Not Just Skin Deep



By LeatherGryphon

I felt on top of the world. This costume was so fucking real. I watched my arms swing and expected to see creases in the rubber when I bent my arms. The surface stayed smooth though. It would stretch and contract without effort and never bunched up. Out here in the sun I could see the beautiful tan color it had. I had a gotten a good tan already this summer and when I passed a reflecting window I could see that the color of the torso had darkened to be exactly the same color as my face. The thich muscular neck area that he had worked on so carefully fit snugly high up my neck and showed thick, well defined muscles. I was gorgeous. The heavy thighs made me walk like a big bodybuilder, and my arms seemed to take on a new life swinging boldly to counter balance my new mass. Their position was somewhat wider than normal because of the powerfully wide lats pushing them away from my body.

I strutted proudly and confidently down the streets. The attention I was attracting pleased me to no end. I stopped into a corner store squeezing my huge new body through the narrow isles to buy a snack and a comb. Continuing down the street I flamboyantly used the comb several times while watching my admirers and my reflection in a store window to show off the massive arms.

I'd started out to get lunch this afternoon but the shop and this costume made me forget about work. When I remembered where I was supposed to be, half the afternoon was gone. Since it was Friday I decided to blow away the rest of the day there was some partying to get ready for. I headed for the nearest Metro stop to go home to drop off this heavy carry bag. On the way, an old- fashioned barbershop caught my eye. I had a flash of insight and entered the shop. I've been blessed with genes that had left most of my hair graying but still intact. There was nobody waiting and the one barber was reading the newspaper. He looked up at me and just stared nervously. I smiled to relieve the tension and told him I wanted a Mohawk haircut like from the 50's. His attitude changed and he said enthusiastically. "Really? I haven't done one of those in oh ... 50 years young man. You want it short, flat, and about two and a half inches wide, right?"

"Just about right. Make it an inch high all down the length, slightly flat across the top and trim the tail straight across just above the nape of the neck."

He nodded. "Yup, that's what I remember. None of that spiky punk stuff they go in for now days. OK, young man, that's just the right haircut for someone like you." I got into the chair and he pulled the cloth around my neck. I expected that working that close to me he would notice that I was wearing a costume, especially around the neck, but he never said anything. He did ask if I was a professional bodybuilder. I lied a little and said. "Used to be". I changed the topic and got him talking about himself.

The time passed quickly as he talked about the "old days". He worked quickly and proudly showed me the results. I was very pleased but had him lather up the sides and shave down to the skin instead of leaving clipper stubble. I paid his modest fee and added a decent tip.

The south end of the Metro was just around the corner. I bought my passcard and entered the platform. Rush hour was just beginning, so even though I'd missed the first train, there was another in less than five minutes. While I waited I caught lots of stares from people all over the platform, both on this side and across the tracks. Funny the way they would look up and down between my huge chest and my bulging crotch. I was loving it.

Most of the stares were from suited men. Though I especially liked it when I got a double take from guys walking with their wife or girl friend. I could almost feel the envy from the men. Muscles in leather with lots of skin showing, yea, they were wishing they had the balls to look like me. Literally. Yes sir! I was having a one hell of an afternoon.

I was home in twenty minutes. I went in to the bathroom to pee and worried a little bit about how that would work. Then thought about how I was going to shit. Damn, I didn't want to have to take this costume off for such mundane necessities. I was surprised to discover that peeing was as normal as ever except for the size and weight of the hose I was aiming. I decided to see if there was any way to crap without taking off the costume. I pulled down my leather pants and unbuckled the lower sections of the harness. Squatting on the toilet I felt for my asshole. Finding an entry I worked a finger into it. It was amazing how sensitive the outside of the opening was, almost like it was my own tissue. I penetrated further and could feel the soft warm tissue of the inside of my own hole. I never did find the actual edge of the costume but satisfied that everything at least lined up properly I decided that if I had to go, it could be done.

Semi-naked again I took the opportunity to carefully examine the costume. It was more incredible the closer I looked. I could find no seam around my neck which except for the dick and butt openings was the only other possible edge. The costume seemed to merge with my skin high up my neck. He must have glued it to my skin because I couldn't even peel an edge away with my fingernails. I wasn't even sure where the edge was. I could easily feel my hands caress the surface which was no longer cool to the touch but now felt like warm skin. The texture was even more like skin than rubber. The spongy nature of rubber had been replaced by the fluid redistribution of pressure like real flesh.

I had expected to get really hot in this all enclosing costume but never even sweated while walking in the sun. To all appearances this was my body now. I was really pleased. This thing must be incredibly expensive. I'd never be able to buy it but at least I had it till noon on Sunday and I was going to get the most out of it.

The next few hours were spent puttering around the house naked and glancing at myself in every mirror I passed. I felt very horny and jerked off several times. The experience was intense. Great bursts of cum rocketed out of the huge dick. The scrotum would even contract pulling those great balls tight against the base of the cock just before I came. The sensations sent me into ecstasy for several minutes afterward.

Finally it was late enough to put on my new leathers again. I picked out a few other small accessories and a couple of colored handkerchiefs to match my mood then grabbed my helmet and pulled my bike off the center stand and nearly ran it into the wall of the garage. It seemed incredibly light. I put the kick stand down then went over to the Olympic bar set up for bench pressing to test my new strength. I already had all my weights on it but was able to do three sets of twenty reps without even trying. Switching position I stood and grabbed it underhand. I was able to curl it easily.

Excited about my apparent new strength I wanted to continue working out but I had plans for tonight, so maybe tomorrow... I backed the bike out of the garage and swung my huge thigh over it and settled into position. Damn what a picture I must have been. The big bike seemed smaller now. These extra muscles, if they were real, would probably put forty or fifty pounds on my body and I felt like a leather monster on my black monster bike.

The narrow twisty back roads through the country into the inner suburbs of the city was my favorite route. Eventually I had to take the Interstate and opened the throttle up to about ninety five a couple of times. Not safe but a hell of a lot of fun whenever I had the nerve to try to get away with it. I pulled into the city across the bridge and leaned deep around the curves of the expressway to where it dumps you right into the middle of the downtown. City traffic brought me back to my normal cautious driving. The short trip past the Government buildings and to the leather bar ten blocks beyond through the convoluted streets and circles of the city took almost as long as the ride in from the suburbs.

This early in the evening there were plenty of parking places near the bar. I pulled in right in front where the "Reserved for Motorcycles" sign was. It usually didn't work and nine times out of ten there were two cars where you could easily park seven or eight bikes. I pulled around and backed the bike into just the right place so no car could get in. The old three story brick building was dark inside but this early I knew it would be nearly empty. Just a few local regulars at the bar. Nobody recognized me or if they did, it was impossible so they dismised the possibility. I strode to the restroom at the far end giving a quick nod to the downstairs bartender as I passed him. I could see him watching me from the moment I entered. Yea, I thought, this was going to be a fun night.

The light in the restroom was always way too bright. I checked myself out again in the mirror. Shit I was huge. I moved to the urinal, unzipped my leather jeans and pulled out the enormous cock to relieve myself again. One of the men who had been sitting at the bar came through the door and was obviously cruising me while I peed. I'd seen him before but never paid much attention because he was always with someone else. I could see in the reflection of the chrome plumbing that he was glancing back and forth from my monster cock to my massive chest muscles exposed by the unzipped jacket. I started to shake my tool to remove the last couple of drops when he dropped to his knees, bowed his head and asked quietly but clearly. "Sir. May I wash that for you Sir?"

Not quite prepared for this blatant display of submission, it took me a moment to respond. Finally I reached down and put my hand on the back of his head.

Not quite prepared for this blatant display of submission, it took me a moment to respond. Finally I reached down and put my hand on the back of his head and pulled it gently toward my crotch.

He walked his knees closer to me on the hard tile floor and began to lick the still moist cock. Immediately it stiffened and started to rise toward his mouth. Without using his hands which were still in perfect position on his thighs he opened wide to let the stiff tool enter his mouth.

With practiced skill he took that huge thing deep into his mouth and eventually down his throat. He gagged slightly a couple of times but obviously knew how to control the natural reaction. His warm mouth excited me even more and as I grew it became more difficult for him to keep the stroking invader going all the way in. Within a few moments I felt the need to cum and signaled him that I was nearly ready.

He gave a few more wet strokes then let it plop out and began licking the side of it again. As my cock rose higher still he twisted his neck and moved under it to try to suck one of the huge balls into his mouth. He never got it in before I started grunting in a rising crescendo terminating in three loud bursts of noise that were surely heard out in the bar. The cum flew over his shoulder and splashed against the wall behind him. I backed away slightly. Resuming his head down, kneeling position of an experienced slave, he waited for me to make the next move. Following through with the scene I said "Good job boy. After I leave, clean up the wall and meet me at the bar." I zipped up my pants, washed my hands and left the bathroom with him still quietly waiting, kneeling in perfect position.

Entering the dark bar again it took a moment for my vision to adjust but I was greeted by a round of sparse applause that confirmed my expectation that I'd been heard. Grinning widely I approached the bar. Pulling out a stool, I swung my massive leather covered thigh around it and sat down heavily. The bartender was waiting for me and I automatically ordered my usual vodka tonic and added the habitual "Squeeze the lime" request.

"Billy do a good job for you?" The question had come from the way up the bar so everybody heard it and from their looks they were all waiting for my reply. I thought for a moment then came up with, "Well, with a little more training and a proper exam he just might get his license." That must have been what they wanted to hear. Laughter filled the room. Several probaby true but less than complementary comments about Billy were made around the bar and I overheard one big guy say "Hell, I'd drop to my knees too if I had a chance with that bull." That remark re-enforced the realization that I looked huge to everybody.

The bartender returned with my drink and said. "On the house. Thanks for the entertainment, it was getting a bit slow in here." Pulling out a bill, I pushed it to his edge of the bar. "My pleasure." I responded. We grinned at each other and he took the tip.

Billy emerged from the restroom and looked around for a moment. After his eyes adjusted he started coming toward the bar. I was about to ask him what he wanted to drink when he dropped to his knees again at the base of my stool. OK, I thought. He wants to keep this scene going. "I didn't tell you to kneel." I said accusingly. He looked up into my eyes and I immediately pushed his head down and gruffly said, "That's two mistakes in ten seconds who the fuck trained you? Now stand and wait!" I turned my attention to the bartender again who was watching this scene unfold. "What's he drink?" I asked.

"Jack and coke." Was the reply. I turned back to Billy behind me and looked him over. He was standing straight with his head slightly bowed looking at an empty spot on the bar top. I judged him to be in his late twenties, about 5' 8". Blond crewcut hair, high cheek bones, slim athletic build, jeans and black tee shirt. Not a bad package. I'd always liked small men. Easy to throw around in bed. My bulging crotch started getting tighter and I adjusted my position on the stool to relieve the pressure. "Are you ready for a drink boy?"

He answered with a firm, clear, confident "Sir. Yes Sir!" and remained in standing submissive position. He was careful not to glance toward my eyes. I watched him for a second then pulled out the stool on my left. "Sit." He glanced at the stool then sat down still avoiding my eyes. "Time out. Relax and talk to me." I said relieving him from the role temporarily. His position shifted toward me a little and he said "You sure are big all over." The bartender was still watching us. I nodded to him and then at Billy and reached for my wallet while he went away to fix the drink.

"You like big men?"

"Yes sir. I think they're really sexy. You're really sexy. I love your Mohawk and your muscles. Hot man!" He said closely eyeing my chest.

I reached, grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand to my bulging pecs. That was all the prompting he needed. His hand slid erotically into the open jacket, over my chest and struggled to fit under the strap of the tight leather harness. He felt down my hard rippling abs and back up to the pecs. He teased around the generously shaped nipple then twisted it gently. The sensation went straight to my crotch and my hormones were ramping up into overdrive. I could see he wanted to touch more. I ordered him to help me take off my jacket. He got off his stool and pulled the coat back off my massive shoulders. As the heavy leather fell free of my arms its weight surprised him. I stood up and he slipped it over the stool under me. He stood behind me for a moment. "You want to feel my shoulders and arms. Don't you?"

"Yes sir, may I?"

"Knock yourself out boy. Do a good job and maybe I'll take you home with me."

"Yes, SIR!" His enthusiasm was contagious. His hands caressing my new bulging traps and delts felt electric. I leaned my huge arms on he bar and hunched my back in pleasure. I swear I could feel the muscles of my shoulders and back bunch up massively. He grabbed huge handfuls of muscle on my back and neck massaging the tension out of them. Lower went his sensuous hands, down around my wide wing like lats. He leaned against me to get his hands around onto my chest. He teased my tits and hugged me warmly.

I straightened up on the stool, turned, put my hand on the back of his head and pulled his mouth to mine. We kissed deeply and wetly for several minutes. With one hand I massaged the back of his neck. With the other I felt his crotch and discovered his stiff cock straining to be free. He moved around in front of me and pressed his butt up against my huge bulging crotch pulling my ham-like arms around him across his chest. As I hugged him and mock fucked him he felt my arms and forearems with growing enthusiasm. I nuzzled his neck and licked behind his ears and along the underside of his jaw line. He shivered with excitement and moaned softly.

Someone in the bar mockingly yelled "Get a room!"

The spell was broken. He stood up, turned and we kissed gently a few more times. He sat back on his stool and took a big gulp of his drink. He made a sour face briefly as the strong taste spread through his mouth and down his throat. I took another sip from my glass and breathed a sigh of relaxed pleasure.

We talked quietly for a long time but drank very little. We touched on the subject of our sexual preferences and I was not discouraged. Several people that I knew passed by us and gave me a thorough stare but none of them recognized me, or if they did, didn't believe it could possibly be me. Finally I knew it was time to leave.

"You know how to ride bitch on a bike?" I asked.

"Yes Sir. My master had a bike before he set me free a couple of weeks ago." He said slowly. His words hadn't told the whole story. I'd seen it over and over again. He been dumped. However, I respected this boy's attitude to the situation. This was a true slave. He liked being totally submissive. I'm not what you would call an absolute "Top" but I have been on both sides of the scene for years and know more than the basics. I could probably give him the domination he craves and in turn he could help teach me my role. I know that treated properly this young man would be a faithful lover for a lifetime. A rare commodity in the gay community.

I looked around the bar. It had started to fill up as the Friday night crowd gathered, anxious to start their weekend. Well. I thought smugly. I've beaten them to it. Looking back at Billy I asked if he had a jacket with him.

"Yes sir." He said as he quickly checked by looking back at the stool where he had been sitting when I had come in.

"Let's go then." He needed no further encouragement and quickly retrieved his denim jacket. I put on my own new heavy jacket and headed for the exit. There were five bikes now parked in our spot. I was pleased that my selective parking had worked. My helmet was locked on the side of my bike. I unlocked it, then opened one of the luggage bags and pulled out my extra helmet. It was a little loose on him but would do. We rode carefully through the city then merged back onto the Interstate. I opened it up fast enough to be fun but not so fast the Friday night speed patrol cops would be likely to stop me. No back roads now. I wanted to get us home quickly. He held on to me tightly most of the time. I enjoyed the feel of his arms around my massive body as he shifted his hips closer to mine.

By time we got to my place it was almost midnight. I reached into my jacket pocket and pressed the button of the garage opener. We eased into position next to my car. The resonance of the room amplified the strong smooth thrumming of the powerful engine. I put my feet down, turned the key, and silence returned while we dismounted. Looking around I grabbed a leather collar sitting on the garage shelf where I'd left it after cleaning it last week. When we reached the kitchen at the top of the stairs I turned to face him, then reached up and fit the collar around his neck. A quick snap of the tiny padlock said he was now mine. Instantly he fell into the appropriate role and assumed a totally submissive standing position. Using a firm, dominant re-assuring voice I ordered. "Kneel in the center of the floor facing the sink and wait!"

Without hesitation he complied exactly, assuming a well practiced perfect position. Hands centered flat on his thighs, fingers together pointing toward his knees, butt resting on his heels. Back straight. Head down, looking impassionately about three feet in front of him at the empty floor. Pleased at his skill and training I smiled internally, closed the door to the garage and left the kitchen knowing he would be exactly there when I returned, no matter how long it took. Yes. I thought. This WAS going to be a fun night. For both of us.

I went to the bathroom to pee. The mirrors attracted me again. Damn I was hot! Hot leather muscle stud. Muscle bound ultimate masculine man. Stud leather top with his willing slave waiting patiently for whatever attentions would come his way. The thoughts excited me. I shrugged off the massive leather jacket letting it fall heavily to the floor. I reached up to feel my huge chest again. Absolutely marvelous! I was beginning to believe that this was my own body. It felt like my body. It moved like my body. It even smelled warm and sweaty like my body. I could detect no trace of the telltale neoprene scent that it originally had.

Remembering my waiting slave, I set about preparing my makeshift dungeon. Lighting, towels, lubricant, rubbers, restraints, toys and music. Good thing someone had left a bunch of king size rubbers here once, although I never thought I'd need them for myself. I checked the sling carefully to assure it would withstand another nights use. Satisfied that the physical scene was set, I returned to my slave knowing that he would probably be starting to feel uncomfortable by now. It was my job to now relieve his discomfort and start the psychological scene rolling. Keep him guessing all evening long.

My boots were silent on the thick oriental rugs. Stopping in the door to the kitchen I watched him siting in silence on the cold, hard, tile kitchen floor. He was exactly as I had left him. "Adjust right." I commanded from behind him. He promptly lowered his right hand to the floor and let his right butt cheek lower to the floor taking the pressure off his feet and knees. His gaze remained downward quietly waiting for the next command. I opened the refrigerator door and pulled out and opened a couple of beers. I placed one of them on the table, walked in front of him and poured the cold brew on his head and down his back. The shock made him gasp but otherwise he accepted the humiliation quietly. I let the frigid liquid soak into his hair and clothes while I drank the other beer. "Stand, face me and strip." I ordered.

His athletic build allowed him to rise gracefully. He unbuckled his belt, yanked out his tee shirt and pulled it over his head. The pants fell to the floor and he easily stood on one leg in turn to completely remove the faded torn jeans. Leaning over he untied his gym shoes and kicked them off. Again, easily standing balanced on one leg he removed his socks, then slipped his jock strap down and flipped it off his foot. He resumed a standing position carefully avoiding my eyes.

This boy was really beautiful I thought. Not a lot of muscle but he was lean and firm with smooth young skin not yet affected by age. His crotch sported a decent sized tool, semi-stiff and surrounded by a patch of fine blond hair that had obviously been shaved from his dick and balls but now showed a couple weeks growth. His hairless scrotum held his large balls hanging heavily between his slightly separated legs.

"You understand that until our relationship evolves to the where I give you permission to call me "Master" this is entirely consensual don't you? All you have to do is say 'Enough' and I'll immediately stop whatever is happening and change the scene. You are free to leave at any time if you want to. I'll even take you wherever you want to go."

"Sir. Yes, Sir. Thank you Sir."

"All right, lets get to it. First, pick up your clothes, empty your pockets and stuff all this wet stuff into the washing machine in the garage. Soap's in the cabinet above it. Second, grab the mop in the closet next to the washing machine and mop up this beer. Third, take a shower, down the hall to the right, and clean out your butt thoroughly. I don't want to deal with any shit tonight. Fourth, follow the hall to the end and take the stairs down to the dungeon. I'll be waiting for you. •

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