Muscle Sex


By Corwin

Jason pressed his body into Rich's. In the three years they had been together, Rich had bulked up to 230 pounds of ripped muscle, yet he was no where near as big as Jason. The three Mr. Olympia trophies proved that. Jason's 375 pounds of hard beef was unsurpassed. The only thing that made him happier than showing off his phenomenal physique and strength was snuggling next to Rich.

Rich pressed into Jason, feeling the power of the big man's body. Though Rich's muscles had become thicker and stronger over the years, Jason's unyielding mass deformed the smaller man's muscles with their powerful bulk. Rich would have it no other way. The heat generated by Jason's body had one effect on Rich -- it made him horny.

Jason's powerful hand rubbed along Rich's torso. Rich shivvered as Jason gently rubbed his pecs and felt his hard six-pack.

"What's this?" Jason asked, knowing damn well what the thick pipe extending along Rich's stomach was. "Damn, big boy." Jason began to stroke the Rich's thick manhood as he rolled over.

Rich reached down and touched Jason's cock. While no where near as big as his own, the hard man-organ none-the-less excited Rich. The thought that Jason found him attractive and desireable was something Rich would never trade for a million dollars.

"Can't you ever get enough?" Rich jibed.

Jason responded by pressing his lips to Rich's, Jason's tongue wrestling with the smaller man's.

"Guess not," Rich ran his hands over Jason's massive pecs. They were as round as globes and as hard as steel. He moved his mouth to the firm nipple and licked at it like a love-sick puppy. Jason responded by tensing the muscle, making the pecs jump up and down. Rich looked up into Jason's face with an evil grin and gnashed his teeth into the hard man-breast.

Jason laughed. "Feels good, boy," he said as he pressed his body into Rich's. The larger man's muscular physique rubbed against Rich's frame. Jason could feel Rich's huge pole getting harder and throbbing into abs, coating his rigid stomach with a layer of slick precum.

"Got a surprise for you," said Jason, pulling away from Rich. He rolled over, reached into the nightstand and pulled out a solid metal tube. It was about three-quarters of an inch thick and about 9 inches long. Jason turned back toward Rich and began stroking his cock, squeezing it hard, forcing it to be more turgid. Jason lowered his mouth to the sensitive head, and wrapped his tongue around it.

"Oh fuck, that feels so good!"

"Gonna make it feel even better," said Jason. "For you and me!" Jason placed the metal at the base or Rich's fat cock. "Let me know if this is too tight." Jason grabbed each end of the metal between his thumbs and index fingers. His bowling-pin-like forearms burst into raw muscle as he called upon his strength. The steel resisted, but Jason's power would not be denied. Slowly, carefully Jason forced the tube to deform, first into a U, then C, then a ring.

Rich rubbed his hands over Jason's arms, marvelling at the hardness and definition of the muscles as they forced steel to change shape. Rich felt the ring grow tight around the base of his cock, forcing his monster harder and longer. He flexed his prick, forcing more blood to be trapped into his length by Jason's muscle-made cockring. When he could take no more, he told Jason to stop.

Jason smiled. He went back to the nightstand and pulled out a tape measure. When Jason looked at Rich, he saw that the man's dick had snaked into the divide of its owner's pecs. Rich was flexing his chest, compressing his meaty muscles against the thick head, getting off on his own muscles and fat schlong.

"Let me do that, stud," said Jason.

"You do it all the time," said Rich. "Damn, you've made me fucking huge. Fuck, sensitive too." Rich massaged the fat head of his cock with his flexing chest.

"Don't get too excited. I got plans for that baby," said Jason as he placed the end of the tape against Rich's cock. He extended it, watching the numbers get larger and larger. "Holy fuck!"

"What?" asked Rich.

"You're nearly sixteen fucking inches!"

"Surprise!" laughed Rich, amazed at his own size.

Jason was already measuring Rich's girth. "Shit. Almost nine inches around."

"Jealous?" teased Rich as he reached for Jason's dick. It was oozing precum and hard as steel. Jason's balls were pulled tight and Rich could tell that he was extremely excited by the effect the of the cockring. He saw that Jason's body was quivering slightly, preparing for the onslaught of hormones that would make him grow. Rich looked into Jason's face as the undefeated Mr. Olympia dropped the tape. His eyes were those of a wild animal.

What happened next Rich could never be sure of. It was a blur. Jason was on him in a flash, lifting him up and throwing him flat on the bed. Jason straddled him, raising Rich's massive organ and pressing it against his anus. "Make me grow!" command Jason as he forced the head passed his sphincter. Jason liked to be in charge like this. Jason screamed as Rich stretched his hole like never before. Even as he lowered himself several inches, Jason's body began to grow.

Jason raised his arms behind his head, and his biceps bulged larger and larger. Soon, the muscles were pressing against his ears forcing his arms to extend to accomidate their new mass.

Rich fought an urge to buck up, to force his cock further in Jason. He knew his current monster size could hurt the big man. Rich reached up and felt Jason's pecs. Even stretched out, they jutted from the man's body like two shelves. Rich rubbed them and felt them thicken as Jason to continue to lower himself. He watched as Jason's face contorted, not in pain, but in pleasure. A tear ran down his cheek as the big man struggled against the python invading his body. Jason's ripped body shuddered with muscle growth as he controlled his descent onto Rich's massive cock. He stopped half-way down, and pulled out a bit, adjusting himself for the rest. Rich thought Jason already looked substantially more massive. He loved making Jason grow.

Jason started to lower himself once more. He leaned over Rich, who reached up and felt his lats. Rich could resist no longer, and began to force himself up. As he did, he felt Jason's back getting thicker as it grew wider. Jason let our a primal scream as the metal ring finally pressed against Rich's ass.

Jason's body gleaned with sweat as he bounced on Rich's muscle-giving rod. His body convulsed with new size and power. Jason had never felt as strong. He began to flex his arms as Rich's hands rubbed his new size. Jason struck a crab pose, striations become more and more defined as Jason's body expanded.

Rich was groaning now too. "Damn, so fucking big. Oh Jason, I love you." At those word, Rich released a torrent of juice into Jason. Jason reciprocated by exploding all over Rich's chest and face. As Jason collapsed on Rich, he rolled his body to release Rich's magnificent meat. Jason only lay on Rich momentarily before he moved his hands to the cockring and easily pried it open, freeing Rich's organ.

Jason stood up and looked in the mirror, flexing. "Damn! Look at me! I'm bigger than ever!"

Jason walked into the bathroom and brough a wet towel for Rich. He wiped the seeds of their love from Rich's body and cleaned up the mess. "430 pounds of muscle, babe!"

"They're going to love you this weekend at the show," said Rich.

"Ya. Poor guy who gets his pro-card. Nobody can compete against these." Jason flexed his bis as Rich grabbed the tape measure.

"33 inches!" Rich announced.

"Fuck ya," replied Jason.


Jason walked into the changing room at the National Amateur Competition. He wore a blue polo shirt. It was custom made to his huge frame. Even so, it clung to his massive chest and hung loose over his thin, ripped waist. The sleeves were stretched to their limits, pushed high on his arms and pulled tight against his delts. They ended at the massive balls of muscle that were his biceps. Thick veins formed intricate rivers that pumped blood that fed his powerful arms.

Jason didn't need to be here yet, but he thought he'd give the competitors a thrill. He remembered when he was at this competition, and how much a chance to meet and talk to the current Mr. Olympia would mean to them. He was right. As soon as he walked in, the competitors recognized him. Some tried to play it cool, like it was no big deal he was there. Others didn't care and came over to shake his hand and talk to him. It was as much a rush for him as it was for them.

"Look at the size of him," one super-heavyweight competitor whispered.

"Damn, makes us look fuckin small," replied another another.

Jason raised his arms and flexed. The polo shirt began to rip, unable to contain the huge muscles Jason commanded. Jason grabbed the V of the shirt and tore it off, revealing his powerful torso. "Keep working at it boys, and someday you can have a bod like this!" he announced.

"Damn, he's even bigger than I thought," said one guy who looked like a middle weight.

"Hey guys, you're going to need you to start getting ready for the prelims," interrupted one of the contest organizers. "Lightweights go first, so listen for your number."

"I'll see you tonight guys," said Jason as he walked through the crowd. He walked into a smaller back room that had been reserved for him to change and prepare. That's when he heard someone behind him.

"Pretty good show out there," said the stranger, "for a small guy."

Jason turned around. In the shadows, he saw a man about his height. The man stepped into the light, and Jason could see he was wearing a sweatshirt and pants. Even though they were large, the man's body molded the clothes to his massive frame. Before Jason's mind could grasp the man's size, he grabbed the top of the shirt and began to pull, ripping it like paper. "Am I doing this right?" he asked as huge, striated muscles were revealed from under the cloth. "Oh wait. You flexed your guns didn't you?" Instead of throwing the cloth off, he struck a double-bicep. The tattered sweatshirt pulled, showing the watermellon pecs and brick like abs. Jason heard the sleeves of the shirt rip as the stranger's popeye forearms shredded the fabric and his Everest-sized biceps destroyed the sleeves.

The man unflexed and tossed off the rags. "Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm the winner of this show. I knew you were guest posing, and didn't want to totally embarrass you on the stage. I mean, how many winners of amateur shows can best Mr. Olympia.

Jason's mind began to race. Was this guy as big as him? Ya, he was big, but... Jason flared his chest. "You might be a big guy, but you aren't that big," Jason boasted. "No one's got thirty three inch guns like me." Jason pulled his arm up and forced his bowling-ball bicep to rise high and hard.

The man approached, a look of confidence on his face. "Ya, I guess that was considered big in your day." He flexed his arm and brought it next to Jason's, overshadowing Jason's peak with his larger, more ripped mountain. "But a new day has dawned and my 35s make your arms look puny." The man paused and watched Jason's expression as he realized what the stranger was saying was true. "In fact," the bigger man struck a crab pose, "my whole body is way bigger than yours." The man began to laugh as a look of terror came over Jason's face and he began to back towards the door.

Only one thought entered Jason's head. He needed to get out of there. He needed to do something. He was the biggest. He must be the biggest! As the man laughed, he began to run out. He felt like a ton of bricks hit him when the man shouted after him, "And Sean sends his regards." Jason ran to find Rich. •

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