl went through, was unwilling to take the shot... we had to wait on Daryl to come to, and explain that despite how it looked, the process was hardly considered painful - most children, without anything to compare to, allude to feelings that sound suspiciously like an orgasm, when describing the feel of the transformation. Eventually, Harlan was convinced to take the shot. I administered it, and immediately, he was enveloped in the spasms that signaled his coming growth. I didn't stick around. I had an appointment elsewhere in the studio.

I arrived in my dressing room, my father already waiting for me. Dave, the cameraman, and Roger, the soundman were already undressed and ready to keep me away from Dad... There was a fourth man in the room - someone Dad had agreed to give the shots to as well - someone else who was going to go through the transformation with me... I think they said his name was Hank something - I think the name was Swedish... Anyway, Dad tied off my arm, swabbed the crook of my arm, and ran the shot. Almost immediately, I felt a hot flash. Then equally as quick - my dick got hard - we're not talking your average erection here - we're talking a boner that borders on an explosion - and it just kept getting bigger and bigger... finally, I couldn't take it any longer, I pulled down my slacks, kicked them off, ripped off my boxers, and pulled off my polo... now, I was standing in my dressing room in just my socks... watching in the mirror as each muscle group appeared to sort of 'bubble' from down deep... it was like bubbles rising to water's surface... only these bubbles were flesh, and they didn't burst! Muscle after muscle, I kept expanding - getting bigger and bigger... I also began to feel really powerful - I had feelings of wanting to lift things - heavy things, like I wanted to bend down, shove my fingers into the baseboard of this dressing room just to see if I could lift this building off it's foundation! Amazing feelings... and I was horny, so very horny... and just as those thoughts entered my mind, there was Dave to help me out... Dad just left the room when he finished giving me the shot, knowing the consequences of sticking around. Dave, Roger, Hank and I had some of the most amazing sex - sucking and fucking for the next two and a half hours... I was insatiable - it was wonderful. For the first time in my life, I knew what it was to truly make love to someone... these three men were the most amazing lovers I'd ever had - period, and one of them was a complete stranger! I shot gallons and gallons that afternoon... most of it up the ass of my partners... they, in turn shot gallons into me as well... what a day!

OK, so, there you have it. I've now been transformed like one of the kids on our show... the transform is so dramatic; there will be no 'explaining' it away. We'll either have to secure a new host, with no explanation about the change, or we have to come clean about the drug. Dad isn't keen about either alternative, but since it's my drug, it's my decision, and mine alone. I've opted to stay on the show and come clean. I envision turning the show into a sort of 'talent' search, getting poor kids to apply who really need what I can do for them - we'll even do a few shows with girls or adults - men or women - I can see us creating a society of super humans... it'll be stupendous...


We're shooting the first show - a show that will highlight my transformation, along with the usual feats of strength and posing exhibitions from the two juvenile guests.

We shot an outdoor segment where Daryl and Harlan tossed a 3-ton wrecking ball back and forth in a game of 'catch'. The ball was bigger around than Daryl is tall, and he dropped it twice (which of course, we edited out) - but the sight of these two kids tossing a giant wrecking ball between them was amazing!

We'd shot 80% of the show with me doing only voice-over work - no on-camera appearance. We shot a segment for the end where I'd reveal the 'new me' and talk about the drug, how it was made, where it came from and what I was offering anyone who was interested in becoming a superhuman - with the appropriate address cards flashed on the screen with PO addresses and website URLs, for use in applying. My entrance was dramatic - walking across a darkened stage to stand under a solitary overhead spot - wearing nothing but posing trunks... when the time was right, the lights would come up, and I'd be revealed in all my glory... it was fantastic! The shoot was a problem though, every time I'd walk onstage, I'd start to get a boner - I could see the hulking forms of Dave, Roger and Hank on the set, so I'd get excited - which of course, meant a raging boner that would overwhelm my very brief posing trunks turning our 'family' show into an X-Rated extravaganza... take after take after take. The solution, finally, required that Dave, Roger and Hank leave the set - regular guys had to run the camera and sound equipment... THEN it worked... we wrapped it up, and prepared to send it for editing...


The night of the big show's broadcast, we were prepared for a switchboard full of phone-calls and major hits on our web servers... good thing too - even with the 100+ operators we had hired for the night, we were dropping hundreds of calls... our web server buckled under the load, and when it went down, the sheer numbers of those trying to access our site brought down a significant portion of the internet on the West Coast. No one had ever seen anything like it! We were basking in our glory, when suddenly; three men entered our offices, flashing badges - FCC, FDA and ATF.

Busted! You see, my drug had never been cleared by the FDA - for that matter, had never been tested on anyone excepting a couple of those South Sea islanders where the mutant cane was grown... ATF officers were at my lab seizing all the cane, all the equipment, the entire drug inventory - everything. Effectively, "SUPER KIDS" was out of business... And we were just getting started! •

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