Little Red Pills


By no name

I probably would have remained standing there in front of the mirror and surveying my incredible size until the next wave of growth set in, but the phone rang. I was pretty sure I knew who was calling, and why, so I immediately went to pick it up. It turned out to be a bit difficult to place the receiver next to my ear, as my biceps kept bulging when I bent my arm, but after a while I figured out a way of holding my arm which allowed each of my huge muscles its rightful place.

"Hey, it's... ahm, it's Luke."

The excitement in my friend's voice made it clear that the pill had worked for him, too, and as I tried to picture the effect it had had on his lean, athletic build, my dick sprang to attention again. He would be way smaller than I was, of course, but I knew he would still look amazing.

"Maybe you'll think I went crazy, but the pill worked," my friend said. For a second, I wondered whether I should pretend that nothing had happened with me, but then decided against it. I told him that the pill had worked for me, too, but said nothing about swallowing the other nine pills. I asked Luke to come over, so that we could decide what to do next. Luke's parents lived only a few minutes away, so it wouldn't take long for him to get here. I decided to wait in the living room downstairs, taking the little box of pills with me and thankful that my parents were a two-week trip to Europe, which meant that nobody would interrupt us... well, basically for the next ten days.

Walking down the stairs turned out to be a completely new experience, as I had never expected to feel so aroused by feeling myself moving. I still had to adjust to all those muscles on my body, having to roll my massive quads around each other with each step, conscious of my new weight but also feeling in a way much lighter due to my dramatically increased strength. Having arrived downstairs, an idea formed itself in my mind, and I quickly hid the box with the pills in the kitchen before moving my muscle-packed body into the living room. I sat down on the couch, and waited for Luke to arrive. After a few minutes only, I heard the front door open.

"Hey, where are you?"

I felt aroused by the mere sound of my friend's voice, and answered that I was sitting in the living room, in front of the tv. I spread my legs and placed my arms on the headrest of the couch, which I hoped would make for a perfect display of muscular magnificence. Luke entered the living room, and I loved to see the look on his face change from a mixture between confusion and curiosity to amazement and awe. While he stared open-mouthed at the mountain of muscle in front of him, I took time to survey the changes the pill had effected on him. He was nowhere as big as I was, but, at the size of one of the larger fitness models, looked incredibly hot and sexy. I got up, carefully flexing each muscle several time in order to keep Luke's mind occupied, and walked slowly towards him.

"You look great, Luke," I said, placing myself in front of him and looking him straight in the eyes.

Without a word, he started feeling my muscles, slowly and carefully at first, but becoming more and more confident by the minute. The temperature in the living room seemed to rise by several degrees as Luke caressed my bulging pecs, which I bounced up and down in response to his delightful touch. I looked at him and, deciding that this was as good a time as any, I told him that he had always been more than just a great friend for me, and that I loved him more than anybody else in the world.

Luke did not reply, but advanced towards me, until I felt his hips pressing against mine, one hard-on rubbing against each other. He pushed himself against me, feeling my lats and back with his hands, and I moaned as he started sucking my left earlobe slowly, caressing it with his full, sensuous lips. "I love you, too," I heard him whisper, and then I placed my hand on his butt and felt his lips on mine, tongues moving back and forth, hips still pressing against each other. After a few minutes, still locked in a tight embrace and feeling his sizeable muscles pushing against the incredible mounds bulging on my body, I broke the kiss and confessed that I had swallowed more than one pill, and that I would soon grow even bigger and stronger than I already was. As if to allay my fears that he might be turned off by the thought of another round of incredible growth, he kissed me again, and I closed my eyes, filled with delight at the sweet taste of my beautiful friend, taking in his warm, erotic smell and savoring the delicious touch of his hands all over my muscular frame. I only pulled him tighter when I felt the itching begin in my stomach, and spreading over my entire body. As the pressure started building up inside of me, I felt Luke's body moving against me, pushing back and forth, rubbing his dick against mine. I heard him moan as he noticed the beginning of my growth, and felt his tongue moving around my nipples, which were pushing outwards as if to reach out for his touch. Waves of heat and pleasure washed over me as Luke stroked my abs, tracing every outline of what was becoming and eight-pack and would undoubtedly develop into a ten-pack in a matter of moments. I ran my fingers through Luke's hair and adjusted my stance, trying to make enough room for my insanely huge quads, at the same time pushing my hip forward against my friend, and keeping up the rhythm of our movements, of our bodies thrust against each other. I felt pound after pound of muscle added to my already incredibly wide back, and although I had had a hard-on for the last few minutes, I realized that the bulge in my underwear was getting even tighter now. I kissed Luke again, longing for his taste, feeling his hand on my thickening neck, aware of my ballooning biceps, growing, swelling, inflating with size. I traced his backs and abs with my right hand, moving downwards towards his groin, and felt Luke doing the same on my increasingly muscular frame. My pecs, two huge shelves of muscle protruding from my chest, obscured my view, but I found Luke’s raging hard-on just as he found mine, and we moaned in ecstasy at the tender, rhythmic strokes, which followed the movement of our hips, and the swelling of my body which showed so far showed no sign of stopping anytime soon. Wider and wider I grew, feeling my strength and my weight increasing with each passing second. Harder and harder I got while Luke's gentle strokes mirrored the one of my own hand, wrapped tightly around his delightfully erected dick. We kept kissing each other, breathing heavily now, increasing our rhythm in sync with a sudden surge of growth, which pushed my arms outwards so fast that I almost lost my grip on Luke's hard on. Kissing, caressing, feeling each others tongues, we stood in the middle of the living room, and with one last thrust of hips and stroke of hands, we came simultaneously as the final surge of growth added thirty pounds of muscle to my insanely huge body in a matter of seconds. Panting, still locked in an embrace as far as that was possible with all that muscle competing for space between us, we stood there. Once again, Luke whispered that he loved me, and I felt my dick getting hard again when once more I felt his lips on mine, his tongue exploring my own. Feeling my friend's body against mine, taking in his sweet, manly smell, I caressed Luke’s butt with my hands while that second part of myself, I knew, was waiting for the next wave of growth, which would last even longer than this one, and blow up my body to even freakier proportions. Once again, my muscles would inflate with power and size, even though it seemed inconceivable that there should be any more room for them on my swollen, muscle-packed frame. With Luke in my incredibly pumped arms, full of love and desire for my beautiful, gorgeous friend, I prepared for the next round of growth. •

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