Little Red Pills


By no name

There was still quite some time left before the last six pills would do their work and initiate my final wave of growth, so I decided to find a more comfortable space than my parent's living room for Luke and myself. Luke gasped as I easily swept him off his feet, lifting him up with my incredibly muscular arms and hardly feeling the weight of his considerably toned body. What I did feel, however, was the warmth of his skin and the beating of his heart, so walking up the stairs which creaked under the sheer weight of my immense, hypertrophied body, I lifted him up further and kissed him once again. Despite the fact that we had just made what was probably our most intense erotic and sexual experience to date, neither of us seemed exhausted, if our hard-ons could be counted as an indicator.

Having arrived in front of my room, I realized that I could not get through the door carrying Luke in my arms, so - not before giving him another long, passionate kiss - I set him back down on the floor. I walked sideways through the door, barely able to get my blown-up torso through the frame. Luke smiled as he watched me struggle with the amount of muscle on my body, finally managing to free myself and stepping into my room. Luke walked up to me and said, teasingly fondling my hard-on with his right hand: "So, big guy, won't you tell me where you put the box with the pills?"

I moaned as I felt his hand closing around my dick, but decided to keep things going slowly because I loved the idea of prolonging this game of increasing growth and desire. I pulled Luke as close as my muscles would allow, and promised him to tell him if he agreed to go to bed in time. Accepting my invitation, Luke stretched himself out on my bed, first displaying his own, magnificently toned upper body, then turning around and seductively wagging his butt, while he threw a teasing glance at me over his left shoulder.

I did not wait for a second offer, but heaved my hot, super-muscular body on top of the bed, wrapping my arms around the hunk in front of me. Luke moaned as I pushed my hips against his butt, and asked again whether I would tell him where the pills were. I kept moving my hips back and forth, told him much I loved him and was about to tell him that I had hidden the box in the kitchen, when I felt the familiar itching start on my stomach. I gasped as the pressure inside began to build up, and began to move my hips faster, which in turn made Luke forget about the pills and increased the volume of his long, guttural moans. "I'll tell you as soon as this is over, Luke," I promised my ecstatic lover, whose hard-on was throbbing in my hand, which was wrapped tightly around it.

I felt my skin stretching as the growth set in and my muscles inflated with size. My pecs pushed out further from my chest, and I had to lean back in order to make enough room for them between me and my friend. My hips moving rhythmically, I felt my shoulders broadening, and saw my melon-sized biceps rise higher and higher. I started wondering how it was possible that I could still move with all these muscles on my body, when I realized that my arms were also becoming longer, and that my ribcage was expanding, allowing my body to pack on more and more muscle. My lats spread like wings as I added pound after pound, swelling beyond imagination, ballooning with size and power. I heard Luke's moans and the creaking of my bed, which was straining with my ever increasing weight. I must have weighed around eight hundred pounds already, but I could still feel more pressure building up inside. I kept stroking Luke's dick, barely able to reach around his body while still keeping my hips on his ass, lost in the sensation of my growth and the feeling of Luke's body against mine. I lifted him up so that I could lie on my back, giving myself more room to move on my bed. I packed on huge amounts of muscle with each passing second, my neck thickening and traps bulging. I felt more and more muscle pushing outwards on my chest and back, lifting me up from the bed and filling up the room between Luke and myself. My hips kept moving as my butt, too, continued to inflate, and I watched my forearms thicken and my biceps swell, showing no sign of stopping and constantly increasing with size. My legs were pushed wide apart by the biggest and strongest set of quads on earth, while my abs, I felt, had developed into an impossible but incredibly hot twelve-pack. With each pound added to my enormous frame, I became more aware of my body, feeling each muscle swell and grow, pulsing with strength as I started moving my hips faster. Our hard-ons screamed for release as the growth reached its climax, and I added what must have been one hundred pound of muscle in the course of a few seconds. Exploding with muscles, growing so big that even the thought of my size made me dizzy with excitement, I came just as Luke sprouted his load, too, moaning loudly about how much he loved the feeling of all those muscles pushing and pulsing underneath him.

After what seemed like minutes, our orgasms stopped, and I turned Luke around so I could hold him and kiss those sweet lips. Feeling my pecs rise and fall with each breath I took, we caressed each other tongues for several more minutes, noticing that our dicks were already beginning to get hard again.

I finally broke the kiss, looked at my beautiful friend and, smiling, said: "Now, do you want more of me, or should we try to make more out of you?" •

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