Not Just Skin Deep

First Rule


By LeatherGryphon

I was correct in thinking this boy knew how he wanted to be treated. We played games for several hours. He was very good at giving me feedback about his pain/pleasure limit. Years of being on both sides of this type of hard adult play had convinced me that the concepts of "Top and Bottom" were entirely relative. I was getting pleasure from seeing his reactions. He was getting what he wanted and in some symbiotic mechanism I was under his control. Top/Bottom, it all depends on who's giving or teaching who what.

The last session had been particularly intense. We were both exhausted. I wiped the sweat from the beet red swollen flogging marks on his back, butt and outside of his thighs then helped him stand fully upright again. We kissed gently. He thanked me for my attentions and I complemented him for his skill at taking them. We never did get to handball but I knew there would be more opportunities. Once I had him up and steady on his feet I grabbed another towel and started wiping the sweat from my huge body. I stopped half way down my arm and realized that I was really sweaty all over, crotch, armpits, chest, back, and neck. I was sweating right through the heavy rubber muscle costume I was wearing.

I glanced at the clock. It was well after three in the morning. Confusion from the exhaustion and late hour made me re-think about the situation. I remembered that I'd been warned not to sleep in the costume. I had to shower and remove these muscles but then I'd be disclosing my secret to Billy. I wasn't sure how he'd take it. Finally I decided that if we were to have a future he had to accept me as I really was. I reached for where the concealed zipper should have been but couldn't find the edge of the flap that covered it. I searched for several minutes then realized Billy had been watching my frantic efforts. His eyes asked the question he wouldn't say without being given permission to speak. I stopped my efforts with the zipper and told him to sit.

After explaining the whole situation of the costume I asked him to take a shower with me and see if we could find the zipper and remove this body suit. The shower felt good. I could feel the sting of the high pressure spray from the shower head on my massive muscles. It was strange lathering up my huge body and Billy eagerly volunteered to help. The shower session was erotic in itself and we played with each other again. Both of us were able to cum once more even though we had both cum several times already tonight.

We rinsed off one more time and I turned my back to him so he could search for the zipper. Perhaps the effect of the water or the soap had done the trick because he found it immediately and pulled it down to the base of my spine. He helped me loosen the flaps of back muscle and work them over my shoulders. The chest came loose with a sucking sound. The arms turned inside out as I pulled out my own arms. Now the whole top of the costume hung around my waist. We worked the material loose from my hips and eased it down my legs. Finally I extracted my feet from the end of the rubber legs. The pile of skin colored rubber lay at my feet and I felt naked and embarrassed in front of Billy. I felt I had lied to him. I showered myself quickly, then he helped me rinse out the inside of the limp rubber, then wash it carefully with soap and rinse it out again. Then I remembered the first rule, but the costume had come off easily so I figured I hadn't done any damage to it.

We dried ourselves off. I found the strong wooden hanger and we hung the heavy limp mass of inside-out rubber muscles like a jumpsuit onto the shower head pipe. I'd removed his collar before we entered the shower so we had dropped the master/slave roles during while cleaning each other and had talked about this situation. He realized my feelings about this and said he didn't care that it was a costume. I was still a good man and one hell of a sex partner. Yea, the suit was fun and he would really like me to look like that but it wasn't all that important.

His wisdom surprised me. I was really lucky to have found this young man, I thought. How could anybody dump him? I suggested that we go to bed. He snuggled up in front of me in bed and I wrapped my puny seeming arms around him. We were asleep in minutes.


I woke surprisingly early to an empty bed. My head ached and I was groggy. A quick check revealed Billy was not in the room. Forcing myself out of bed I headed for the bathroom. I ached all over like I'd done a really heavy workout at the gym after a several week layoff. Terrible muscle pain and stiffness. I peed and rubbed my face and upper body with a cold wet washcloth to try to wake up quickly. It helped a little. Checking myself in the mirror my reflection looked gaunt and older than it should. I was awake enough now to examine myself more carefully and saw that my body looked somewhat thinner than yesterday morning. My penis had even shrunk more than normal and my balls hardly had enough weight to distend the scrotum sack. Shocked at my apparent loss of weight and masculinity I stepped onto the scales.

Twelve pounds less. Damn, I was twelve pounds lighter and it showed. My skin was wrinkled as if it was a nearly empty balloon. It would take me months to regain twelve pounds of muscle in the gym. The costume. I thought. My wonderful costume where was it? There was the empty hanger on the shower rod. Billy. Damn him, he's stolen my beautiful costume, my body, my phenomenal muscular body. Fuck him. I'll find him and wring his traitorous neck. Furious I rushed out of the bathroom naked checking every room in the house. I found him in the dining room and wearing my costume. MY costume. MY body.

"Take it off. NOW." I shouted. He was posing in front of the mirror wall. I saw both his back and front clothed perfectly in my body. He was a good four inches shorter than me but the costume had shrunk proportionately to fit him as well as it had me. The morning light showed that the suit had also changed color like a chameleon to match his lighter face color. As hugely muscular and gorgeous as he was, I was still insanely mad at the thought that he dared wear my muscles. MY manhood hung from his crotch like a fantasy barbarian porn drawing. Seeing it on him taunted me to blind fury. I forced my painful body into motion and rushed at him to try to throw him to the floor but he brushed me off like midget and I crashed into the table. Dazed, I struggled to my feet and swung my fist at him wildly. He stopped my fist inches from his handsome face holding it firmly with his massive arm. Despite my best efforts to resist him he easily forced my arm down and behind my back. His other arm wrapped around me holding me immobile. I struggled uselessly against his incredible strength.

"Mike. Mike, stop it. I'll take it off. He implored. I just wanted to try it. It's beautiful isn't it?" I struggled for a few moments longer but my emaciated body lost it's puny strength quickly and I had to rest.

When he sensed that I was no longer struggling, his arms relaxed a bit and I slid to the floor as my knees collapsed under me. I sat on the floor panting and weeping.

"Forgive me Sir. I didn't mean any harm. I just wanted to see how I would look with huge muscles like you. Please forgive me Master." His pleading and genuine remorse and especially his deliberate choice of the word "Master" reminded me of our budding relationship. I hadn't given him permission to call me Master yet. His voluntary admission of total submission indicated his view of our relationship. He wasn't playing the role. He genuinely lived the role and had already yielded himself to me. I turned my head around and upward to see him staring at my collapsed sobbing form at his feet.

Coming around in front of me his huge muscled arm reached down to help me up. "I'm sorry Sir! Please help me out of your costume, I can't find the zipper." With his help I stood quickly. The strength had returned to my legs and I stood although somewhat unsteadily. He kissed my cheek and washed the tears from my face with his tongue. His sensitive attention eased my pain and aroused me. We kissed tenderly for a while. He admitted that he loved the suit of muscles. "It feels so wonderful Sir. It makes me feel like you are making love to me all over my body.

It's still warm and I can feel you surrounding me like when we were sleeping. I really don't want to take it off but I will for you. We then started trying to unzip the costume. I couldn't find the zipper either. There was absolutely no seam to show where the flap of material covering the zipper should be. There wasn't even any noticeable bulge of a zipper under the "skin". I checked the area of his neck where the edge of costume material should have been but could find no indication that these huge muscles were not part of his own body. Was this the way it had looked on me? I thought. What kind of costume was this? Incredible. I had to get it back on. I was getting frantic looking for a way to get it off of him.

"Stop it Sir. Mike, slow down. There must be a way. We took it off you last night. How did we do it?"

"The shower. I said excitedly. The shower, we were in the shower. He grabbed my hand and led me like a little child toward the bathroom. Without waiting for the water to warm up we turned the spray on full and both quickly started getting completely wet. The shock of the cold water made me shiver violently until the temperature rose. He reached down and adjusted the hot faucet to keep the water from scalding us. For several minutes we searched for any sign of a seam in the costume. Nothing.

"Soap." I said hopefully. Grabbing the soap from the tray he frantically lathered himself all over. "Here." I said loudly when I noticed a slight crack running down his back. I slipped my almost nonexistent fingernail into the crack and lifted out a segment of flap about two inches long. Running my finger down under the flap the rest of it came loose in a smooth perfectly straight length of rubber-like material. A seam around his neck had appeared. I put my hand under the unzipped material of the costume and forced the knotted muscles away from his back. We worked it off his shoulders and arms then he helped me work the leg area down his own legs. Finally it was off.

I was desperate to put it on immediately and felt like pushing him out of the shower. At the last moment I found the control to stop myself. I looked down at my baggy skin and shrunken cock, then back at the pile of rubber muscles on the shower floor. "Look at me Billy. I've lost several pounds of muscle just by wearing that costume for fifteen hours yesterday.. I'm desperate to put it on again. It's like an addiction and it does something to you."

He looked at me like I was crazy then said. "But that's what you looked like last night when you took the costume off."

"NO." I shouted. I had a healthy, fit, body yesterday. Now I look like I haven't eaten for a couple of weeks." He looked me over then at the pile of bulging spongy, wet rubber suit crumpled in a huge pile at our feet.

"Really?" Was his simple reply.

"Yes. Damn it. Really! I said sarcastically. "This thing sucked over ten pounds of muscle off me yesterday. But I have an almost irresistible urge to put it on again. I'm afraid I will, and who knows what will happen to me next time. He looked deeply into my eyes then seeing my genuine fear, grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the shower, away from the innocent looking pile of rubber. "I'll dry it off and we'll take this thing back." He commanded. •

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