Muscle Slave

By myoder

I developed a pill that would allow me to control the mind and body of anyone. Simple theory really - the chemicals create a desire in the person to please the one who gives them the dosage - the side effects of ever increasing musculature and sexual interest were my own add-on. The larger the dosage the greater the response. I'd tried it on my brother, a college jock with good results, but ultimatelynot satisfying. The incest taboo and the jerkiness of my sibling proved boring in the end. Although he had developed the muscles of someone twice as large as Nasser El Sonbaty I wanted to try the pill on someone more challenging and even larger than my 6'3" brother.

The bar I chose had a bad reputation. Bikers and truckers hang out there and the chances of finding a perfect candidate were greater than in my own small town. This evening seemed terrific. The place was full of huge men. The smell of beer and sweat dominated the atmosphere. There were plentyof huge men who would all probably be very interested in getting even bigger. I watched as these huge bikers asserted their power - armwrestling each other, massive biceps flexing and shoulders straining. One guy even tried lifting the pool table with one hand and almost succeeded.

Then he walked in.

He was the most incredible stud I'd ever seen. Certainly not pretty (I don't go for pretty guys). This man was ALL MAN. 6'9" and at least 600lbs of muscle. His hair was wild and unkempt, he had a bushy beard and a handlebar mustache that completely covered his lips. When he took off his leather jacket I was shocked. He wore a teeshirt that barely covered his mass. His biceps looked like basketballs - huge bunched muscles that flexed as he moved. Hair billowed out overthe topof the shirt, and his pecs strained to burst out of the fabric. His gut was big, but solid like a bodybuilder in the off season. His thighs were immense - great trunks of solid muscle and his basket was heavy, hiding an immense cock.

I watched him over the evening. He would armwrestle two or three guys all at the same time, easily slamming them to the ground. He crushed an empty beer keg between his hands. He bent crow bars around his flexed biceps like they were pipe cleaners. I worked my way closer to his table and casually introduced myself.

"Hi, I'm Kevin," I said. "Incredible power in you, man!"

He grunted at me and smiled a little. "Hank," he said by way of an introduction.

"You ever think about getting stronger?" I asked him.

"Do I need to?" he asked. "Ain't nobody here stronger than me - or bigger." Just then a small bimboish woman with too much makeup came over and started feeling Hank's arms. He lifted them in a freakish double bicep pose to give her a thrill. "Okay, Mary - you had your fun now fuck off, I'm talkin with this guy."

"Seriously," I said."Your're huge, but I know a way to make you even bigger - and stronger." I pulled the pill bottle out of my jacket pocket and rattled it.

"Yeah? I've taken 'roids before. Don't like 'em."

"These aren't roids," I said. "They're enhancers. They react in your brain and stimulate the centre that gives us muscle power and energy. With these you can go all night and into the next day. And they'll add more bulk than you'veever dreamed of. But if you don't want it..." I trailed off and started to leave.

"Hold on," he said. "Lemme see 'em."

"I only have one," I said handing him the pill, "but you could have more later. He took the pill and looked at it. The popped it in his mouth and swilled it back with a beer. It always takes a minute or so. Then he started to notice the change.

"Man, this feels great," he said. "A little weird, but I feel incredible. Man you're great, guy - this shit's good. Can I have another one?" he started flexing his ihuge biceps over and over."Man, my arms are getting bigger. Feel that," he said lifting his huge arm up.

I felt the thick muscle and he moaned. "You like that?" he asked. "Feel it, it feels great. Feels a fuck of a lot stronger too." He wentto the pool table and picked up a ball. Holding it between his thumb and forefinger he crushed it with ease. "Fuck, yeah! I gotta have more, man!"

"I have more," I said, "but they're back at my place."

"Well, let's go, man!" He picked me up in one of his massive hands and carried me out of the bar, past all his buddies. Hecarried me like I weighed nothing. He had a jeep outside. Heput mein the seat and stopped.

"Waita minute," he said. He went to the back of the jeep and hookedhis finger underthe bumper. Then he picked it up, his arms and shoulders growing larger with each curl. He ompleted about 50 finger curls with the jeep and then gotin.

We drove to my place and as we drove he kept flexing his arm and askingme to feel it. He groaned as my fingers ranoverthe huge muscle. He revelled in my admiration of his mass and power.

When we got to my place we went inside and i got a fewmore pills. Igave his three - more than my brother had ever taken and he dropped them quickly. He stood there for a minute and then he started shaking. His eyes went wide and he had a wild look. He threw back his head and I saw the immensity of his bull's neck. The veins started showing in great relief and helet out a silent roar as his body grew. His massive hairy pecs heaved and rolled and with each deep brath grew large. His arms expanded too, growing into freaky twisted steel with veins snaking over them and onto his pecs. His hairy forearms ballooned out, growing to at least 24". Finally he hit a most muscular pose and the teeshirt, split over his bulk. His arms tore through the sleeves the shoulders split and the neck and body ofthe shirt fell away revealing his super human size.His pant legs ripped over his growing quads and freaky calves and his underwear, ragged already, couldn'tcontain his huge cock. They fell to the floor with the rest of his clothes and his massive veined cock sprung out a full 13" of steel hard meat.

"Fuck lookat me!" he said, flexing his now swollen 32" biceps and rolling his 75" pecs. "These guns gotta bethebiggeston the planet. Feel 'em, man! You mademe so fuckin huge - I love it!" I feltthe masive arms as his turned it and flexed it over and over. "I could flex these fucking arms all day for you, man! I gotta see how fuckin strong I am!"

He grabbed the weight set I had prepared for my super strong brother. Theheaviest of the dumbbells was specially made of iron andit weighed 600 lbs. He picked it up like it was balsa wood and crushed the thick iron betweenhis fingers.

"FUCK,YEAH!" he shouted. Then he picked up the whole weight set - a total of 5000lbs in one massive hand and started curling. "YOU LIKE THIS, MAN?! THIS TURN YOU ON?! Fuck, you're turnin me on, man. Watch my muscle, man! He hefted the weights over and over. 50 reps, 70reps, 100 reps with 5000lbsin one hand. My cock was hard as a rock.

"GET NAKED FOR ME, PLEASE?!" He begged." I GOTTA SEE YOU NAKED, MAN! I NEED TO BE FUCKIN POWERfFUL FOR YOU, MAN!" He grbbaed the ends of the wieght set and crushed them entire set between his hands. I got naked for him, pealing off my clothe slowly.


"Before you do that," I said. "You have to prove you're worthy of it. Thatcock is huge, show me how powerful it is."

"Yes, Master," he said. He was holding the weight set in his bulging huge arms. His cock was rock hard and jutting away from his body. Hetook the 5000 lbsof iron and twisted steel and hooked a piece of bar around his massive cock. The weight pulled his cock down at first, then he started flexing it.


I gasped. 5000lbs on his cock and it was being pumped like it weighed no more than a small towel. With his hands on his hips he kept pumping the weight with his massive cock and I just about came watching this. Then he slipped theweight off his dick and came to me. He leaned down and pressed his bearded lipsagainst mine.His tongue was powerful and pushed its way into my mouth thenexplored my mouth gently. He picked me up and carried me to the bedroom, carefully putting me on the bed.

"Oh, Master- I gotta make love to your sweet body, man!" He kissedme passionately and started licking down my body. He took my hard 7 inch cock in his mouthand sucked me hard. I felt his arms and shoulders as he suked ne and I couldfeel hisbeard all over my shaft. Then helifted my legs and tongue fucked my ass, his bushy beard rubbing overmy thighs and my tight hole. Then he sat up and draped mylegs over his. His huge fingers, easily as big as many men's cocks, played with my hole.


He pressed his ock head gently against my asshole and thenkissed me deeply as he entered me.The feeling was incredible. It didn't hurt at all, he really knew how to use that massive muscle cock.

"YEAH! FUCKIN MY MASTER'S ASS! FUCKIN INCREDIBLE, MAN! I GOTTA MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD, MAN!" He continued to fuck me, then he sat back and started flexing his cock in my ass. I felt thehead deep inside me ashis ok lifted me off the bed. Then he grunted and started flexing his biceps. I looked at all that huge mountain of biker- hairy, huge, hard as rock. Heflexed hiscock overandover, lifting me off the bed adn stimulating my prostate liek I'd never expereinced. I reached up and felt his thick biceps.

"IT'S ALL FOR YOU MAN! I'M YOU'RE FUCKIN SLAVE, MAN! GONNA FILL YOU UP!"He flexed his cock a few more times and I felt him cum in me. Deep waves of hot cum flowed into my ass and my own cum flew over his rolling hairy pecs. didn;t have to even touch my cock and it spewed for half a minute.

He kissed me again and we lay there. His huge hulking mass keeping me safe. •

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