By Musclebuff

When I started to write this little tale, I had been inspired by a couple of GIANT pictures by Botboy on but, as it progressed in my mind, I decided it must celebrate and honor gay marriage as the union of two loving souls. I hope you all enjoy and appreciate it. This story is written in honor of gay marriage and is partially inspired by two pictures by Botboy on

There was this bottle, rolling about on the edge of the surf. A strange bottle of unusual shape. I picked it up, held it to the light - the inside was clouded with moving vapor. I was about to hurl it back into the ocean when something moved me to pull out the stopper and see what happened. Maybe it was memories of an old Thief if Baghdad movie, but anyway I did it.

Nothing happened. I sniffed in to the neck of the bottle and immediately felt kinda stoned.

"Yes, I have that effect on people." Said a loud and deep voice right behind me. I turned round and was confronted by this bald-headed guy who must have been eight or nine feet tall. Stark naked and muscled like a super-heavyweight Olympia contestant. His amazingly good-looking face was made up of high cheek-bones, big, full, sensual lips, square jaw with cleft chin, wide-set eyes of emerald.

That was all stunning, but it was his body that got me, dark bronze skin encasing muscles for miles, full-bellied, hard, and vascular as if he'd just come from some major pump-up at the gym. From where I stood beneath him his pecs stood out like the Cliffs of Dover or Monument Valley. The nips alone must have been six inches long and thick, the size of my dick.

And talking of dicks, his swung over my head, semi-tumescent as if something has just begun to arouse him. I gulped but could find nothing to say. He laughed and the earth trembled.

"Cat got your tongue?"

"Did you - did you - did you come out of the bottle?"

"Yes, my friend, you let me out. I should thank you for that Freedom at last!"

He stretched his enormous arms to the sky, flexing those impossible biceps. I almost came in my speedos.

"And now, I suppose, you want your three wishes."

"Shit, man, are you for real?"

"But of course. And I bet I know what they will be - the usual: women, money..."

"You don't know me very well. I might surprise you."

"Nothing surprises me, but, go on, try me!"

I gulped again and looked up at the thing I most desired. The first wish came easily.

"I wanna be as big as you with muscles as big as yours."

He looked down at me in silence. One massive eyebrow was raised on his dome of a forehead.

"Are you sure? You might get what you wish for. By the way, I'm not likely to fall for that old gag again: you're not going to wish me back into that bottle just to prove I am a sorcerer."

"You are? Wow. How did you get into it?"

"I was fucking the lover of another sorcerer and he caught me at it. It was a set-up between the two of them to get rid of me and assume my powers and I fell for it." He sighed. "He was a darn good fuck though. Great body."

"If you grow me like you I promise I won't ask that."

"You've no idea what that would entail, but....... And what will be your next wish?" He asked, suddenly suspicious.

"You'll find out when I'm as big as you. C'mon! I challenge you to keep your promise! Grow me!"

My heart was beating nineteen to the dozen as he bent down to pick me up gently in his enormous, calloused hand.

"I guess I'd better," he said, "Just don't be surprised at what happens, OK?"

I was now at the level of those enormous green eyes, dick at full mast, as he could now see - and did."

"Let's get on with it."

He sat on a shelf of rock and put me on his lap. That's to say, he sat me facing him on his ballsack which was pushed up by his closed knees. I sat on the saddle made by the dip between his nuts, my legs on each side of the giant's dick which was now rearing up into my face. His hand on my back pressed me against the warm, throbbing tower of flesh.

"Put your arms around it - like that. Good."

Sitting on his churning nuts, my arms not quite meeting around that outsize studpole, my face pressed against the side of it as he gently squeezed the two of us together.

"Press those big pecs of yours against my dick and start squirming about to get me real hard, boy! Yeah, like that! Feels good to have someone else jacking me again. Been too long in that bottle."

Even as he spoke I could feel a rumbling in the pipe I was clasping against my face and almost at once the huge piss-slit started to shower me with his pre-cum.

"Go on - lick it up - good for you!"

I had swallowed about a pint of delicious honey-like liquid when he pulled me back off his dick and let some of the viscous goo drip on to my (considerable)

pecs. When both my chest and his dick were well-lubricated, he squeezed me back onto to his fuck-pole and started to jack my whole body up and down that steamy tree-trunk of sex-meat.

Somehow he got a pinky finger into the top of my speedo and tugged it down to my ankles.

"Pull it off! Gonna be in the way!"

I soon found out why. Meanwhile, the blood was roaring through his ever-hardening dick and its throb was vibrating through my whole body as he jacked me more and more violently up and down against what had been hot and smooth and was now red-hot and craggy with distended veins. I felt as if I was trying to fuck a tree.

My own pre-cum was now mingling with his. My whole face and the front of my body was thickly coated with the honey-sex-goo; at the same time the stuff I had swallowed was having an extraordinary aphrodisiac effect on my insides and my brain which was reeling as if I'd been smoking PHP-laced pot..

I was trying to analyze what was happening to me when he suddenly lifted me up and first rubbed the ridges of my pecs and abs against to very tip of his leaky piss-slit. He was groaning loudly now and I was imagining what this must have felt like to that most sensitive part of his body, fully expecting the Real Stuff to erupt from his pulsing gonads at any moment, when he upended me and pushed me, feet first, up to my waist into his fuck-pucker. He used me like a dildo, thrusting me in and out of his love channel. I could feel my feet ramming against his prostate with every stroke, all too conscious what I was doing to the very root of his being.

After about twenty of these musky journeys he pulled me out and clasped me tight to his now steel-hard, throbbing dick.

"Hold on! Hold on tight! I'm cumming........ FUCK, YEAH! I'M CUMMING!!!! Now you can fucking GROW!"

Like an express train roaring out of a tunnel his splooge erupted like Vesuvius over my head and then poured down to smother my entire body with gallons and gallons of white cream. There wasn't an inch of me that was not inundated with the stuff.

"Drink as much as you can and GROW!"

I swallowed pints and pints of the continually erupting cum-shower. Both his hands now started to rub the stuff into my whole body as if I was a big dick he was jacking off. I felt the splooge entering me through my skin as well as my mouth: I was absorbing it dermally, orally, every way. He had a pinkie stuck as far as it would go up my ass and the combined assault of giant hands, fucking fingers, and burning cum drove me crazy.

My mind began to fragment as I indulged in the sheer carnal, sensual joy of man-muscle-sex. I felt as if I was absorbing an exhilarating power that was lifting me off the earth and filling every muscle full of blood like some cosmic pump-up. I went into extreme flexes as I felt every muscle spreading, filling, expanding. I roared in ecstacy as my lats spread, my pecs swelled, my arms and legs burgeoned with power.

Then I blacked out. Felt myself falling into two powerful arms and blacked out.

When I opened my eyes I was looking into those emerald eyes and was soon conscious of his arms holding me in a tight embrace. His head no longer looked huge as his lips descended on mine and his tongue licked against mine. I closed my eyes and relaxed into the sensual splendor in which he held me, every muscle pressed against an equally huge muscle as our bodies sank into each other.

It was only when we ran together into the sea that I became fully conscious of having been "grown" into his wondrous size - that I had absorbed him into my body and been magnified into his . We laughed as we splashed each other with the foam to clean off our sweat and any bit of dried and caked splooge that hadn't yet been absorbed.

We held each other as the warm waves crashed around our quads, feeling the power of the ocean infect us too.

"Now I've fucked you with my whole body, I demand my second wish - that you fuck my new body until the sun sets!"

"I willingly grant you that wish! It doesn't even take any magic that you don't already provide. And under the moon you will fuck me!" he roared with a delighted whoop as he tugged me out of the water on to the soft, mossy grass above the water line.

We celebrated the occasion by hurling the bottle against the rocks where it smashed into a million shards of light - and disappeared.

As we sank on to the sward in each other's arms he asked:

"And your third wish?"

"I'll let you know when the sun rises on a new day."

We wrestled and rolled our huge muscles together until they were coated and lubed with our pre-cum. The he hoisted my legs high and wide into the air and sank his oozing fuck-rod deep into my love-channel. I groaned in ecstacy. It seemed as if I had been waiting for this all my life. Slowly he pulled out, then rammed into me again. Over and over till I thought my joy-button must trigger my splooge. But then he up-geared into a high-speed, high-powered jack-hammer mode which took my breath away and prevented me from cumming.

He roared. I roared.

"Fuck me!"

"I am!"

"Fuck me harder! Use some of that magic to transform my whole being into your fuck-hole and FILL IT UP! Make me feel as if your whole body is a fucking dick and I'm just here to please it!"

Green eyes stared hard, hypnotizing my blue ones. Slowly we left this earth and became one giant fuck-machine in the clouds, each body and its desires only existing for the other. Cosmic fuck indeed. With every thrust he filled my entire body, my brain. It went on for ever, in every conceivable position, and some which had never before been conceived and which human anatomy would have said were impossible. But not for us. We showered the world with our joint cumming over and over again before we eventually sank to the earth and back into our minds. We lay there, fondling each other's huge muscles, me enjoying my new size and never losing my woody as I stroked myself in wonder.

As for my Genie, I began to realize what he had been deprived of for centuries imprisoned in that bottle - starved of physical contact with another human body. With love.

It all happened again, under the moon, when I was once again possessed

with a sensual power hat threatened to overcome us both as I fucked him with abandon. The night, however, seemed to bring some other dimension with it and, though we ceaselessly indulged our physical passion in and with each other's bodies, we began to feel a closeness to each other as if we had finally gotten to know each other's hearts.

As we were floating in the calm sea under the rays of the rising sun we looked deep into each other's souls, knowing what my third wish would be.

"Number three?"

"As you must have been able to shrink, or be shrunken, so as to get into that bottle, I guess it must be possible for us to come down to human size when we need to?"

"I guess, but don't remind me of that fucking bottle!"

"Am I going to get older with the years while you stay as you are now?"

"No, I have made you immortal like me."

"Then I guess we're stuck with each other?" I grinned.

He grinned back.

"I guess we are!"

"Then, since death will not part us, my third wish is to be with you for eternity, wherever, whenever, however. OK?"

Before he rolled his muscle over on top of mine and closed our eyes and mouths in a deep kiss, he said:

"OK!" •

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