Billy Saga, The


By Musclebuff

All Four

(The Billy Saga, part Nine)

by Musclebuff

[Morph by Matt]

They stood there for a moment or two, all three of them, monumental,

gargantuan, seemingly morphed beyond imagination, muscles huge,

bulging, cut, vascular, constantly flexing, libido-smashing - how could

anyone endure the ministrations of such inhuman, godlike muscle, let

alone be competent enough to serve - or service - them?

As they advanced slowly, as one, towards me, chained to their ceiling like a

sacrifice to supreme muscle, my balls were unable to restrain themselves and

they started to churn and demand release. But the thongs which bound

them so tightly prevented this, edging me towards unbearable expectation.


Their "agent" had led me through the vast double doors into this dark

cavern: shiny black, spongy leather floors, reflected everywhere in the floor-toceiling

mirrors that lined the entire space and by the one that covered the

ceiling above itself.

The mirrors also reflected the room's equipment which seemed at first sight

to be very promising: a couple of suspended slings, various leather covered

benches of different sizes and sometime strange shapes, big body-size

wedges, piles and piles of towels, and shelves and shelves of "other


I had already been asked to strip when I arrived but now the "agent" was

strapping up and dividing my cock and my balls with a number of thick

black straps. "Thick" because, as he explained, when pressure was brought to

bear on them from the enlargement of the genitalia they automatically

inflated somewhat to give extra pressure and extra pleasure.

Once he had dealt with that, to the satisfaction of both of us, he inserted a

metal egg up my butt - I knew it came from Mr. S in San Francisco, for I

had one at home which was used quite frequently on lonely nights. The

electric pulse(s) it provided were almost as good as being fucked. But that

wasn't good enough for the "agent" - he also had to stuff up me what was

clearly an inflatable butt plug - something which could only increase the

effect of the egg.

"My clients will be activating this as they feel inclined" he said, before gently

fastening my wrists into cuffs attached to chains high and wide above my


He then oiled me from head to foot with some heady aromatic fragrance, not

neglecting either my piss-slit nor my butt-crack. I think he enjoyed sliding

his little hands over my muscle - almost as if he was suppressing some

jealousy as he dug his pinkie into my piss-slit and his thumb up my ass.

He picked up a remote. "I'll just leave this humming for your comfort while

you're waiting for the clients. They will be in momentarily."

And he left me.


The "hum" plus the expectation of what I hoped was to follow got my libido

humming and my dick rising toward my pecs quite soon after he left the

room. And yes, I could feel the bands swelling and pressing quite hard, still

comfortably, on my equipment. He was right - I didn't have long to wait.

The doors were flung open and the three of them advanced. I've tried, but

there are no words that can sufficiently describe their magnificence. All

Three of them were now practically naked except for their black work- and/or

wrestling boots: the One in the middle seemed to be the leader. He was

certainly the tallest and, I think the biggest. The widest imaginable delts

contrasted with the smallest waist; the quads swept out to match the width of

the shoulders, the impossible pecs were to die for and his arms were the size

of my waist. His brown crewcut surmounted a face strangely pale compared

to his deep tan, his eyes were sleepy and dark and his wide, full lips

surpassed even Matt Rush's - and Matt could never in his wildest dreams

have imagined his own physique to look like this - at least not yet. Anything,

as I was discovering is possible. Even a dick and balls the size of his,

though they were almost transparently disguised in his yellow poser.

Number Two, on his right, was black-haired and swarthy. Strategically placed

tats emphasized the brutal size of his muscles - echoed by the brutal aspect

of his otherwise good-looking face. Kovacs-like, aesthetics didn't enter into

his choice of a body-shape, it was just damned enormous and fucking hot.

His boots had to be short: no boots could ever contain the size of those

calves. Just as his leather hotpants were unable to contain the huge fuckrod

that had squeezed itself out of the bottom cuffs.

I guess it was Three who had got me into this situation. I had run across

all of them dominating the local Eagle which was having a quiet night simply

because the whole crowd were stunned into silence, unable to take their

eyes off the hugely muscled, leather-clad trio sitting at the bar. Just my

luck: NumberThree, blonde, beautiful and cheeky had started to grin at me

even as soon as I arrived. Grinning, winking, grabbing at his leathered

crotch, sliding his gauntleted hand up and down on it. Licking his lips at me

over the rim of his beer.

Never one to look a gift-horse in the mouth and being as totally disabled

from speaking as everyone else in the bar, I strolled up towards him and put

a hand on his thick, chaps-covered thigh, and looked deeply and I hope


challengingly into his bright blue eyes.

"Want another?" he asked. "Want you," I replied. "That's good because I

want you," he grinned.

"So?" I said, now squeezing his crotch.

"OK," he said, squeezing mine, "lets go for it!"

He looked at the other two who both had their eyebrows raised.

"Oh, but I should explain, we come as a threesome. You'd have to take us


The other two guffawed and he grinned and blushed at what he'd just said.

"Or we'd take you," he emended.

"What you mean is I'd have to take the lot of you. Maybe the lot of you

could take me?"

Before this double challenge could be answered, Number One beckoned to a

guy in the corner, incongruously dressed for a leather bar in a business suit.

He whispered to him, pointing at me. He took me aside.

"Er, I don't expect you have a card on you, Mr........? No, er, well you

wouldn't, I guess. Here's mine. I am the agent for these gentlemen - I

arrange all their meetings, exhibitions etc as well as looking after their affairs.

Now I understand this meeting is to be quite er, informal and unofficial and I

don't have to arrange any terms - that's just fine, but there are one or two

things you should understand - three against one, you know!....."

It's not necessary to go into all he told me: it was mainly ensuring the

Team's indemnity against anything that might "happen" in such as threeagainst-

one situation. I explained that I could look after myself thankyou,

that I could take anything that was coming my way and that there was no

need for him or them to worry about a thing.

Or so I thought at the time.


However, he explained they wanted him to "prepare" me and would I please

follow them to the house. We all got onto our bikes and he followed us in

his little car.

And here we were - are.

Number Three was still grinning all over his pretty boy face - that face that

was so contradicted, so enhanced by the enormous wealth of muscle he

carried on him. Now they were all more-or-less naked (Three was still

wearing his chaps but nothing underneath them) I could fully appreciate their

mammoth, monumental, mouth-watering mountains of muscle.

When all three had closed in on me, Two and Three both pulled up benches

to sit on (Two inevitably seizing a large dumbell to curl with) and One led off

the inquisition.

"So, now you can see what we've all got to offer, which one of us d'you


"Well, it was Pretty-Billy over there that got me into all this but, if you must

know, I wanna take all three of you."

"One by one, or all three at once?"

I rattled my chains. "Doesn't seem like you've left me much choice, but I

can do one-on-one or all three at once - whatever you guys decide to do

with me."

Two: Shit, man! Little muscle boy's greedy!

Three stood up: Yeah. My name's Billy, and you may think I'm pretty, but

can you deal with all this?"

He muscled into a Most-muscular and flexed a huge bi under my nose.

"Think you could take this up your ass?"

"You bet I could!"


Two pushed into the middle of the group and ripped down his hotpants. The

huge thickness of his dick jabbed into my abs.

"Maybe you think you could take two of these up your ass at the same time

and the third down your throat?"

"Promise or threat? I can take anything you wanna give me BUT..."

And here I paused, glaring at Billy-Boy.

"BUT.... some time tonight I need to get my hot rod into his hot muscleass!"

One reasserted himself. He got real close and started to massage my oiled

muscles with his big, calloused paws. (Felt great, by the way)

"How'd ya like to rassle with the three of us in the oilpit? Have all three of

us sit on your face and jack you off? Fuck you both ends at the same


"Sounds great!" I gasped,

Billy interrupted. "Hey guys! Tim, Troy! I think musclebutt here needs

something more than a lot of fucking dick, He needs a helluva lot of

MUSCLE. I'd like to see him get as big as we are, then we could

really have fun with him! Whadda you say, Troy?"

"If that's what you all want, I don't see why not - but what does Musclebutt

have to say about it? Do you want to be as big as we are?"

Two: "Stupid question! What bodybuilder doesn't want to be as big as we


Billy wound his fucking great arms around me and pressed our pecs and abs

tight together. He started to slide his muscle against my oily ones,

whispering into my ear.

"Wanna be like me, Musclebutt? Wanna get big muscles and a big dick like

mine? Wanna fuck with me night after night and let the others fuck us both


all day? Wanna work out with us and take Troy's stuff and get huge?

Whadda you say, Studpole?" He grabbed mine and started to jack it. The

leather bands tightened excruciatingly around my root as my nuts demanded

instant release. Which they didn't get.

I blew into his ear, licked it, and said "You bet I do, stud!" and bit his ear.

"I saw that! I saw that!" yelled Two. "Where my family come from in Sicily

that means a challenge!"

"And so it is!" I snarled as Two yanked Billy off me and grabbed my dick.

"This whole fucking night's gonna be a challenge!"

"You know, Tim," reasoned One (Troy), "we've often talked about getting a

fourth muscle-stud to match up with us. The exchange of DNA as we grow

him will be great for us all - then no one will ever get left out of our Games!

Friend, are you prepared to take what we give you and give us what you've

got, and so get to be as big as us - no backing out?"

I looked at Doctor Troy's great, beautiful, huge, full, striated morphed muscle

and pulled myself up to his height on my chains, swung my thighs around

his waist, some how yanking his posing strap off with my toes, and rammed

my butt down on his freed and rampant cock which I started to fuck with my

swinging butt.

"You gonna be first, Doc, or what?"

I clamped my mouth on his full and inviting lips and sucked the air out of

his lungs as we fucked each other, swinging in mid-air. He groaned each

time his dick collided with the egg. Big Fucker Two got behind me to

massage my slippery pecs. I felt his questing fingers run lightly over the

thick striations and across my abdominal alps before he homed in on my

nips and started to twist them. Hard.

I gasped: that's always a superb turn-on for me - as if I needed one with all

the hunky muscle that was squeezing in on me from all sides.

Billy - it seemed that was Three' s name - launched himself through the air

and grabbed the bar over my head. He did four or five pull-ups, his gigantic


and monumentally erect dick wiping its pre-cum over my face as he did so.

After the fifth he clamped his crazy quads around my neck - and, I guess

around Tim's behind me -- pulled me in towards him so that his fucker

could shove itself into my mouth.

Synching with Troy's anal thrusts, Billy's dick was welcomed in and out of my

throat, sucked hard by my cheeks and my tongue. Tim had somehow fixed

some alligator clamps to my nips - to keep them awake and aware, I guess

- and now had his fists wrapped around my dick and balls which, more from

pleasant frustration than actual pain, were now enjoying extreme pressure

from their bonds.

"Tim, make sure he doesn't cum, OK?" yelled Troy as his fuck-thrusts grew

even more passionately demanding.

"Yeah, make sure!" Echoed Billy with his dick lodged deep in my gullet.

"Maybe you'd both better come out of him then - don't wanna waste it all

on the prelims, do we? Think he's had a good enough taste of some of our


They pulled out of me and / or dropped off me. By now my nuts were

screaming at me for release of their pent-up treasure an my arms were

beginning to feel pulled out of their sockets. So I did a few pull-ups to

induce some blood into my arms while the Three stood nattering below me,

jacking each other's slime-covered dicks as they watched me restoring my

upper limbs.

"We're gonna let you down," said Tim, "but I guess we can trust you not to

complicate matters while we prepare for the next onslaught?"

"Fuck, Tim! I'll make sure of that!" Billy wrapped his arms around me and

dragged my soul out of my mouth with the kiss I'd been hankering for for

some time. I wrapped my arms around his huge lats and grabbed upwards

on those cannon balls called delts while gyrating my oily muscle against his

hard and sweaty muscle-meat.

We were both getting off on the kiss when I suddenly felt a jab in my butt.

Billy increased his power-hold on me and I looked over my shoulder to see


Troy grinning and removing a horse-sized hypo from my glutes.

"Just making you feel comfy!" grinned the Doc.

Tim ordered: "Hold on to him tight,. Billy, till he feels the effect of the dope!."

"Fuck, guys - I don't need any dope! The three are enough

to.....aaw shit.....aaw fuck yeah...........feelin' good, guys!"

Something was building up in my innards that wasn't just the hum of the

egg which suddenly grew stronger. I saw the remote in Tim's paw and his

thumb was moving something on the dial. I started to paw at the bonds

dividing my nuts as these were threatening to become excruciating. But it

wasn't them, and it wasn't the egg, it as something causing my libido to

swell towards splitting the sexual universe.

My knees gave way and Billy let me slide down his magnificence and laid me

on one of the leather benches. My head was getting woozier by the minute

and my tongue too thick to speak coherently.

"He was right, Doc - he doesn't need the ball-straps - he's so turned on to

us already that your stuff's giving his libido its own head."

"Yeah, Troy," said Billy's voice, "he';s enjoying himself so much, this birds's

not going anywhere for a while. Get 'em off him."

I was groaning contentedly, still in Billy-boy's huge arms. The smiling Doc

Troy leaned over us both and I felt his deft surgeon's fingers undoing the

straps. Immediately my dick enlarged itself by at least twenty-five percent

and my nuts rejoiced as they churned. He stroked it gently until Billy

slapped his hands away.

"Hey, Doc! Don't get him to cum now! His first dose is mine, anyway! Tim,

get that thing going!"

He clamped his big blonde hand tight around my balls as Tim upped the

current of the egg-throb about a hundred percent. I almost took off as it

revved up.


"Billy, not sure how much this dick of mine can wait to get into him: you've

both been in him already! How soon, Doc?"

"Oh, I should say he'll reach max in about two minutes, then we can all play

with him!"

I was feeling pretty fuckin' good already and I grabbed Billy and pulled him

on top of me and started to hump both our dicks against our abs.

Whatever the shit was, it was turning me on more than pot, EX and poppers

could combined. I started to wrestle with Billy, on to the floor, rolling about

the padded leather floor. Feeling I could conquer and fuck him whenever I


Of course, I couldn't. However Troy had magnified my senses, Billy was still

a lot bigger and a lot stronger than me. Now he had me in some hold

(prohibited of course by the Wrestling Association) with the scarlet dripping

knob of his dick an inch away from my face and his fist up my ass. Shit, all

that muscle on top of me felt good and I was making the most of it.

With a good indrawn suck I managed to guide the thick thread of musclehoney

dripping from his cock into my mouth. Shit, it was potent! My head

started to hum as the warmth slipped downs my innards. Billy grinned.

"Lot more where that came from, bud, and you're gonna get it all!"

"Yeah, fuck me!" commanded my new-regained voice. "Want you all to fuck

me! Shit guys, get on with it!"

The Doctor's voice pontificated from somewhere above me.

"His receptors are fully open now - what say we give him his first Main Shot

now? Be good to feel him growing while we're all fucking, wouldn't it?"

Yeah, FUCK me, ALL of you! Wanna feel you fuck me NOW!"

"Greedy punk, aren't you?" grinned Billy as he fed his dick in my mouth

where I sucked on the huge tip like a baby.

"Yeah, Doc, do it!" growled Tim. "Gotta get inside that butt right now!"


My ultra-flaked brain was so involved with examining and relishing the

magnitude of Billy's knob, and with analyzing the seeping muscle juice I was

sucking out of his outsize piss-slit, that I hardly noticed when an ice-cold

needle was slid into my nuts. I did feel them both being inflated by whatever

Troy was pumping into them but any concern I might have felt in different

circumstances was completely overlaid by Tim's triumphant entrance into my


Billy had scriggled himself around so that his dick was thrusting itself down

my throat from behind my head. I didn't really take that into account

because I felt my legs being pulled up over a massive pair of shoulders and

the Leaning Tower of Pisa demanding entry to my innards.

As Tim started his massive pile-driving thrusts up my love-canal, the effect

on my joy-button was increased by Troy's lips closing around my own semispurting

member. As Tim's corona collided with the electric egg he yelled

orgasmically at the effect. Not content with this, he upped the current again

and drove in even more passionately.

"Shit, guys! Bin a long time since my dick was being fucked by such a tight

twat! Fuck yeah! And he knows how to use those butt-muscles to squeeze it

outa ya real good!"

A few monumental thrusts later by both dicks, Troy announced it was his

turn and, somehow I was spun around to receive Troy's outsize number up

my ass and Tim's down my throat. Looking up at the joyful image in the

mirror over our heads I could see Tim sucking away at Billy's vastly inflated


Some fucking good picture! But my ass was telling me it might have had all

it could take and I started to murmur and mutter a bit accordingly. Billy,

who was after all only being sucked by his number one lover, seemed to

sense my predicament before the others.

"Hell, guys! I haven't had a chance to fuck him yet, and his cunt's getting

sore already. And I found him first! He's mine, fuck you two!"

"It's - uunh - OK, Billy - unnh - his change - should be - unnh unnh -

starting any time now. Unnh Unnh Unhh - Look, unnh - his pecs - unnh


unhh - growing already! UNNH UNNH UNHH!"

Troy definitely erupted up me at that moment and, though I could feel a very

satisfying torrent pouring through my guts, my hands, suddenly freed by Tim,

grabbed at my pecs which were indeed swelling like hot- air balloons. My

nips were red-hot to the touch and were growing like miniature Vesuvii even

as I pulled ran my palms across them.

With Troy still jetting his final spasms inside me I started to writhe in a

mixture of agony and ecstacy as I felt my abs swelling and Billy's hands

caressing them. At that moment Tim almost suffocated me with his own jetstream

down my throat, but he did have the grace or the sense to pull out

and jet most of his splooge across my face and now-red-hot chest.

"Shit, men - look at these delts spreading!" he said, with some kind of awe in

his voice.

"Fuck you both!" yelled Billy. "He's MINE and I wanna feel all this!"

So saying he pushed both Troy and Tim off me and stuck his hugely

impatient dick where it best belonged - up my ass. He crashed his

enormous chest down on top of mine, wrapped his meaty arms around me

and held me as tight to his torso as he could while he started to pile-drive

inside me. He pulled my burgeoning chest up against his and, once again,

stuck his tongue down my throat.

This was what we had both been waiting for ever since I'd walked into the

Eagle. And now, joined to each other by passion and with splooge, we now

got what we both wanted.

Sheer Heaven.

As we rubbed against each other, outside and in, we were both enjoying

supreme muscle-sex as well as appreciating my ever growing, ever-bulging

and stretching muscles. My dick was HUGE against the cobblestones of his

giant ex-teen abs as they grated it against my own well-lubed musclemounts.


As they provided a continual stream of excited commentary about the way I

was "developing", one of the others maneuvered my thickening quads round

Billy's waist so that I could lock his pelvis-driven dick further up me.

"He's nearly there!" yelled Troy, somewhere above me. I had been clenching

my eyes shut so as to better experience the sensations of growth and, more,

of Billy's rhapsodic fuck-mechanism, but now I opened them to stare

unfocussed into his bright blue ones as our tongues sucked away at each

other. Almost simultaneously we started to growl down each other's throats

as the sap rose mightily within us both and threatened to drown the world.

Our heads fell back from each other; we roared out our fuckstacy and

clutched out torsos even tighter against each other as we both ejected

mammoth torrents of hot splooge into and onto each other. At the same

time Tim and Troy, whose hands had not been idle, drenched us both with

thern own silver streams and their own yells of sexual triumph.

When our joint spasms had subsided, Troy yelled excitedly.

"Let him up! Let him up, Billy! He needs to see what we've done with him!"

As Billy obligingly pulled his dick out of my still-hungry depths, I found

myself roaring and pushed him off me to stagger to my feet. He quickly

jumped up, everything dripping (as was I), making sure I didn't keel over. I

hardly had time to notice that I was now easily as big as he was before three

pairs of hands grabbed me and turned me towards the mirrors. There I was

greeted by the sight of this gigantic, and ultra-handsome muscle monster, his

hugely-pumped muscles glittering in the spotlights with golden sweat. And

silver cum.

I roared with delight when I realized it was ME, beat my chest, flexed my

pecs, doubled my split bis, spread my lats and generally indulged in

exhibitionistic ecstacy as I saw my veins swell under the paper-thin skin and

every striation of huge muscle reveal itself under the lights.

Then I saw Billy grinning beside me, matching me pose for pose. I turned

away from the mirror to gaze for a moment at the blonde paragon of muscle

monsters I had been lusting after all night, then, with another almighty roar,

flung my new-muscled self upon him. Bore him halfway across the chamber


and slammed him down on to a double-king-size black leathered bed, pulled

his legs up and jammed my still-unsatisfied dick up his greedy and

welcoming ass.

Although I was principally concerned in giving Billy the fuck of his life (sorry,

Tim!) I was vaguely away through the mirrors of Tim launching himself at

Troy, pulling him half-way up his chest, then ramming Troy's butt down on

his vertical satin-shod steel fuckrod before they too both collapsed on to the

ground in an orgy of sexuality.

The rest of the night and beyond passed in a general orgy of sexuality: no

holds were barred and no limit were placed on partnerships in any fashion,

direction or combination.

The same could be said of out entire existence thereafter: the Three

Muscleteers had found their own D'Artagnan and he had found them.

The Three became Four and set out to provide the world with supreme

examples of what could be achieved through the hottest muscle-sex known

to Man.

The Author's most profound thanks are of course due to Matt, of

HSMusclBoy [[email protected]], who invented, and happily

continues to invent Tim and Billy (as well as Billy's brothers and Matt's

sensational new Asian Stud) and to FanTCdude who "fathered" Doctor Troy

is his story "Twelve Steps Backwards" which can be found in the archives of

MuscleGrowthStories at Matt's entire Billy/Tim

oeuvre can be found at •

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