Billy Saga, The


By Musclebuff

For some reason I was blissfully alone. I had declined the inevitable invitation to join the muscle-stud beach-ball game and was lying there, letting these big muscles soak up some rays. I can never get too tanned, besides the muscles look even better, the darker I get. Especially under the sweat and the sun-tan oil which I had spread lovingly, sensuously over every part I could reach of this very special muscle-meat body.

So, I was lying there, naked in all my muscular glory except for the oil and my insufficient red thong which was becoming more and more so, or less and less sufficient, whatever, as I fantasized over who I might call for an evening's sport, or which bar I might descend on to size up the available meat, and what I might do with it when I'd found it, when I became aware that the usual testonic hullabaloo that accompanied beach-ball had fallen silent.

I wasn't interested enough to break off my reverie and find out why, so I let Peace reign supreme as my thumb rubbed up and down the ever-stiffening meat in my thong. When you're not expecting to be interrupted and the mushroom helmet of your dick is enjoying the circular ministrations of your thumb and forefinger, a nearby voice can give you quite a shock.

"Well, lookee here, Billy! This stud seems to be enjoying himself!"

"Yeah - got some good muscle on him too."

Could they be talking about me? Unlike many bodybuilders my abs and pecs do not disappear when I'm lying flat on my back and, in case they were talking about me, my instant reaction was to flex them subtly, knowing that the heat and the oil had satisfactorily cooked them and brought up the thick vascularity for which I was famous. My lats spread inevitably wider and my quads reflected the instant reaction of my dick as it suddenly reached maximum proportion. Yes, I know how to show myself off, in most all situations.

But now I couldn't resist half opening my eyes under the shades and what I saw made me flex my abs into an elbow crunch position.

"Shit, Billy! You've woken the pretty guy up!"

"Hey Dude!" said the blonde called Billy as he gently prodded my knee with a sandal. "Wanna play with us?"

I would have told anyone else that afternoon to fuck off but I was being confronted by two of the biggest dudes I'd ever met. From where I lay beneath them their proportions were amazing - even by my standards. They both seemed, the big blonde buy called Billy and the big dark one with the George Clooney five day-growth (called ?) to be the same height. Their huge quads easily out-measured their narrow waists while their pecs overhung their eight-packs with a thickness I'd never seen on a guy - not even when I look in a mirror at myself.

Even though they were standing on each side of my legs their delts easily filled the gap between them, cutting the sun out of my eyes and allowing me to appreciate their full glory. Beyond them, between their magnificdently spread wheels, I could see the ball-game studs were rooted to the sand like statues and I derived a certain satisfaction from the fact that the huge duo had singled me out to address.

"Hey, Timmy! I think he wants to - wow! get that big dick on him, it's throbbing already!"

"Cat's got his tongue, Billy - better ask him again."

"Wanna play with us, dude?"

"Sh-sh-sure, guys."

Billy put out a huge paw and I grasped it. Electricity shot through me as he pulled me to my feet where I realized just how huge they both were. They closed in on me, making me the meat in their sandwich. Billy pulled me up, turned me around and pulled me back against his chest while Tim rammed his pecs and crotch up against mine. I could feel his steel-tipped nips drill into my upper pecs and Billy's drilling into my lats. Billy's hands cupped my big pecs, squeezing the twin erections of my nips between his fingers. Tim had hold of my thick arms and my hands were invited to wrap around his monstrous lats.

I couldn't pretend I, not even I was as big as they were: they both gave me four or five inches in height and the thickness of torso defined belief. Tim's back felt like a satin covered field of living boulders as he pulled me into a soul-demanding kiss.

Caught, squeezed, rammed between the walls of all that muscle, my brain did a number on itself, sending Instant Messages to my dick which erupted in violent great spasms . MY dick had long ago forced its way out of the thong and I jetted an unprecedented amount of torrential splooge all over Tim's abs and chest. I could feel the power of the jet crashing against the overhang of those mammoth pecs and forcing it way up the cleavage almost to his chin

"Hey Billy! This one's ready for us - no doubt about it! Now be a good muscle-stud, whatever your name is, and clean your jizz off my bod, huh?"

My head was pushed down and I willingly, lasciviously slurped up my spontaneous and copious outburst off those cobbled pecs, moving up to take advantage of those pecs. As I leaned forward to reached his nips I felt the dick behind me nudging into my ass cleavage. I shuddered in anticipation and, against all precedent, stuck out my top-man's butt back against the invader who was pulling my glutes apart while Tim wrapped my arms around his loins and stuck his dick down my throat.

I could hear groans all around me and got off on the feeling that all those muscle-studs on the beach were profiting from this exhibition to indulge their own sexual fantasies in whatever ways they chose. I slurped greedily on Tim's veined monster at the same time as my butt was ramming backwards against Billy's thrusts into my interior. The three of us were one magnificent muscle-machine in the hottest of hot actions. Hands were grabbing, grasping, sliding over hot oily, sweaty muscle. Billy started to groan and grabbed my dick.

"C'mon, Tim! Give it to him - I'm nearly there............."

"Sheeit Billy, this is too good to hurry......"

But when I started to groan around his dick he got the message and started pumping harder and faster down my throat while Billy echoed his rhythm up my ass and with his hands jacking off my dick.

With a roar all three of us came and simultaneously fell down on to my blanket where we lay in a tangle of muscle, sweat, sun-tan oil and cum. Now

we could see what the fascinated onlookers were up to as they too let themselves go - even the straight guys had apparently turned gay as they watched the three of us perform for them.

When they had all exhausted their splooge for us, they limped back towards their interrupted game. Them Tim jerked me to my feet and the three of us raced into the surf where we washed the sand off each other's muscles and enjoyed a lot more, a LOT more physical contact, muscle to muscle, mouth to mouth, while we did so.

"So," said Tim, "it looks as if we've found what we were lookin' for for the weekend, Billy. Whaddya say?"

"Sure. Tim, none better!"

I didn't seem to have a voice in this decision and, surprisingly, I didn't really care. If that's what these two sex-gods wanted, so be it.

We walked up from the surf to retrieve our long-lost thongs to the cheers and much filthy yelling from the onlookers. It wad decided, by Tim, that I would ride on the back of Billy' cycle while he followed us in my Hummer.

"Just try not to cum on Billy's rear end till we get you home, OK? Makes such a mess."

Easier said than done. My pecs plastered on to Billy's huge naked back, with my erect dick half up his ass and pre-lubing his lower back, with my hands enjoying the luscious thickness of those gorgeous pecs, not to mention the cum-inducing jolts which felt as if an invisible dick was jamming up my muscle-cunt with every bump of the highway all the way home.

"Home" was an amazing barn-like structure, a giant open space which served as living-room, bed-room, gym and - dungeon. It also housed both their bikes and, for the moment, my Hummer.

"Wow" was all I could find to say.

"Like it?" said Billy as I fondled some massive piece of exercise equipment. "Had to get most of it special-built."

"I'm not surprised!" I said, as I surveyed their wondrous physiques with a, now, more objective eye. Every muscle was huge, super-human, tight, full, striated and beautifully proportionate. Eat your hearts out, Olympians! These two could knock you all into a cocked-hat! Tim was a lot more hairy than Billy, who was basically smooth except where the blonde bushes broke out at armpit and crotch. Almost the same height and size in every respect, the blonde and the dark complemented each other perfectly.

Between them they explained their own long-lasting relationship, the fact that they both enjoyed playing the field a lot but always in each other's company.

"Things were a bit different once," said Tim, "I always had to be the macho top, but before Billy met me he could have who he wanted - and took them,, man or woman, boy or girl."

"Yeah," smiled Billy, "for a long time he insisted on me being his bottom boy and I'd have to go out and find my bottoms - which Tim didn't appreciate much......'

"However- " interrupted Tim with some embarrassment, "things changed.."

"In more ways than one!" chimed in Billy

"Billy, utter another word.........!"

Billy collapsed, stifling his giggles with a well-used, grungy old jock-strap, and allowed Tim to explain how they now both swung both ways and how did that take me? I told them I'd always, but always, been only a top but -

"But what?"

"But, now I've met you two, I'm not so sure...."

Billy whooped and flung himself on top of me, burying my mouth with his lips. Somehow Tim got me turned around so that he could a) get his tongue down my throat and b) get a couple of fingers up my ass. Time to assert myself.

I reared up, grabbed Billy and pulled him backwards on to my lap where my, apparently, permanently erect dick found its way in one thrust up his fuckchute. Billy yelped.

"Shit, Tim! He's almost as big as you!"

"But not as big as me!" yelled Tim as he pushed the full weight of my hips, with Billy attached to them, up into the air and then let the two of us fall so that our combined weight allowed Tim's monster to ram its full length up my muscle-chute in one blow.

There was Billy, lying on top of me and skewered by my rampant dick, while I was lying on top of Tim, skewered in turn by his rampant dick. We soon got into a good rhythm and it wasn't long before Billy was jetting a fountain of splooge into the upper atmosphere of the barn.

With a mighty effort Tim uprooted the lot of us so that he was lying on top of me and I was lying on top of Billy, with my hands full of Billy pec-meat. Tim rammed into me a few times, then I pushed his hips up a bit so that I could activate myself between Billy's cunt and Tim's dick.

"Unnh! Unnh! Unnh!" I went, chugging deliciously and violently between the two of them, with Tim twisting my man-nips to encourage even more violent thrustings between the two giants until we all came again. Far from exhausting us, each event seemed to leave us more energized for the next.

We lay back on the (leather) couch to recover for a moment. I waxed enthusiastically like some stupid fan over their totally awesome muscle and Tim kept saying he knew a way he could get me up to their standard - if I behave myself tonight. If I did behave myself, he foresaw a long future for the three of us.

Billy got up. "OK, guys - time for some serious fun."

"Oh yes!" said Tim. getting to his feet.

The two of them stood over me, glistening with sweat and cum, their huge dicks, semi-tumescent and magnificent in their vascularity, waving in my face. They both glittered with some dangerous predatory intent.

"Think we need to set him a good example, Billy?"

"Oh, yeaaaaah!" grinned Billy.

They pounced on me and, though I fought back against all their 700n pounds of muscle as best I could, they soon had me chained tight to a huge Andre's Cross at the end of the barn. If truth be told, I kinda enjoyed rasslin' with the pair of them in certain knowledge I was going to lose.

Before they chained me there, they hoisted me up on a little seat - at least, I thought it was a little seat until I felt the big dildo jammin' up into my rear end. Before I could object a cock-gag had been stuffed into my mouth and

Billy had buckled it behind my neck. (This would certainly prevent him from joining in the dialogue and save me a bit of work. Ed.)

"OK, Tim - you can switch him on."

Tim disappeared from view for a moment , then I heard a click and the dildo started to vibrate wildly in my deepest insides.

"So, we'll let you enjoy yourself for a while - look, Billy, he's hard already."

"MUST be enjoying himself!"

Without further explanation, music came from somewhere and these two started their incredible lap-dance just three feet away from my imprisoned limbs, all of which of course were dying to join in.

It began with these two musclegods kissing for what seemed like several minutes. Standing in profile to me I could see their huge pecs swelling as their nips erected and dueled with each other. Their giant fuck-rods waved in their own dance, often clashing, often sliding up and down each other. The it was their abs which joined in the dance as each stud in turn bent his knees to slide up against his partner. Their lips never parted but their hands were everywhere, molding, caressing, squeezing. When they hugged, their enormous biceps fought to drag the other guy even closer. Passion grew hotter and hotter and the rhythm of the dance became frenzied as their dicks, already dropping copious cups of pre-cum all over the place, threatened to erupt.

At that point Tim pulled a little back, still holding on to Billy, and sat on a chair. Billy closed in on him, pushing Tim's knees apart as he started to lube Tim's chest and abs with his pre-cum. The great, upward curving dick started to fuck itself in the deep cleavage between Tim's giant pecs as his lover pulled the dark head into his own chest.. From where I was, I could see Billy's butt salaciously weaving from side to side as he pleasured himself on Tim's sweaty torso.

All the while that monster electric dil was pulsing violently against my joy-button and by now I was pouring with passionate sweat, straining to pull away from the cross to join them. No crueller torture had ever been designed by man, I decided, than to prevent me from sinking my whole muscled bod into their arms. This was obviously their intention. Bill half turned to grin wickedly at me as he placed his hands on Tim's outrageous delts and started to push him down to swallow the big blond dick.

As Tim slurped disgustingly on his outsize meal, Billy stretched his torso back in my direction. His hands were behind his head until he reached out to tickle my nips. I groaned, yelled and grunted with frustration through the cock-gag.

Billy's magnificent back stretched back, arched, flexed and spread as Tim tried to suck him to climax. But when the sap began to rise and Billy started to groan in anticipation, Tim turned him around and sat him on his lap, on his treetrunk of a dick. Without changing his rhythm, ever, Billy started to fuck himself on Tim's dick.

"Now give me the lap-dance you promised!" snarled Tim and, good as his word, Billy, still writhing in that sexually maddening way, danced his muscle-cunt up and down on that steely fuck-pole.

Tim had one hand on a Billy-pec, the other on the Billy-dick. Billy, never taking his glittering eyes off me, started to massage the sweat and pre-cum into hois own lats, his chest, his huge veined bis, even his face, licking the sweet honey of his pre-cum off his fingers as he fucked his own mouth with them. Never taking his eyes off me. Then he flexed a humunguous bicep and started to lick it. Never taking his eyes off me. Then the other. Ditto.

Tim grinned at me around a Billy tricep: "Enjoying yourself, bud? I know we are!"

I swore at him as loud as the gag would allow, just as Billy raised his pelvis a little to let Tim start the upward fucking motion himself.

"Aww, shit, Tim! Yeah, fuck me, dude! Gimme all you got! Don't worry Bud, we're just warming you up for the kill! Harder, Tim! Harder! Fuck the jizz outa me!"

Tim slapped both his paws hard on to Billy's pecs and Billy reached back with both arms to use the chair back for additional purchase as both of them rammed up and down against each other.

"Shit! Fuck! Aww, shit, fuck, yeah! Gonna cum!"

"Me too!"

Tim pulled out of Billy's arse and stuck his dick in my direction under Billy's balls. Billy pushed his dick down slightly with the result that I was rewarded with a drowning in cum as they simultaneously jetted across the three feet

and landed with force on my chained muscles. Their torrent dripped down my face, across my pecs where it steamed from the heat my muscles had generated in their captivity.

But worse was to come.

They both proceeded to lick their splooge off every part of my body, salaciously slurping and avoiding my leaping dick which was, by now, frantic. (If you've ever had two giant muscle studs licking you all over, enjoying tyhr thickness of your vascular muscle, without being bale to do a thing about it yourself, you'll know why.) This took time and they were silent throughout the operation. That was because they were saving up every drop of their splooge to vent it into my mouth when they had finished collecting it.

As I swallowed, I felt a tingling run right through my body - starting in the throat, warming the stomach, then reaching out silvery fire into every limb, I started to throb. My muscles started to flex spontaneously and I could feel them swelling.

"Hey. Look, Tim! He's feeling the effect already. Wow!"

"Must have similar DNA to us - never knew it to go so fast except when Doc gives us a shot. Better set him loose or he'll swell into those cuffs."

They unzipped me, gently pulled me off the vibrating dildo and laid me down on a leather sling in the corner.

"Shit, guys! What was IN that jizz of yours? My veins have gotten enormous!"

"Not only your veins," started Billy, but Tim interrupted.

"Don't ask, don't tell. He'll find out soon enough. Looks like he's ready to blow."

And they knelt, sat, on each side of my prostrate self and started to massage me all over.

"Jeez, guys - can't take much of this. I'm fuckin' dying to cum!"

"And so you shall, but this is our party", said Billy, "and you're just the guest!"

Uh-oh. And here I was, lying in that sling, with Tim fastening my feet high and wide into the stirrups.

"Ever heard of a video called 'Poke, Prod and Penetrate'?" asked Tim. ***

I groaned - partly in dread, partly in delighted anticipation. Sure I knew it. All too well. I'd brought myself off with it on more than one occasion, solo and in company. And now???

"Fuck time, Bud!" grinned Billy. "Ever done it like this?"

"Only to other guys."

"First time for everything and you're gonna love it!"

"Unnh! Unnh!"

Billy was inserting at least three lubed fingers up my chute, making sure of reaching my joy-button and giving it a squeeze or two. Then it was four, then five. Twist and turn, poke, prod.

Tim undid something at the back of the sling so that my head fell back into the perfect position to receive that dark, bulbous, dangerous, delicious dick. I squelched my mouth and lips and tongue around it, taking advantage of the great meal I was being offered.

"Jeez, Billy! This guy sure knows how to suck!"

"Give him some more, Tim - the arrogant bastard needs to know who's master around here. Yeah, mastERS too!"

Tim shoved almost the whole of his huge fucker down my thraot and started to pummel my vocal chords. At the same time Billy pulled his fingers out and slammed his huge fucker in to the root to take their place. Those two sure knew how to fuck a guy! Slow, fast, teasing, ramming, always in synch with each other.

Just as I was really getting with it Tim pulled out.

"Shit, I'm tired of this - too vanilla for me! Outa my way, Billy boy!"

*** "Poke, Prod and Penetrate": hot video/DVD from Michael Brandon's magnificent Monster Bang series published by Raging Stallion Studios. See

Billy's fucking had been thick, hard and pretty violent, but nothing compared to Tim's - he was really stoked up after being precooked down my throat. As

Billy chortled with glee I pulled my head up to watch Tim and his fuck-pole entering me. Shit, waht a sight! All that huge, dark and hairy muscle towering over me as he whipped my constantly erect and weeping dick with his treetrunk. Shit, I was gonna cum!

"Nah you don't! Billy get a thong to tie it off!"

And even as Tim started to plow me, Billy was twisting a black leather thong around my root, separating my balls, tying it real tight, till my dick was dark purple and HUGE. He started to polish the knob with the flat of his hand till I was screeaming at him to stop. The more I screamed at this incredible torture the more he chortled and the harder Tim fucked.

And so it went on, ringing the changes, ramming me in turn at both ends and in the middle. Slapping my dick, my face, my abs, my butt, my pecs, twisting my nips till I could hardly catch my breath.

Eventually it was Billy's turn again. This time he shoved his whole Crisco'd hand up my ass till my gates of heaven refused entry to his fist.

"He needs some of this, Billy!"

The brown bottle was waved, practically tipped up, in my nostrils till the amyl practically took the top of my head off. Oh fuck, shit! It was great! The guys helped themselves too and things went real crazy from then on. To begin with, the guardians of my top man's virtue gave up the battle and Billy's whole fist went zooming into the inner chamber.

"Fuck yeah, Billy! Fist that ass! Make me feel that muscle fist! Aww, yeah - slam it in! Punch fuck me!"

"Give him all you got, Billy!"

Wham bam!

"Aww, fuck, yeah! Fuck this ass! Punch that prostate! Fuck fuck fuck! Unnh! Unnh! AARGh! Yeah, Billy, fuck me real good, dude! Harder - harder! Twist that fucking fist! YEAH, NOW you're getting there! Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me! OOOargh, yeah, Fuck yeah! Fuck me to the stars and back! YEAAAAAH!!!!!!! Billy-fuck! Billy-fuck! Billy-fuck! AAAARGH!"

"Anything you say, sir! Tim, gonna come and help me out?"

"Sure! Make way!"

And Billy expanded his fist in my butt just enough to let Tim's dick slide into the palm f hid hand. Then I could feel him close around Tim's huge Yule log as Tim started to jack himself off inside Billy's fist inside me. I could feel Tim's dick throbbing wildly in Billy's grip and eventually -

"OK, Billy - get him ready!"

"Ready" meant that Billy pulled his fist out, leaving Tim inside me, grabbed the brown bottle, took a good whiff for himself, then one for Tim - finally one for me, but not until he'd hoisted all that muscle on top of me, closed my mouth with his own - THEN he gave us a mutual sniff from the bottle.

I groaned into his throat in some kind of crazy delirium. Our big pecs slid together as he finagled his dick into the right place so he could force it into me beside Tim's. One hand managed somehow to untie my thong so my dick could slide unimpeded against the rocky road, rocky sweaty road of his abs.

All without letting go of my mouth. Shit, some talented guy!

As those two monstrous fuck-rods pounded simultaneously into me, Billy and I were constantly breathing in the amyl, that is until he passed it back to Tim for a sniff.

Tim yelled at me as he passed the bottle back for our further consumption of heaven.. "You ready yet , fucker? Don't think Billy and I can hold out much longer!"

I released my lips from Billy's just long enough to yell back.

"Shit, Tim! I've been ready for about two hours, only you two fuckers wouldn't let - "

But then it happened. The dams all broke at the same time and the world, inside and out, was deluged in jizz. The next town must have heard the racket we made.

"Fuck, yeah! Fuck me! Harder - that all you got? Get those fuckin' muscle dicks rammin' my ass!"

"Give 'im all we got, Tim! FUUUUUCK, yeah! Cummin' man! FUUUUUUUCK!"

And so on. And all the while our muscles were jammin' against each other, our pecs somehow demanding closer and closer relationship as if they were separate beings. Now that Billy and I were soaked in my splooge our pecs and abs wanted to grind into each other like the demented lovers we were.

Somehow we managed to pull off from each other and headed to the shower, but the needs of our demanding muscles were still not satisfied. The hot water only seemed to increase our passion as our soapy, steamy, cum-clean muscles continued to make love to each other. All three huge muscle-bods fighting for assimilation and possession.

Some where in the middle of it all my head was telling me that I was feeling that tingle again. As the tangle of muscle and limbs crashed and contorted into and around each other I could feel every part of my musculature swelling. Somehow this transmitted itself to the others.

"Shit, Tim! He's growing again! Feel him!"

And they both started to grab at my muscle, kneading, squeezing, comparing my flexing bis, pecs, quads, whatever, to their own. My hands didn't exactly go into neutral either: they had to feel the new muscle and, more important, Billy's and Tim's.

"Fuck it, Billy! By morning he'll be as big as us!"

"Hey! Just what we wanted, isn't it?"

"Sure is!"

At which point my new muscle, along with my enlarged dick, decided to take the upper hand. First I shoved Billy against the steaming, streaming tiled wall and got my dick rooted in his ass for a good fuck.

"Yeah, dude! Show me what you got! Fuck me as hard as you can. Need to feel it!"

His beautiful, picture-perfect muscle butt closed tightly around my newly-enlarged and throbbing dick. I had to exert all the power of my abs, glutes and hams to force it in to his hot, silky depths. His arms were splayed high on the tiles and I grabbed his bis for extra leverage, enjoying the massively cut thickness of those mountainous peaks which were inciting me to exert even more fuck-power. But not enough for Tim's tastes.

"Shit, Bud! Do I hafta give you fucking lessons?" he said as he grabbed my glutes and shoved his dick deep inside what was now my greedy muscle-cunt.. He proceeded to fuck me with such force and abandon as I had only seen coming from Michael Brandon in his powerfully erotic videos***. All I could do was ram myself backwards onto him and then forward into Billy with the same speedy force as Tim was delivering at my end.

As I splooged into Billy he yelled at me, "Tell Tim it's his turn, stud!"

I dragged my dripping dick out of Billy's rear, shoved Tim onto his four paws and plowed into him with as much force as I could muster, cheered on by Billy as the shower pelted down on top of us.

After our amyl-encouraged output in the sling, this was gonna take some time! Enough time for Billy to rape my throat as he stood astride Tim's head, enough time for him to slide under Tim to get at his dick and to use those mighty abs to curl his torso up so that Tim could swallow the Billy-cock. Enough time for Tim to fuck Billy with force while I blew Billy-buddy. Even without the brown bottle, all this was extremely exhilarating and totally crazy.

Once we had gotten dried off we were all starving for FOOD. Tim whipped us up a few steaks and taters and a few gallons of his patented (and "fortified") protein shake. After that we lay in each others' muscular limbs to watch a couple of crazy fuck movies by the end of which we were all asleep.

Well into the next day - after we had satisfactorily relieved each other of our "early morning" woodies for a pre-breakfast, Billy griddled a mountain of pancakes and eggs before we Three Muscleteers rode off on the bikes to the shore. There we soaked up a few rays, received many compliments on our increased muscle-size (mine at least) and took these as an invitation to service (or be serviced by) a few select fuckees before we rode back to the barn to continue where we left off last night. Couldn't leave them pining after all, could we?

For the time being, the end •

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