Thomas Crown Affaire, The

Jeffrey and a Christmas never to forget


By Suske

After his disappointing second Mr O, Tom set his mind on the next Mr O, any other competition was unimportant. He was only going to train for the Olympia. And so he skipped the AC and any other competition. Although he didnít compete in the AC, he did however go, to congratulate his successor. That just happened to be the lovely Jeffrey. Jeffrey and Tom seemed to be a match made in heaven. They had been mates from day one, but they only had met at shows and had other contact with e-mail. Now at the AC they were happy to meet each other again. Jeff was nice bloke. He really needed a good friend and a good training partner. Well actually what he really wanted was a lover, but being a gym bunny he never came out much.

Tomís third Mr O was bizarre. He now had 20 years, and he came in at a chilling 175 kg!!! (386lb / 27st 8) ripped, shredded, dry! The guy was awesome. Did the judges notice, of course they did, Tom was rewarded a second prize, again runner up. Well, it had to be said but Johnny had improved to his best physique in years. And he had gained weight as well. Several kilos to total to a stunning 155 kg. (342 lb / 24st 6) But his complexion, before he had been tanned, looked terrible. Bob, Jeff and Tom were one of the few who had seen it. ďRoidboyĒ was not looking too healthy Bob had commented.

But the year hadnít resulted in the crowning of Tom, that Tom had craved so much. Even though he had trained like no other year before, it hadnít been enough. There as one reward though that made the whole sordid affaire of another failed Mr Olympia disappear. Jeffrey had found his new training partner, ah partners. Uncle Bob and Tom had offered Jeff to come and live with them. It wasnít much, but it was something. It meant some adjusting, for Bobís cottage didnít have three bedrooms, actually just for the two of them it had been rather small. But a temporary solution was found. Jeff and Tom would bunk together in Tomís bedroom until some constructions, long overdue constructions, were finished. (Well if you want to know the house enlarged, from a small cottage into a real nice country house)

In the end Tom and Jeff shared a bed for three months, during which, nothing note worthy happened. This is extremely odd, for the two of them are utter muscle and sex sluts. Tom was, is, without a doubt world champion wanking. Not long before Tommy reached his twelfth birthday he day he discovered the world of autofelatio. Now almost ten years later wanking was a part of his daily routines. Morning wood had always been lovely, especially because it seemed like the cum had been waiting all night, and the long wait had resulted in a better orgasm, with more cum and especially cum that splattered all over himself. He loved to spread it all out over his huge abs and then caress his big pecs to continue and go for the nipples, making them hard and feeling his cock becoming harder again (donít think that his morning wood was gone after just one helping!). In the end this ritual had resulted in a ten minute long rubbing and cumming festival, with bed sheets that needed to be cleaned. But the smell and the stickiness felt great and when ever possible he just left it dirty like that, because it was so sexy when going to bed again. Tomís room had become a very raunchy place. With a certain odd smell that just didnít go away.

Both of them werenít virgins anymore, but being in the business that they were they had to be discrete. Going clubbing wasnít among the possibilities anymore. But some people just have all the luck. So during those three months Tommy tried to hide his morning wood, well that didnít happen. Oh there was the morning wood all right, but no sticky, smelly bed linen. Tom had to wait. For some reason he seemed to shower longer during that period, and more often. Jeff wasnít the world champion wanker runner up. He did however masturbate much, at least three time a day, far less than the absolute minimum of Tomís ten times. But sharing the bed with a 180 kg (397 lb / 28st 5) heavy muscle monster that sprouted a massive hard on every morning was difficult. He had one consolation. A soon as Tom hit the showers he was cumming like a geyser. One time he had felt that huge log of a hard cock caress his back, Tom did sleep in the nude mind you, Jeff came immediately. But things were about to change.

Construction was nearly finished, Christmas was a few days away, and soon they were going to sleep separately. That didnít mean things were going to become easier. At 17 finding fitting clothes had been a complete bitch, but now nearing Christmas the three strapping lads becoming bulkier and beefier with each day, simply didnít want to be bothered with it anymore. The now 190 kg (418 lb / 29st 13) big Tom had just stopped wearing clothes all together. His legs simply made it impossible to wear trousers. The only real options were cosies and kilts. Kilts were what Tom wore going out, but the things were very impractical to wear whilst pumping iron. His closet nowadays lacked normal trousers. For one, he couldnít find any that fit, but also because they had to be specially made, and he ruined them within a day. The force his legs had on them was extraordinary. He did have some special made jeans, with enforced fabric on the inner thighs, but even those didnít last long. Spandex lasted the longest, and it also felt the best, a mere flex of a thigh or a calf didnít rip it apart either. Jerseys and shirts, they were all custom made. But with his always increasing size they didnít last long. So he preferred going around the house in the buff, and it wasnít before long that Jeff left his cosies and briefs in a drawer as well.

Jeff was quite a site for sore eyes. This 23 year old man was no weakling. Third in the last Mr O, then you know he had to be huge, well not as huge as Tom, but still, at 145 kg (320lb / 22st 12) nobody was going to mess around with him. Clothes werenít as big a problem for him as they were for Tom, yet. But he had a roid gut. Finally there was Bob. He had always loved and supported his ďnephewĒ, but other than the challenges of his hard work he didnít lift. This didnít mean that this stud wasnít sturdy, muscular or handsome, but the 90 kg (200lb / 14st 2) heavy man had never cared much for becoming huge, but now that his child was more than twice his size he figured he needed to change religion. And as Tom choose to walk, eat and lift in buff it was quite hard for uncle Bob. You see, something else became very hard too.

Now Tom had never had the need for spectacles. After a while he saw that his "uncle" became hard from seeing him. Now Tommy had managed to hide the fact that he was a complete and utter slut, especially for sex. He was wanking all day through, craving to get his hole filled. When he noticed that his uncle had a similar interest, he was plotting to have his itch scratched. Meanwhile Jeff was scratching his. He was going bonkers over the muscle site that was called Tom. Tom's off-season weight was always like 10 percent higher than the coming competition weight. Tom ate everything. Eggs, steaks, rice, pasta, he drank gallons of milk, wey, protein shakes and you name it. And at rates that were unbelievable!! At Christmas he himself had twelve meals! Twelve abnormal, preposterous, donít try this at home meals! And with each one he said that a proper meal had at least three steaks! a few eggs, a gallon of whey, a gallon of a delicious shake, then a nice fish a few banana's, a bowl of rice an nice gallon of milk to wash it all down and then to dig into a few bowls of oatmeal, chicken breasts and whatever that was leftover from that cooking session. The worst thing was he had Bob and Jeff to join them into these gorge feasts and they were competing to have the trophy for who was the biggest and fastest eater. The three of them gained kilo's that day, and the next! Boxing day was even worse because every third meal was a binge meal of favourite food. Tom's were burgers, Jeff was pizza and Bob, Bob had another favourite dish but he just had a "proper" muscle meal. And Bob fed Jeff and Tom gallons of beer! At the end of that night Jeff was drunk! He still ate and lifted but more because he did it out of routine.

Tom however, well Tom ate his diet not because he had to, but because it was the thing he had grown into. He could drink oil for all he cared and probably still stay in shape, and so he was still very sober only pretending to be as drunk as Jeff to see what Bob had up his sleeve.

And Bob had something up his sleeve alright. He wanted to drink Jeff and Tom's cum. First he manoeuvred the two of them in his bedroom, where he lay them on his bed. Since they were nude already it was easy to dig in. Jeff had been half hard all day, especially since the afternoon when the alcohol started to influence his better judgement. And he came fairly quick as well, next was Tom. Tom had never showed the state of his cock in any other form other than flaccid. And let me tell you this flaccid his little weener wasn't as little as I tell you. Big balls and a big thick long soft piece of meat. But when Bob started to wank and suck it, well nothing actually happened. Bob tried and even started attacking it with his even more fierce fully with his mouth. Tom, a tad drunk, had an awfully hard time trying not to become hard. But when Bob's frustration was reaching a climax Tom suddenly "sobered up" and asked his uncle if he cared for it to try again. Bob did and all of a sudden that already fairly big cock came to life. Just as his eating skills the ruddy thing came to his erect position. It was huge. And the bloody cock was spraying it's cum quickly as well. This mainly due to the fact that Tom hadn't cum for hours. So quickly after a few other tugs from Bob he came like there was no tomorrow. Gallons seemed to the reward diner for Bob.

When it finally seemed over, Tom showed he had a final surprise for his uncle. Although his cock might have stopped cumming, it still was hard and it wanted the warm presence of Bob's deep arse. And so Tom stuffed his half a metre long, thick and hard cock deep in his uncle. It was a bit of struggle at first because Bob's arse didn't feel like accommodating that huge member, but after a few hard pushes the ramrod finally entered the narrow cave. Lubricant was hardly necessary since Tom's cock was slick from the previous cummings, and he was still oozing small amounts of precum and cum. This was so much better than just beating off, this was sensational. Even Bob thought so because he was moaning like a mad cow. Now that Bob had a cock deep inside him Tom figured it was time to get some action, he grabbed Bob at the hips and pushed him swiftly off of him, just so far, that only the head stayed in and then buried his cock hard and quick back into Bob. Bob cried and gasped, but he came then and there. For Tom this was just the beginning. He repeated that action a few times and then started to just pump away. He must have cum several times because his cum was dripping everywhere, and mainly form Bob's arse.

After a while Bob was knackered, and so was Tom. The rough sex had made the big boy hungry and went to the kitchen to grab a quick bite (just some leftover steaks and a few shakes, your typical quick bite!). He had a few extra wanks, before he too fell asleep.

The next morning it seemed business a usual, except for the fact that Tom was now, more than ever, as horny as hell. He had woken up with the mother of all hard ones, and even though Bob was still fast asleep, Tom buried his cock again in the warmth of Bob's deep arse. Jeff, who had woken up from the grunts, was stunned to see Tom arse fucking his guardian. Bob who woke up rather quickly liked this version of a wake up call and shifted into gear to be fucked. Jeff at first didn't know how to react, but his stiff dick made very clear he enjoyed the view. And Jeff wanted to be filled to, and so he stuffed Bob's fat dick into his love cave. It was boom bang-a-bang for a nice ten minutes when Tom said he needed some food because he felt his muscles deflating. But from then on, every eating session had as desert some potent cum. But that specific day was one filled with sex, muscle sex, rough hard manly muscle sex. •

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