My Fair Man: A Muscle Musical


By John

Today's lesson: Learning how to flex our growing muscles best! Sing along with Elijah and Professor Higgins as the student learns all that - and then some.

Act One, Scene Five

(Pearceís Room - Four months into the bet.) "Come on in, itís open." Pearce called out in response to the knock on the door. It didnít matter that Freddie had just seen the two training partners finish their workout in the gym, this all-to-rare opportunity to see them up close got to him every time. "Sorry, gentlemen." Freddie responded as he endeavored to politely divert his eyes. "Mr. Elijah had left his tank top in the gym again and I thought I had heard the two of you up here." Itís OK, Freddie." Pearce interceded. "Come on in, we could use your opinion. Itís been four months now for Elijah." (Turning to the nude Elijah) "What do you say to getting an unsolicited opinion?" "Sure." Elijah responded and then added with polite calmness. "If you donít mind, Freddie?" "Oh, Mr. Elijah, Iím not sure I am the right one to be asking." Freddie retorted shyly. "You guys are the muscle experts. Not me. I just help out here." " long as dear mother keeps paying the bills." Pearce quipped. "Stop it Pearce!" Elijah admonished. "You asked for his input, the least you can do is stay civil for a few minutes!" "Yea, sorry, Freddie." Pearce tossed off. "Itís OK, Mr. Pearce. Youíre quite right, actually." Freddie responded with honest candor. "But I have actually been learning a lot here. According to the Professor, Iím getting very good at my Physical Therapy work and he may actually let me begin to work with patients and, perhaps, even with both of you as part of your training." "With us! Doing what?" Pearce quizzed. "Well, Professor Higgins thinks that some messaging and more stretching assistance may be helpful in stimulating the muscles to grow and repair themselves better." "Sounds good, but do you really think these muscles need much help?" Pearce asked back moving into a crab pose. "Uh, Ö they look great to me, but itís all up to the Professor." Freddie replied as he tried to fight off the sensations that began to grow in covered groin as the trainerís body instantly splintered into a array of intensely thick ribbons of shredded muscle coursing and cutting their way over the entire exposed surface of the naked body. As they became bigger and more vastly defined, both me had become more and more comfortable about being in each others company in the nude. Pearce felt that it was the best way to be able to see how all the muscles were coming together and, so far, the Professor hadnít seemed to object. But, then again, the Professor still seemed more interested in their progress from a scientific and analytical perspective than viewing them as the spectacular, and sensitive, beings that they were. "Come on." Pearce taunted Elijah. "Letís show Freddie here some real muscle!" Elijah began to shift into a matching crab pose. But before he could finish the transition, the door to the room swung open again. "I have been looking for the two of you for the last fifteen minutes!" The Professor bellowed. "Didnít you hear me calling? Do I need to install one of those God damned intercom systems to get your attention anymore?" "S-s-sorry, Professor." The two men stammered together. "We were just having Freddie check out our progress today." Elijah finished. "Freddie!" Higgins laughed and then stopped himself. " Come to think of it, thatís not a bad idea. Yes, I want Freddie to understand your bodies." (Turning toward Freddie.) "Starting tomorrow, I want you to begin on that stretching program with these two that I have been teaching you." Pulling up a nearby side chair, the Professor sat in it and indicated for Freddie to do likewise with a second chair. "Go, ahead, gentlemen." The Professor directed. "Impress us." "Uh, yes, Professor." Pearce responded with unusual shyness. "Where would you like us to begin." "Oh, my good man," The Professor admonished. "One would think that a man with your years of training and your physical accomplishment would know where to start almost naturally! How can you ever expect to enter or win a contest unless you can Ďfeelí the posing routine inside of your heart." "To flexÖ" the Professor continued "Öyour best, you start out with your chest!" Both men shifted into a raised chest posture with their arms set stiffly akimbo. "Yes, that will do it." The Professor hummed sweetly.

"To Flex Your Best"

(to the tune: "The Rain In Spain") (Professor Higgins) To flex your best, you start out with your chest. Yes, that will do it. To flex your best you start out with your chest. And what is it they flex? (Freddie) Their chest! Their chest! (Professor) Which muscle does that flex? (Freddie) Their pecs! Their pecs! (Elijah and Pearce, proudly displaying their ribboned, ballooning pecs.) To flex our best we start out with our chest. To flex our best we start out with our pecs. (Professor) And next we tense our thighs. Show them swell Ö with size. Add now lets see those triís. (Freddie) My, God! What size! (Elijah and Pearce, gleefully moving from magnificent pose to magnificent pose.) We flex and flex and feel it in our chest. We flex and flex until we beat the rest. And now we spread our lats, Far, far out. Like bats! Our biís ball up real fat, Way beyond our stats. (All) To flex your best you start out with your chest, (Professor) And now a big CRUNCH! (Elijah and Pearce, in a pair of mind blowing most muscular poses.) To prove weíre best, we hit them with the rest! "Now you have it boys. Now you have it" The Professor gleamed. "Now keep practicing. We have a long way to go and thereís no time for slacking! Önow, what the hell did I come up here for? (He pauses.) Oh, well, whatever it was, it must not have been all that important. Freddie, learn their bodies well, they need your assistance more than they realize." The Professor exits. Act One, Scene Six

(Few minutes later, still in Pearceís Room) "OK, Freddie, ready for the REAL show." Pearce beamed. "Now that weíre pumped, this is gonna be great! Come on, Elijah, See if you can match me - pose for pose, if not for size!" (Pearce laughed.) Pearce hit the pumped chest with arms locked at his side again forcing his pecs as full and high as he could. The ceiling light in the room danced across the broad upper curve of the mooned pecs. Their prominence was visually exaggerated by the dark shadow between the deep horizontal line between their upper reaches of the divided mass of the upper pecs and the background of his heavy, full traps. Pearceís had developed the kind of pecs that looked as if the upper pecs and lower body of the muscle were two different and distinct muscles. The division between the two massively developed sections were cut so deeply apart that it appeared like a scoop had been used to cut out the line between them. The billowing lower mounds were shredded with ribboning lines between the fanning bundles of muscle. While his charge had been to oversee the development training of Elijah, it was clear that Pearce had grown considerably from the 230 pounds of intensely pleasurable muscle of four months ago when Elijah had started. In fact, Pearce now carried the same weight as Elijah at 245 pounds. Since Pearce was slightly shorter, his muscle assaulted you with the appearance of being larger than that draping so eloquently on Elijahís form. Elijah joined his comrade in muscle by matching the pose. Freddie was grateful that he was still seated. This would help hide the instant erection that consumed his cock at the sight of Elijah in fully blossomed, naked glory. He had gained a full foot of muscle around his pecs and upper back since the start of the program. Even his eye stunning pecs and richly anointed arms couldnít disguise the fullness of the underlying lats. Freddie shifted in his chair as nonchalantly as possible to release as much fabric along his upper pant legs to help hide the pounding hard-on within. Elijahís nipples took aim right toward Freddieís direct line of vision as if to invite the lusting therapist to taste of their splendor. The two pecs show like perfect, polished globes interrupted only by the darkly tasty nipples on their lower extension. The pecs swelled like vast hills and overshadow the crisply lined flattened abdominals with darkness down just past the naval. Elijah shifts his cannonball shoulder caps forward slightly as they form into fissured moonlets over the full-moon pecs. As they ascended, the vastness of the shoulder meat forces the pecs to slice themselves into a map of variegated joy. Elijahís arms slipped up his impossibly trim hips and his clenched fists locked onto the narrow of his waist. The action both pushes the arc of his stupendous biceps down while lifting the wonder of his lats to their maximum extension. The veritable ĎSupermaní stood supreme in his dominance by muscle. The differential between waist width and upper lat appeared to be almost 3:1. As Elijah crushes his palms against his rigid obliques, an array of light veining lace the domes of the lats, forearms and biceps. With each successive push, the display of reinforcing arterial netting extends across the sliced musculature of the shoulders and onto the perfect surface of the upper and out pecs. Pearce flowed more quickly through the same poses with breath taking brilliance and then crystallized his body into a form of the most-muscular pose with the inside of his wrists pressed hard against one-another in front of his lower abdomen. Line after line of diamond hard muscle splinter across his upper torso and shoulders. Pearceís traps arced up high and full triangling from his vein-encrusted neck muscles and diving sharply into the shoulders in a series of crisply lined meat. Then, as if knowing, both men flowed into a raised double biceps pose. Elijahís original 17" arms now explode up into magnificently peaked 23" wonders. Chiseled stone mountain into view. The main, massive ball cuts itself away from the upward reaching demands of the rear peak. The light network of veins transforms into massive rivers of corded rope securing the meat to the deeply hidden bone. Intense beauty is fortified with the impression of equally intense strength contained within the frozen stone masses. Pearceís biceps are longer and rounder but no less intense in their impression of density. The thickness of the belly of his truncated football of biceps muscle obscure the split peak of the back portion of the mass from Freddieís view. The veining is more prominent as a surface feature on Pearce as the skin and fibers of the meat seem to have been glued together wherever the veins permit them to come in contact. Triceps dangle in low swinging completeness beneath the marbled biceps on both men. These are more comparable as they sway into rigidly fixed position with their massive bellies filled with the lining of the sweeping bundles of fibers bound powerfully together within them. The bottoms of the extensive curvature drift into the dark shadows created by the ceiling light source and the protrusions of biís, delts and pecs. Then the two posing marvels swivel face to face toward each other and, simultaneously, sweep their hands down, clasping them behind their fighting back muscles. The triceps rocket into horseshoe shaped coils of winding muscle as they pound against the stiffly resisting confined lats. The biceps extend to permit the swell of the pecs to cantilever dangerously over the fingers of the trim, writhing obliques. As the pecs mushroom out and solidify into renewed global wonders, Elijah and Pearce step closer and closer until the outermost arc of the twinned meaty breasts come into tantalizing contact. The bodies shift slightly until the erotically protruding nipples trip together as if involved in an interlocking "thumb" war. Neither massive pec yields any of its weights-bought magnificence to the other. The harsh upper light reflected sharply off the silky finish on the polished stone surfaces of meat. Soon, the dangling cocks begin to move to join into the battle. Elijahís longer member crossed the distance to come into contact with the larger head organ sported by Pearce. As the pressure grew between the dueling cocks, the resulting friction accelerates their individual advancement. Eventually, Elijahís cock pushes its way past the expanding head of its opponent and slaps loudly against Pearceís lower abdomen. As if responding to the noise, the two flexing giants separate from the playful endeavoring between their massive pecs and stand back reveling in the visual glory of the body of the other. Freddie was equally engrossed in the magical encounter but dared not speak. The light swept down in the new-found opening between the men and highlights the splendor of the rising cocks. Elijahís organ is as marvelous to behold for Freddie this time as it had been on that first fateful viewing day two months ago. It swells into a gently curving upward pointing arc that bespeaks the wonder of its strength and virility. Two amply sized, low-hanging testicles are lifted away from the vast sweep of upper thigh muscle to swing freely and heavily from the base of the cock. Elijahís cock pounded in rhythmic up and down motions as it draws more and more strength into itself from the rush of hot, anxious blood. As it pumped, Freddie imagined that this mighty tool must have gotten much of its apparent strength from the countless reps of curling those heavy-looking balls over these many years. Soon all 11" aims the glory of its volcanic opening dome at Pearceís naval. By this time, Pearceís rod had forged itself into a virtual weapon of intense proportions. The 9" projectile stood unflinchingly straight out. The mushroom head seemed to be a perfectly fitting end to the pile-driver visual force of the cock shaft. It is a full inch thicker than Elijahís appropriately proportioned extension and surrounded in a webbing of intoxicating veining. The boldness of Pearceís cock seems to exaggerate the size of his balls making them seem, somehow, too small for the force upon which they were mounted. "Now THAT is what muscle is all about!" Pearce proclaimed proudly, smiling toward an obviously fixated Freddie. "You like it, donít you." He continued on. "Come on. Itís one thing to see it, itís another thing to feel it!" "Donít, Pearce." Elijah whispered. "Go ahead, Freddie, you can feel it!" Pearce continued unabashed. "What muscle do you want to fell first?" Pearce steps closed to the squirming observer, thrusting his rigid cock closer and closer with each move of his body. "I-I-I Öc-c-canít, sir." Freddie squeaked. "Itís not right. Not like this." "Sure you can, Freddie!" Pearce refused to let up. "Donít, Pearce!" Elijah said more loudly. "Itís beautiful, all right." Freddie acknowledged squeamishly. "But I just canít. Itís not right." With that Freddie slides off the side of his chair, spins around and scurries out of the room. Pearce broke into a deep belly laugh as the door slams shut behind the evacuating observer. "Damn. Pearce, why do you have to get like that with Freddie." Elijah demanded. "Did you see the hard-on he had trying to poke out of those pants!" Pearce continued gleefully. "He may not have our muscles, but it looks like heís got quite a bit of meat down there!" "Pearce, that wasnít nice. Please donít do that again!" "Why not? Freddie has it easy here. We work and work and try to make all the gains Professor Higgins wants from us and he acts like we are nothing more than mindless cattle" Pearce turned to Elijah with surprising seriousness. "Yet, Freddieís mom comes from some damned Ďroyalí household and he gets all the Professorís attention. Now heís even going to have Freddie rub us down like tired racehorses after a dayís run. Itís just not fair! Thatís all!" "OK, OK, Pearce. But we know what we signed on to do. If itís any consolation, Iím working much harder than before and seem to be gaining at a slower rate. Look, even you have managed to keep up you body size with me." Elijah admitted. "Yea, but youíve put on 55 pounds to my measly 10 pounds." Pearce pronounced. "But you seem to be picking up weight better and faster now, Pearce." Elijah added. "You could probably do better, too, with just a little more help." Pearce replied in a lower voice, opening one of his dresser drawers and taking out a bottle filled with large capsule pills. "SHIT, Pearce! Is that what I think it is?" an astonished Elijah retorted. "Shhhh! Itís OK, we just add a little doze now and again." Pearce suggested slyly. "No one will know the difference. Not even the Professor. All he cares about is winning his damned bet anyway. Pearce reached out with his free hand and stroked the still pounding head of Elijahís excited cock. Elijah steps back. Pearce moves in slowly, puts down the bottle and places his hand gently on the stiff hot cock shaft again. "OK, sorry. I wonít force it on you." Pearce whispered softly. "But if you ever change your mind, you just need to let me know." Pearce shifts slowly into a caressing petting of the rigid shaft. Elijah begins to relax and succumbs to the feel of the knowing hand along his sensitive member. Soon his own hands respond in kind along the ultra-hard shaft of his training partner. The combination of posing and pumping their hot voluntary muscles usually moved them to arousal. They had, for the first couple of months Ďtendedí to their needs for release individually. Lately they had come to accept the opportunity to share in that release. Elijah enjoys the ultimate sensation. Pearce enjoyed watching the action of all the involved muscles working on the body of this ever-expanding muscleman as they went through the process of bringing each other to orgasm. The rhythm of the pairs of hands grows faster and faster as they are driven increasingly by internal sensations of self-fulfilling desirous lust. Pearce explodes in a shower of cum that shoots hard against Elijahís balls. The hot liquid striking this most sensitive area at just the right moment sends quivers of orgasmic response trough the body of the student muscleman. A torrent of cum screams down the beating length of the steaming shaft and washes the pulsing pecs on Pearce with creamy whiteness. When they are done, Elijah throws an available robe over his cum stained body and slips from the room. As he leaves, Pearce calls to him. "Whenever you need it, Iíve got it for you." Neither noticed Freddie in the shadows around the corner in the hall. •

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