Jocking, The: Kai Cole



By CallMeCrazy

Kai headed back into the school and proceeded to sixth hour, the final period of the day. His teacher was Mr. Kyle Gardner, the AP biology teacher. Kai was relieved to see the same man he had known for years, unchanged after the summer. Kai noticed that most of the class was the same also, in fact no one had been changed. I should think of a name for what is happening to people. Just for my mind. Jocking . . . Mike and the others have been Jocked. The lesson was simple, and as much as Kai expected it, no passes from the principle arrived. He hung around after class to talk with Mr. Gardner. "Hi, Kai. Did you have fun in Japan?" Mr. Gardner had always worked hard to keep up with his students lives. He wasnít Kaiís favorite teacher, but he was a nice man. "Yeah, Japan was fun. Crowds are nice." "Thatís good." "Gardner . . . I have a really odd question to ask." "Sure, Kai, what is it." Kai stopped before speaking. What would he say. "Has Darren Brock been here today?" "Who?" "Brock comma Darren. You know the kid whose parents died last year?" "Oh, no. I think . . . thatís weird. I remember him, but not really." Kai was at a loss for ideas when a golden opportunity walked through the door. Cast, in all his glory, paraded into the room. "Hey, Kyle, just coming to check up on- Hello Kai, you werenít in class again." No way. No fucking way. God I am getting tired of surprises. First thing tomorrow, download the entire list, just so I know. "Yeah Cast, you really . . Grew over the summer." "Yeah, its sweet man. Kyle, I really would like an answer." Kyle Gardner hadnít moved. He just stood in thought for a minute before speaking. "Sorry, Nick, but I need to take care of some schedule problems Kai is having. He just got back you know." What the- "Oh yeah, thanks Gardner. I really need that taken care of." "Some other time," Cast walked out of the room. I am not the only one who thinks that something is wrong here.

"So, what was he asking you about?" "Nothing, just some . . . administrative work." "You donít administrate." Iíll say it you twit, just let me. You just have to nod your freakin head!

"What is going on here, Mr. Gardner. I leave for a few months and something very big has happened." "I donít really know-" "What scheduling conflict do I have then?" "Get out of here, Kai. Go somewhere far away. This is . . . I donít know. Just donít get involved." Like I wouldnít get involved with something. Please, old man, I can handle myself more than you. I can get out of my own messes thank you very much! "Okay then, I will figure it out on my own. Hell, Iím already half way there." Say something! "Bye." And with that Kai left the room. So, Gardner knows something but wonít say. Damn hero complex, ask for my help when I offer. I hate bailing people out when I could have prevented it ahead of time. I am going . . . to go watch the football practice. See if anything new is happening. Actually that is not a very good choice. I wouldnít be safe, seeing as how they are super strong . . .how can anyone weigh 400 something pounds. Wouldnít it crush their bodies? Think, think, think . . . .is not happening. I canít imagine what is causing this. I suppose the best option may be to wait. I know a lot more than anyone knows. Iíll see what happens and to who. Briggs would never give me pass, he knows that I would never come. Briggs sat at his table, listening to other men explain the results. Dobson, now a hot quarterback, explained how the DNA change made it possible to spread by body fluid contact; however, a close personal relationship was required. "Apparently the strength of the relation affects the strength of the change." For Briggs, that was one plan out the window. At least he got rid of the Brock kid, and gained the Brock kid. What an athlete, the guy was a great addition. Not to say that Brute or Stacker werenít just as great. The entire team was unbeatable now. "We need way to cause the change without the machine. When the season starts, I want to convert the other teams ASAP." The goal had become much larger than Briggs intended. The school was too small for him, he wanted the city, maybe even the state. He had four coachís assisting him: Cast, Windstock, Van, and Dobson. He had plans for the rest, but it had to slowly and he was growing impatient. "If we can convert everyone within a single day, then no suspicion will arise." Van answered, "But, like, we havenít been able to age children to adult forms and there is still the problem of the women." Briggs knew the machine wouldnít work on females. In fact, it had been designed to work on only one male. What to do, there would be problems there. "We need to alter reality. We can dispose of them" "Pull a matrix?" Dobson asked. "Something like that. We canít kill them, but they need to be out of the way." "With all respect, we could kill them." Briggs knew that, of course, but it was a lot of people and more blood than he cared to have on his hands. "No, once we get the alterations completed, we can separate the women from the world. Then it will be a free-for-all." Out on the field- Stacker, Brute, and Brock trained in silence with the rest of the team, needing no guidance from a coach. They knew exactly what to do. •

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