Not Just Skin Deep

Second Rule


By LeatherGryphon

About an hour later after his clothes were dry we were dressed and almost ready to go I realized I was famished, probably from the emaciating effect that the costume had had on me. I wanted breakfast desperately. He offered to cook something for me and set about the kitchen searching the cabinets and expertly started preparing a full morning meal. I wandered into the living room to read the paper which quickly bored and depressed me so I went to the bathroom to retrieve and pack up the costume.

I shook the water off it as best I could, turned it right side out and shook it again. I draped the heavy suit over my arm and I took it into the bedroom to stuff it into the leather carry bag I'd gotten from the costume shop owner yesterday. It was too big for the bag so I laid it out on the unmade bed and found all the huge leather clothing that had been lent to me and stuffed it all into the bag. I spied the jar of tan colored cream that came with the costume and started re-opening the bag to stuff it in.

Curiosity made me hesitate. The shop owner had said that it would make the suit more sensuous. I opened the jar and carefully smelled it. The rich smell of coconut oil quickly filled the room. I stuck my finger into it to test it's consistency. It was smooth and very slippery like silicon grease. Instantly my mind started to fill with images of sexy muscular bodies engaged in hot, penetrating, sloppy man-sex. The images were intoxicating.

Without thinking, I reached in and grabbed a small amount of it with a couple of fingers. Immediately the images in my mind increased in intensity. I reached down with my other hand and unbuttoned my shirt. I pulled the shirt away from my chest and rubbed the cream onto my nipple. Exotic shudders of pleasure spread in waves from where the cream had been smoothed onto my skin. The cream disappeared almost magically, absorbed into the skin. This was incredible, I felt so fucking hot. I spread the remainder of the cream still on my fingers onto my entire pecs and played around with the tits. Oh, god. Yes. Yes. Yes. Ohh, yes. I was practically creaming my pants from the increasingly warmer waves of intense pleasure that were filling my mind and body. I was lost to the feelings.

My dick was totally stiff and trying to burst through my pants. I yanked my shirt open bursting the last couple of undone buttons. I couldn't get out my clothes fast enough. When I was finally completely naked again I saw and felt that my cock was painfully stiff. I reached back into the jar and grabbed a huge handful of cream, immediately rubbing it all over my toolbox.

The pain was eliminated instantly. When the erotic cream hit my balls I was out of control. Handful after handful moved from the jar onto my body all over, including my neck and face. I even found ways to get it all over my back. As fast as I could spread the stuff it absorbed into my skin making me feel more and more horny. My skin lost it's wrinkles as it filled with the absorbed cream. My cock and balls resumed their normal size and were aching to be relieved.

When the jar was empty I looked at the costume laid out on the bed. Frantically I found the still open entry area and began pulling the suit of outrageous muscle over my legs and onto my body. I struggled momentarily to get the zipper up my back. When the zipper hit the top I exploded in violent spasms as long heavy streams of cum pulsed from the monster dick that was now MINE again. My shouts of ecstasy were heard in the kitchen and Billy came to see what was wrong. •

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