Southern-Style Bulking


By Arthur

Eventually my day ended and I was brought back to the table. I laid down. The hose was hooked up and the milk began to flow once again. I was becoming use to my new life. Uncle Steve smiled and said, “Night night Skinny” as he injected me. I was out.

Time passed and the strange fluid flowed into my stomach. I had a few days of coming in and out of consciousness. Eventually I woke up. Uncle Steve was standing there. “He’s awake boys.’ Soon, I was surrounded. “Welcome back Scrawny. You can see we’ve made some good progress in the last few days.” I looked down to see my pecs, whch were the size of grapefruits. My abs were gone, though - it was covered by a layer of fat. Uncle Steve reached out and grabbed my waist. “We don't want you to be too skinny," he said. "We like our muscle-men with a little fat on their bones."

With that, Adam walked up by my head and removed the tube from my nose. I guessed the forced feedings were over.

“For the next few weeks, if you’re good, you can eat with the rest of us. It’s time to get you up to speed so you can do your share of work in the home.”

They weighed me again. The scales read 275. I weighed even more than Steve and the boys did now. And since I was shorter than they were, the extra muscle definitely showed. I couldn't believe my luck. I was going to enjoy being the object of their amusement. I was so happy that I didn't even try to resist them.

I was ordered to go into Uncle Steve’s room. It wasn’t long before my ass was being plowed by Uncle Steve. Then I was forced to clean off his dick. Then I was sent to the boy’s room. Together, Doug and Adam worked me over front and back. I was glad that this was the way I was going to spend my days and nights from now on.

For the first night in a long time, I was sleeping on my own in a soft bed. It felt so good. Uncle Steve had me wrapped in his arms and breathed and nibble on my neck and fucked me endlessly the first night. In the morning, the got me up and started my work in doing the chores. I was also forced to sit and eat and eat and eat. When I wasn’t cleaning or cooking, I was supposed to be eating. I was amazed at how much I could put away now.... •

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