Southern-Style Bulking


By Arthur

Eventually, I came to. I was confused, not remembering where I was or where I was at. Then it all came back to me.

“Hi, Skinny, glad you’re back for a little bit.” I looked over and saw Doug sitting next to me.

“I just gave you another jug of feed. You’ve been out for pretty much out for the last two days and you can see we’re making progress. You've actually got an ass now,” he began to rub my pecs and abs.

I looked down and could see that my pecs had gotten noticeably larger, too.

“Pa says we’re gonna get you up today and weigh you and let you move around a little.”

Eventually, Uncle Steve showed up and took the keys out to release all the chains that held me in place on the table. I was feeling pretty groggy. Adam and Uncle Steve helped me up. I felt really weird. I had been lying down for several days. They left the tube in my nose but detached it from the jug. They kept me naked as they walked me around the barn. They walked me in front of a mirror they had set up.

“See how we’re making you a different kind of thing than that bony-ass thing that showed up here a few days back!!” Uncle Steve said, rubbing my growing pecs.

I stood in front of the mirror staring at the new self. I was bigger than ever. I looked amazing.

“Smile, Scrawny-Ass,” Uncle Steve said, “we’ve only just begun.” He moved me over to the cattle scales and had me step on them. “Ah…we’ve made some progress. You weighed 150 when we started feeding you, we’ve got up up to 163. We’ve got a long way to go.”

I couldn't wait to see "how far" he meant to go.

“We’ve been feeding you round the clock, but I think that metabolism of yours has kept us from making the big gains we want for you. The boys and I want a nice muscular ass and some nice pecs on the slave we’re gonna be fucking.” Adam rubbed my ass and smiled at Uncle Steve.

We walked around a little longer. I found it hard to walk in my bare feet. On the gravel around the barn, it was really difficult. I made grunts and groans with every step. “Kind of hard on your soft little feet huh bitch? We’ll that’s good, it’ll keep you from running away from us," Uncle Steve laughed.

"As if I'm really going to run away," I thought. This is my one chance to get big. "What's a little fucking and chores in exchange for muscle?"

Eventually, we ended up back in the room where the feedings would continue. I felt weak from the walk around. I lay down on the table. Adam hooked up the feeding tube one more time.

“We’re gonna add some special growth hormones to your meals now. In no time at all you’ll be gaining a lot more muscle. Next time you wake up, you’ll really see a difference. We’ll also have a special surprise for you.”

My mind whirled, trying to figure out what was in store for me next. Before I got too far into my thoughts, I felt the sting of the needle and I was out once again.

When I awoke, I looked up to see Uncle Steve and the boys surrounding me.

“Hi Skinny, welcome back to the land of the living,” said Uncle Steve. I could feel him rubbing my pecs. I looked down and I now had a six-pack.

“You can see our new feeding regime with the growth hormones have helped you along bitch. Your little girly body is all but gone. From here on, it’s just muscle, muscle, muscle.”

With that, they helped me up. They unhooked the chains and the feeding tube.

“You’ve earned a little cardio time bitch,” said Uncle Steve.

They walked me to the cattle scales. I got on and the boys and Uncle Steve beamed. “Well boys, we got him over 200 - finally.”

I could see the scales read 210. They had put 60 pounds on me in the last two weeks. I couldn’t believe it. I was now huge. I had huge pecs, an enormous bubble-butt, and enormous thighs. My arms and shoulders had noticeably thickened up as well. Nick walked up behind me and said, “Well, bitch, you’re getting nice and muscular for us. You’re starting to look like a real man, now.”

As he talked to me and breathed on my neck, my dick perked up. I couldn’t imagine this was all happening to me. I was hot as hell. My mind was wrapped up in thought as I looked at myself. I was totally different, and yet somehow I knew that the changes weren’t done.... •

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