Jocking, The: Kai Cole

Brute and Bryan


By CallMeCrazy

While Kai was crying away his problems, Briggs was enacting his plans. Bryan Keeves received a pass to the principles office in fourth period. The skater with long black hair, and half a doze facial piercings got up, pulled up his pants, and walked. He didnít head to the office; rather, he meandered through the halls a bit. Stopped by the menís restroom in the math wing to drop off some weed, better safe than sorry, before finally heading to Briggsí office. Once there, Briggs met him at the door and "escorted" him to the football arena. He told Bryan that some documents had to be examined and he had left them in that office. So Bryan and Briggs headed to the facility. Bryan had never been in any locker room, but he had been an active skateboarder since he was seven. He had never really considered what they would look like. Which was a good thing, since Briggs had been expanding it to hold a few thousand men. Bryan gasped at the huge size of the room. Briggs hadnít spoken a word since they left, and Bryan was beginning to feel nervous. Skater or not, Bryan was never a bad kid, really. Some drugs but that was it. And he didnít trust Briggs with the time of day. Briggs held open the door to the interior room, allowing Bryan to walk in front of him. He slowly closed and locked the door behind him. Bryan stared in awe at the huge, tube-like container. He glanced at the computer screen next to it, and the multitude of wires running between the systems. "Whatís going on?" Bryan inquired. Briggs said nothing, but snapped his fingers and Windstock appeared from nowhere. He hauled a violent Bryan into the tube and locked the door. Bryan began slamming into the door and screaming. The container had the sound-proof turned on, so only his moving body gave hint to his struggle. Briggs walked up to the machine and had a new toy. Bryan Keeves, 17 years old, junior. Skater, literally a skate boarder. He had only done it for fun. The image of Bryan showed his pants barely hanging on to his body. Briggs was becoming curious as to how he could turn someone. Bryan was an experiment. Body before mind. The container had been fitted with a full body mirror all around, forcing Bryan to watch himself change. Now them, enter program data. Dyed black hair . . .nope blonde. Bryan watched the mirror as his hair suddenly turned bleach blonde. His long hair was replaced by the cool flat top. Once covering his eyes, Bryanís hair now stood straight up. He looked at the mirrors and couldnít believe the change. As he stared, his piercings suddenly disappeared, and where replaced with a few small scars on his face. No fucking way. But it was happening. Suddenly, Bryan stumbled to the ground, clutching in intense physical pain. It felt like all the bones in his body had shattered. He felt a horrendous pulling, as though he were being stretched out. He scream loudly. The he felt it, a strange pumping in his legs. He looked down in terror to see brutal veins pumping through his calves. His calves grew, ands Bryan noticed that his feet looked larger than before. The pumping was heading up his legs, and the once loose jeans began to become tight around the thigh. Bryan shoved them off to reveal huge muscles, chiseled and ready for action. Now the sensation spread to his dick, was it always that long? No way, it was much bigger now and his sac, itís huge. Bryan scratched his ass in confusion and was greeted by the first feeling of huge ass. He groped himself in confusion. Feeling up his own luscious ass, he slowly slid his fingers over his crack and brushed himself gently. That wasnít so bad. The pain in his stomach was gone, and Bryan found himself with a severe six pack, veins snaking through the hard muscle. He felt a bubbling sensation and tumbled over and pounds of muscle were added to his chest, giving him 80 inches around the area. His shoulders shot to the side becoming two feet wide. Now the veins inched through his arms, filling the once thin skater with 20 inch biceps and wide forearms. His once small and delicate fingers became thick and rough. The fluid began to enter his neck, which tripled in girth. Huge veins could be seen all around the neck, as his voice dropped deeper than ever possible. His pointed chin broke and reformed into a strong, square jaw. His nose shattered and regrew, looking much more rugged. His eyes went from brown to a bright green. His pale white skin became of deep brown color, from all the sun. Bryan could only stand and breathe as he experienced the change. He was huge, too huge to skate board. No way, he couldnít be this big, ever. But he felt so powerful and strong. Like he could run forever or leap over buildings or hit things. Yeah, he was tough enough to beat the crap out of anyone. Those damn jocks wouldnít mess with him anymore. Briggs was pleased with the changes. A 5'2 125 pound man had turned into a 6'6 500 pound linebacker. And he decided to see if Bryan could make the change by his own will. Just a few small details first. Bryan Keeves . . . Brian will work but not Keeves, no. Hmm, a new last name . . . .Brute. Brian Brute, everyone calls him "the brute." Yeah, I am so fucking huge. Those damn jocks donít stand a chance against the brute. I can kick their asses. The Brute? Yeah, I am a fuckin brute. Might as well call me that. I mean, everyone calls me that. Cause my name is Bryan Brute, no it ainít. My name is Brian Brute, the brute. The biggest mother fucker in the school. The changes were working, even without direct cause, Brute was turning into a jock. Maybe just a little help. He plays football and loves being a linebacker. Yeah man, I love being a fucking linebacker. I hit those fuckers so fucking hard that I knock their fucking heads off. Fuckers. Wait, no Iím not, I have never been a jock. Dude, I totally start as middle linebacker. I set a school record for interceptions last year. No I didnít but I did. Even without specific orders, the fluid in Bryanís body was causing him to change into Brute. Yeah, I am the fucking biggest fucker in the fucking school. Fuck yeah! I am the fucking Brute! Briggs set one final order. Bryanís old memories were stored in his balls, the semen to be precise. Now, just add a little horniness. Dude, I am so fucking horny. I gotta beat off man. And with that, Brute began stroking his nine inch member. From stroking, his hands soon turned to harsh yanking on his big dick. His fucking tool. It felt so good, being a jock. Fuck yeah, all I ever want to do it play football. And help other guys become football players. Ooh, god it feels so good. And that was it. As Brute sprayed the tube with thick white cum, he lost all memories of his previous life. He knew of nothing except being Brute and playing football. The door hissed open, and Brute got out, his recently spent dick hanging against his mammoth thigh. He instinctively put on a jock strap then pulled on a tight shirt and a pair of jeans. Briggs smiled and slapped Bruteís fat ass as he walked out of the room. Another member. •

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