Jocking, The: Kai Cole

Seeing What Cannot Be Seen


By CallMeCrazy

(Where I promise not to make another Br name.) Kai sat on stage all day, trying unsuccessfully to avoid his problems. Bad things never happened to him, yet here were two in a few months. For being problem free for eighteen years, the sudden trauma was almost too much to bear. Still, he thought it was a good idea to talk to Darren. He knows how I feel, Iím sure he can tell me how to be happy again. Kai got up and went into the commons. He glanced in the window, and as he guessed, Briggs was not in the office. Kai stepped inside and helped himself to the main terminal. Computer classes really pay off! He pulled up the school roster and searched for Darren Brock. "What?" Kai spoke aloud in his confusion. Search for Brock, Darren. . . . I donít get it. I know that Dare goes here. Iíll just pull up the old files. . . .search . . . now I know that something is wrong. Darren attended school here last year. Unless that wasnít his actual name. No, he is not some kind of spy . . . how about this. Search all Darren . . . . no match. Not a single Darren in the school. Maybe Brock was a real name . . . . found 3 matches. Brock Cast Brock Dixon Brock Sanders Brock Cast? Now I do not remember that name. Pull up his file . . . average student. Ouch Cís in regular classes. Must be . . . yep a football jock. Parents . . . Nick Cast? No way! Cast does not have a kid, definitely not one who has gone to this school for . . .12 years? No chance. I have never met a Brock Cast, and have gone here for twelve years. This is weird. I think I may have seen too many suspense movies. There is not some huge conspiracy in the school. Except that Briggs always was a little odd . . . .Briggs . . . does he have a first name? Search Briggs . . . found one match . . . . Briggs, -shit! Think of the devil, here he comes. Blast! Kai ducked behind a desk as Briggs led a huge jock into the office. Briggs sat down behind his desk as he pulled up a screen. "Now, here we go Brute. Heís your schedule for school. Also a copy of your transcript. Alright, see you at practice." The big jock got up and let himself out of the office. Briggs leaned back in his chair and pulled up another file. "Better delete this." He said under his breath. Kai heard a click and the sound of a trash can being emptied. "Now, who is next? How about Stack, Michael. Iíll send him a pass." Briggs wrote up a pass and walked out of the office. What the hell? No way, I was right? Crap, stupid Stepford. Write a book like that and someone will make it come true. Actually this is a little bit more along the lines of the Faculty. Aliens? No, that is not right. Drat, he turned off the computer. I should probably get out of here. Actually, I need to find Mike. Now, he has . . . Calc this hour. Math nerd. Mike Stack got the pass in the middle of Calculus. His teacher grimaced but released him. Mike was the epitome of good person, never done anything remotely immoral. Honestly, most people thought he needed a life and to an extent he agreed. He had played for Briggs a couple of years ago as an offensive linemen. Mike could only wonder what Briggs wanted. As he walked, he failed to notice Kai stalking him from behind. When Mike arrived at the office, Briggs used an excuse to get Mike to come to the football room. Mike, trusting to a fault, came with him and they chatted about the team as they walked. I canít believe my luck. They are both so thick that they donít even notice me. Just a little further. Why are they going to the football lockers? The pair, being tailed by Kai, entered the locker room and Kai managed to sneak in behind to enter the small room. Hiding behind a few crates, Kai cold see without being seen. "What do you want coach?" "Actually Mike, we have a new filing system. If you would just into that machine, it will create a file on you that will make keeping track of students, classes, basically it will make the faculties lives much easier. Weíve having everyone do it." "Oh, sure then." Mike willingly walked up and into the machine. Briggs locked the door behind him as he turned to the computer screen, which was directly in Kaiís line of sight. Michael Stack, 18, former football player, played from sixth to ninth grade. Stopped because he didnít have time. Felt the actions of some of the players was immoral also. 6'0 224 lbs. Mike had been a guard, specifically right guard. Briggs knew that Mike would be easier to change. "You know Mike, I wish you had kept with the team. You would have been awesome." "Yeah, I was just really busy." "Oh, I understand. But donít you ever miss setting up for the snap." Briggs entered a desire for it as he spoke. Suddenly Mike was overcome with a desire to line up with the other guys, preparing to block for their QB. He loved how they were shoulder to shoulder, staring at the defensive linemen. "Yeah, I do." "I wish you would play for me again." Briggs changed all of Mikeís thoughts so that they related to football. "Yeah . . ." he spoke as though drugged. Images of football, running plays, the huddle . . actions, thoughts, smells blocked his mind, preventing him form thinking of anything but football. "I could put you back on the team." "Really?" Mike gained an incredible desire to play again. He would do anything to have those sensations again. "All you have to do is do whatever I tell you. Can you do that?" Already, the program was eating away at Mikeís personality, making him utterly mindless. ĎY, y, yes. Please yes!" "First, promise to do whatever I tell you. "I promise." "Good, welcome back." Briggs typed in a few keys and the transformation began. Mike had never quit football, in fact he had started since his sophomore year. He was a 6'8 485 pound right guard. Yeah, he was big. He threw his weight around. Mike had devoted himself to football. He was the perfect lineman, completely obedient with only the thought of protecting the ball. Nothing else matter, except the ball. He was called Stacker since his sophomore year, cause he could stack up the other line. The fluid began pumping through his body, contorting his barely in shape body to an image of pure muscle. His dick vibrated as fluid entered it, already having seeped through his legs, now huge, about the size of tires. His ass filled with all his fat, ripping apart his pants. His back and chest formed a perfect V against his waist. His shoulder became nearly three feet in length, offering him a huge area of mass. His arms strained with fluid as his biceps passed twenty inches. His hands gained a roughness to them, use to pressing on the ground and other men. His jaw became square as his neck began to look like coiled rope, the veins were so huge. His face changed to one well worn by weather, and he body gained the bronze of a man who spent his life outdoors. Finally, the simplicity set in his mind and his eyes gained a strange vagueness to them. The tube opened and Stacker stepped out. He strutted over and put on his cup. Tight shirt and jeans followed. With a quick slap on the ass from Briggs, Stacker ran out of the office. Briggs sat for a minute and smile before finally leaving. Kai sat in the corner, a look of terror embedded on his face. No way, no fucking fucking way. Shit! Oh my god!

Kaiís mind was blank aside from the curse words. Well, Iím not crazy. Briggs is gone. Gotta concentrate. Look at the computer. It looks normal. Login . . . .new . . . . open . . . .exit. Hmm, open . . . . woah! Arrange from most recent. Stack, Mike (Stacker) Brute, Brian Cast, Brock . . . There we go . . . open. . . .now I would have noticed that guy . . . .how to find old information . . . hmm . . . . well alter . . . .cannot alter without template present . . . .that sucks . . . . modification log . . . that might work . . . former template . . .that is Darren. My God! Briggs is doing this. I donít believe it. Whatís this . . . view morph . . . sure why not. . . . . . . . . .wow . . . thatís just what happened to Mike. Anyone else? Cast, Brock Van, Josh Dobson, Mark Teachers huh! Letís watch Josh . . . . The 5'5 195lb. former baseball player had an odd walk that put a huge distance between his legs, The joke was that his prick was that large. Seeing the nude image of the man, Kai realized it wasnít just a rumor. He saw the man contort in pain as huge veins began pumping through his body. His thighs grew so large that they touched no matter what. He backed gained gallons of pure muscle. Kai watched as Joshís body filled with nearly three hundred pounds of muscle. The whole process took only a minute, then out walked a 6'6 455 lb. Fullback coach. Kai read the alterations in his memory, everything from the sport he played to the way he spoke. All changed. Wow, and Dobson . . .holy shit! Ouch. My god look at him. He was thin, but now heís a god. Huge muscles, blonde hair, blue eyes. Perfect specimen of a man. This is insane. Oh all the shitty luck, I discover a mind control conspiracy. I hate this. I want to quit. I never quit anything. Of course, Iíve never lost either. Wait . . . .stop. Be rational. How could a computer do this to someone? It has to be something in the machine. But I donít see anything. Where do all those wires go? Is there a basement to this room? Wow, heís been planning this for a while. What was in those crates. . . . football equipment. Not normal. Woah, this stuff is designed for those giants. There is enough here for . . . more people than just the school. Shit Briggs, who would have guessed that you have a god complex? So, he has the entire football team, Darren, Mike, some other guy, and a few teachers. I need to stop them before they get anyone else, revert the changes on the guys, and save the world. All in a days work for an Asian pop star. Yeah right. I need a drink.

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