Not Just Skin Deep

Third Rule


By LeatherGryphon

"Sir, what have you done? Take it off. Please take it off. I don't want you to lose any more weight. Let's take it back. Please!"

I turned and saw my beautiful slave pleading with me. His words had little meaning to me. I wasn't interested in words. I wanted him. I was so horny, so full of sexual desire that no mere words were going to affect my sexual release. I grabbed him and threw him onto the bed. He was light as a feather and I had him in position instantly. A few quick yanks on his beltless jeans ripped the buttons open. I pulled the pants down around his thighs and forced open his butt cheeks with my hands. Despite having been absorbed into my skin, the grease seemed to have migrated to the surface of the costume's skin and made it very slippery. I immediately forced my oversized tool into his ass. He screamed as the tool plunged deep into him. "Stop. Stop. No Sir, Please! Don't! Stop!. The rhythm of my thrusts gradually increased in speed and depth as he slowly accepted the situation. Somewhere in this process his fear totally melted and he joined willingly in the play. His cries diminished. "No! Sir, don't Stop, no, don't, stop. Stop, don't. Don't, don't stop. Don't stop. Don't stop!". The pleasure building in both of us was beyond anything we'd ever experienced. I grabbed him and turned him over into other positions like a rag doll. I pulled him to me and kissed his body wildly. I couldn't help myself. I had to feel his body against mine.

I had to keep playing with him. I simply grunted passion but he moaned deeply and murmured. "Ohh, Sir, you feel so sexy, let me feel your huge muscles. I want you to love me. Squeeze me with your unbelievable arms. Fuck me. Let me lick your sweat from those beautiful muscles. You feel so unbelievably hot. I can feel your masculinity infect me. You're making me so horny I have to have you. Don't stop. Don't stop. Please Sir, don't stop!

We accommodated each other all day long and well into the night. Finally we collapsed in sound exhausted sleep. The morning light woke me and I felt incredible. Billy was still asleep next to me. I looked at him quietly. Damn, I was lucky to have such a hot lover. I knew he would be mine as long as I wanted. Forever. I thought. I want to hug him forever. He makes me feel so wonderful.

I threw back the covers and saw my massive muscular thighs covered with bulging veins pulsing visibly with each heartbeat. This was something new. As real as the costume had been before it had never showed live veins. I pressed one of them firmly for a moment then released it. The blood could be seen traveling down the unblocked vein filling the branching passages below it with the backed up blood. Damn! I jumped out of bed and ran into the dining room to look at myself in the mirror wall. I was covered with writhing huge veins caressing my muscles. The veins on my hulk-like muscular arms looked like lines of long thin snakes copulating with an anaconda.

I struck a most muscular pose and my entire torso swelled dramatically. My traps rose up around my neck in concert with the rest of the girdle of muscles around my shoulders. The veins popped out even more prominently and a red flush of hot pumping blood spread throughout my upper body. My cock thrust straight out showing it's enormous size and it too was surrounded by pulsing veins straining to keep these massive muscles fed. I stood there for at least a half-hour posing for myself. Each pose showed me to be the muscleman of my dreams. Perfect, absolutely perfect.

This body looked even bigger than yesterday. It looked like it had gained at least twenty pounds of muscle. My face had filled out again and I think I even looked fifteen years younger. I felt incredibly powerful and masculine but the uncontrollable erotic feelings from yesterday were now under control and I knew what I was doing. Running into the bathroom I jumped on the scales which surprised me when it read only about thirty pounds above my normal weight. A little more than the total of my original weight and the heavy costume which was now looking at least an additional twenty pounds more massive. Scales must be broken I thought. I ran back into the bedroom and woke Billy.

"Billy, come on, get up. You gott'a look at this. It's real.

Hot damn, it's real!" He rolled over and opened his eyes. I grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the bed standing him on his feet. "Here, feel these veins, they're real man. Blood, there never was blood before. Damn they gott'a be real, this is really my body now. It's not just skin deep. I don't think I ever want to even try to take this body off again." He was feeling my arms and experimenting with the veins the way I had, fascinated by the flow of blood through them.

The phone rang several times before I reached over and picked it up. I said "Hello" and a calm masculine voice simply said "It's Sunday. You have to bring the costume back before noon. It's time to talk price." He hung up without waiting for me to respond.

"Who was that?" Billy asked. I paused for a moment remembering the deal I had made with the costume shop owner. I didn't want to return the costume now. I had my dream. This incredible covering had transformed me into a massive bodybuilder. I'd keep this suit of muscles forever. Then I remembered that the shopkeeper had said the suit wouldn't work more than a few days unless I bought it. I did a quick mental check of my available cash and credit and decided that I had more money than he probably wanted. Hell, I'd sell the house if I had to.

"Business. I said. I've got to go pay for this suit. Come on, get dressed we only have an hour. I don't want him to come and take it back. We dressed quickly. I put on the huge leather pants, the harness, the boots and grabbed the jacket. I stuffed my checkbook into my pocket. I'd transfer more money into the checking account later. We went out through the kitchen and saw the breakfast Billy had set on the table yesterday morning now cold and dry. I backed the bike out of the garage and we rushed back into the city. •

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