Little Red Pills


By no name

Thanks again for your comments, guys. I hope you'll like the fourth part, which will also be the last. I really enjoyed writing this story, but feel now that I'd like to move on to another idea. Feel free, however, to add chapters of your own or use the idea of the little red pills in a story of your own. (The weird scientist, after all, is still out there somwhere...).

In the meantime, stay safe, and have a good time.

Luke and I were standing in the kitchen, preparing something to eat. Luke was busy with the pasta and the vegetables, while I was working on the sauces. To be honest, I was also still trying to get over the my surprise at Luke's answer.

"Hm, I don't know. Maybe I want to grow some more later, but right now I think I have more than enough muscles. And you - well, you're incredibly hot, but I'm not sure whether you should grow more. Perhaps, you know, there is such a thing as too big."

I had said that I was a little surprised, but that of course I accepted his wish. He had looked at me, one of those devastatingly handsome smiles on his face, and said: "Well, you know how much I love surprises." He had fondled one of my nipples affectionately, and given me a long, breathtaking kiss.

I admit that I felt a bit disappointed, and that I still wanted more muscle. Standing in the kitchen, my enormous biceps bulging with every movement, my huge pecs bouncing up and down, I also thought about how hot it would be to see Luke swell inside his clothes, to see his shirt tighten around his ballooning chest, and to watch his jeans fill up with more and more muscle. But I loved Luke - the fact that he could take me by surprise, and that, with him, you never really knew which way things were going - and I did not intend to let my desire for muscles get in the way.

At least, that's what I thought when I started working on the sauces. After finishing the tomato sauce, though, I began to have some doubts. Oh, no, not about my love for Luke - I was certain about that. I was merely starting to wonder whether Luke had been completely serious, upstairs in bed, when he had told me that he did not want to grow anymore right now. Hadn't he kept asking me about the pills? Was it only me, or had he seemed anxious to add some more muscle as soon as he had the chance? I tried to remember the look on Luke's face when he had told me that, for him, there had been enough growth for today. I wanted to figure out whether he had only been teasing me, but I must have been too distracted by the feeling of his fingers fondling my nipples, so that I could not decide for sure whether that ironic gleam in his eyes had really been there, or whether it was just wishful thinking on my part.

Still working on the sauces, the box of pills in the cupboard next to me, beside the glasses, I was conscious of how massive I was, and, flexing my incredibly blown-up muscles every once in a while just to feel them pump up and push against each other, I heard the echo of Luke's words ring in my ears: "You know how much I love surprises."

I had finished the tomato sauce by now, and made up my mind that Luke could not have been serious, and that there was no way he had already seen enough growth for one day. I should have realized from the start that all he wanted was to make things a little less predictable in order to heighten the suspense and add some more spice to our already hot dish of muscular infatuation. I chuckled to myself as, taking my own metaphor literally, I crushed five pills and added them to the sauce I was preparing for Luke.

"What's so funny, big guy?" Luke asked, and I fibbed a little when I answered, telling him that I had only remembered how weird it was that the pills were really working. He smiled, came over to me, wrapped his arms as far around me as possible from behind, and pressed his body against me. I could feel his hard-on on my butt, and turned around to give him another kiss: "Hm, I think I am still hungry, even though I already had a lot today. But let's eat first, okay?"

Luke nodded, kissed me one more time, and then pointed to the dishes with sauce in front of me: "Make mine really hot, okay?"

"Sure," I said, adding another pill, and knowing that it would be very, very hot indeed.


Having finished our dinner, we went to the living room, where we cuddled up on the couch together. After a while, Luke got up and said: "Man, Iím still thirsty. I need some more water. Go easy on the spices next time, okay?"

Luke asked me whether I wanted something to drink as well, and I told him that a glass of orange juice would be fine. Waiting for my drink, I stretched out on the couch as far as my huge, muscular body permitted. I daydreamed about Luke's first wave of growth, which was only about twenty minutes away, and about seeing him burst out of his clothes when the second wave would set in. Luke came back with the drinks and said that there had not been enough orange juice, so he had mixed it with the multi-vitamin drink from the fridge. I thanked him by lifting him up and kissing him hard on his lips, then emptied the glass and told him I had a surprise for him. Luke raised an expectant eyebrow and said: "Really? Well, I told you that I love surprises."

Luke climbed on my lap, gently stroking my dick which was eagerly responding to this already familiar display of affection, and asked me whether I would tell him what it was. Moaning with pleasure as Luke increased the pressure of his hand on my hard-on, I told him about the six pills I had put into the sauce, and that the first wave of growth would set in in no time at all. Luke leaned forward, continuing to stroke my throbbing dick, and gave me another one of those kisses which I somehow seemed unable to get enough of. Then he said: "I was wondering how long it would take you to figure me out, my muscle man. Well, apparently, you know what your lover really, really wants."

I put my arms around Luke, caressing his firm butt, feeling proud that I had guessed his desire for more muscle, and loving the feeling of his body against mine. Luke continued to stroke my dick, casually nibbling at my right earlobe while I, breathing hard and moaning every once in a while, admitted that I couldn't wait to see his muscles burst right out of his clothes.

"You see, Luke," I said, "I don't think there is such a thing as too big."

Luke leant back, smiled broadly and said: "Hm, I'm glad to hear that. Just remember what you said when the effect of the fifteen pills I put in your drink sets in, okay? I mean, we always knew that vitamins are good for you, but this might go a little further." He explained that he had found the box of pills next to the glasses, and that had mixed the orange juice and the vitamin drink to make sure I would not notice the taste of the pills. He kissed me once more and added: "By the way, I think I am beginning to grow."

Luke still caressing my dick, the thought of how big those fifteen pills would make me, and the sight of my lover's shirt slowly filling up with muscle - it was almost too much to take in at once. I pulled him close and told him how much I loved him.

Feeling his body swell against mine, I gave Luke a deep, passionate kiss. I saw the sleeves on his arms tighten around his biceps, which was growing in front of my eyes. I wrapped the incredible mass of my legs around Luke's inflating body, feeling his abs with my left hand, moving my hips back and forth in sync with the hand which waas still stroking my hard-on. I saw the outline of Luke's pecs becoming more and more defined as he packed on more and more muscle on his chest. His shoulders broadened and, although still small in comparison to mine, were beginning to look like those of a professional bodybuilder. I felt Luke's pants fill up with muscle, and ran my hands across his increasingly muscular back. Aware of the incredible size of my body, feeling the blood rush through every muscle, flexing my right arm while continuing to follow Luke's rhythm with my hips, I felt his tongue trace the outline of my insanely pumped-up biceps, while he rubbed my bouncing pecs with the hand which was not busy stroking my dick.

The first wave of Luke's growth stopped, but we continued to make out, lost in the sensation of our bodies, Lukeís almost the size of a pro, mine beyond anything I had dreamed of even in my wildest fantasies. We kept rubbing our bodies against each other, muscle competing with more muscle for space, kissing each other and feeling the size of our muscles. We were still making out when I noticed the effect of my fifteen pills set in, and Luke moaned as the first wave of growth added yet more muscle to my frame, pushing my pecs outwards, thickening my neck and my forearms even further, and once more adding several pounds of muscle to my back. Again, I felt my arms and legs lengthening a bit as the size of my muscles threatened to become too much for them, and I relished the feeling of strength increasing at the same time that I was aware of my dick growing in Luke's hand. Luke pressed himself against me in order to feel as much of my growth as possible, and he ran his free hand along my lats, which were pushing my arms even further away from my body.

When my growth subsided after about twenty minutes, we both kept going, moaning, breathing hard, flexing and feeling each other's muscles. Our legs wrapped around each other, tongues moving back and forth, we continued to make love for what seemed like hours, cumming several times but getting hard again immediately. I was wondering whether we would ever run out of steam when Luke's moaning became even more intense, and I heard him say O my God this feels amazing! as the second wave of growth hit him. His muscles started growing again, swelling and growing, pushing against mine and heightening our desire for each other even more. During the previous hours of love making, we had made sure that Luke kept on his shirt and pants, and now it paid off as his growing muscles stretched the fabric tighter and tighter, increasing the strain on the seams. Luke's lats spread like wings as he packed on pound after pound of muscle, and I pulled him close in order to feel his muscles throbbing, pulsing, growing and growing, ballooning outwards in an amazing display of growth, making him stronger and stronger and tearing through the fabric of his shirt. Massive shoulders burst through the seams while Luke's thickening neck and bulging pecs helped to tear the fabric to pieces, and his ballooning quads were threatening to wreak similar havoc on his painfully and delightfully tight jeans. Once again we came as Luke's jeans could no longer contain the incredible amount of muscle on his legs, but once more we immediately got hard again, still longing for more.

We continued to caress each other, we stroked each other's dicks and felt our bodies with our tongues, when the second wave of growth hit me and started to blow me up at an incredible rate, muscles piling on muscles with each second, inflating me with size and so dramatically increasing my weight that the couch gave in. We both landed on the floor, two muscular behemoths locked in a seemingly endless embrace, stroking each other's dicks, tongues flicking in and out, hips pushing, pressing, shoving, muscles pulsing and growing unstoppably, slowly taking up more and more space. I was filling up my parent's sizeable living room, growing and growing and cumming and cumming, getting hard again and still inflating with size. I heard Luke say that he could not take it anymore, that the desire was becoming too much, but we could not seem to stop feeling each others bodies, could not slow down, just as my growth did not show any sign of stopping, but kept blowing me up with more and more muscle. The crease between my pecs looked like a canyon, and still they kept inflating, pushing outwards and upwards and downwards, increasing the size of my nipples which were hard and erect under Lukeís tongue, pecs competing for space, growing and pushing, adding muscle and yet more muscle with each passing second. Luke was bigger than any professional bodybuilder on the planet, but he looked small on top of the mountain range of muscle my body had become, and still I was growing. I got up, lifting Luke up from the floor, and walked into the kitchen, my quads brushing against each other and still growing, each step making the earth quake under the continually increasing weight of my incredibly muscular body. We both came again, but our dicks did not even grow soft for a second, so there was no way we could stop. On and on I grew, biceps swelling past one hundred and fifty inches, impossible amounts of muscle piling on top of each other on my super-human frame. I grabbed the box of pills as my muscles ballooned outwards, and my dick grew longer and thicker as I watched Luke swallow a hand full of pills. I moaned in ecstasy as he bent down and put his lips around my growing member, and, lost in the sensation of complete erotic bliss and muscular fulfilment, I grabbed the box and swallowed what must have been a hundred pills, knowing that they would make me grow so huge that I would eventually burst through the roof but not caring, only wanting more muscle and more of Luke, who was still sucking my dick, his arms feeling the impossible globes of my muscular butt, and as we came again I knew we would use the formula to make even more pills, so that we could keep on growing, trying to still our hunger for more muscle even though we knew there could never be enough, that we would always want more of each other, and that we would always want each other more, held by increasingly muscular arms, growing bigger and stronger for ever and ever with the taste of our lover's tongue on our lips. •

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