Weekend, The


By built_spill

This is a sequel to "Moving Day"

It ended up being two weeks since the weekend I helped James move. Seeing him at the office wasn't nearly as awkward as I thought it might be. If anything, we seemed to get along even better than before, like we had some private joke between us. He didn't say anything about trying the serum again the weekend after and I didn't ask-- I was afraid of seeming too pushy and I wanted to play it cool.

At home, though, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I had dreams of it. Memories of those 36 hours transforming back and forth drove me crazy. I had to have more. So, when he sent an e-mail Friday which said simply, "Come on over tonight to meet the professor. Plan to stay the weekend," my chest leaped about twenty feet. He'd taken the day off, so I could only imagine that he'd started the weekend early.

I went home, showered and debated whether or not to pack a bag. Then I realized I probably wouldn't be spending the weekend wearing much. I threw in some old workout shorts, deodorant. I jumped in the car and drove the 45 minute trip to James' new place in about 30. The weird thing is, it didn't hit me once how strange the whole situation was. I mean, I was driving at breakneck speed to spend the weekend drinking some strange supplement that completely changed my body. You tend to gloss over things like that when massive muscle and tireless sex are involved.

I pulled up and got out of the car-- it was about seven. As I walked up to the door, my stomach was doing flips and I was almost shaking, I was so excited. After a couple of solid raps, I heard footsteps and then, there was James, normal-sized and wearing a pair of workout pants and a black t-shirt.

"Matt! You made it."

I must have looked a bit disappointed, expecting the enhanced James, because he caught on right away.

"We had a session earlier, but timed it so it would wear off around dinner time. Besides, I thought we should wait for you."

I found myself smiling. "Cool, wouldn't want to miss it."

"Come on in, we're just serving everything up."

I dropped my bag in the front hallway and followed James to the dining room. Already in there, setting down a plate of pasta in the middle of the table was a guy with glasses about our age, slightly balding, in average shape, wearing a pair of sweat shorts and a grey Adidas t-shirt.

"Matt," James said, gesturing toward the third man, "This is my friend Hal. He's the one who created the supplement. Hal, this is Matt."

I started pumping his hand, "Hal, it is so great to meet you. That stuff of yours it's-" I hesitated, not being sure exactly how much he knew I knew, "It's uh, it's very interesting."

Hal just smiled, "Yes, James told me about your weekend. Said you took to it rather quickly. Good to hear. Hopefully you'll have as much fun this weekend."

I blushed. "Yeah, it, uh, it wasn't too bad."

"Let's get down to business," James interrupted. "After today's workout, I'm starving."

We sat down around the table, the two of them started digging in immediately.

"Man, what the hell were you guys doing today?"

They both paused to look at me and just give a conspiratorial smile.

"Never mind. Got it. How much?"

James spoke between mouthfuls as I finally served myself. "Hal came over around 9:30. We took a dose at ten and it wore off just a little before you got here. He was hoping you'd arrive before we changed back, so we'd all go again, but I thought it best to take a break and slow down, clean up a bit."

"We spent all day testing some exercise equipment we've been developing at the university," Hal said. "Of course, it's insanely theoretical and not made for anyone who could actually lift it. As far as they're concerned."

I was already getting hard under the table. I shifted in my seat. "So, Hal, what exactly is this stuff?"

"I can't say."


"No, I don't mean that to be a jerk about things. I mean, I'm still trying to figure out its properties, what to do with the stuff, you know. I mean, the whole thing was an accident in the first place. Did James tell you the whole story?"

"Not exactly. I mean, parts, but we were a little preoccupied. Um, you know, with the moving and all." I smiled over at James.

"Well, I've known for James since we were kids. I went away, got my doctorate, then was offered a research and teaching position here. My specialty is a split between sports medicine and biochemistry, so it wasn't long before I was assigned to a program the university had with the military to develop some sort of supplement that could refresh soldiers faster, boost their metabolism, that sort of thing.

"A couple of months into my research, I was making great progress, better than anyone else had at this point. In fact, I'd nailed the problem, created something that gave them exactly what they wanted. I handed over the research to the government folks and they went on their merry way, convinced they'd received what they had wanted all along, which they had. But, I'd stumbled upon something else, something that could take it farther.

"I found a way to boost it's effects with no ill after effects. I could make someone stronger, faster, tireless for brief periods of time. That's when I, um, and I'm not proud of this, believe me. In fact, I'm lucky I'm not dead. That's when I began testing it on myself. The first few times were weak compared to how it is now-- just a slight increase in size and strength, only lasting for an hour or so. But, I kept working on it, refining it, ignoring the side effects, until I came to the formulation we use now. In fact, the first time I tried it was when James found out about the whole thing."

"It was a Wednesday night, this past spring," James said. "Never forget it. I just thought I'd drop in on Hal, see if he wanted to grab a bite to eat. The door was unlocked and his house was a mess. I heard some noises from down in the basement, where he has a small lab. I went down there and... well, there was James, seven feet tall, covered in pumped, tight muscle from head to toe, completely nude, standing-- no, not standing. He was actually crouching, rubbing..."

"Hey," Hal interrupted. "Come on, even Matt here has been through it, especially that first time. You can't help it."

I shifted in my seat and just nodded, wanting to hear more, but wanting to get on with the transformations.

"Anyway," James continued,"Hal turns around, startled, and I felt like I should be running, screaming, something. I mean, here was this guy I've known for years and he's this hulking monster. But I just stood there and listened as he told me the whole story, the experiments, the supplement, everything. The weird thing is, I wasn't nearly as freaked out as I should have been. I waited out the change with him, keeping him calm, waiting as he had to go jerk off every half-hour or so, talking with him. Finally, he returned to normal and then I went home."

"Wait, you didn't try it that time," I asked. Hal went into the kitchen.

"No, but later-- see, I couldn't get it out of my head. I found myself wanting it more and more as the days went past," James said.

"So, by the next weekend," Hal continued from the other room, "I ran some tests on myself to make sure it was perfectly safe. When I asked James to assist me in the next trial, I wanted to be sure it wouldn't hurt him."

"He asked, I agreed and we had our first weekend session. Now, it's your turn to join in the fun."

"Speaking of which, let's get started." Hal came back in the dining room with three glasses of what appeared to be fruit juice, but I knew to be so much more. •

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