Southern-Style Bulking


By Arthur

When I awoke, I was nude and tied up on a hard wooden table in the barn somewhere. I was alone and had no idea what was going on. Then I noticed how hard it was to breathe and swallow. I looked up and saw some kind of jug with white stuff that seemed to be dripping into a tube of some kind. Then I realized the tube was inserted into my nose. It was some kind of feeding tube. I layed there half in and half out of consciousness for sometime.

Finally, Uncle Steve and boys showed up. They were all stark naked. They surrounded me.

“Well, Scrawny you finally coming too huh? We’ve kept you out for about two days."

I tried to talk, but the tube going down my throat made that hard to do.

“After we bulk you up, we’re gonna make you into our little muscle-slave for the next few weeks.”

I struggled to get away, but it was useless to try. They had me tied tight. My mind went wild, hearing all this stuff and trying to make sense of it all. Why me? Why here? What was all this about?

“Boys,” Uncle Steve said, looking at Adam and Doug “don’t you think he’ll look good with some nice pecs and biceps?" The boys nodded their heads and smiled.

“We’re feeding you some good stuff through that tube. It’s a mixture we use to bulk up the cows for market. It’ll put some weight on you nice and fast. We’re also giving you a few special injections to help with you with the bulking-up process. No slave of ours is gonna be as scrawny as you are; we’ll take care of all that in short order.”

And, with that, Adam came over and poured some more calf feed in the container above my head. Then Uncle Steve explained that I would be tube fed for the next several days to start with and that he and the boys would keep the calories flowing into my body non-stop. In a few days, we’d start seeing some good results.

I lay there, imagining what I'd look like in a few weeks. And, while I was frightened, the whole idea of getting bigger really turned me on. I started to get really hard.

“Look boys!! Skinny is excited by the idea of beefing up” They took turns playing with my dick - and I was really starting to enjoy it. Before I knew it, all three of them were stripped and standing around me working on their own tools. “Pa, when do we get to fuck the bitch,” asked Adam.

“We’ll fuck 'em when he's big and muscular," he said. "For the next few weeks, he's all ours."

They proceeded to moan and groan as they jacked off. They all rubbed my body, talking about how it would feel with a little meat on it. I continued to get harder and harder.

Eventually, they all came, shooting their cum all over my smooth body. Adam: “It’ll be nice when we don’t have to waste all that cum. I can’t wait until our slave gets to eat extra protein to feed those muscles of his.”

Uncle Steve said, “Yeah, he’ll be taking everything when we get done with him. But now it’s time for him to go night, night for a few more days.” With that, he reached over, grabbed a syringe and injected me with something. I felt all warm and then I was out. •

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