Thomas Crown Affaire, The

Thomas, the son of Helios and Selina Crown


By Suske

Thomas "Tom" Crown had always been a big boy. Then, at 17, he weighed a marvellous 120 kg. He

was starting to become familiar with the problems of being big and muscled. At 17 and 120 kg the

feeding was still easy, although at the time it seemed difficult and preposterous. Clothing

himself was still possible, but the limit of confection clothes was nearly reached. Walking

around wasn't that difficult yet, but the thighs were rolling over one and other and rubbing

fiercely, ruining the trousers that were stuck between them. Gentleness had never been one of

Tom's descriptions, but becoming a bodybuilder, Tom had started seriously to underestimate his


Tom was raised by "uncle" Bob. Uncle Bob being an old friend of his parents, parents that had

left young Thomas and lived another life, seemingly unconcerned with the well care of their

offspring. And so Little Tommy had been raised by Bob, who lived in the forest in a cottage.

Little Tommy had been spoiled by his uncle. Whatever Tommy desired, Tommy got. And one of

Tommy's fantasies was becoming an He-Man, especially for the many muscles. Because with muscles

the strength would follow.

Strangely enough Tom had a talent for building muscles, it came fairly easy to him, at least as

long as he ate enough. And after starting his bodybuilding career at the tender age of 14, the

bog grew quickly and ate much. Well it wasn't so much as eating, it was more devouring and

stuffing. Did this kid develop jaw muscles, he could bit his way through anything, really. And

he ate quickly too. Once, when he was still fairly young, he managed to "eat" a huge steak in a

minute or something. It was really a nasty site to behold. And the boy ate a lot. But then

again, at 17, he was weighing a shredded 120 kg! At 18 he had raised that mass to a stunning 135

kg (299lb).

At that age he made his first appearance in the Mr Olympia competition. He even become runner

up! A bit of a disappointment, because he had the best physique, and missed a huge roid gut

amongst others. Judges, he had thought, the down fall of the profession. So he went back to his

burly uncle Tom to train harder to win the following year. And that is what the kid did. The

popular lad managed to thicken his legs to an incredible 38 inch, meaning bigger than his 33

inch waist. Buying trousers had become nasty. Even more so because his 24 inch calves had their

own opinions about the right size of a pair of trousers. His biceps were in a constant battle in

size with those calves, but at 27 inch, they were bigger. And with the big chest and broad

shoulders, buying a well suited shirt was more than a nightmare. His back, that looked like some

hilly terrain gave salesmen and women the creeps. The 135 kg heavy Tom loved it. And so did many

musclemag readers.

And so did sturdy uncle Bob, but it was something he kept from the world and especially form his

"nephew" Tom. But he loved the now 19 year old, 150 kg heavy muscle heap. A wall of sexy muscles

that had managed to win the Arnold Classic by the way. But it wasn't the AC that Tom wanted to

win, it was the Mr O. But rumours were flying around wildly, especially about the reigning

champ, Johnny Boarman. It was said he was going to win again. This half USA/Latino and half

South-African was highly favoured by the judges. Now it is true, Johnny was a big, huge, but

also with the awfully big gut, that many bodybuilders seemed to need. And his proportions

weren't all that pretty! But the man was big.

And indeed although a few kilos less heavy, Tom didn't obtain the title, even worse he became

third. Pandemonium. Fans broke down the Tokyo auditorium were it was being held. Second was a

young boy called Jeffrey Nordemark. A very promising Canadian lad. Johnny seemed unaffected. But

the roidboy also seemed unaffected with his 13th Mr O victory.

Another year went by and Tom wanted to be crowned Mr Olympia. So he trained, or should I say ate, even more. •

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