Not Just Skin Deep

The Price


By LeatherGryphon

I found the dangling shop sign, drove down the alley and parked. Billy followed me down the steep stone steps into the incense filled room. I slapped the bell on the counter and the proprietor came through the bead curtain almost immediately. I recognized his face and those intense green eyes but he was no longer the athletic hippie I remembered from Friday. Now he looked like a swarthy barrel chested , hairy, bearish, dock worker.

"You're late." He said sourly. Then he warmed a little. "Ah, I see you've brought a friend." He said smiling gleefully pulling his cigar out of his mouth and laying it in the ashtray.

Without waiting for a reply he invited us both back into the special costume room. Billy was fascinated by the collection of detailed rubber suits. I saw him pause at the rack of muscle bodies, then he spent several minutes looking carefully at the entire wall of full head rubber masks. He asked where the body for the Minotaur head was, then checked it out carefully too. It held his attention for most of the time. I have to admit I kind of liked it also. It was even more muscular than my body and had a god-like genital endowment hanging past its' knees. Although I don't know how anybody could get their feet into the cloven hooves of the suit.

Our host finally asked. "How'd you like the costume?"

Proudly I ran my hands down my chest onto my hard rippling abs. "Incredible. I've gott'a keep this. Just one thing though. When I took it off Friday night I'd lost several pounds of weight. Is that normal?"

"Didn't take the pills did you he said smugly" I told you to take one pill exactly one hour before taking it off. Didn't I?. You've damaged it. Price just went up but take the pills and you'll have no more problems."

Sheepishly I admitted totally forgetting about the pills. Then relieved that I could continue to wear my beautiful muscles without problem I made up my mind. "You said we'd talk price?" He looked at me curiously for a moment then reached over and touched one of the bulging blood veins.

"Hmm, you touched the cream didn't you. Price just went up again. I told you not to touch the cream to your skin, bet you slept in it too, didn't you? I told you not to sleep in it! You've damaged it severely, I don't think you can afford it anymore." He said accusingly and with an evil knowing smile.

"I don't care. Give me a price." I pulled out my checkbook and looked around for a pen.

Calmly he said. "I want this boy." Pointing at Billy.

"What! No, I can't give you Billy even if I wanted to. It's up to him. As much as I'd like to think he's really my slave, he can make up his own mind and he wants me."

Irritated at my refusal, his voice took on an evil tone. Cruely he saind: "No he doesn't. He wants these muscles" He said grabbing my chest until it hurt. You just come along with them. I can also see he's had a taste of them and his lust for muscles like this is growing. If you can't pay for them, you'll never see me again and I'll offer them to him with the same conditions."

I rubbed my sore pecs and swore under my breath as I wiped the sweat from my brow. "Look, just give me a price."

"The boy." He repeated firmly.

I looked at Billy. He was looking back at me and at my muscular body. I could see the hesitation in his eyes as he considered his position. Finally to my relief he said. "I love Mike. Even without his muscles and besides, I don't have any other place to live. I want to stay with my master. I love him more than those muscles. I always want to be near him."

The anger subsided as the proprietor sighed and replied calmly. "Ah, true love. How I envy you. Yes, I believe you will always be with your muscular friend." He sighed again. "Well, all right then. Two million dollars, but I've got to inspect the suit first and repair the damage you've done. And don't think you can just walk out of here with the costume on. You've damaged it so much it will disintegrate by nightfall. In fact I can see that it's overheating already. I can fix it but you've got to take it off." He continued calmly. "In fact if you don't take it off soon it will burn up killing you too. These things don't come off an assembly line you know. Taking it off is the only way I can save the costume."

Fuck, two million. There was no way I could come up with two million dollars. I tried to bargain him down but he wouldn't budge. My anger and frustration was rising. Damn I was getting hot. I wiped my sweat again and realized that he must be right about it overheating I was getting uncomfortably hot. Then I remembered that he said he would fix the suit and offer it to Billy. This was a way out. If I helped Billy buy the costume I might be able to get rid of him later and keep my outrageous muscles. I thought wickedly. The scheme took shape in my mind then with mock resignation I told the proprietor I couldn't pay and that he could offer it to Billy. I explained, however, that I wasn't sure it would come off now but he assured me it would.

He opened a drawer pulled out a little bottle of liquid, wet a small piece of cloth and told me to remove my leathers. When I was stripped he dabbed the liquid down my back and the zipper flap popped open. With a quick motion he pulled the zipper down.

My scream made sound for only a moment then abruptly stopped as I felt my body and mind absorb into the rubber costume still screaming silently.

Pain dissolved into extreme pleasure, I knew what was happening to me and could sense that it had happened to many others before me. Thoughts dimmed then vanished but I was happy being pure muscle simply waiting to grow again.

Billy watched in horror as a cloud of putrid smoke and hot steam rose dimming the light in the room as the suit collapsed into a large pile of steaming bulging rubber. The hollow head fell to the floor with a soft spongy thud and bounced around erratically until it came to rest under the shelves of rubber heads. The proprietor calmly walked over, picked it up and placed it in the one empty space on the carefully arranged shelves. Muttered something about having to build another shelf, then reached down and lifted the still steaming empty costume, shook it a few times and exclaimed gleefully how much weight it had gained this time.

"It must be very happy." He said.

He reached up and stroked his large gold earring, absorbed in thought for a moment. Turning, he held the massive suit of muscles by the shoulders to show it to best advantage. "Well Billy, now that I've repaired the damage to this costume, how would you like to take it home for a couple of days? There's just three conditions of which I'm sure you now fully understand." He paused while his mouth curled into a wry smile. "Oh, I forgot you don't have a home. Do you?" He said in mock sympathy.

Handing the heavy costume to a stunned Billy he pulled open a drawer to grab one of dozens of clear plastic bags each with probably a hundred of the tiny blue pills in them and handed him the bag. His green eyes twinkled as he added. "If you need a place to stay, I have a spare room with its own private door into this closet. No charge." •

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