WeHo Adventure

By FanTCMan

First he tried on the new stretch shorts he had bought. He hadn't tried them on in the store, but they had looked like they would be a hot fit . . . low cut, short legs, and that kind of soft, thin, very stretchy fabric that clings to every curve and bulge. He pulled them up firmly and arranged his cock and balls so they were held up front, centered, his cock curving down over his balls. Then he looked in the mirror. They fit just like he had imagined. He saw himself walking into the bar, all the hottest guys in West Hollywood there. He would look good. He was definitely getting cut. His butt was round and hard, and his crotch looked full and sexy. But then his dick started to swell, which these shorts also emphasized, and suddenly he thought, what if this happens in the bar? Not that he didn't wear shorts like this at the gym and all, but in a bar, on Saturday night, with the hottest guys in town there to see the newest, biggest, hottest star on the porn bodybuilder scene. Just getting close to this guy in person would probably give him a hard-on. So he took them off and put on a pair of regular baggy cotton shorts and a tank top . . . a loose, sloppy one that showed off his pecs and the spot of hair that sprouted between them. He was showing the work he put in at the gym. He couldn't say he looked big at all yet, but his pecs were looking very nicely cut indeed. He did look good. Still, he really felt like he wanted to wear the other shorts.

He felt bold tonight. He wanted to look more blatantly sexy. But again he thought what if he started to get a hard-on at the bar? Oh, fuck it, he thought. He'd chance it. He put the new shorts back on, then changed into a cropped tank that showed off more of his abs. He did have good, almost great abs, and he had a little bit of a hairline down the center of them that he liked to show. It seemed to turn on the guys. He looked at himself again. Nope. Not quite there yet. He still wanted to look sexier, sleazier, to fit his mood and this event. So he took a pair of scissors, cut the neckline and the bottom hem of the cropped tank, and ripped it open down the front, like a vest. Yeah. Now he was ready. Rob had to stand in line for about ten minutes to get in. This was a popular event.

He knew it would be. Everyone thought that Steve Reilly was about the hottest man they had ever seen. A personal appearance was not to be missed. He could just imagine how excited Chris would have been. As he stood there, he was aware of other guys giving him the once-over. He felt a little self conscious at first, but it did make him feel sexy, and soon he was enjoying the glances at his chest and his crotch. When he became aware that the attention was turning him on, and that his cock was swelling a little, he realized that he really didn't care. In fact it felt kind of hot, just as he thought it would, to be a little blatantly erotic. A great looking guy ahead of him in line noticed Rob's growing excitement and winked at him. Now Rob was feeling really sexy, and he winked back. He knew he had a nice cock, even though he always wished he was really hung, like this guy he was here to see, Steve Reilly. Finally he hit the head of the line, and he was swept into a sea of sexy men when his turn for admittance came at last. He pushed to the bar, always looking around, checking how he looked by the reactions of other guys. Plenty of guys were watching him as he made his way to the bar, ordered, and walked into the midst of them all with his light beer in his hand. Right away, he picked out the dense crowd of guys, mostly pumped up and gorgeous, up on the upper level of the bar by the pool table, surrounding the star of the evening. Even mostly blocked by the surrounding crush of admirers, he could see the shirtless sun of their universe, several inches taller than the tallest of them, probably six five or six, with a thick head of dark hair, that heavy, stubbly, five o'clock shadow that made everyone crazy, those dimples, those huge, wide shoulders, the short, dark hair on the top part he could see of his massive chest. Rob moved in that direction, casually making his way to the edge of the crowd closest to this super-hunk. He had to see the rest of him . . . the monstrous pecs, the arms like thighs, the butt like two boulders. As he got close, he could see the dark hair farther down his chest, swirling in those beautiful patterns across his pecs, short and soft, thick and luscious. And the pecs! In person, from what he could see, they looked like they might burst out of the skin, they were so thick and round, so wide, so heavy looking. He thought if he could just touch that chest, feel that hair, run his fingers up under the deep cuts those pecs made where they overlapped his rib cage. He figured that his fingers would disappear at least up to his knuckle. He thought again, all of a sudden, about Chris. Chris would have loved this. They would have dressed together to go out, encouraging each other to be outrageous, daring, sexy. One thing Chris had never been hung up with was conventional inhibition. They had worked out together, Chris had seduced him, turned him on to man sex, been his buddy and mentor, even thought they had been, really, only gym buddies. It had been Chris that had got him thinking, or at least recognizing that he had really always thought, that bodybuilders with freaky, huge muscles were very hot. They had always had such a fucking hot time together. And then he had left. Rob had found a note shoved through the vent slits on his locker at the gym. It said, "Take care. It's time I moved on. Dreams and fantasies await me, and I've got to go for them.”

He had tried to find him, but his phone had been disconnected with no forwarding number, his apartment vacated with no forwarding address. Even though it was nearly six months now, he still missed him when it came to going out with a wild and brazen sidekick. Chris would have told him to strut his stuff. With a private smile, Rob shifted the way he was standing just enough to push his groin forward, to emphasize the bulge of his basket. That sexy forward thrust, as Chris always called it. Then he noticed, as he was trying to inch his way into this group, that the nucleus of it all, the god in the vortex, glanced his way and then glanced briefly back at him again before continuing his answer to whatever question had been asked him. He was so hot. Rob couldn't believe it. And then, another pointed and obvious glance in his direction.

He looked around to see who else Reilly might be looking at, but it was definitely him. No doubt. The next time this hairy muscle freak stud of the porn circuit caught his eye, he smiled at Rob, his gaze lingered. Rob smiled back. Someone asked Steve Reilly to flex his famous arm. He readily complied. Rob couldn't believe how huge Reilly's arm was and how it caused a tingle in his groin to see that bicep bulge like that. He could believe it really was twenty-six inches. Supposedly every one of his measurements was bigger than the biggest title-winning bodybuilders. Reilly wouldn't compete, his press said, because he preferred the wild side and would rather be famous for his porn movies and posing than for contests. And, also, he refused to shave off his body hair. But Rob had always thought that he did look like the most muscular man he had ever seen. And now, seeing this arm up close and in the flesh, he was in awe of the solid mass this guy was so proudly showing off. He knew his dick was swelling up now. And as Reilly flexed for the crowd, letting the guys closest to him feel the hard mass of his gigantic arm, he looked over at Rob again, this time with a big smile and a wink. Rob was amazed that he was being singled out. He heard the god of porn say to the crowd in his famous, cocky, self-confident voice, "Anyone else here want to feel the biggest, hardest arms in the world?” and he was staring right at Rob, coming toward him through the crowd. As he got closer, Rob could see farther down his chest, then his abs, then, finally, as he stood right in front of him with everyone else watching, Rob saw that Steve Reilly was wearing only a pair of sneakers and the briefest posing bikini he had ever seen, right here in the bar!

It exposed all the hair on his carved, hard belly and that thick, dark line plunging all the way down to his extremely hairy groin.

God! Practically all of his pubic hair was showing, spilling out all over his groin around the pale pink fabric of the bikini which was stretched thin, the crotch bulging, straining to contain the long, thick cock and the huge, round balls, clinging, revealing every detail of its heavy load.

"So. Don't you want to feel this arm?” Steve was saying. Rob knew he was flushed. He felt embarrassed but extremely turned on by the attention.

“Fuck, yeah, man," he answered, and reached up to feel the most incredible biceps and triceps that he had ever seen. Unbelievable! His cock was getting harder, and there was nothing he could do about it. Suddenly he saw that Steve had glanced down and had seen his dick swelling up. He grinned, trying to be casual about it, but Steve winked and said in a lower, more private voice, "I guess I have that effect on a lot of guys. Don't worry about it. It's okay. Save it. I'll check back with you later.”

And with that, he continued to work the room, pausing now and then to flex, to pose, to give some autographs, to stand up on the pool table and dance for the crowd in his famous, erotic style of dancing, posing and flexing all at the same time. He really knew how to show it off, bumping and grinding and thrusting his huge, bulging, bouncing basket.

Along with everyone else in the bar, Rob could barely take his eyes from the stunning presence of the more-than-musclebound hunk. He found just watching him walk and move exciting. Ever since Chris had led him to open up about loving hairy guys with massive, pumped up muscles, he had realized more and more how really sexy he thought it was. Obviously his feelings were shared by most of the other gay guys who had gone crazy when this particular man had made his crowd stopping appearance in his first movie, More Than Mass, about six months ago at the most. Since then, Steve Reilly had been in and on the cover of every gay publication. And now, in person, Rob, along with everyone else, was hypnotized by the width of his back, the way it propped his arms out from his sides, and the way the thickness of his thighs made his legs roll around each other when he walked. He could just imagine what it must feel like, to look that way, to have so much self-confidence about it that he could walk around in a public place dressed in that tiny posing bikini, exposing himself almost completely, all that thick, dark, masculine body hair, especially his extremely hairy groin, and his basket bulging so impossibly big and full with his famous fifteen thick inches of manhood. The way he paraded it, showed it all off! No doubt about it. This man was sizzling! Rob kept thinking about what Steve had said, that he would check back with him later. What did he mean? Every now and then, he saw Steve look back in his direction with a smile. He wondered, with all the hunks here tonight, why Steve had singled him out. He knew he looked good tonight, and he knew he was generally considered good looking and sexy by the hot crowd of West Hollywood, but he was nowhere near this guy's league. He could have anyone he wanted. Maybe he didn't mean what Rob had thought. Maybe he was just being friendly. Maybe Rob had made a fool of himself, falling all over himself to get close to him. He toyed with the glances of other guys who were expressing their interest, but he couldn't stop looking back at Steve. Then, turning from a conversation some guy was trying to start, he couldn't spot him. Shit, he thought, and began to consider leaving with the guy who was trying to pick him up.

The guy wasn't bad at all . . . pretty pumped and cut, handsome enough. Suddenly he was aware that Steve was standing right next to him. He had gone to get a shirt, a loose, low cut tank that had been cropped right below the pecs. He was grinning at Rob.

“So. You want to get out of here, or what?” Steve said.

“Well, yeah, I guess it's about time to be thinking about going. Why?” Rob felt his heart start to race. Was he asking him to go home with him? Could this be true?

"Well, I was thinking," he was rubbing his right hand hard over his left pec, feeling its contours, the chest hair, "I could really use a massage after this. You good at massage? You just looked like the guy to go over my body and work these muscles for me real hard and good. I liked the way you felt my arm back there.”

Rob managed an uncomfortable laugh.

“So? You think you're up to it? I noticed before that you seemed to be very much up to it.” He indicated Rob's basket with his eyes, and as soon as he did, Rob's cock started to get hard again. Steve laughed, and so did Rob.

“Well, I guess I can't say I'm not interested.”

"Then let's go.”

They went out the back door of the bar together, and Rob could feel all the jealous eyes on his back as they left. They got into Steve's Corvette. The top was down. Rob was more aware, now, that this guy he was with was absolutely huge, hairy, and handsome. He was outside in public, now, still wearing that bikini and exposing every bit of himself. In fact, Rob thought, he wasn't just exposing himself.

He was obviously showing it all off and getting off on it. They had only gone a few blocks when Steve said he needed to pick up some beer and some aspirin at the supermarket. He wanted Rob to come in with him. It felt strange to Rob to be walking around the aisles of the biggest supermarket in West Hollywood with this famous, outrageous porn star dressed in nearly nothing and acting completely casual about it. Everyone stared and Steve obviously loved it. He knew just how to subtly flex and pose himself when he saw someone looking, just how to give a good show, just how to stand and move to show off his hairy groin, to make his bulging basket look as big and full as possible. When Rob got used to it, he began to love the attention, too, just being with Steve.

The guy at the checkout stand couldn't stop staring, either, and finally asked, "Aren't you Steve Reilly?”

Steve said he was.

“You sure are looking good tonight, man," he said. “Aren't you afraid of getting picked up, dressed like that and all?”

Steve smiled.

“I live for getting picked up.”

"I meant by the cops.”

Steve just laughed and said, "What could they do? They couldn't take me in for indecent exposure. My private parts are covered. And besides, most people like to look.”

"I guess so.”

The guy fumbled as he bagged the beer and aspirin. As soon as they got to Steve's place, Steve took the beer to the kitchen and told Rob to have a seat and be comfortable. Rob sat on the stylishly slip-covered sofa. He looked around the apartment's living room. Instead of artwork, the walls and tables displayed photos of Reilly from various layouts and movies. Mostly nude. All incredible. He shifted slightly so that the growing bulge in his shorts wasn't as obvious. Just then, Steve came back with two beers poured into two frosted mugs and two more open bottles. He handed Rob a mug and told him when he gets home after a job he likes to chug one down in one fast gulp and then pour one to sip.

“Bottoms up," he said, and started to chug. But he stopped when he saw that Rob was just watching him, and said, "Well, come on. You, too.”

Rob tipped his up and they both drained their mugs. Steve filled them up again from the other bottles and sat down next to Rob. “You're a hot guy, Rob.”

Steve reached over and rubbed his hand across Rob's chest and down his abs.

“What did you think about tonight?”

"What do you mean?”

"I mean, what did you think about my personal appearance? What do you think about a guy as big as I am who parades himself around, showing off like I do?” His hand had reached Rob's crotch and brushed lightly across his partly hard dick and then cupped his whole basket.

Rob immediately got totally hard, and Steve took his hand away and looked at Rob's crotch.

“Is that a good indicator of how you feel?”

"I guess it is.”

Steve took Rob's hand and put it up on his chest, guiding it over the huge, hard, hairy surface, around the heavy, thickly rounded edges of his gigantic pecs.

“You've been wanting to do that, haven't you? You've been wanting to feel these big, hairy muscles, haven't you?”

"Yeah, I guess I have," Rob said. His dick was so hard it was stretching his shorts, defining itself against the fabric.

“Here, man. Why don't you use both hands and feel it all, just the way you want to?”

He took off the tank top, his arms and pecs flexing, bulging impossibly, as he pulled it up over his head, and leaned back. Rob started going over Steve's muscles, feeling every contour, every hard bulge, the dense, swirling hair that covered the pecs and abs. Steve flexed as Rob rubbed and felt.

He finally got the nerve to feel Steve's famous, bulging crotch. It was amazing, unbelievable, so much meat packed into this little bikini. And Rob could feel that Steve was getting a little hard, too. Suddenly Steve sat up, then stood up. He took off the posing trunks and he was standing in front of Rob, naked. His cock hung like a giant sausage and his balls were enormous, like a couple of lemons in a bag.

The cock was barely hard, and Rob guessed it must be nine inches. Steve's publicity about his hard-on being fifteen inches long appeared to be true. Rob was speechless. Then Steve said, "Come on. You get yours off, too.”

Rob stood up on command and stripped. He felt so small next to Steve.

He looked at the thick slabs of muscle covering Steve's chest, the shoulders like bowling balls, the arms so thick that they looked like his thighs. God, he thought, all that muscle was so sexual, so erotic. He felt puny by comparison. He wondered what it would be like to have that kind of shape, so wide and thick, tapering to such a tight, small waist, and flaring again to those round, hard glutes and those massive thighs and calves. His cock was stiff as a steel rod, and that was just fine with him, he was so turned on.

Steve flexed and posed, and then he said to Rob, "So. You're really turned on by the way I look, aren't you? I can always tell when a guy looks at me and wonders what it would be like to be as big and hairy as I am. Am I right?”

Rob felt a little self conscious, but was too turned on to care much.

“Well, yeah, I guess. I mean, yeah. How does it feel? I have been trying to build myself up, but I can't imagine what it must feel like to be as big as you. And as hairy.”

"Well, you know what? It feels just as hot as you think it looks. I can tell you that.”

"Did you have to take steroids to get that big?”

Steve laughed.

"Much as I love muscle, I'm not about to kill myself for it. No. No 'roids. But I did get something much better. So what do you think about what it can do?” He turned sideways to pose, showing how thickly his pecs stood out on his chest. “And it doesn't make your balls and dick shrink up, either, like steroids do. In fact, it does just the opposite, as you can see.”

Rob swallowed. "You mean that whatever you took made you get as big as you are down there, too?”

"Well, I wasn't born with this equipment, Rob .”

"What is it, man? What did you take?”

"What it is is magic, my friend. And it's so amazing that it can completely change you.

For example, you still don't even know who I am, do you?”

Rob appeared confused.

“You don't know that you know me, do you?”

Rob wasn't grasping what this hunk was saying at all.

“Didn't you wonder how I knew your name? You didn't tell me, you know.”

"I didn't? I guess I didn't think about it.”

"Well, get ready, because I think I'm about to blow your mind away.”

"Why? What do you mean?”

"You remember your friend, Chris, don't you?”

"Why? Do you know him? Do you know where he is?”

"What would you say if I told you he was right here?”


"I'm right here, Rob. It's me. It's Chris!”

"No way.”

"It's true.”

"No way!”

But Steve convinced Rob that he was, in fact, his missing friend Chris. He told him a fantastic story about this incredible formula, a genetic restructuring agent. He said he had struck a deal with the guys who made the stuff to be their guinea pig in exchange for publicity, fame and money. He told him that this amazing stuff had transformed him, in a matter of three days, into the person he was now. That was why he had to disappear so fast. He related how incredibly hot it had felt to go through the process, when this stuff literally forced his body to transform itself. Rob listened in amazement, with an occasional "Wow" or "Jesus!”

Steve told Rob, then, that he had convinced the guys in control of the stuff that it would be good for them all if he could have a partner just like him, someone else for them to try the morphing process on. That two of them making movies together, posing together, appearing together would really blow people away. Make them all a lot more money. Rob asked him how he was going to go about finding someone, half hoping and half fearing that Steve meant him. And then Steve dropped the bombshell.

“I have found him, man. And I've just given him a huge dose, just like they gave me.”

"What do you mean?”

Rob felt suddenly frightened.

“It was in your beer, Rob. The first one that you just chugged down. You're on your way now, whether you want to or not. Over the next three days you'll be going through the same transformation that made me like I am.”

"Wait a minute," Rob said, panic in his voice. “I can't do that. You can't do that to me. I'm not, I can't . . .”

"I knew you would be like this. That's why I didn't ask you first. You were always so shy, so hesitant.”

"But I can't . . .“

"You may as well relax and enjoy the process, because there isn't a thing you can do to stop it now. But, then, that's one of the beauties of the stuff. Before too long, when you start to feel it happening, you will definitely enjoy it. You won't be able to help yourself. You are going to feel so hot, so horny, so sexy, that you not only won't care, you'll begin to love it.”

All Rob could say was, "Holy shit, Chris . . .Steve . . .Holy shit.”

He looked down at his own body, trying to imagine what Steve said was about to happen to him. He couldn't. What would he do? There was no way he could picture his chest that big and hairy, or his back so thick that he couldn't put his arms down. He'd always wanted to, tried to visualize himself with big muscles when he worked out, but even then he never thought about being as big as Steve Reilly.

“So this stuff made you grow all that body hair, too?”

"Sure did. One of the side effects. See, it works on your sexuality first, makes your hormones go wild. That's what causes the extreme change and boost in your masculine sex characteristics. That's what causes your cock and balls to grow so big. That's what you'll feel first. A slow but definite increase and buildup of your sexuality, like a kind of deep, powerful, erotic sense of your own masculinity that keeps getting stronger and more physical, more sexual. Then you'll start to feel the structural changes in your muscle fibers and your skin and bones. Little by little, you'll notice your muscles start to feel harder at first, and kind of alive. Then they'll start to swell up and actually begin to get thicker and fuller. That's about when the hair will start to be noticeable. You're going to love the way it feels, I promise. Just come over here for now, relax, enjoy the kind of results that will be yours, too, before you know it. I love it when you feel my muscles. I love your hands on my pecs and arms.”

"I can't believe this," Rob said as he stepped forward and began to caress the beautiful muscle in front of him. He felt like he was being pulled into a whirlpool of erotic sensation.

“You love to worship my muscle, don't you?”

"Fuck yeah, man.”

Rob was already giving in, going with it.

“I love you to worship my muscle.”

Steve flexed his huge pecs and arms for Rob.

“Does it turn you on that I get off on my own muscle so much, that I love you to worship it?”

"Fuck yeah, man.”

He was losing control and he didn't care. This was too hot.

“Do you know how hot you're going to feel when you have muscles like this? You do want that, don't you?”

"Fuck yeah, man.”

"You want to be huge and hairy just like me, don't you?”

"Fuck yeah, man.”

"You really want it bad, don't you?”

"Fuck yeah, man.”

"I knew you would, you little fuck. I knew you were the guy. This is going to be so hot to watch you change. Now I've got to shove my big cock up your hot ass, show you what a real piece of meat feels like, and then I want you to fuck me hard, too. You want that, too, don't you, you sexy little sleazeball?”

"Fuck yeah, man.”

"Is that all you can say?”

Steve asked as he turned Rob around and started to work on his tight, round buns until he had plunged his meat deep inside him and started pumping hard and deep.

“Fuck yeah, man.”

White hot erotic pain, pleasure, ecstasy.

“Fuck yeah, man.”

He'd think about all this later.

“Oh, fuck, man. Oh yeah, man. Oh fuck." There was no way Rob could sleep and no way he was going to let Steve flake out on him. As the night wore on he and Steve took turns fucking each other, sucking each other off, and exploring every other sexual variation a body could perform. Rob made Steve pose, flex, he felt his muscles, he worshipped his magnificent body. But he could not satisfy his growing sexual urges and his drive began to seem insatiable. He kept feeling hornier, hotter, wanting more. It didn't matter how often he came, his cock stayed hard, he needed more, needed to do it again. He had a seemingly infinite reservoir of semen that constantly built up and begged for release. Steve told him that this was the formula acting on him. Its first effect was to stimulate the hormonal activity profoundly. Then it would keep working on deeper levels, altering the genetic patterns, causing the body to adapt and change according to the new patterns. By morning, he told him, it would begin to become visible.

By tomorrow afternoon, his body would start to be noticeably different, showing definite growth. Enough so that, if he didn't go early to take care of whatever he needed to, to inform anyone he needed to that he would be leaving--his landlord, his job, whatever--people would start to ask questions when they saw him. Questions that might be hard to answer. Rob asked Steve if it would change his face like it had his, and make him taller, too. Steve said that it would make him into a totally different person, unrecognizable to anyone who had known him before. It was strange, for sure, but now Rob couldn't wait. He thought he could feel something different already, something hot and tingling and alive about his body, inside him, radiating from his groin into his muscles, his bones, his face, his brain. Whatever it was, it felt good. Very good. Any lingering doubts about this fantasy were fast slipping away. He was hungry to feel his muscles grow, to see his body change. About the time that night was just starting to turn into day, Steve, who was straddling Rob on the bed, said, "Look at yourself right now, Rob. I can really see a difference. Check it out.”

Rob got up and went to the full length mirror.

“Your cock and balls have definitely taken on some added size there. And I can see a difference in your muscles, too. Look at your chest and your arms. You're starting to look like you just put in a good hard couple of months of workouts. Your shoulders and back are looking wider, too. And your legs are thicker. And look at that butt! How does it feel to you?”

"Christ. You're right. You were telling me the truth. I was thinking I felt something, but I thought it was my imagination. Holy shit!”

He looked in the mirror, flexed his arms. His biceps were bigger for sure. “Amazing. It feels great!” He felt his pecs. “They have put on some bulk. My dick is bigger.”

He wrapped his hand around his hard cock as though he was going to jack off and he hefted his balls with the other hand. “My balls, too. Holy shit, man. This is incredible!”

"Notice anything else?”


"Look at your chest, man.”

"What? It's getting some muscle. I just said that.”

"Look closer.”

Rob looked down at himself, and then stepped up close to the mirror.

“Oh, man, look at all this hair coming in.”

It was very short and fine, just starting to sprout, but it was there and he could see it.

“Christ, it's all over my pecs, man. It's all the way up to my throat and collar bones, all the way out to the sides of my pecs.”

"You're going to see it start to come in all over your body, just like it's all over mine. How do you like it?”

"You kidding? I always wanted to have a hairy chest and stomach. You know what else is hot? I love how hairy your groin is, how much pubic hair you've got, how thick it is, how it spreads out so much up your belly and out onto your upper thighs. When I saw how that looked last night spilling out all around that little bikini, I thought it was the hottest thing I'd ever seen. Maybe because it looked so blatantly sexy, like, "fuck you if you don't like how hairy my crotch is, because I like it a lot.”

Steve laughed.

"You're exactly right. And you're going to feel the same way, too.”

"You mean I'll have that kind of hair there, too?”

"Can't you tell that it's already started to happen?”

"I want to be able to see it without having to look for it.”

"Just wait a little while. You will.”

"But I don't want hair all over my back and stuff. I don't want to look like a gorilla.”

"Don't worry about it," Steve laughed.

“This stuff is made to put the hair only in all the right places for ultimate sex appeal.”

Steve left Rob at the mirror and went to the kitchen. Rob was feeling his chest, saying, "Fuck, man. This is so hot. This is so great," as he worked his cock, enjoying the feeling of its new length and thickness, until he exploded with uncontrollable jerks and spasms of orgasm. By the time Steve mixed them up a couple of protein drinks for breakfast, when it had become completely light outside, Rob was beginning to show a marked difference. His muscles had begun to look like a guy who was pumping a lot of iron, like the West Hollywood guys who want to look big and hunky but haven't gotten into true bodybuilding. But he did show some real muscle now. His legs had started getting thick so that his thighs rubbed together. His back was getting wider, his shoulders were widening and thickening. His arms were starting to look like what anyone would call muscular arms . . . not just cut, but definitely muscular. And it wasn't just his muscles. He could tell a real change in the size and shape of his genitals.

His dick was getting longer, looking thicker and meatier, and it felt bigger and heavier as it swung against his legs. His balls were also growing bigger and his sack was growing larger and hanging longer to accommodate their increasing size. The hair that was coming in all over now was starting to fill in enough to be visible from across the room. His crotch was definitely getting hairier, and the hair was starting to spread out like Steve's. His beard was coming in darker and heavier. And he could also begin to see that the structure of his face and its features was changing.

It was subtle, but he thought he looked handsomer. His chin was getting what looked like the beginning of a cleft. His cheekbones seemed more prominent, his jaw line a little sharper. His lips appeared to be fuller, his eyes to be taking on a different shape, bigger, darker, deeper. He liked what was happening to him. Especially the way it felt, and most especially the intensely erotic feeling of his muscles slowly swelling with mass, hardening, hot, pulsating, filling up his skin. Yes, he liked this a lot. After they had finished their drinks, Steve said, "See what I mean? You better get out there and do all those things like move out of your place, get anything you want. Even now you'll have some explaining to do if you run into anyone. Best to leave notes and just disappear if you can, like I did. Now you can see why I did it.”

So Rob got back into his shorts and torn tank top. How different he looked from last night. The shorts were tighter and they exaggerated the muscle he had put on his butt and his legs. And they appeared shorter. Or were his legs a little longer? They also made it even more obvious how his manhood had been pushed a significant step larger. He bulged beautifully. The tank fell open much more than it had last night around his newly muscular chest and exposed the new body hair that was beginning to grow over and down his washboard and across his chest. He looked at himself before he took off. Not so different that he looked like a different guy, but different enough that he had become an obviously more handsome and muscular version of the guy that had gone out to the bar last night. Since it was early Sunday, he guessed no one would be at the design company where he worked. He went there first. It felt strange going there dressed the way he was. Hardly work attire. He typed a short note saying he had to leave on short notice, he apologized, and that he wouldn't be coming back. He was putting the envelope on his boss's desk when he heard the door. It was one of the other junior designers, Jamie, a guy he had always thought was pretty hot but too stuck up. It was too late to hide, so when Jamie came in, Rob just said, "Oh. Hi.”

"Hi," Jamie replied.

"I didn't expect anyone to be here. How you doin'?”

"I'm okay. I was just leaving Saunders a note. I'm taking off. Got a great opportunity and I have to move on it today. Tell him I said I feel really badly about cutting out with no notice, but I don't really have any choice.”

"Okay. What is it? What are you goin' to do?”

"Can't really talk about it.”

"Okay. Whatever.”

He stared openly at Rob for a moment.

“Listen. You been workin' out or somethin'? Maybe I just never saw you dressed like that, but I had no idea you were so, uh, so, um, so hunky.”

"Yeah, I guess so.”

"Hope you don't mind my sayin' so, since I guess I won't be seein' you again.”

Rob also hadn't seen Jamie dressed as he was, in a tank top tucked into a pair of nylon running shorts. He was cute. Rob had always been turned on by the hair that stuck out over the collar of Jamie's shirts at work, and this tank top revealed a very attractively hairy chest. Rob realized how intensely horny he was. He could tell that Jamie worked out, and he was nicely cut. Rob answered, "Nope. Don't mind at all.”

Rob could see how much he was turning Jamie on, and he became even more aware of his own body, how much his muscles were growing, how he realized he was actually starting to feel bigger. He rubbed his hand slowly up and down his abs, feeling the hard ridges of muscle, letting Jamie watch him enjoying his own body. He couldn't believe how much hair he felt there now. He could feel his bicep bulging as he moved his hand up his abs. He could also feel his cock stirring in his skin tight shorts.

“Shit. I wish I'd paid more attention. Maybe we could have gotten together. I'm queer for guys with muscles like yours.”

"Yeah?” Rob teased. This was hot . . . hearing himself referred to as a guy with muscles. He noticed that Jamie was starting to show a rise in his shorts.

“Yeah, I am.”

The rise in his crotch was getting bigger.

“I, uh, I'm also queer for a big dick, and if you don't mind me sayin', it looks like you're packin' a big one there.”

"I don't mind. I like having a big dick, like to show it off. You want to see it?”

Jamie gulped.

“You kiddin'? You want to go somewhere?”

"I don't have time. What's wrong with right here?” and he pulled off his shorts and let his cock get completely hard and stand straight out. Even Rob was surprised. He could tell it had grown even bigger, maybe an inch, since the last time he was naked, which wasn't very long ago. He reached over for Jamie, pulled off his shorts and shirt.

“So here I am. What do you want to do with me?”

Jamie went over Rob's body, every muscle, with his hands and his tongue. He sucked on Rob's dick for a while, and then Rob bent him over the boss's desk and shoved his cock up his ass as far as he could. It felt big and wonderful. Jamie groaned in ecstatic pain and jacked himself off as Rob pumped deeply and finally came, spurting a huge, hot load. Then, with Jamie still naked and semen all over the desk, Rob pulled his shorts back on, grabbed his shirt, and left saying, "Thanks. That was fun."

It was almost noon when Rob finally pulled into the parking garage of his apartment house. He hoped he wouldn't run into anyone in the elevator on the way up. His encounter with Jamie had been fun, but he was really getting noticeably bigger now and would just as soon get back to Steve's place where he could relax, not worry about explaining, and enjoy what was taking place. He walked quietly down the hall and opened his door without seeing anyone. He looked around his place, at the things he had collected, his TV and stereo system.

He thought for a minute. What would he do with all this? He didn't have time to collect everything or to pack. But he remembered what was happening and thought of the new life Steve had told him he would soon be enjoying. He wasn't going to need all this old stuff.

He went to the bedroom to collect the few things he wanted to keep and to change clothes. He wondered which of his clothes would fit him now. He could feel whatever Steve had given him working inside him more and more all the time, creating a kind of expanding pressure in his muscles, an erotic, intensely masculine sensation.

It felt incredible, and the stronger the sensation became, and the bigger it forced him to grow, the better it all felt. He pulled out a pair of jeans that had fit him so loosely he always had to cinch in the waist with a wide belt to keep them from falling off his hips. Now they fit him like skin, his bubble butt filling them so tightly that they pulled across his hard belly and emphasized how much more his crotch bulged.

The way he looked in these jeans made him feel very hot and sexy, even more than he already felt. Everything was making him feel more hot and sexy. Suddenly his cock was hard, straining against the buttons of the jeans. He couldn't help himself. As much as he knew he needed to hurry, he pulled down the jeans and pulled out his dick. God, he had a big one! It must be up to eleven inches! He stroked it as he felt the growing muscles of his chest, working his cock and his tit, both so big and hard, until he exploded with jism, leaving a slippery, milky puddle on the carpet. Then he pulled the jeans up again. What a basket he had! He put on a T-shirt and it fit him like a muscle shirt, but he decided he really didn't want to cover up that much, so he took it off and put on one of his tank tops. It wasn't loose any more, either. But it showed the hair that was getting thicker and more visible. Veins were standing out down his biceps now, and his pecs were starting to broaden across his chest, getting thicker at the sides and sticking out over his rib cage, stretching the fabric of the tank, showing clearly their shape and their increased mass. His back looked wider, too, and he saw, for the first time, really, what a flared shape he was developing. He loved the way he was looking. He wrote a note to the manager of the building along with a check for his rent and put them both in an envelope.

Then he took his one suitcase and rode the elevator down to the first floor where the manager's apartment was. He walked quietly again, hoping not to be discovered, while he half wanted to be seen strutting this hot new body, and when he got to the door, he slipped the envelope under it. As he was bending over, he heard the elevator close and leave.

“Shit," he thought. “Oh, well.”

He turned to head toward the stairwell, but before he got to the door, the elevator came back, the door opened, and Lou, the manager stepped out. Lou wasn't Rob's type. He was older and kind of skinny. Most guys thought he was very handsome, but Rob had always thought he had too much attitude, tried to act too butch, even though he was extremely butch. As Lou stepped out of the elevator, Rob was passing by it, and Lou saw him and said, "Rob, is that you? Did you want to see me?”

Rob turned around.

“Shit," he thought, but he said, "Lou. Hi. I, uh, yes, I did. In fact, I just put an envelope under your door.”

"Yeah? What was in it?”

Lou was staring at Rob, up and down, head to toe.

“Well, actually, I left you my rent and notice that I"m leaving," Rob said. He was very aware of Lou's stares and he felt instantly aroused, excited by the attention. His self-awareness was acute. He could feel his pecs pressing against the material stretched across them, the weight of his arms against his lats, the bulge filling the crotch of his jeans.

“You are?”

"Yeah. In fact the note says that I have to leave my stuff behind. There isn't too much, but my stereo, my TV, kitchen stuff, some clothes and all are there. You can do what you want with them. I won't be needing them any more.”

Soon, he thought, he wouldn't even be able to get into his clothes any more anyway.

“What? What do you mean? What are you doing? What have you been into?”

Lou kept staring at Rob's chest, his arms, his crotch. "I can't really talk about it, but I have this great opportunity I can't turn down, and I'm going for it.”

"Wow. Okay. But hang on a second. What have you been into? You doing steroids or something? I mean, I haven't seen you for a while, but I almost didn't recognize you. You look really different.”

"I do? How do you mean?”

Rob knew, but he was loving this and he wanted to hear it.

“I don't know, exactly. You look different. For one thing, you've put on so much muscle you've got to be into steroids or something. And, I don't know. Maybe it's because you're so much bigger, but you even look taller and your face looks different.”

"Really? Well, I haven't been doing 'roids.”

"Well, even if you have, it looks really good on you. You look so much bigger. You sure you're not becoming a 'roid head?”

"No, Lou. And I can't tell you what it is that I am doing, but I can tell you that it's something a lot better than 'roids. A lot better.”

Rob felt so sexy now, so hot. He couldn't believe how already this guy thought he was doing steroids.

It made him even more aware of how big his muscles were getting. He was beginning to feel like a seriously pumped up dude. He was so turned on. Suddenly, this guy didn't look half bad. Lou kept looking at his crotch, and Rob could feel his cock getting hard again.

He loved it, knowing how outrageously it would bulge in his jeans, which already seemed tighter than they had been when he put them on. Lou saw that Rob knew he was looking. Rob just smiled and let him look.

“Well, You sure don't show the typical bad side-effects of 'roids.”

"No, I don't, do I?"

Rob couldn't contain his horniness. His cock was hard and showing its outline clearly.

“Christ," he thought, "It's already bigger that it was with Jamie.”

He felt so hot. He also knew that he could have this guy right now.

He flexed his arm for Lou.

“So you think this looks good?”

"Jesus. You are getting big," Lou said, looking over Rob's pecs and arms again, his eyes wide with lust.

“Yeah, it looks good. I don't usually like guys with pumped up muscle, but on you it looks real good.”

"Really? Good.”

"Yeah. Real good. You're getting some serious pecs on you, there, too.”

"Yeah? You think so? You like big pecs?”

"They're looking good on you.”

"You know what?”

Rob flexed his pecs.

“I think you'd like to feel 'em.”

Then he grabbed his crotch.

“I think you'd like to play with this, too," he said. He couldn't believe how much bigger his dick felt in his hand. He was so horny and he felt so extremely sexy and hot.

Now he understood Steve's brazen lack of inhibition.

“You want to come into my place for a few minutes?”

Lou was showing a rise in his Levis, too.

“Sounds good to me.”

It was after noon by the time Rob had gotten enough of Lou's intense worship This was fun.

Lou had him pose and flex while he went over every hard, muscular inch of his body, licking the soft hair on his pecs and abs, playing with his big cock, begging for Rob to fuck him with it. Rob could have enjoyed this for hours, but he could feel himself still growing and he knew he had to leave before Lou saw what was happening. He jumped into his car. His jeans were feeling tighter all the time. He could feel his lats and pecs getting thicker under his arms. He could feel himself stretching his tank top tighter. His legs rubbed together more now, too.

In fact, he could barely force his knees together. The seams of his jeans were starting to split open from the growing mass of his thighs and his butt, and the fabric of his tank top stretched to its limit and began to tear. Now he could definitely, much more strongly, feel himself swelling with mass, his muscles alive, expanding, bigger, harder. He loved this, loved being looked at, being noticed, but now he wanted to get back to Steve's fast. He need to to be able to totally experience what was clearly happening to him. He wanted to be able to talk about it, to enjoy it openly, to get off on it all with Steve. When he did get back, Steve answered the door wearing another minuscule posing bikini.

Rob realized he had forgotten how really huge Steve was and how amazing all his body hair looked. It refreshed his memory as to what was going to happen to him. It also made him realize, as big as he had become, how far he still had to go, how much more of the incredible, electric, erotic sensation of his muscles growing, swelling bigger, more massive, heavier, harder he still had to experience. Steve made a fuss over how much he had grown since he left. Rob's shirt and jeans were so torn open by his massive muscles they were almost falling off, so Steve suggested that they both get naked and really enjoy the rest of the process. That night, by the time they were both so tired they couldn't stay awake any longer, after having sex constantly all afternoon and evening, Rob was feeling like a real muscle man, and he could see how much more body hair was growing in. He couldn't wait till morning. When morning did come, Rob awoke to Steve's calling him to get up and come to breakfast. He jumped out of bed feeling very much bigger, and went to the mirror. He had grown overnight into a real young bodybuilder. He could have entered a junior bodybuilders' contest and done quite well. He had gotten really thick and big and heavy and cut, and he loved the way it felt. His cock and his balls had also taken on a whole different, much larger proportion. His groin was becoming very hairy.

So was the area all around his groin, on his upper thighs and his lower abdomen, just like Steve. God, it was so hot! And his arms and legs had gotten so hairy. And his chest and his stomach.

And everywhere his muscles were bulging. His arms were getting very thick. His back was getting really wide and thick.

His pecs stuck out on the sides and were developing deep creases under them. And they were becoming amazingly rounded out. His legs were so thick he couldn't get his knees together anymore at all. And his butt was becoming a really big, round, hard bubble butt. All day they played, felt muscle, posed, flexed, enjoyed. Rob just kept getting hornier and hornier. They sucked each other off, fucked each other, made shows of jacking off for each other. No matter how often he came, Rob felt so hot, he was loving his body so much, it was all so erotic, that he just wanted more and more sex.

And all day long he kept growing steadily, until by that night he was the size of the big boys. It felt so incredible to him. He looked at himself in the mirror, and a serious bodybuilder looked back at him. He was hairy.

He was huge. He was getting a dick that felt so heavy and long and thick and incredibly sexy that he couldn't believe it was hanging from his crotch. He had grown several inches taller. He guessed he must be about six four by now. His face had changed almost completely. Dark beard, square jaw, perfect nose, full, beautiful mouth, dimples, dark incredibly sexy eyes. The dimple in his chin had become definite. His smile simmered, erotic and irresistible. When it was finally time to sleep again, he went to bed unable to imagine the next day when he would finally grow all the way to Steve's size. He couldn't wait to see how wonderful it must feel to be that big and gorgeous.

Getting up that next morning was like being in a waking dream. It all had felt that way, but now the dream was euphoric in its erotic intensity. He couldn't stop flexing his muscles to convince himself how massive he had become. He was like Steve, and it felt incredible. In fact, he couldn't believe how hot, how erotic it felt to have so much muscle mass layered on him. Even in his recently obsessed imagination he hadn't dreamed it would feel so profoundly masculine and sexy. And he could still feel that pulsing, deeply sexual, electric, erotic sensation of pressure inside him, forcing him to grow bigger, creating more mass. It felt as hot and sexual as a constant orgasm. By noon he wanted badly to go out in public, wanted to show himself off. He felt so hot about being so huge, so freaky with massive muscle and body hair, his cock and balls as large and thick and heavy as a pornographic illustration. But Steve told him that it wouldn't be completely finished until late that night. He promised that when it was, they would go out, first to the supermarket, just so Rob could experience parading himself in a bikini, as exposed as it was possible to be in public, like Steve had done that first night.

Rob couldn't believe he wasn't done growing yet. He felt like he was as big as Steve, but Steve explained that it was this last part, these last few hours that would really set him apart and make the difference that turned him and everyone else on so much, that would put him over into the league of pure fantasy. So Rob waited, and the wait was worth it, just as Steve had said. He felt his muscles swelling still more under his skin, growing so hard and thick and putting on such heavy mass, pushing out, pushing out, mounding, bulging harder and thicker. His arms stood way out from his sides, pushed out and away from his rib cage by his unbelievably thick, wide back and his enormous pecs. His pecs became so huge and thick, so solid in their mass, that when he tried to cross his arms across them, he could barely do it, they bulged up so much. His ass was huge and round. His legs were so thick that he walked with an exaggerated bodybuilder's walk, his thighs rolling widely around each other's stupendous girth. He couldn't believe how incredible he felt. By the time they went out, he knew what Steve had felt that first night. He couldn't believe how intensely hot and sexy it felt to pull on one of those tiny posing bikinis, arranging himself, seeing and feeling how deliciously exposed and outrageously displayed he was in it. They both put on tanks that were cropped and so skimpy they barely covered their torsos at all. He was glad Steve had made him wait until no one could recognize him as Rob. It made him feel totally free to be as uninhibited as he wanted. And he wanted to be wildly brazen displaying his new, wonderful body in all it's glory. Rob looked at himself when they were ready to leave. Steve said he thought Phil would be a good name for him to go by. Phil, the super hunk. Steve, the porn god, had a new partner he was going to be introducing around, and Rob could see himself as Phil, the new guy, the next object for the worship and awe of every West Hollywood gay guy and a lot of guys who weren't. He could easily worship himself. He was monstrously massive, his muscles bulging everywhere as he moved, his huge cock and balls barely contained by the bikini, filling it up, stretching it tight and thin, pulling it low with their weight, exposing the dense, dark tangle of groin hair. He was crazy in love with the way this all felt. He couldn't wait to experience walking around, proudly, casually showing himself off, all this huge, hard muscle, body hair and exaggerated manhood, the raw essence of maleness, blatantly, erotically exposed and totally sexual. He couldn't wait to see the expressions of the people in the supermarket as he paraded this magnificent, freaky body for their amazement. Couldn't wait to see the guys react at the bars down the street. He was hot. He was ready to rock and roll. As they were walking out to Steve's car, Steve said something in an off-handed way that took Rob, or Phil, by surprise and made his heart race.

“I was thinking, now that there's two of us and you know how hot it feels to look like this, I was thinking it might be pretty freaky and pretty fucking hot to do another dose together, at the same time. Maybe a real heavy dose. To see what it would feel like, to see how much bigger we could get ourselves.”

Rob gulped, his heart raced so hard at the idea he felt like he was rushing, but his cock instantly started to get hard with the thought.

“Fuck, man. I'd sure try it if you want to.”

As they pulled away from the curb, they didn't notice the car pulling out behind them, following them with Lou at the wheel, the crotch of his Levis straining with his hard-on, or, standing nearby, mostly hidden by a palm tree, Jamie, watching, waiting.


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