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GenetiPharm had won the big DoD contract five years earlier, with the goal of using genetically modified organisms to produce advanced steroids to create super soldier for the military. Their processes were already well established, and they were ready to begin human testing in their classified Wyoming facility in less than two years. Their guinea pigs were readily supplied by the DoD, usually young soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who had finished their tour of duty and had no close family ties and no plans for their future. The idea of spending a few months "training" for a sizeable fee was appealing to these young men, and GenetiPharm had a good choice of candidates.

GenetiPharm had a team structure, each team striving to produce the best formulas for the project. Each team had a stable of guinea pigs, and under the pretext of testing the formulas, fights and wrestling matches were often organized in the special glass cage that became the heart of the complex's recreation facilities.

Today's match promised to be a whopper. The Blue team was putting up their most promising test subject, code named Blue Bear 2, while the Red team had taken the risky choice of matching him with their latest guinea pig, Red Wolf 1. As was usual, the fighters were brought to the cage in their fighting gear and with their hands and ankles chained. The treatments increased agressivity in an unpredictable fashion, pushing out much ability for rational thought, and it was considered prudent to keep the subjects under restraint in all public areas.

At the beginning of the human trials, there had been concern that there was a risk of gonad atrophy, a common side effect from conventional steroids. As a preventive measure, anti-atrophy drugs were used, but as GenetiPharm's products proved in fact to have no atrophic effects, the result was instead a pronounced growth in the subjects' sexual organs, and in particular their testicles. In a more traditional scientific community, the use of the anti-atrophy treatments would have quickly been stopped, but the project personnel, isolated in an almost entirely self-contained environment, had developed a certain number of perverse pleasures. Consequently they not only maintained the treatments, but upped the dosages, resulting in obscene growth of the subjects' gonads. To prevent the weight of the enlarged testicles from causing damage to the scrotum, subjects wore a sort of harness or jockstrap made of highly elastic fiber straps. For matches, they maintained a pretence of modesty by providing skin tight lycra square cut trunks in the team's color.

Thus Blue Bear 2 arrived in his royal blue trunks stretched by his huge thighs and glutes and his heavy ball sack and cock. He barely remembered that his name was Tony Alfonso, and that when he arrived he was a fit young man of 24, weighing a muscular 200 lbs at 6ft.. His swarthy skin and dark eyes were proof of his Mediterranean ancestry, as were his black hair, shaved on his head, but readily visible in his ample body hair, which had grown even thicker following the treatments. After only six months he had gained two inches in height and put on 50 pounds of muscle, along with the extra fat favored by almost all the GenetiPharm research teams. The result was a hulking young musclebear weighing almost 270 lbs.

The chances for Red Wolf 1, formerly named Jack Walker, seemed limited. He had been chosen for Red team's recent test run because of his strong bone structure, but had started out almost skinny compared to the already athletic Tony. His red-blond hair was left in a crew cut, and the treatments had provoked the growth of a nice patch of reddish fur on his formerly hairless chest. He had seen less growth than Blue Bear, and more of it was fat. He was a few inches shorter, and weighed only 250 pounds. Still, he would have been very impressive in almost any situation, but here at GenetiPharm, only average, and certainly nothing to compare with the physique of the Bear, two years his elder and with a few extra months of treatment.

Each arrived from a separate corridor and entered the cage from opposite sides. An electronically frosted glass partition running down the middle of the glass cage separated them while their restraints were removed and the reinforced glass doors closed behind them. Only after they were safely locked in was the glass in the partition made transparent, allowing the muscle beasts to see each other at last. This was part of the preparation for the combat, as the sight of their opponent triggered even greater levels of aggression. They would run into the partition, trying to get their hands on the muscle man they could finally see. Each flexed in variations of a most muscular pose, trying to intimidate the other with his size. They grabbed their heavy packages in their harnesses and shook them in a primitive display of virility. The room echoed with the sounds of their shoulders ramming the partition, until the match master finally determined that their levels of aggression were sufficient.

During this time, the two teams were placing bets on the two guinea pigs. Although the Blue team seemed to have a great advantage, they knew that the Red team had done work on increasing the strength to muscle size ratio, which led them to expect that Wolf would almost match Blue in sheer strength. Still, the weight and height advantage of the Blue team's boy made him the safe bet, and the odds favored him. •

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