Billy Through the Looking Glass

Why Musclebuff disappeared…

By Musclebuff

Another excerpt of The Billy Saga: BILLY SAGA PART FOUR

I was sitting in front of my computer, hacking myself off to a Billy Morph - BillyContest2 - when he suddenly moved and spoke to me. He flexed one bicep till it split in two and the veins popped up all over it, grabbed his swollen package with the other and spoke.

Hey Dude! What're you doing? Jacking off for me? Looks like a real nice boner - want to come on here and show me? You just have to wish for it and you can join us in here.

You prepared to give up your world and come to live in mine? No regrets or nothing? You could never go back. From the moment I close these big guns of mine round you and shove my tongue down your throat and my dick up your ass, you'd cum and then there's no going back.

You say you want that? Only that? Look at these great muscles, boy - wanna feel them? Want to possess them? Wanna be like me and my brothers? You'd really give up everything to be part of my world?

We'd fuck you into shape till you get as big as us, then all you have to do all day and night is fuck, suck, work out and grow! That all you want? We've been watchin' you from this side for some time and we'd sure like to have you in here with us - Me, Billy, my bro and Tim and the other guys we've fucked into shape. We're always ready for new meat! I think you'd really enjoy it!

OK, dude! Grab hold of your dick and go on jackin' off. When your dick's real hard, get some of your pre-cum and suck it off your finger, then put your hand on my dick on the screen and in you'll come.

You ready for all this? You sure? OK, dude, get jackin'!

Astonished, I did everything he said. As I jerked off he encouraged me all through the process with helpful dialog, like:

Yeah, dude! Just imagine wrapping that hand round my mega-fuckrod! How'd ya like to get your mouth round this, huh? Big enough for you? How'd ya like it pounding your butt? Too big for you? What - nothing's too big? Heu, dude - promises, promises! Well, let's give it a whirl, man! Can't wait to stuff this big boner up your tight pussy! While it's pounding your ass, how'd ya like to grab a couple 'a handfuls of these meaty pecs, dude? Turn you, on, huh? That's right, boy - jerk off for Billy! C'mon, boy! harder! Faster! Your Billy's getting impatient! Feel it cumming up that big boner of yours? Can you imagine my fingers teasin' your joy-button - squeezing it maybe? Yeah- yeah - that's right! Cum for Billy! Jerk off for me, babe! Yeahhhhhhh! Look at all that joy juice! I said, use your pre-cum, but this is even better! C'mon now, take my hand and put the other on my dick!

And I did - I reached out towards the screen with a hand full of gism (what was left when I'd swallowed half of it at Billy's behest) and felt his massive paw grab mine and tug. I seemed to fly through the air - lights flashed, bells rang - and I came down HARD on to Billy's naked lap from whence his impatient and weeping boner went straight up my surprised but very willing fuck-chute. I was sitting on the massive fuckpole of my hero and being bounced up and down on it like a kid while I steadied myself by grabbing his thick, hard, swollen, impossibly desirable pecs.

Goodbye, world! Hello, Billy!

So you wanna be one of us? He asked as he fucked away. Well, you're not bad built but you've gotta long way to go, dude! We'll get some of Tim's stuff and get working on you. At least your butt's big enough to take what I'm giving you now! Just hope you can take Tim's and my big 'bro's as well! You'll have to get used to servicing all three of us if you want to stay and grow.

No problem, I said, and started to bounce higher and harder. He pulled my head down, stuck his luscious lips on mine and invaded my throat with an impatient tongue. Slurp, slurp! Bounce, bounce! Both the dick and the tongue seemed to get thicker as he fucked away. My hands were glued to those wonderful, impossible pecs, his steel-hard prominent nips biting deliciously into the palms of my hands.

What have we here, new recruit? Asked a voice behind me. Billy pulled his mouth away from mine and shoved my face down on to one of those dick-sized nips - at least, it felt as big as a dick as I started to chew and slurp around it and the surrounding slab of muscle.

Sure, 'Bro, and a good one too, 'f you ask me. He sure knows how to suck and my boner feels great up his muscle-pussy.

I slipped my mouth over to the other huge nip, licking my way down the great chasm between the two pecs and across the underside of the opposite muscle.

'Bro - I'll be there in a sec, then you can have his ass.

The frantic upheavals at my rear end as Billy worked himself up into a lather climaxed in a mighty jet into my innards of what felt like a gallon of red-hot muscle-juice. He pulled my face back to his mouth and started to fuck that again with his tongue. Two mighty hands grabbed my waist to lift me off Billy's still-hard rod; the aching emptiness was immediately filled, with force, by an even bigger instrument of ecstatic promise which proceeded to power-fuck me where I lay across Billy's lap.

I had now come twice and began to wonder how Billy's promises were going to be carried out. I needn't have worried. As we were soul/throat fucking, his hands roamed over my own pecs and abs and across my delts. As he caressed and squeezed I could feel the muscles growing already: this had the extra effect of stiffening my own fuck-rod (when would it ever get into someone else?) Which I could feel was being fucked itself by Billy's pulsating ab muscles as it slid up and down between and across their deep ravines.

A deep dark voice behind Billy intruded. Tim, of course!

Say, 'bro, make room for me!

Hi, Tim! Just in time! I've planted him already - now it's time to "row" him up!

I was suddenly yanked up off Billy's divine bulk and pulled back to sit on Big 'Bro's lap. His hands were now clenched on my pecs. Tim materialized between me and Billy: he pushed my legs into the air and mashed the head of his humungous equipment against the hole that was well-filled by Big 'Bo's dick. Not to be discouraged, Tim shoved hard until my surprised but willing pussy opened its muscles to receive both huge whangers at once. The two giants started to synchronize their attack: one in, the other out, then both together, and so on, driving me crazy with lustful excitement.

Billy appeared at my side to kneel and seize my weeping whanger in his hand, jacking it hard with its good lube from my pre-cum.

Told ya it needed all three of us to process you. You soon wonlt know yourself and we'll have another fuck-mate! Yours and my DNAs are already mixed - now you just need to mix in with Tim and my Big 'Bro here and you'll be one of us in no time!

Even as the two big guys were fucking me I could feel myself swelling. I put my hand wherever I could on the available parts of my anatomy and felt an already huge difference.

As Billy's mouth descended on to my dick, I felt some heavenly abandon as Tim spoke.

How're ya doin', Big 'Bro? I'm nearly there.

Me too. Hey, piggy, you've gotta cum at the same time as us - ready?

Yeah! Yeah! I gasped as Billy's mouth and teeth did their divine work.

Here we go, boys!


All three of us erupted. Those two dicks up my pussy felt like Niagara changing course and Billy's mouth and face were filled to overflowing by the biggest load I've ever ejected. Even as the other two guys were still jetting into me, Billy looked up at Tim who leaned down to receive half my load from Billy's lips.

Leave some for me, guys! The two bro's slurped the remains of my gism in and out of each other's mouths as Tim pulled out and stood up.

That just leaves one thing for us to do, guys.

Billy pulled me to my feet, yanking Big 'Bro's dick unceremoniously out of my pussy. By now I was swaying in the breeze. He turned me round and grabbed my swelling pecs from behind. The two big(ger) guys got to their knees and started to milk my thrice-used dick between them. As Billy pinched my nips (hard) AND dry-fucked my glute-cleavage from the rear, I put a hand on each of the other's massive delts to steady myself as they started in on me in earnest. No one has ever milked me like this and now I had two of them at it - and with their huge flexing delts under my hands!

As the two big guys made a meal of my dick, slobbering, sucking, teasing and tweaking, Billy kept whispering in my ear.

Soon be there, dude! Can you feel your muscles swelling? Jeez, man ,just look at you!

You're already a different guy from the one that came in! Soon be able to rassle with us, and fuck, and work out - and be our permanent toy-boy. Imagine how much cum and butt you're going to consume when we've done with you! You're making me hot to think of it! Time to give something, back, boy!

He stood on Tim's and Big 'Bros' shoulders and rammed his succulent, enormously swollen and dripping boner into my mouth. I sucked and slurped in synch with the two who were dealing with me. Soon we all came and our muscle and faces and mouths were stuffed and gleaming with the magnificent output.

My three heroes stood round me.

Here's the last part of your treatment! Tim said. Enjoy!

They stuck me, face up, on to a revolving stool - one grabbed my legs up into the air and stuffed his still-dripping/swollen/beautiful boner up my ass while another grabbed my head between his world-class quads and did likewise to my mouth.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! They all chanted as they rammed me into ecstacy once more. The first two (Billy and Tim) came - I was swung round so that Big 'Bro got my ass and Tim (who had had my ass) got my mouth. We all came again - my jets were bigger and longer with every delivery (this is against nature!) - then I was swung round so that Billy got my ass and Bro got my mouth. This last eruption was the biggest and longest of them all. Just try and imagine being fucked at both ends in sequence by the three hottest, hugest, muscle-studs of all time!

With each ingestion every muscle on my body swelled some - now, when they picked me up and stood me beside them I could see - and feel - that I was as big as the biggest! The gym mirror was filled by the four of us, the joy-juice and sweat highlighting and glistening on every muscle. We roared roar after roar as we hit all the big muscle poses in time with each other - most muscular, double bi and lat spread from both sides, side chest and tricep, most muscular after most muscular, roar upon roar - there had never been such a pose-down.

The floor and mats were now a giant puddle of cum and sweat.

You're one of us now, boy! Tim yelled as he launched himself on top of me. We crashed to the mats, quickly followed by the other two, and started a mammoth 4-way oil-sex rassle. (Can-Am, weep your heart out!) After a lot more cumming and a lot more muscle-clutching we took time out to EAT.

You've gotten a lot from us but you've also spilled so much protein today, boy, and you need to replenish your stores to keep BIG!

So they poured gallons of pro-mix down me, as well as sticking me with vet-sized syringes of Tim's "special". Then it was time to work out. Wow. That was a new experience, working out with those three giants. Kept forgetting I was one too!

But it was only when we finally laid down together for the night, and the three of them were breathing beside me, that I realized the reality of it all. This was IT! No going BACK! Just a life of muscle-fuckstacy! Just PERFECT for I was really one of THEM!

...........a new life for Musclebuff! Cheers, everyone! And thanks, Matt! •

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