Super Kids


By Muscleluvr1956

Hey. I'm a TV cameraman - when gettin' fancy, they call me a 'videographer' - means the same thing. I do free-lance work most of the time. I just signed on to shoot this freak show... it's just a pilot for some bizzaro show about little boys with muscles... pretty queer if you ask me.

So's I show up at this little studio in West Hollywood. From what I've seen of the shooting schedule, I'll be the sole cameraman (talk about low budget), and I'll just be shooting the 'host' on a set (if you can call it that) they've cobbled together for this shoot. The bulk of the show will be location footage shot all around the world... now THAT's the job I'd like, traveling around all over the place... a lady in every port... THAT would be the life... but hey, at least this is a paycheck.

Looking around, I can't imagine what the fuck is gonna be going on here... this 'set' is just a big open space - they're a big old White Freightliner truck, and a gasoline tank truck (which, I'm hoping, is empty) and a lot of weights, in fact, more weights than I've ever seen in one place. Don't know what the lighting is gonna look like, or how they want this shot, but with only one camera and all these big props, it's gonna be a difficult shoot anyway you look at it.

Since I arrived early, I expected to attend a read-through and a blocking session, but shortly after I arrived, the host, this guy named Gary Ross, shows up... "You the camera dude?" he asks.

That set me off... how the hell can I be a camera? Stupid mofo... "Yeah, dumbass, whatever you say..." I'm not usually such a prick - ya see, my old lady and I had a fight last night - I slept on the sofa, in my own house! The bitch tossed me out of MY bedroom! Left a bad taste in my mouth - I was taking it out on the rest of the world...

"Alright - then lets get this show on the road." he says, unfazed by, or ignoring my asshole reply. There's just him and me in this space... there's no lighting guys, no grips, no director, no nothing... just him and me. I may be a freelancer, but I'm still union. I ain't doin' nothing but running a camera... I told him so, in the most uh, direct fashion imaginable...

I'd no sooner got that out, when a side door opened, and a couple of other guys wandered in... soon, a couple more followed... pretty soon, we had a crew - such as they were. I'd never worked with any of these guys, but I had to assume they knew their business... all of 'em got to work right away... setting up lights, sound, etc.

One little guy, kinda reminded me of Danny DeVito, came in, wearing a beret... he said he was the 'director' (Oh brother!)... I heard the host, Gary; call the little guy 'Dad'.

"So, where's our talent? He here yet?" Said the little dude.

"Uh, no. I was about to call him and see if he overslept." said Gary.

"Well do it! These men cost money, and without that little shit here, we can only do so much." The little dude was starting to throw his weight (what there was of it) around. Gary pulled out his cell and realized he couldn't get a signal inside, so he headed outside... I looked at my watch, it was already lunchtime.

I looked at the 'director', but before I could say anything, he erupted with, "Lemme guess, it's time for your fuckin' lunch, right? Well, go eat... all of you - go eat!"

We'd been inside for all of a half hour. I walked outside to my truck. I had a lunch box I'd packed. I didn't know if the set would be catered or not. These low-budget independent deals are iffy when it comes to things like that. My years in the business told me to always come prepared. My lunch box was a cooler with a couple of ice packs inside. I had a couple of sandwiches and some cole-slaw. I had a couple of sodas, and a tub of butterscotch pudding. I grabbed the cooler, and was headed back inside, when one of the crew caught up with me.

"Hey guy, name's Roger Lewis, I'm the lighting man. Any idea what this is supposed to be about? I was hired because I'd lit a couple of Schwarzenegger movies and worked on "The Incredible Hulk" - I was wondering what this is all about - d'ya know anything?"

"Hey. Dave Turillo. Yeah, it's some lame faggy pilot about kids with muscles... little boys, you know, 5, 6, 10 year old boys... sounds really faggy to me. I'm a bit uncomfortable about the whole thing."

"Little boys with muscles? Really? What the..." Roger started... but before he could finish, we both noticed a skinny little blond kid in cut-offs and a tank-top, getting out of a beat-up old Oldsmobile... there was a woman behind the wheel. The kid looked like he was undernourished, in fact. Must be a 'before' shot or something, I figured...

The kid went inside the soundstage... Roger and I were behind him shortly...

When we walked in, the Danny DeVito look-alike was blasting the kid for being late... the kid was near tears... what an asshole this 'director' was turning out to be... it was a little kid, for chrissakes!

I found a spot in the back of the soundstage to sit and eat... Roger sat down with me... a couple of other crewmembers joined us... we quickly forgot about what was going on elsewhere. We ate our lunches and talked about some of our previous jobs; the grip was moonlighting while "Will & Grace" was in summer hiatus, the sound man/foley operator had just wrapped up shooting a low-budget thriller for Warners... to the man, each and everyone of us was a Hollywood veteran, most of us having done both film and TV work. We all remarked on how much the little guy in the beret reminded us of Danny DeVito, someone we all had worked with, and someone we all liked immensely. This guy, on the other hand, acted like a jerk.

Roger nudged me with his knee, when I looked at him, he nodded his head over towards the set... the kid had a rubber tie around his right bicep, Gary, the 'host', was rubbing the inside of the kid's arm with what looked like an alcohol swab - he then picked up a syringe, inserted it into a small bottle, and drew out some fluid... he squirted and thumped the syringe to get any air bubbles out, then told the kid, "This won't hurt a bit."

I was mesmerized... this guy was drugging this little boy! What the fuck kind of shit was this? I pretty much made up my mind then and there to get up and leave... I threw the remains of my pudding cup into my cooler, and closed the lid. I picked up the cooler, and walked over to where Gary and the kid were standing. Just as I walked up to them, the kid went into a spasm or something... I dropped my cooler, and ran to help the kid... as did the rest of the crew... Gary was trying to keep us away from the boy...

The kid had fallen to the floor in what looked to be almost an epileptic seizure... with one difference, he was growing... not in height, but in weight... muscles were erupting under the kid's skin right and left... we stood there, dumbfounded, watching as the skinny little malnourished boy turned into a muscle-bound behemoth... it was an astonishing event to watch. I watched his chest expand, and his little t-shirt just rip to shreds as it was filled beyond the bursting point with bright pink muscle. I gotta say, I'm as straight as they come, but this was the hottest fuckin' thing I'd seen in my life... I was sporting wood that wouldn't quit... I knew all too well that I was on the verge of shooting a wad right into my chinos... not a cool thing to do... especially in front of these other guys! That's when I noticed that Roger had a huge wet spot on the front of his jeans, and a couple of the other guys did too - the ones without wet spots had tented pants... everyone of us was all hot-n-bothered by what we were watching! Then it hit me; I wanted to know what they'd given this kid. How could I get some of whatever that stuff was? Before I could act on those thoughts though, it was all over. The kid was suddenly lying quietly on the floor - his mammoth new muscles gleaming with sweat... his clothes in tatters on the floor around him... I don't know how well endowed this kid had been before he got drugged, but he now had a nice sized hose... bigger than mine, fer sure, and I been told I got a nice sized one!

"Look, gentlemen, it's all over. Everything's OK, your lunch break should be over now... let's get to work." This from the little shit that looked like DeVito... when no one moved right away, he yelled, "I said, GET THE FUCK TO WORK!!" he yelled this at the top of his lungs... this startled the kid, who suddenly jumped up, revealing his amazing new physique in all it's glory - and for the first time, apparently noticing it himself...

He looked down at his body - I'm sure he was having a difficult time seeing over his mammoth chest, and he started to cry... "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. This is a dream come true!" he said this to no one in particular, though Gary was holding the boys arm to support him on his still wobbly legs. The seizures aside, I wanted some of that shit they gave that kid. I began to have fantasies of growing like that kid did for my ol' lady, then fucking her silly when it was done... yeah... got me all hot-n-bothered all over again...

Gary handed around a shooting script, while the 'director' took the kid off to a dressing room, while covering him with an oversized terrycloth robe...

As Gary handed me the script, I asked, "Hey man, what the hell was that stuff you gave that kid, and how can I get some?" Gary stopped and thought for a second... before answering.

"If you seriously want some of that, it can be arranged, but you'd need to forfeit your paycheck to pay for it." he said.

I didn't need even a second to think about it... I said, "When can I get it?"

"After we're done with the shoot. I'll make the same offer to the rest of the crew. We'd not planned on having this happen publicly, but it did, and well, giving you guys what you want will be the best way to keep this quiet." he said.

The rest of the shoot was your standard garden-variety infotainment show... nothing special, but watching that little boy, hell, BIG boy - oh, he was just 11 - lift that gasoline tanker, which was loaded - with water, over his head, caused another round of wet spots amongst the crew. The big rig too - the kid curled the front end of it with just his right hand... amazing stuff.

We watched in amazement as segment after segment, this muscle-boy lifted weights that would be immense for the biggest Olympic weightlifter, and do it with an ease that almost left you believing it was faked. But trust me, those weights were real... I know, I tried to lift some of them myself between takes...

We worked the rest of that afternoon, and into the evening. We all broke for dinner around 4:30... all the crew decided to order Chinese in... when the food arrived, we dove in, all talking about our 'payment' for this job... to the man, everyone had agreed to take the drug in place of a paycheck... we watched in awe as the kid wolfed down container after container of rice, chicken, beef and broccoli, etc., etc., he'd certainly worked up an appetite.

"I can't wait to see my boyfriend's face when I show up with huge muscles tonight" said Roger. I was kinda surprised... I hadn't pegged Roger for a fag, but then I wouldn't have thought this morning that I'd wanna go through what I was now unable to get out of my mind... growing huge, super-human muscles, just like that little boy did...

"Yeah, my old lady'll bust a gut over me when I show up looking like that kid!" I replied. "Did'ya see that kid's cock? If this stuff does that for me, my old lady'll never let me outta the bed, 'cause I already got a pretty big sausage, if you know what I mean..."

"Yeah, that kid's cock was amazing... it was only about 4 inches long when he took the injection, now, look at it..." said the sound guy.

We all looked over at the boy, sitting on a stool, his robe open, and his posing trunks off - his giant schlong hanging nearly to his knees...

After we finished our dinner, we only had one more shot to do - some closing shots of the host (one take), and some posing by the kid (also one take)... that was done in just a few minutes. We were all ready to pack up and leave...

The little DeVito clone came out with a shoe box... he had it filled with syringes and a couple vials of whatever the drug was they gave the kid... we lined up, one after the other to get our shots. It had a different effect on us - perhaps because we were adults - we didn't go into seizures... we just got hornier and hornier and hornier... our cocks bursting through our pants, our clothes shredding. There was an unexpected side-effect though - all that muscle, all those giant cocks - all that MEAT - each and everyone of us began sucking and fucking...

The Ross' left with the kid in tow - we were told to lock up the studio... it was rented until 6AM the following morning... not a one of us left before 6AM. I wouldn't wanna be part of the janitorial crew that had to clean that place up - there was cum all over the place, from ceiling to floor - walls, equipment, you name it - all of it was cum-covered... but damn, we had a fun time messing up the place! •

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