Southern-Style Bulking



By Arthur

Many years have passed since that summer, when I met up with Uncle Steve and his boys. My parents, I must say, were quite pleased with the way I looked when I came home that summer. “Finally! A little flesh on that body of yours!” my mother had exclaimed, when she met me at the airport. And while my increased weight meant that I had to give up my place on the cross-country team, I didn't care.

I've continued to grow even more since then - and am currently 6'2" and 330 pounds. Not all of it is muscle, but most of it is. My skin is still elastic, like it was after Uncle Steve got done with me, but my upper body is somehow even larger than before. My work shirts have recently started to tighten up around my arms and back, and my buttocks are getting thicker along with my waistline.

I still visit Steve and his boys every summer, where they congratulate me on finally "becoming a real man." I'm bigger than all of them now, and I continue to get bigger every year. I can eat and drink all of them under the table. We still have all night fuck-sessions, for old time's sake. But now I make them do the chores. Life is good.

Several years ago, my parents sent me to my Uncle Steve's house when they went on vacation. And I refused. What a fool I was - for otherwise, I might never have become the man of my dreams. •

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