Thomas Crown Affaire, The


By Suske

Chapter Three: Citius, Altior, Fortior, but is that a dark future?

After Christmas Tom was getting depressed, he had been eating really everything in site, even fast food, but unlike before he didn’t gain any weight. He tried really everything but he scale kept saying 190 kg. And so he kept on eating and training.

During the nights the sex parties became wilder and wilder. The boys were having more and more sex. It was astonishing to witness. They went on for hours, and since Tom saw it as extra exercises, he now even kept eating through the night. In may the boys ate at least every two to three hours and had sex, except for Tom was now was eating each hour, with a quick suck and wank and went on. But still his scale said 30 stones. It was depressing.

The boys didn’t go into the village much, well Tom at least didn't, it just had been Jeff and mostly Bob that went out to buy stuff. Thanks to the wonders of the digital world and a kind local wholesaler, just about everything and anything was brought to their doorstep. And so Tom went out again to attend a nearby bodybuilding competition that something seemed wrong. Tom tried to wear his biggest shirt, but the thing didn't fit, frustrated at trying to get in on, he shredded the poor shirt to pieces. Two more shirts also ended in the bin. Then Jeff took a good and long look and said the memorable words "Tom I think your scale has been broken since Christmas".

Then Bob gave his boy a long hard look, of course became hard. That being the reason why the lads hadn’t given Tom a proper look in ages. They knew it would result into a nasty and long fuck session. 220 kg, was the indication of the old scale in the barn behind the cottage, 220 kg (487lbs, 34 st 9)! Even Tom was startled. No wonder the shirts hadn't fit. He figured that he was going to weigh again 25 kg more at the Olympia! Or more, because he was damn near shredded, even now. How come he hadn't felt it? Walking had been as impractical as ever, how come he hadn't noticed! Of course they had been nude always. And he had still been covered in that sexy hair, he normally shaved it off every now and again. But now standing in front of the mirror looking at himself, his cock hard, really hard, becoming hard from looking at himself, at all his muscles, his 220 kg heavy muscle body, He was astonished! His huge and firm legs had a set of upper legs that were bigger than a normal body, his 54 inch quads were no match for his now 39 inch waist. His arms were even bigger in circumference, 42 inches, rock hard, and his calves were 41, still trying to beat the arms, just not succeeding! Just looking at himself was too much. And understandably so. He wasn’t shredded, yet. But even though he had fat on his body with so many muscles underneath, it didn’t even look bad. He just was a tad smooth. And huge. His forearms were almost as thick as a regular bodybuilders upper arms, and what Tom had for upper arms could be someone’s legs. His back, neck, traps, delts, lats, well just everything was thick, big and huge. Man he was one heap of muscles. It took him nearly forever to find fitting things to wear, not in the least because he was now horny as hell. His balls twisting to find release and his cock hard hoping to be attended. Finally he did manage to throw on some clothes and have Jeff and Bob in a good three way.

His appearance at the local bodybuilding contest made such a momentum, that came the Mr Olympia he was the talk of the town. Foto's of him had flooded all the magazines and the net, everybody had thought that it had been morphed foto's, and when they saw the man they were sure it had been a hoax. Okay at 180 kg (396 lb, 34 st 9) he still was big, but not as massive as in those famous photos, but hey that wasn't Tom, that was Jeffrey Nordemark, last year's runner up, the bloke that mysteriously had disappeared after last years Mr O. My god this guy had changed dramatically. From his former physique to his present, the guy had added pounds. Many pounds. But not only that, his symmetry had improved, the gut had disappeared and was that a gun in his pocket?

Enter Tom. The shock was even more huge as they now did see Tom, at a stunning 215 kg, nearly shredded and ripped, but in complete balance, and only 21 years old. Even Bob had gained a lot, but at only 115 kg, he just lacked mass. Johnny Boarman was again one of the favourites, but the boy was a terrible site to see, he had huge arms, huge legs, and a huge roid gut to match, as well as a complexion that was even worse from the one he had a year earlier, and needle stubbles all over his 190 kg big body. Clearly he still needed to peak, or maybe he already had, the once famous Johnny Boarman looked like a pumped up train wreckage. This year all results were kept quite, and procedure was a tad different since it was clear that only two men were running competing for the title. Many bodybuilders had declined to compete, several had stopped, a few had disappeared. For many of them the risks they had to take, were just too high. And they knew that Tom and Jeffrey were practically unbeatable.

It was therefore so strange that the final battle was not between two, but between three men. Tom, Jeffrey and Johnny. The audience had made clear that they favoured Tom, liked Jeffrey and hated Johnny. They had been brutal on the “Roidboy”. The South-African seemed unaffected by it all.

“Second runner up, number 6, Jeffrey Nordemark” The audience was eerily silent. One guy houted what, and the mc had a difficult tasks quieting the audience. “Runner up, number … 2, Thoma …” The audience had heard enough. This had to be a joke. Not again, Tom had been robbed twice already, but now more than ever it was clearly that he was the champion. The audience went wild, angry wild. A few judges ran away and a few of them sprang on the podium. They failed in their attempt to quite the audience down. But the audience in the Sydney Opera House weren’t to fooled again. And so it wasn’t until Tom did manage that task, that the judges could talk, well they still had to shout. The judges that had remained in the theatre all had placed Tom or Jeffrey as the winner and Johnny as third. Since a few judges had already fled the building they figured that either Jeff or Tom was to be the new Mr O, but who it was going to be, remained the question. In the meanwhile Johnny was raced to a nearby hospital were doctor fought for his life.

Johnny Boarman the longest Mr O champion, 15 consecutive times, and barely made it to tell it. His life had been a tragic one. Discovered in a Capetown gym, he had become the slave of a pharmaceutical company that sponsored the Mr O. This year and the year before he had lost the Mr O. Last year by only a few points, but enough officials were bribed to pronounce Johnny the winner and even enough judges had been bought to cover it all up, this year the company had done it again, but they hadn't seen the competition. Well they had drugged their living test rabbit for his last show, because they knew with all the roids and chemicals he had been injected with, he wasn't going to survive another Mr O. After they had announced that Johnny had won, he just collapsed, ready to die. He had used his last powers to keep standing and posing, his smile had faded completely at the end. Now he lay in his bed, a heap of muscles that was fading and decreasing quickly. Tom and Jeff felt terrible for their colleague, Bob however thought he had deserved it and had it coming.

So one late Novembre day, Tom and Jeff tried to wear some clothes. In the end that were some very tight spandex suits and some very big shirts and went to visit Johnny in hospital. Johnny turned out to be quite a nice bloke. He had lost 30 kg (66lb, 5 st) already and he was still losing weight. He had tried to lift some weights, but it was very difficult and his doctors weren’t to happy about it. He was the shadow of the once and mighty Mr O. And he had been a great Mr O. He was a real surfer dude, with that typical lay back attitude, he could have been Californian, but in the end he had been raised in Capetown, by his father.

In December Tom and Jeff visited Johnny again, this time Bob came too. Johnny still looked terrible. Perhaps a tad more healthier. Tom as always a gentle spirit, though not in action, invited John to come and stay with them for a while. It was the only thing that John had left in his life. The farmaceutical company had dumped him. His father had died ages ago and his mum had disowned him. He knew he was dying. It would be nice to spend his last days, in the company of great men. And so Tom the really cute and sweet man that he was, invited Johnny to come and stay for as long as he desired. Bob wanted to know who was going to pay for it, but after Tom gave him a punch and threatened that he would never give one sexual pleasure anymore, Bob caved in and they took Johnny into the cottage.

In February it was announced that their probably wouldn't be a Mr O anymore. And in May it was announced it was to be held, but one needed a invitation, neither Jeff nor Tom received an invitation and Johnny wasn't even mentioned anymore throughout the bodybuilding community. Meanwhile things were happy and gay at Bob's place. Something nice happened between Johnny and Bobby. Bob had fallen for Johnny. And Johnny made more than one attempt to get Bob in his bed. After a while Johnny joined the lads in their daily routines, carefully at first, only lifting a little and eating a bit, swallowing however huge amounts of cum, especially from Tom.

Life seemed good in the cottage in the woods. Tom was becoming bigger, not as much as one year before, but he did reached the 500 lbs mark. A stunning 226,8 kg almost 36 stones. This man was beyond huge. His routine was brutal, he stood up at five in the morning and ate, trained, ate, fucked, trained, ate, fucked, trained, and continued that routine much throughout the morning. In the afternoon he dove into the lake and swam for an hour or so and then he fucked Jeff, Bob and John some more. Then continued in the routines from the morning, eating, training, eating, fucking and training, to have a real huge dinner in the late afternoon and afterwards do some more training. Around eleven in the evening fucking time started. Till two in the morning it was one raunchy business. Although the had their own separate bedrooms they now had a huge big bed in which they all slept together. It was a awfully smelly and sticky bed. Always. And after just three hours of sleeping Tom left that small paradise on earth to start again his daily routines. But Tom ate so much, that his belly started to get a bit extended, one hardly could have noticed it because Tom, created some tighter, bigger and harder abs, to contain it all!

The weirdest thing was that Jeff and Bob, just like last year continued growing into those dimensions that Tom featured. And after a while Johnny was make a turn for the better, he finally stopped loosing weight and started to really become healthy again! After a doctors appointment in May doctor were marvelled to see some of his nearly dead organs had recovered completely, or actually had become better than ever.

Jeff and Bob seemed very unimpressed, which was what they were, they just didn't know better, but a 230 kg (507 lb, 36 st 3) heavy Tom wanted to know more. Who were his parents and how did Bob manage it financially? What had happened to Johnny's liver and other organs?

Bob had to come clean, okay there always had been a bit of mystery, but the recovery of Johnny … And so Bob told that Tom's parents were of magical people, that they actually had been warlocks. It wasn't anything like with spells or cauldrons, but they did possess a certain power that they knew how to exploit. And Tom probably could manipulate the body too. And about the money. Well they gave me a bank account that would always have enough money. So there it was. It explained Johnny's recovery, but it made Tom go hungry to see his limits. He long time figured out that eating and training were the only things that held him back. Magic or not, some physical laws still never went out of effect.

Then another weird thing happened. That summer Johnny received an invitation to pose in the Mr Olympia competition. During the spring and the summer he had trained with Tom, and had made some more remarkable changes for the better. The Boar had been a muscle wreckage of 190 kg (419 lb, 29 st 13), which was astonishing and within months that heap had decreased into a 120 kg! (264 lb, 18 st 13) sick boy, and now was almost a nice healthy 140 kg (308 lb, 22 st 1)again, healthy. Perhaps not as earth shattering as the new pro’s or Tom or Jeff, but enough for his pharmaceutical company trying to exploit him again.

Fact is that stupid Johnny had signed a contract with the Devil, a devil called the North American Pharmaceutical Conglomerate NAMFAC. Namfac, was a big boy in the fitness industry. Their subsidiary Musclecorp sold many items, ranging from gym clothes to supplements and from wellness shakes to simple trainers. They weren’t the largest company in the field, not by far, but they were the most aggressive one, going for the gold, on its way to become the largest one, perhaps the only one in that market share. And now that Johnny was healthy again, he could be made ready again to be exploited for reach the company’s mischievous goals. Enter Henry Dexter.[COLOR=blue] •

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