By musclemike05

Alexsei was wheeled into the room on a trolley. He looked around, and saw five doctors, each one wearing white. There were three cameras in the room also, recording different angles. One of the doctors put a mask over Alexsei’s face, and he felt drowsy, and fell asleep.

When he woke, Alexsei was lying in a bed in a room that was completely. He stood up, and grimaced with the pain in his chest. One side of the room was a mirror, and as he stood before it, naked, he saw the cause of the pain. There was a huge scar in his chest.

He was naked, and his smooth skin was lightly tanned from his summer staying in Jake’s beach house. His blond hair was tussled from lying in the bed, he ran his hand through it to straighten it out. As he did, his chest hurt again.

The door to his room opened and a man entered. The man was huge, in terms of bulk. He must have weighed 300 lbs yet was only about 5’9. even though Alexsei was two or three inches taller, he felt dwarfed by this guy. He must be one of them.

The man indicated for Alexsei to put on the clothes laying on the side of the bed. Alexsei went over, but all that was there was a white wrestling singlet. He pulled it on, it wasn’t too tight. Sagged around the groin and the straps kept slipping.

He followed the man out of the room and across the corridor to a larger room full of mirrors and weights. No ordinary weights though, plates made of hundreds of pounds were lying around. While Alexsei was looking around, the man walked up to him, grabbed his arm in his hand and injected a deep syringe full of liquid into his arm. Stimulus 1. It was beginning.

Alexsei was instructed to follow the trainer’s orders, lift what and when instructed. He started off with bench press, and his trainer loaded 500 lbs onto the bar. This was over twice his weight!! He got down, knowing what would happen. They explained it to him at the initiation. He would be genetically altered to respond to three stimuli, resulting in extreme strength and power. He benched the weight, and even though he was expecting it, he couldn’t believe how easy it was. He stood up after 30 reps. His chest felt strong. He looked in the mirror, and as well as seeing his scar disappear, he could see and feel his chest swelling, responding to the pump. He flexed it slightly, not wanting the trainer to see.

The trainer ordered his to repeat the bench press, this time at 1000 lbs bench. He did as ordered, and this time he had to stop at 25. His chest was on fire – he felt so pumped that he couldn’t lift it anymore. The trainer held it down, insisting that he did 30. He screamed as he forced out 4 and then a fifth rep. Racking the bar he jumped up and faced the mirror again. This time he couldn’t hold back. He roared as he flexed in the mirror, his huge chest booming out now as he flexed. He rubbed one pec with his hand, feeling the powerful mound under him. The straps of the singlet were now stretched of the muscle. His shoulders and arms had also responded, and they too were pumping up. Hi loved the feel of his pec, loved how big it looked. His dick hardened and bulged out the fabric. He felt so fucking huge.

Next were squats. He squatted 3 sets of 1500 lbs, incredible weights. His quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves all exploded with massive power and muscle. He felt so strong and powerful as he looked at himself in the mirror again. He loved every angle, watching every striation jump to attention as he flexed. He had a full on boner now. He was at least as big as the trainer, if not bigger.

The workout continued. Soon the singlet was stretched to the limit. His heaving body was pumped to the max and stretched it at the seams. Fuck he couldn’t wait to show Jake.

The trainer told him to flex in front of a new mirror. He said his sponsors were behind that mirror, and that if he pleased them he would receive the second stimulus.

Alexsei strutted over, his thighs so big now that they rolled around each other. "You want to see this body?", he roared. "you want to see this young muscle-hulk FLEX??" As he roared, he pulled a most muscular. His chest, traps, shoulders and arms ballooned out as he flexed, massive muscle on muscle.

"Fuck so, feel so fucking huge. I am so fucking massive." As he shouted, he changed from pose to pose, flesing his arms, chest, legs and massive lats.

All Alexsei could see was his own reflection in the mirror.

"Fuck look at me - I am a fucking muscle GOD. So fucking huge, massive muscle machine. Gonna grow bigger and bigger - gucking huge massive muscle boy. HUGE PEX, HUGE LATS, HUGE FUCKING QUADS - feed me more and watch me grow insanely huge. Oh yeah, look at my fucking veins fucking throbbing like pipes over me - so ripped so huge. I am gonna fucking explode with muscle. fuck yeah, love feeling my own power, rubbing my pex as I bounce them. Flexing my bis, seeing them grow huge. Fuck yeah so huge I am gonna cum looking at myself... Oh yeah, make me huge make me fucking massive muscle boy god... fuck yeah..."

Alexsei came looking at himself in the mirror, the cum gushing out. As he came he collapsed on the floor with exhaustion of the workout and the flexing.

The trainer listened to his earpiece.

Time for Stimulus 2. •

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