Muscle Sex


By Corwin

Rich was unpacking when Jason came running into the room. Jason threw the door open which startled Rich, who dropped the cooler of cooked chicken that Jason ate almost constantly.

"Dude, what's the problem?" Rich asked, picking up bags of chicken breasts that had spilled on the floor.

"We gotta do something! I can't go out there tonight! There's this guy. He's a fucking monster. Huge! Totally ripped. Rich, he's bigger than me! I'll be a laughing stock!"

"Whoa big guy. Slow down. Bigger than you?" Rich sat on the bed and watch Jason. He had never seen Jason this upset.

Jason paced back and forth, clearly agitated. Eventually, he sat on the bed next to Rich. He shook his head, then put his face in his hands. "I went down to the show. You know, say 'hi' to the guys. Everything was cool. They were real excited to see me. Eventually I went back to put my stuff away and check out the dressing room they had for me. He followed me. The guy. At first, I didn't realized. Then we started to flex, and he was huge. Said he was going to win tonight and he's right. The guy is a hulk. Every part of him is bigger than me. His arms are at least 3 feet around. His pecs are massive. I didn't see his legs, but the way he filled out his sweatpants. Shit." Jason looked at Rich, his eyes watering, "Babe, I felt so small."

"I don't believe it. Jas, you're huge. No one can be bigger than you." Rich ran his hands over Jason's massive biceps.

"The guy said something," Jason whispered. "He said 'Sean sends his regards.'"


"Ya. I thought about as I was coming up here. What if..." Jason stood up and looked at his shirtless body in the mirror, "what if there is another guy like me? What if Sean found him? What if Sean made the guy grow? Rich, it's the only thing that makes any sense."

Rich stood up and walked over to Jason. He put his hand around the big man's back and both stared in the mirror.

Rich was the first to speak. "Only one thing to do, big guy. We gotta grow you. We gotta push you to your max."

"But the other guy..."

"Fuck him. Fuck Sean too," said Rich as he walked over to his suitcase. "You're Mr. O. You are the best int he world, and you'll be the biggest again. I'll see to that!" Rich pulled out a small brown bottle and walked back to Jason. "Besides," Rich took Jason's hands, "I love you and I've got faith in you."

Jason smiled. The fear in his face softened as he looked at Rich, and for the first time since he came into the room, Jason smiled.

"Got a surprise for you." Rich opened the bottle and took out a small pill. He close the bottle and threw it to Jason.

Jason read the label. "Viagra?"

Rich took the pill. "Recreational. I'm going to fuck you until you make Sean's hulk look like a 98 pound weakling."

Jason smiled and began to strip.

Rich pulled off his shirt, revealing his bodybuilder's chest. Jason was in his shorts. "We got some time before the pill kicks in," Rich said as he began to rub his hands over Jason's massive chest.

Jason lowered his head to Rich's and started kissing him.


"How'd it go?" Sean asked Thomas.

"Just like you said, big guy." Thomas's grin extended from ear to ear. "The dude is going down. When he got a load of these guns," Thomas flexed his right arm, rubbing his left hand over the mountainous bulge, "he couldn't get out of there fast enough."

"So, what's it feel like to be the next Mr. Olympia?"

"Awesome, man, totally awesome." Thomas turned toward Sean and lowered his hand to Sean's crotch. He groped the smaller man, saying, "and I owe it all to you."

"My pleasure, but we can't relax yet. It's time for phase two." Sean reached over and grabbed Thomas's posing trunks. "Put these on and let's go pay our friends a visit."

Thomas nodded affirmatively and stipped off his sweat pants. He pulled the briefs over his massive thighs and arranged his substantial cock in the fabric.

"They're four doors down in 509," said Sean as Thomas took the lead. The hall was empty as the powerful man strode confidently to the door.

"Knock?" Thomas whispered.

Sean put his ear to the door. He could make out panting and sounds of movement and bed spings squeaking. "Think they might be doing it in there?"

Thomas scowled. "You don't think he's trying to get bigger than me?"

"Could be," said Sean. "It's what we'd do, right?"

"No way man!" Thomas grabbed the door's handle. It was locked. His forearms burst into steel cables as he gripped and applied muscular pressure. His tri burst into a deep horseshoe and his pecs hardened as his arm demanded that the handle turn. The steel bolt that held the lock had no chance against the 465 pound plus muscle behemoth. It snapped and the handle bent and turned, opening the door. Thomas burst in. He saw Rich and Jason naked, embracing and kissing, their hands exploring each other's body.

Jason jumped up at the sound of the intrusion. Instinctively he jumped at the man. Thomas staggered back a step at Jason's assaulted before grabbing him in a bear hug that lifted him from the ground. Jason struggled, but Thomas squeezed, his muscular body overpowering his smaller foe.

Rich lept up, a u-shaped peice of metal falling from the base of his cock. His massive 14 inch erection in front of him.

"Looks like we were in time," said Sean. "Hello Rich. It's been a while."

"Sean. Get the fuck out of here."

"Is that anyway to treat guests?" said Sean. "Besides, I haven't introduced you to my new boyfriend. Thomas this is Rich. I think you've already met Jason."

Jason was turning red, unable to breath in Thomas's grip. Thomas squeezed tighter, his massive arms denting Jason's thick lats like clay. Jason tried in vain to ward off Thomas's attack, trying to flex his prize-winning muscles against the onslaught. Each time Jason inhaled, he lost more ground to Thomas's power.

"Stop it! You're hurting him!" Rich yelled, running to Thomas and trying to pry his arms open.

Thomas looked at Rich, the massive cock poking in front of him. He dropped Jason with a thud and pushed him away. Jason stumbled to the other side of the room, bending over and breathing heavily.

Thomas meanwhile had grabbed Rich, his powerful hand digging into Rich's trap. As Rich tried to back away, Thomas held him firm. The huge muscle man reached out with his left hand and grabbed Rich's cock. "Fuck man." Thomas turned to Sean, "Man, you were right about him."

Sean walked over and picked up the u-shaped metal from the ground. "Hmmm... and a little something extra, I'd guess."

"Get away from him," Jason coughed, recovering.

"Looks like the horse-man here likes what he sees. Don't you boy?" Thomas bounces his pecs, first in unison then one at a time. He let out a small chuckle as he felt Rich's dick twitch, obviously turned on at his display. "Whatcha say about it little man?"

Rich turned and looked at Jason, his eyes pleading with his lover for help.

"Get away from him!" Jason demanded, standing up. Jason threw his shoulders back, flared his lats and expanded his chest. He looked like a Greek god, raw power flowing through his body. It was an impressive sight.

Thomas laughed. He walked over to Jason and adopted the same pose. Jason's incredible mass was upstaged by the larger Thomas. "OK," Thomas said gruffly, "now what, little man."

Jason took a step forward, pressing into Thomas. Thomas held his ground. Jason pressed forward, his legs digging into the carpetting for traction. Thomas didn't move. Jason's face contorted with determination as he tried to move Thomas. His legs flexed hard and his calves pumped into diamonds as he pushed.

Thomas just grinned. "Let me show you how it's done." Thomas lifted a leg and leaned forward. Jason felt his feet slide against the carpet as Thomas pressed against him. Thomas took a step, then another. Jason felt himself against the bed when Thomas lifted his arms and pressed him down.

Jason fell backward on the bed and stared up in amazement at the ease Thomas had moving him.

"Get it now, dude? I'm not only bigger than you, but I'm way stronger than you too. See, Mr. O?" Thomas leaned over Jason and struck a crab pose. Jason could barely see Thomas's head over the massive shelf of his pecs. His upper arms were watermelon sized, and his shoulders look bigger than basketballs. The definition of Thomas's abs indicated he had almost no body fat.

Thomas looked over at Sean, and Sean nodded at him. Thomas reached down and grabbed Jason by the groin. Jason screamed.

Rich saw Thomas's massive forearms burst into veins and sinewy muscle as he flexed his arms.

"So, Rich. I want you to use that massive tool on me. If you don't, I'm going to make this boyfriend of yours a eunich. If you do, maybe I'll just fuck his pretty ass instead while you fuck me and make me grow."

Rich stepped back, a shocked look on his face. He looked at Jason, who was in pain, desperately trying to pry Thomas's stronger grip from his crotch. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Sean stripping off his clothes.

There was a silent pause, then Jason screamed as Thomas's grip tightened. "I don't like to be kept waiting," he growled. Thomas's forarms rippled again and Jason bucked and howled in pain.

"OK!" Rich screamed. His body was shaking. "Stop! Don't hurt him."

"Now that's what I expect," said Thomas, removing his hand. "Obedience." Rich straddled Jason. "Don't move," he ordered.

Sean was now naked, stroking his cock. He walked over to Thomas who squeezed the monster dick with his hand.

Thomas looked to Rich. "Come here." Reluctantly, Rich obeyed. In his other hand, Thomas began to stroke Rich's cock. Its hypersensitivity caused it harden in the muscle god's hand. "Fuck, now I like that. Two horse cocks at my disposal."

"Whatever my big man wants he gets," said Sean, smirking at Rich.

Thomas ordered the two men closer together, comparing their schlongs. "Damn, he's so fucking big!" Thomas looked at Jason. "No wonder you got to be such a big boy. Now it's my turn." Thomas turned his attention to Rich. "Is this as big as it gets, or does it get bigger?"

"What's the matter?" Rich said smuggly. "Not big enough for you."

Thomas's legs, which were on either side of Jason's hips, flexed and contracted. Jason squirmed, trying to escape the powerful contraction of Thomas's superior strength. There was a pop, and Jason screamed.

"STOP IT!" pleaded Rich.

Thomas smiled, his mighty legs bursting with muscular strength as they crushed in Jason.

"I," Rich started, then blurted out, "yes, I can get bigger."

"How?" Thomas maintained his force on Jason who was powerless against the bigger man.

Rich searched frantically. "This what you're looking for," said Sean, holding up the bent metal he had found on the floor.

"Ya," said Rich.

"Looks like Jason likes cock rings on his boy," said Sean, placing the U-shaped metal under Rich's balls. "Squeeze it closed and let's see if it works."

Thomas moved his powerful fingers to the metal, bending the steel with no trouble. He clamped it over Rich's cock, which throbbed and turned redder as the blood further engorged it.

Sean's jaw dropped as he watched Rich's cock get longer and thicker, pulsing with hard maleness. "Thomas, you gotta try that with me!" he begged, stroking his meat in jealous lust. He looked at Rich, "Got any more of those?"

Rich smirked and rubbed his monster cock.

"Answer him," demanded Thomas.

Rich signaled toward a small suitcase. Sean ran to it and pulled out a metal bar. Smiling, he returned to Thomas. "Make me huge, big man!"

Thomas put the metal at the base of Sean's mule dick and created the cockring, bending the bar as if were made of clay. As the blood flow was restricted, Sean's cock began to expand and lengthen. It grew several inches, but was dwarfed by Rich's python.

Emboldened, Rich moved closer to Sean, placing his monster next to Sean's. "Still the little boy, I see," Rich bragged. He turned and winked at Jason, then looked to Thomas. "Some guys can never measure up."

Thomas eyes widened, and Rich thought his body looked a little flushed. He placed his big hand around both monsters, sizing them up with his hands. Thomas's hands were hot and sweaty as he wrapped both hands over the massive examples of manhood. He bent toward the rods and began licking, tasting Rich then Sean. His body became more flushed as Thomas's desire built.

Thomas let go of Rich. "Damn, I need to feel that thing in me. Get yourself ready, I'll let you know when I'm horned up enough." Thomas turned his attention to Sean, who fed his python to Thomas. Thomas began to get into it, licking the shaft and taking Sean's balls into his mouth.

Rich looked at Jason, who lay powerless on the bed, straddled by Thomas. He was staring longingly at Sean and Thomas's passion. Rich knelt next to him. "I'm sorry. I don't know what to do."

"He's so fucking strong. The guy is a monster!" whispered Jason. "Do what he says... what choice do we have. I guess it's over for me."

"I love you," replied Rich. "Maybe when they're gone..."

"Don't worry about it babe," interrupted Jason. "I've had a good run." Jason rubbed his hand one of Thomas's thighs that kept him pinned to the bed. "Damn, he's a fucking brick shithouse! Babe, can I suck on that monster of yours for a second?"

Rich smiled, and moved into a position so that Jason could suck him. Jason was like a starving babe at his mother's breast. He licked and began to suck on Rich, who became hard as steel as his lover went down on him.

Jason lifted a hand and rubbed Thomas's rocky eight-pack. Jason's body began to flush like Thomas's as he felt the muscular man's amazing body. Thomas began to slide his fat cock along Jason's abs, the titanium hard manhood ripping into Jason's powerful muscles. Jason's felt Thomas's balls pulsing, almost vibrating, swelling with hormones ready to explode into his system. Jason's own balls were doing the same, but had no hope of release as long as he was dominated by Thomas.

"Oh man, this is so hot!" cried Thomas as he dropped Sean's wet cock from his mouth. "Ya, you like this fuckin' man's body, don't you? Mr. Fucking Olympia can't get enough of that boy's huge cock and my huge muscle, can you?" Thomas was beet red, his blood pumping hard priming his body. "Boy, I think I'm ready for you. I like it hard and rough. Don't disappoint me, or your boyfriend here will suffer. We both want me to be a hulking muscle monster. Don't we, Mr. O? And you're lucky enough to watch it happen," Thomas smirked, then added, "to ME."

Jason shivered at the thought of Thomas growing even more powerful.

Thomas slid down Jason's body, letting his full balls bounce between Jason's legs. Thomas grabs Jason's cock and starts jerking it against his own, squeezing the man-meat together. Both men's balls pulsed and throbbed in a synchronized rhythm as they filled with their power juice.

Thomas positioned his ass so Rich could fuck him. He lay, pressed against Jason, crushing his powerful body into Mr. Olympia's slightly smaller but weaker physique. Both men glistened with sweat as their flushed bodies demonstrated their desire for the stimulus that would cause them to grow.

Rich positioned his cock and pressed against Thomas. Rich thought of all the times he had done this to Jason, causing him to grow and live his dream. He placed his hands on Thomas's wide lats. Thomas felt hot, like he was burning up. The musky scent of his sweat filled Rich's nostrils like an aphrodisiac. The muscle man's body was primed for some serious growth. Rich's cock jerked up eagerly, and he hated himself for being so excited by the man who restrained his lover with superior power. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath and pushed.

Thomas moaned and shuddered as he was invaded by Rich's fat cock. It felt like a steel pipe pressing into him. As Rich forced his cock passed Thomas's prostate, Thomas felt a euphoric feeling as every nerve in his body tingled. Rich stopped and pulled out slightly, rubbing his fat head over Thomas's sensitive organ. That's when Thomas felt it begin. Sweat ran over his muscles and dripped from his nipples as his body began to throb and expand. Thomas felt a rush of heat and power flood from his body. Thomas's head snapped back as he screamed "YES!", his back widening and body thickening with new muscular power.

Jason felt it too. Thomas's body grew heavier on him. He felt the heat of the huge man as his body began to swell with new muscle. Jason moved his left hand to his chest, rubbing his fingers against his own nipple. With his right hand, he rubbed Thomas's pec. Jason felt Thomas's muscle inflate under his hand as he made Thomas's nipple erect. He hefted his huge chest, compare Thomas's with his own. Jason felt small as Thomas's larger body exploded with even more muscle.

"Oh ya," Thomas sighed as he looked at Jason. "You like my bigger muscle, don't you." Thomas raised his arm and flexed it at a ninety-degree angle. The bicep peaked and pulsed bigger and bigger every second. "Check out these guns, dude! Watch them grow! Shit, think of the power in them. Look at those rips! I'm a fucking muscle monster and I'm still growing. No one can stop me!"

Jason's eyes widened at Thomas's revelation, knowing it was true. He felt so hot, and his balls felt like they would explode. His own power was in overdrive at the sight of Thomas, yet it was dammed up with no hope of release. This fact only made Jason more desperate. His heart beat loud in his ears as his desire grew and grew.

Rich thrust deeper and deeper into Thomas. With each inch of his potent length, Thomas inflated with new muscle. Rich rubbed his hands over Thomas's wide back, marveling at its thickness and the contours of his thick traps and wide lats. Thomas felt like warm metal full of hard muscular ridges. The sight of the growing hulk caused Rich's cock to harden even more, throbbing thicker and thicker as it plunged deeper into the man. Rich forced more than half his cock in as Thomas's traps burst toward his ears. When Rich had three-quarters of his monster plunged into Thomas, Thomas's shoulders were so wide they looked like beach balls joining his arms to his lats.

"Oh ya! Man, you're so fucking big. Making me huge. God, could never imagine this feeling. Shit, so fucking strong! Fucking superman strong!" Thomas began to gyrate his body over Jason. Jason could feel Thomas's balls pulse, pumping power into his growing body. Jason pushed against Thomas with no effect, unable to even dent his hard muscle. Thomas laughed. "What's the matter, wimp. Shit, I bet this one arm is stronger than your whole body." Thomas bucked, forcing all of Rich's length into him for the first time. Jason watched the effect as Thomas's body spasmed larger.

Thomas reached around and grabbed Jason's legs. Jason resisted, which made Thomas smile. Rich could see Thomas's powerful arms ripple with power, becoming more cut and more ripped as each arm fought to control each of Jason's legs. Thomas's forearms looked larger than Jason's calves. Jason's legs flexed into their own muscular hardness, but he had no hope of competing with the Thomas's power, which was multiplying every second. Slowly and purposefully, Thomas forced Jason's legs up, perpendicular with the bed, then toward his shoulders.

"Shit! Your legs are weak, man. Now, I'm going to fuck you so you can know what a real man feels like." Thomas slid his cock over Jason's asshole and with a single thrust pushed his entire manhood into Jason.

Jason cried out with the force of Thomas's penetration. He felt pain shoot through his rectum, but then something else. He felt a small growth spurt, as the dam holding back his power cracked. Jason felt Thomas's nuts bang against his own. Both men's sacks were swollen and throbbing, vibrating in a manly symphony of hormonal energy.

Sean had been jacking off to the incredible sight of Thomas's growth, and now walked over to him.

"You like," asked Thomas as he flexed his massive torso, forcing his cock deep into Jason.

Sean rubbed his hand over Thomas's chest, barely able to comprehend the massive size Thomas had obtained. As he rubbed the hard pecs which forced into Thomas's chin, he felt them continue to expand under his touch. "Fuck, you're still getting bigger."

"Damn right I am!" Thomas unflexed and reached for Sean's cock. He grabbed it in his big hand and began stroking it.

Jason felt the change in Thomas immediately. His balls swelled again, and his growth began to accelerate as he was thrilled by Sean's huge cock. He felt Thomas's cock throb thicker in his ass. Thomas seemed totally unaware that Jason was slowing gaining mass as his powerful fucking released Jason's pent-up power.

Sean moved close to Thomas and started kissing him passionately. "So fucking hot," whispered Sean.

"Ya, getting hulking big for you," replied Thomas.

Sean pressed closer to Thomas, forcing his week body into the muscle god's physique. Sean began to lick the sweat from Thomas, lapping at his pits and under his melon-sized pecs. Thomas moaned his approval.

"Babe, fuck him with me. Come on, put your huge cock next to mine and fuck this would-be muscle man with your horse cock," Thomas said. "I want to feel your dick next to mine as a creme into him."

Sean smiled, and Thomas made space for his lover. Sean's monster cock reached and poked into Thomas's.

Jason screamed as Sean pushed in. His anus stretched to accommodate the double fucking. As the pain subsided, Jason felt the dam burst, his pent-up hormones flooding into his body. Jason nearly passed out as his brain was overloaded with the feeling of Sean and Thomas's fucking and his muscles pulsing and growing with enormous power.

Sean and Thomas thrust in synchronzed rhythm into Jason. Thomas flexed his massive body as Sean worshipped his god.

Rich continued to pound Thomas's ass. Thomas's glutes were round and firm, absorbing his hardest thrusts. He felt Thomas quiver and groan.

"Damn, I need to come," Thomas whispered to Sean. Thomas's balls pulled tight into his body. He began to spasm as he forced his manhood into Jason, who lay nearly unconscious under him. Thomas's hard thrust pushed Jason into the bed as he began to shoot his load. The metal holding the bed together below the orgy of men couldn't take the power and weight of the massive behemoths, and collapsed. The men fell into each other as Thomas continued to ejaculate into Jason.

Rich felt Thomas's ass clamp down as he prepared to shoot his load. Rich reached and rubbed Thomas's nuts which were swollen with man juice. As Thomas shot, his swollen nuts expunged their juice and began to shrink. Rich fell into Thomas as the bed collapsed, but he continued to rub and stimulate the muscle god's deflating ball sack.

Jason was lost in the euphoria he was feeling. He felt hot as his muscles pulsed and pulled at his skin. He felt the thump as he fell against the bed, and warmth penetrate his gut when Thomas came. The warmth spread over his body as a feeling of boundless power raced through his body. He felt as if he was floating, every nerve in his body alive. His muscles felt boundless power. They felt heavy and dense.

Thomas let out a primal cry as his load sputtered, his juices depleted. He jumped up, pulling his withering meat from Jason and throwing Rich off of him. Thomas lifted Sean in an embrace, kissing him deeply and holding him gently next to his massive pecs.

As Rich flew off Thomas, his cock began to shoot its spunk. He stared at the incredible muscle hulk that he helped create, and lusted after Thomas's mass. The thought of such strength and size overwhelmed him as he blew his load. As he recovered, he noticed Jason on the floor. His body was in spasm like he was having a seizure.

Thomas carried Sean to the other side of the room. He let the small man down then got the first look at his new body in the mirror. The mirror was not large enough to reflect his massive proportions. Thomas's calves were so wide that they touched. His knees were forced out by enormous quads and hamstrings. His glutes were perfect hemispheres and ripped. His waist was considerably smaller than his massive chest, yet thick, hard and corded. His pecs jutted out casting a deep shadow over his cobble-stone abs. Thomas flexed and twisted, checking out his superior physique from every angle while Sean stroked his cock enviously and wantingly.

Rich ignored Thomas and stared at Jason. Something was happening to him. It was like his body was a balloon, inflating and expanding rapidly. It wasn't air filling his, but dense thick muscle.

Thomas raised his arm and forced an Everest-sized bicep to stretch his skin. "Damn!" he exclaimed at the sight of an arm bigger than most people's chests. Thomas turned and grinned at Sean.

Sean took the cue and reached over to feel the Thomas's cannon. His hand was dwarfed by the size of it. As he felt the hardness of Thomas's arm, his cock bucked and jolted, then began to shoot uncontrollably, his spunk a visible tribute to his muscle god as it clung and coated his muscular body.

"You like my bod, ha man?" Thomas asked, prying the metal ring off of Sean's spent schlong.

"Fuck ya," said Sean. "No one is bigger, stronger or better built than you!"

"I'm not so sure about that." It was Jason. He opened his eyes and looked at Rich. He reached down and snapped off the ring that Thomas had clamped around the base of his cock. He then stood up, muscle rippling as he raised himself from the floor. The men in the room stared as Jason was now obviously much larger.

Jason slowly walked toward Thomas. Rich tried to judge their size. Thomas was huge, but Jason seemed equally as large. No, maybe bigger. It was hard for him to judge. Both men had become so extremely muscular that his mind had trouble contemplating the power each man had.

Jason stood behind Thomas. Slowly, he raised his arm and flexed his bicep. The muscle responded with a mountainous peak. Rich watched as Jason's powerful arm expanded to match Thomas's size.

"Fuck, he's as big as you! What's going on!" Sean cried.

Jason didn't respond. Instead, he felt his balls tighten and a warmth flow through his body.

"Hey. He's getting bigger!" Sean cried in disbelief.

Rich could see it. It was true. Jason was willing his arm larger, making his already huge bicep swell with more muscle and more power. In seconds, his massive arm was noticeably bigger than Thomas. Thomas reacted by flexing harder, but his hulking size was now dwarfed by Jason's larger, harder size.

"Something wrong?" Jason asked, staring threateningly into Thomas's eyes.

Thomas raised his other arm, then pulled them forward into a menacing crab pose. Every muscle in his torso expanded as veins were forced to the surface and his skin turned red as it stretched to accommodate his power.

Jason laughed. He raised his other arm and mimicked Thomas's pose. Jason's pecs flexed thicker than Thomas's and his lats and shoulder grew wider. Jason's traps jutted so high that they totally hid his bull neck. Jason displayed more muscle and better symmetry than Thomas.

Jason reacted next. He unflexed and placed his big hands on Thomas's traps. Jason's arms flexed as he dug his fingers into Thomas's once impenitrable muscle. Jason's shoulder's flexed into three distinct heads as he pressed down on the hulking Thomas. "Kneel," he commands.

Thomas resisted. His mighty legs flexed, quads and hamstrings coming to life with inhuman strength. He grabbed Jason's arms and tried to pry them off, but found Jason's muscle invulnerable to his own mighty grip. Thomas's knees shook as his huge legs resisted what felt like the weight of a planet on his shoulders. Thomas screamed as his powerful legs buckled and he was slowly forced to the floor, out muscled by Jason's new found strength.

"Now, worship your god," Jason commanded, stuffing his erect dick into Thomas's mouth. Thomas could feel Jason's balls vibrating and throbbing with power, while his own balls were now depleted. Jason's pipe-like dick was super hard and Thomas began to choke on it. Jason thrust into Thomas's mouth a few times and Sean beat on his super body.

"Let him go. I'm sorry. It was my idea. My fault." Sean pleaded.

"Pleading didn't work when you forced Rich to fuck this jerk," Jason reminded. Reluctantly, he pulled out. Thomas gasped for air, his face at Jason's feet.

"Jason, how?" Rich asked.

"Don't know, but it feels great. I just know that now, I can control my growth. I can get bigger anytime I want." Jason turned to Sean. "Sean," he said softly, almost apologetically, "I'm sorry we didn't work out." He paused, and his tone changed, "But that is no excuse for this."

"I just wanted to teach you a lesson," said Sean meekly.

"And hurt me? And Rich?" Jason reached down and lifted Thomas up. He began to shake him like a rag doll. "I NEVER DID ANYTHING TO YOU!"

"Stop it." Sean punched at Jason. "He just wanted to be big. Be huge. He wanted to win it all. You can understand that. Look at you."

Jason stopped and threw Thomas to the ground. "Ya, maybe I can." He walked over to Rich. "Dude, I love you. I'm sorry if they hurt you."

"I'm OK," Rich responded. "I was just so worried about you."

Jason smiled. "What should we do with them?"

Rich turned to Sean. "Get dressed. Get out of here."

Sean quickly began to gather up their clothes. He brought a towel to wrap around Thomas.

As they began to leave, Thomas turned. "I guess sorry isn't enough, is it?"

Jason shook his head. "You're gonna win tonight, but you're going to have to get use to being number two to me. Maybe in a few years, when I retire, you can be the best. But for now, that's me."

Sean and Thomas left the room.

That night, Thomas destroyed his competition to get his pro-card, but Jason stole the show. No one could imagine any human being be so muscular, yet coordinated and symmetric. Jason continued to shatter all bodybuilding records for years to come, while Thomas always placed second. Over time, the two became friends, but that is another story.

The End. •

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