Ralph and Paul


By Demetrius

"They were genetically designed to be used as weights," Paul grunted, "that's how their father, Marco, planned their lives. Nothing more than human weights to be used in this freaky circus sideshow." Paul had completed his 15th rep and he wasn't even breathing hard. The 150-lb. dumbbell was getting easy. He wouldn't be using it much longer. Soon he would go on to the 160-lb set. "Steel," he thought, "this body is becoming like steel! His biceps were getting huge! Bigger than any 17-year-old's he ever knew! "Let anyone try and mess with me! Anyone!" thought Paul.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Ralph asked. He had just finished his 4th set of incline presses with 405 on the bar. 12 reps were simple and he no longer needed Paul to spot him. He handled the weight with ease. Time to check himself out in the mirror. "Side chest pose," he said out loud! "NOW!" That showed off his 56-inch chest quite nicely. He bounced his pecs, dancing them one at a time, repeating "BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!" and thought "I could break a steel chain with this mass of muscle." "NOW!" he said out loud, again, and he changed to a "most muscular" pose. He loved this body!

"They were," Paul said! I read about them in a magazine, and I want to see their freakin" show tonight." Paul threw the dumbell to the floor and grabbed the tape measure. "It sounds completely unbelievable. We've got to see it for ourselves." As he flexed his arm he shouted the traditional "POW!" It had reached the 22-inch mark! No one he knew could touch the size of his guns!

Ralph and Paul had gone to elementary school together, middle school together, and now they were in high school together. They had been terrors since first grade and no one thought they would ever make it out of high school. They had begun to get big after eighth grade. No, not just big, REALLY big! Not even the largest senior could hope to handle them now.

Ralph's big brother, Steve, had turned them on to weights when he was on his summer break, right before their freshman year of high school. He spent that first summer showing off to them, pressing the weights and then flexing to impress them. He would do a few quick barbell curls and then grab both of them in a choke hold, pressing his biceps into their throats, and then he would squeeze the crap out of them! But that was then! They were so turned on by what was slowly happening to their bodies, that they spent all of their time lifting in Ralph's garage. They worked 6 nights a week for the next year and a half.

The set-up was great. Olympic weights, good bench, 45-lb. plates - lots of them, other assorted smaller plates, assorted dumbells, chinning bar, preacher stand...the works! There were even mirrors on all of the walls so they could check out their progress. And progress they did!

By the middle of the second summer Ralph's brother had stopped coming around. It might have had something to do with the time they had tied him into a 6' long "pole of rope and flesh!" They used him for a barbell during one of their "wild man arm routines." Both boys stood side by side and easily lifted him from the floor to waist level. Then they curled him in tandem, counting the reps out loud. They did 50 reps with Steve. "Let me down," he kept calling out. But, as Ralph shouted "NOW!", they merely shifted the "barbell" overhead, and Military Pressed the screaming fool until they felt their shoulders and triceps had gotten the pump they were after. "Let me down!" Steve screamed." "NOW!" Ralph called, and they threw the simpering sap across the room, crashing him into the far wall. "Anything to make you happy," Ralph said. "See 'ya, stud!" And they left him there.

Ralph moved on to the tricep press as he studied his reflection in the mirror. He had been 143 lbs. when he began lifting. But now, as he prepared to enter his Junior year, he looked at his body that had gained five lbs. of solid muscle each month since that beginning. 24 months and 120 lbs. later he stared in lust at his 263 lb. 6' 2" frame. And he was still growing!

20 inch arms, 30 inch waist, 56 inch chest, 18 inch neck, cannonball shoulders, massive thighs, a total package. Ralph stopped the dumbbell long enough to kiss his bulging triceps.

Paul, in the meantime, had begun Concentration Curls in order to force a peak. He noticed how much alike he and Ralph were. He, too, had put on solid muscle in the last two years and their measurements were very close to the same. However Paul took pride in the fact that he had these 22-inch pythons, and he reminded Ralph about it constantly.

No kid in the 11th grade came close to being the size of these two, and they loved always being the guys in control. School was a riot. It had been great spending the past six months terrorizing the puny weaklings there. No one was as big as either of them. They could do as they pleased and everyone knew it. The nearest guy to their size was a 5'11" senior, but he weighed only 195! The really tall guys all seemed to be thin, and the really short guys all seemed to be fat. Oh well, somone had to be studley, and Paul and Ralph "were it!"

As they continued to work out, they remembered the time Ralph had humiliated that football player/jock. The jerk had made the mistake of standing in Ralph's way while he was trying to get to his locker. Ralph was in a hurry to go lift. "Move!", Ralph growled. But the ass smirked and stayed here he was. Ralph spun him around, and before he could utter a word, Ralph jacked him up to the top of the lockers, sat him down with a thud, gave him a pop in the face, and looked him dead in the eyes.

"I said 'MOVE', simpleton! Are you deaf?" Ralph yelled. "You've really pissed me off! Now you stay up there until I decide to let you down! I'll be back after gym, and you'd better be here waiting for me. Or else! Take a look." And he flexed his powerful biceps as a warning. Then he calmly opened his locker, got his books and walked away smirking. All of the kids were watching, so Ralph shot them a left bicep pose, "BOOM!" he said, as he went out of the door. "With these guns, I rule the school," he howled. And he kissed both bi's!

Paul and Ralph roared as they remembered the look on that geek's face as he sat there for an hour with half of the school looking at him, including his girlfriend! But he didn't dare get down. When gym was over Ralph returned. The guy was still there. "Smart decision," said Ralph. And he reached up and easily lifted the dolt down. But instead of letting him go, he turned him upside down, handling him with ease, and stuffed him into the kid's open locker. Closing the door, he told the guy that he would make sure the coach got a message that he wouldn't be coming to practice that afternoon! He should "stay in his locker and think about what he had done." "See 'ya, hero!" Ralph called out as he walked away. Time to work the pecs!

Even the football coach wouldn't do a thing about Ralph. Paul and Ralph had delt with him before. Just last month they had chained the second string quarterback to the squat machine to use his body for extra weight. The machine could only hold 12 plates - 6 on each side. That was just 540 lbs. They needed more! So often they would put some passing runt on the top of the bar to get their total lifting weight up to 700 pounds or so. It wasn't their fault the machine couldn't hold enough for them. After they both had had a chance to pump out 50 reps with the kid bobbing up and down on the machine and howling like a girl, the coach came in to "save him." Mistake! One broken arm and three cracked ribs later, the coach always gave them a wide birth.

Paul screamed with laughter as he remembered the time that puny kid in Algebra farted in the desk right in front of him. It was murder! When the teacher, Mrs. Russell left theroom to go to the office, Paul decided to give the girls a show. He stood up and slowly removed his shirt, showing off his amazing body. Gasps came from the girls. "Watch this, ladies," he said, as he he lifted the boy out of his desk using just one of his incredibly muscled arms. It was like lifting a pillow.

He shook the boy violently, making sure his bi's and tri's exploded in just the right way to show off his arms. The girls, and some of the guys, wet themselves at the sight of his massive bare chest and thickly veined arms. While holding the dweeb in mid-air, Paul pulled the kid's pants to his knees, crossed with him to the front of the room, and layed him out across Miss Russell's desk with his ass sticking up in the air.

Grabbing her box of Kleenex, he stuffed the boy's hole full. Then he ordered the boy to stand up and fix his pants. Barely giving him a chance to finish, he lifted the kid high into the air and walked him back to his seat, doing shoulder presses with him the whole way. Then he dropped him into his desk and carried the boy AND his desk, a full 200 lbs., out into the hall, making sure the whole class saw how effortlessly he manuevered his load. He told the boy not to remove the Kleenex for the rest of the day, and Paul gave him a massive bicep shot for emphasis. "POW!" he said. The boy jumped. Paul walked calmly back into the room, took a bow in front of the class, shot them a side pec and tricep pose, ("POW!), put his muscle-T back on, and sat in his desk flexing for a group of females.

It had been a scream to see that guy walking around school the rest of the afternoon. "Miss Russell never did figure out what he was doing in the hall" Paul said, "but I know she knew it had something to do with me."

They finished their workout, showered, and dressed for the show. Neither of them wore much clothing anymore - now that they were so big. They threw on the tightest muscle shirts they had. If there were going to be lifters at this show, Ralph and Paul wouldn't mind showing them what a couple of big studs looked like. "Most muscular pose!" called out Ralph. "BOOM!" they both grunted and hit the pose. "Double-bi!" shouted Paul. "POW!" and they smiled as they saw their massive reflections in the mirror. "World Beware!" they both yelled, as they clapped a high-five. They added a pair of shorts and sandals to their wardrobe. Nothing else. They were ready to go.

They drove with the top down, of course, because it attracted attention. They loved flexing for people as they stopped for traffic lights. "Damn!" came the utterance from the truck driver as he looked down to see Ralph's massive arm resting on the edge of the convertible. "That's nothin', Clyde," shouted Ralph, "it's not even flexed!," And he formed the boulder that made up his upper arm. "POW!" he said. "Over 20-inches and growing." "POW!" he said, and he flexed both guns this time. "Damn!" drooled the driver. And they sped off leaving him creaming in his pants.

They turned onto the expressway, and moved into position to drive the way they loved to most - with their muscle-shirts off, sitting on the rear of the front seat. That way their bodies were visible high above the car. Ralph manuevered the steering wheel with his feet! Every girl - and some guys - riding down the hi-way, honked at the muscular duo and they gladly returned the lustful stares with a pose-a-thon that made them both extremely pumped again. "BOOM!" "POW!" "POW!" "AAAANNNNDDDDDDD BOOM!"they shouted as the show went on.

"Read me that flyer you have," Ralph said, "and tell me about this show I'm going to see. "OK," said Paul. "Wait! 'POW!'" He shot a car full of girls a quick bicep pose, and licked his mound of flesh to tease them. They sreamed and almost lost control of their car. Ralph howled! He loved it!

Paul opened the paper he had already read three times to himself and began to read it to Ralph. "MARCO'S MASSIVE MUSCLE CIRCUS." When he was 19 years old, Marco Zeller, the son of poor Polish farmers, had to work the family farm by himself because his father had come down with a fever that threatened to leave him seriouly ill. Having no money for medicines, Marco took what little knowledge he had of the herbs and berries on their land, and made a serum for his father. Afraid of what might happen to his father if the mixture was somehow dangerous, Marco decided to try it on himself first. He drank the serum and went about his daily tasks. Over the next several minutes remarkable changes took place. Tonight you will see the results. Marco's father took the potion and recovered completely. Marco went on to marry and have 11 sons. His sons in turn had a total of 61 sons. Tonight you will meet them all: Marco, his sons, grandsons, and one grandson in particular - Gregor! The result of the careful cross pollination of the plants that make the serum that makes this family strong. See their amazing feats! See 60 of the 61 grandsons used as human weights. These young men have received very special training, very special food, and of course, the serum. They will amaze you with the acts they will perform." 8:00 PM...SUTTER'S FIELD ADMISSION: FREE.

"Think you can deal with it?," asked Paul. "Why is it free?" asked Ralph. "Beats me," Paul replied. "Well, I'm there!", said Ralph. And they drove on to the show, flexing and yelling all the way. "Human weights. We're gonne see human weights! And wait 'till those "weights" get a load of us!" they yelled as they did their synchronized posing routine for a busload of passing cheerleaders. "BOOM!" "BOOM!" "POW!" "POW!" "POW!" You could hear the squeels and screams all the way down the expressway! •

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