My Fair Man: A Muscle Musical


By John

What good is a muscle musical without an apparent love triangle? As Elijah's body grows, he seems to be getting more and more attention. And wait until you find out who shows up in Scene 4!

MY FAIR MAN - A Muscle Musical Chapter 2 By: JOHN Act One, Scene Three (The Gym at Higgins’ Home - Two months into the wager.) Freddie followed the two half naked bodybuilders around trying his best to stay out of the way and, yet, keep the gym in order. Professor Higgins expected everything to be kept clean, neat and "ship shape". Freddie respected the intensity of the program that the Professor had prescribed for "Mr. Elijah" as Freddie called him. Pearce was a hard and forceful trainer. He made sure that Mr. Elijah stayed on track in his workout and today was no exception. Freddie knew his cast in life and was pleased that Professor Higgins had accepted him to study the art of Physical Therapy under his direction. Freddie’s mother, Mrs. Shelby Axon-Shurr, matriarch of the Axon Sporting Goods Empire had sent him to the Professor’s house claiming that a man well into his twenties needed to do more with life than just sit around and wait for an inheritance. Freddie had always been sort of quiet and unassuming. Having been educated by private tutors, he had been rather isolated from others while growing up. The unspoken fact that he preferred the "company" of other men had tended to keep him in isolation. His mother would never tolerate "one of those kind of people" within the highly competitive and heavily masculine sporting equipment business. Coming to the home of Professor Higgins had been both a shock and a revelation. Here Freddie found him self surrounded by the comings and goings of gorgeous men like Pearce and handsome more mature figures like the Professor himself. Yet, he dared not share his own personal secret out of the fear of being cut off from his family and, yes, the money he stood to inherit once he turned thirty-five. The weights clanged loudly signaling the moving of the two muscular specimens from the calf raise machine, next would come the squats. Freddie liked watching them do squats in their tight shorts with their flexing upper bodies pinned into the heavily weighted squat rack. Somehow it was both visually exciting to see them maneuver through those extraordinarily heavy weights while virtually trapped in the sadistic looking machine. Freddie moved silently over toremove the weights from the discarded calf machine while the two sweating bronzed bodies began the lengthy process of loading the squat rack. He tried to remember what Elijah had looked like the first time he had seen him. Freddie could barely remember the trimly lithe aesthetic body. That was just over two months and twenty-five pounds ago. The transformation had been remarkable and the Professor was, clearly, thrilled with the progress. As if to respond to Freddie’s unspoken thoughts, the two workout partners simultaneously hauled the wet, clinging tank tops off from their upper bodies. While Pearce was still the larger of the two by about 15 pounds, a pair of magnificently muscled, suddenly exposed torso popped into dazzling view of the dreaming associate. The upper backs flared wide as the lats arced out under the raising arms to cause both men to have to struggle desirously to get the tank tops past their ballooned shoulders and over their heads. Using the expansive mirrors surrounding the room, Freddie took every advantage to enjoy the show without letting on. Both sets of hot sweaty pecs blossomed into thickly rounded plated splendor as the shirts finally surrendered in the struggle and the meaty arms fell back down as far as the flayed lats would permit. All the muscles of the exposed upper torsos danced in the natural rhythms created by the interacting musculature of pecs, lats, traps, deltoids, abs and obliques. Professor Higgins had, indeed, secured himself two of the finest non-professional bodybuilding specimens. The results already apparent on Elijah were wonderful to behold. Elijah’s chest had grown by a full 5" to a fabulously chiseled 53", just 2" smaller than that of his training partner. Other measurements were well on their way to catch up to those of the envious Pearce. Freddie admired both remarkable bodies for their muscular splendor but was equally happy with his own 6 foot tall, 175 pound "runners" build. The two muscle laden bodies glistened with the succulence of exercise driven moisture as they flexed and gyrated through the motions of transferring plate after heavy plate to the waiting imprisoning rack. Freddie could not help but note how the thin material of Elijah’s training shorts had bunched up between his flexing ass cheeks and glued themselves with form-defining clarity to the tantalizing globes. Elijah, ever excited about his workouts, didn’t even seem to realize the posterior show he was putting on. When they had six 45 pound plates on each side, Pearce directed Elijah into the harness with a loud swift slap of the prominence of buttocks. "Cut that out you lecherous whore!" Elijah joked back with a matching swish of the back of his hand across the broadly mounded left pec of his trainer. The assaulted pectoral waved in heavily arced splendor and then instinctively tensed into a fibrously defined dense mass. Pearce’s hand shot out and grasped a significant quantity of matching quivering pec on his charge coming to rest one the stiffened, abundant nipple. Pearce tweaked the quivering protrusion as it fell back with the rest of the exposed torso into the waiting squat harness. "By what right does the likes of you have to call me a whore?" Pearce teased as his second hand aimed in on the billowed mound of Elijah’s genitals. Freddie had never quite gotten used to this all-so-casual openness between the two muscled forms. It all seemed so playful and, yet, intentionally sensual. "Hey, if you crush my nuts, you’ll have nothing to munch on later. ‘Mr.’ Pearce, sir." Elijah quipped. "Then you’ll have to go to bed hungry tonight." "Shhhh!" Pearce cautioned. "We’ll have none of that kind of talk here. Especially from ‘gutter trash’ like you." "Oh, don’t worry. No one can hear us. There’s only Freddie … and he wouldn’t say a word to the old Professor." Elijah responded tossing a wink in Freddie’s direction. "Yeah, your right." Pearce acknowledged. "And there’s no way he’s going to screw up his last chance to impress his precious mother by having to be sent home for telling ‘lies’ about us to the Professor. If he blows this chance, she’ll disinherit him in nothing flat. Then what would our little mamma’s boy do?" "OK, that’s enough Pearce." Elijah warned. "Fun is fun, but there’s no need to get mean or threatening. After all, I’m just a poor slob from the streets, myself, and there’s no where else for me to go either." Then Elijah added in a smiling voice loud enough to be heard across the room. "Sorry, Freddie, we’re just fooling around." Freddie shyly nodded and turned away. He could still see the two men laughing quietly through the large mirrors on the wall in front of him as Elijah settled into position to begin his first set. "Yea, yea." Pearce cut in shifting his attention back to their task. "Then get to work ‘muscleboy’ and quit screwing around! Let’s see twenty reps for a warm-up. Make those skinny legs burn!" "Skinny legs, my ass!" Elijah coughed out as he began his first decent. "These 32" thighs are as big and hard as what you’ve got and I’ve only been at this program for two months." Sure enough, Elijah’s legs had fleshed out three solid, cut inches under the combination of intense training and careful dieting. Professor Higgins had created a brutal training program and, personally, monitored every ounce of food that Elijah consumed. There were no ‘meals’ per say, just an ongoing regime of carefully selected and timed snacking. Rest was equally prescribed and programmed. The truth of the value of the plan was certainly evident so far. The 32" upper leg masses blossomed under the burning induced by the first high-rep sets. Then they exploded into wonderfully full cut rock formations as Pearce pushed the dripping body in the machine through several heavy sets. Then, when Elijah felt that he could handle any more, Pearce forced the anguished man into a few more tissue tearing light sets with extremely high reps until there was nothing left to give. The legs that exited the machine were beautifully honed, vein lined, striated visions. Elijah and Pearce moved over to a mirror not far from Freddie. Under the careful eyes of his trainer, Elijah began to twist and flex the pumped muscles until the last ounce of tissue had been pushed and pummeled into growth-producing oblivion. As the muscles clenched and tightened, they expanded and pushed the cloth shrouded heavy package that was Elijah’s crotch forward and upward. The resulting mound promised great grandeur when fully inflated. As the display of muscled accomplishment continued, Freddie could have sworn that the genital core was, indeed, expanding from the visual excitement Elijah’s eyes were absorbing. Freddie could feel a similar stirring down from within his own cock and balls. "Not bad, huh?" Elijah inquired of anyone in general as he continued the muscle-driven eye-fest. "Yea, not bad." Pearce responded. "But those babies need to get a lot bigger if they are going to get to you past the qualifying contest and on to the ‘big game’ in just ten months. "That’s two inches in two months. At this pace, no one will be able to beat me." Elijah said reaching for support. "Look pretty good to you, doesn’t it Freddie?" Freddie smiled a quiet affirmative nod toward Elijah as he tried to hide his own ‘growing muscle’ display. "OK, shower time muscle-boy!" Pearce quickly pronounced tossing a large towel over the sweating shoulders of Elijah. As the two men left, Freddie moved over to the squat rack. He took a nearby towel and began to dry the sweat from the padded back panel. The musky smell of the previous occupant hung heavily over the machine. He begins to rub his hand towel over the leather cushion that still retains the heated scent of the recently departed nude torso. Freddie closed his eyes as he continued cleaning the dense cushion and could still see the glide of the fantastically aesthetic body that had left the residue in his mind. His cock demands release from the straining pants. While still sliding the soft towel in amorous circles across the equipment pad as if it were the body of which he dreamed, Freddie reaches down with his free hand and undoes the belt and top of his tented pants. His cock rose instantly to its full 9" rodded glory. Both hands worked in unison. One circling the pad of the imaginary muscle and the other methodically pumping the swelled organ. Freddie’s cock is harder than he can ever remember it being. It begins to pound as if possessed by its own musical beat. Once again he begins to mentally recall every detail the neatly muscled trim man who had walked into this place and into his life just two short months ago. Sure, to Mr. Elijah, Freddie was just another of Professor Higgins charges but, like anyone else, he, too, had dreams and visions. Right now, they were of this handsome, ever changing man. Each and every additional pound, in Freddie’s eyes, was another pound of splendid beauty. (to the tune: "I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face") (Freddie) I yearn but just can’t seem to speak. This man is more than I can stand. He is a creature sent from Heaven, With his body oh so grand. Never has such muscle been assembled on one man. I want to feel and touch and tweak, But act so dumb and meek. And I just can’t seem to speak. I dream that one day he will see How very much he means to me. Each muscle he possesses Grows more perfect every-week. His body’s like a sculpture Cut from rock, so hard and sleek. Those pecs, those tri’s, those abs, those thighs The bi’s peaked toward the skies. Yet I just can’t seem to speak. Yet with all this perfect meat, He stays so warm, polite and sweet. No matter what I’m doing He’ll stop to say ‘Hello’ to me. I hope he hasn’t noticed How I quiver at the knee. I swoon with each and every look. My heart and soul, he’s took. And yet I just can’t seem to speak… Pearce suddenly re-enters catching an ‘otherly-occupied’ Freddie by surprise. Freddie quickly turns away from the unexpected intruder and pretends to still be wiping down the equipment. He leaves as quickly as he can. Pearce pretended as if he never noticed Freddie’s hand wrapped around his flaring erection. Pearce slowly crosses the room to retrieve the shirts the two bodybuilders had left behind. Turning to leave, he walks over to the squat rack Freddie had been ‘cleaning’. Pearce smiles craftily as he notes the streaks of cum stains left on the padding by Freddie’s towel. "Mr. Dumoor! Mr. Dumoor! Where the hell is Mr. Dolittle?" The bellowing voice of Professor Higgins shakes through the gym from the Study. "Mr. Dumoor, find me Dolittle and the two of you get in here on the double!" "Com…ing, P-p-p-rofessor Higgins." Pearce stammers back. "He’s in the shower, sir." "I don’t care if he is engaged in toilet training! I want both of you at once." The Professor continued loudly, but calmer in his demeanor. "At-t-t-t on -n-ce, Professor." Pearce trips back. As he prepares to leave, Pearce wipes one finger across the liquid staining on the squat pad and then, reflectively, licks the residue from his finger. (still to the tune: "I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face") (Pearce) I yearn but just can’t seem to speak. The man is more than I can stand. He is a creature sent from Heaven, But doesn’t seem to know. The more I want to woo him, The less I let it show. I swoon with each and every look. My heart and soul, he’s took. Yet … I just can’t seem to speak. Pearce exits in search of Elijah. Act One, Scene Four (In Professor Higgins Study) Pearce and the still-wet Elijah were brought to a dead stop of surprise as they entered the Professor’s Study. Elijah wore only the towel wrapped around his dripping waist in that he grabbed in his haste to respond to the demand for his presence by Professor Higgins. "Will one of you kindly explain this to us!" The Professor insisted. "Yes, please, this should be quite entertaining." Added the seemingly ever-present Pickering. ‘This’ was the fact that there were now two images of Elijah in the room. The dripping wet, heavily muscled Adonis and an identically handsome but smaller version looking and dressed much like the man who originally showed up on the Professor’s doorstep two month ago. "What are you doing here, Alfred?" Elijah questioned his mirror with obvious disdain. "I’m here to get my share of the rent." The twin threw back sharply. "When you just up and left, you seem to have forgotten your obligations." "You know that’s not true, Alfred." Elijah retorted with anger. "I sent you enough money to cover at least four months. Don’t tell me you’ve wasted it already! I should have guessed that you would." "I’m sorry Professor Higgins. This is my twin brother, Alfred." Elijah continued. "I swear, I left him enough and planned to send more over the next few months. This should be none of your affair. Alfred’s not a bad guy. He just sees an opportunity and tries to take advantage where he can." "Don’t go apologizing for me! Here you are, all comfy and cozy, while I have to carry all the costs until you decide to come wandering back looking to just move back in when this little ‘muscle adventure’ you’re on falls flat on its face." Alfred asserted as he steps closer toward his brother. Elijah responds by taking a step toward his brother. His exposed new-found muscle tenses in reaction into a brilliant spectacle of fibrous striations as fans of bundled meat sweep from the deep-cut vertical center between his ribboned pecs collecting densely in the sharply shadowed joint where cannoned deltoids and veined biceps interest with the quivering masses of the chest plate. His forearms writhe as if a collection of small snakes were working their way between fisted hands and bundled elbows. "Stop it, both of you! I’ll have none of this in my house!" The Professor barked with a nod to Pearce. Pearce moved in between the dual images of the Dolittle brothers. One hand went toward each facing chest. He could feel the pounding beat of Alfred’s heart under the fabric covering a stiff, trim chest. The feel brought back memories of the Elijah Pearce had first set eyes upon. The other hand drifts across the twitching expanse of tensed, thick pectoral muscle of the now-larger twin. Pearce’s own still-exposed pecs fold into bundled splendor as the pressure of the two leaning bodies force tension mounted strength to surge through his magnificently crafted meat. "Quite impressive!" Pickering jumped in noting the newly created accumulation of muscle on the bigger twin and enjoying the all-to-unseen view of Pearce. "I must complement you on your progress, Professor. And, I am sorry to interrupt this touching family reunion but we have the business of coordinating the potential admission of young Mr. Elijah into the ranks of the professional bodybuilding community to conclude or I am afraid I may win my wager before any of the real fun has had a chance to get started." "You are quite right, Hugh." The Professor acknowledged and added, turning toward Alfred. "I do not know your brother all that well yet, but, from what I have seen of him, I find him to be an upstanding gentleman of his word. Therefore, I must presume that he is not misspeaking when he suggests that your interests here may be a bit manipulative and avaricious." Turning then to Pearce, the Professor concluded. "Kindly escort Mr. Alfred out … and please see to it that he does not disturb us again." "Just you wait, Elijah, and you too, Professor. You will not dismiss me and leave me on my own all this easily." Alfred casts back as Pearce begins to escort him from the room with a vice-like grip around the forearm. As the two men get near the door and pass Pickering, he draws his own card from his pocket and offers it to Alfred. "I cannot say which of you, if either, is right or wrong but, if I may be of some service, I am always looking for able bodied assistants." Pickering offered with a sly smile to Alfred. "It was just such a card that has presented this opportunity for change to your brother. Do with this one as you will." Alfred and Pearce exit. Pickering turns his attention immediately to the image of the still-wetly defined, towel garbed, muscle in the room. "I must admit, Henry, that this young man shows tremendous promise. I think you are right. We will arrange for him to be entered in the National Contest six months six months hence. If he wins, he will automatically qualify for his ‘Pro’ card and, as director of the Mr. Galaxy contest, I will award Mr. Dolittle the one open invitation to participate that I have available." Pickering presented as he wandered around the half nude figure. "May I see what you have to offer so far young man?" "Fair enough, Pickering." The Professor retorted confidently. "That will only leave me four months to ready him for the Mr. Galaxy contest, but I believe that, with the will and drive of Mr. Dolittle combined with my program, we can and will beat your reigning chemical-muscle giant, Zoltan." With a nod from the Professor, Elijah begins to shift into a double biceps pose as Pearce reenters the room. The lats begin to widened and sweep into a much broader version of the "V" that Pickering had witnessed those two months ago as the additional five inches of muscle move toward its current 53" of fulfilling splendor. A light network of veining begins to surface to feed the demands of the fanning latissimus muscles. "He is indeed vastly improved." Pickering acknowledged. " But Zoltan is a long way from giving up his title to anyone, let alone one of your experiments, Henry." As Elijah’s arms lock into an extended position parallel to the floor, the sting of Pickering’s comment push his mind to drive as much thought into the straining display of his ballooning musculature as possible. Elijah’s shoulders round into several strands of highly peaked hilltops of muscle between the deep valley evacuated by his hidden trapezius and the extended promise of his biceps. "If I say he will be ready, then he will be ready, Hugh." Higgins volleyed back. "I suggest you have that ‘Pro’ card ready and waiting at the Nationals." Elijah, once again, finds himself feeling the anger of being nothing more than an object for these two self-anointed verbal combatants. The anger feeds his biceps as he begins the process of bringing his largely cut forearms toward vertical. The fissured biceps slowly bundle into widening balled meat without loosing any of the individual striation definition of each mounding cord of flesh contained within. The curling masses of upper arm flesh flow inward and upward like lava being driven high above the surface by impossible forces acting deep within. As the image of majestically rounded peaks zoom into view, Elijah cannot help but notice the similar expansion taking place in the largely tenting shorts still worn by Pearce. Soon, the bottom parts of two marvelously globed balls peer from under the raised bottom of the pulled fabric. Seeing this arousing result of the image of his growing muscles on his trainer causes a similar reaction in Elijah as a dark, pointed shadow begins to form in the shifting towel around the waist of the water polished muscleman. At the same time that Elijah finished his assumption of the full double biceps pose and with surprising agility, Pickering steps in and snaps the terry cloth tunic from the flexing body. Instantly, the freed organ springs forward and up in a completed salute to his own muscular display. "Now that’s more like it!" Pickering quipped with a broad smile. At the sight of seeing this growing muscle dream completely naked and fully aroused for the first time since they started working together, Pearce reactively shoves the straining fabric from off of his own pounding tool with a surprising lack of inhibition. His hand moves in on his cocked weapon as all 9" of rigid manhood salutes back. Pearce’s naked upper muscles crystallized into their own larger display of undulating sensual beauty as his hand swiftly consumes the length and breadth of his inflamed meat. The displayed arms are double split monuments of recent accomplishment as their vein wrapped 20" circumference of sharply honed density quakes from flowing lava to stiffened granite. Elijah exaggerates the image by vacuuming the core of his abdominal cavity to show off the maximum differential between the 53" chest and 28" waist. The added marvel of Elijah’s self-pumping 11" cock waving proudly in steely hardness was all the Pearce needed to see. An explosion of cum erupts from the red-hot opening of Pearce’s cock and traverses the space between the two writhing musclemen. Elijah’s twitching left pec runs with the flowing whiteness of the first wave of impacting jism. The right pec takes the second showering. Pearce groans with loud apology as the remainder of his creamy cum falls to the floor that he would now be required to clean. "Yes, quite impressive." Pickering concludes, tossing the damp towel he still has in his hands to the spent trainer. •

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