My Fair Man: A Muscle Musical


By John

…And so we begin. I hope you all enjoy our little trip to Broadway. Please feel free to sing along with our characters. Please keep in mind that this fictional story includes gay sexual acts. If this offends you, please do not read it. Respectfully offered for your entertainment


CAST OF CHARACTERS: (in order of appearance) Elijah Dolittle - common working man, about 25 Professor Henry Higgins - Doctor of Physiology, about 50 Hugh Pickering - Bodybuilding supplement & contest mogul, about 55 Zoltan Kuminsky - Reigning Mr. Galaxy, about 35 Pearce Dumoor - Training assistant to Professor Higgins, about 30 Freddie Axon-Shurr - Physicaltherapy student of Prof. Higgins, about 25 Alfred Dolittle - Brother of Elijah Dolittle, about 25 Will Swallow- An avid bodybuilding fan, about 23 Peter Palmer - A Mr. Galaxy contestant, about 30 Chapter 1 By: John Act One, Scene One (Outside of a large auditorium near downtown Toronto, Canada) Elijah sat outside the auditorium as the spectators and guests began to arrive. He had gotten there early in the hopes that he might be able to get a ticket to the sold-out Mr. Galaxy event from some one. Just once he wanted to see any one of these greatest of bodybuilders in the flesh. Sure, Elijah had seen pictures of them in the various muscle magazines to which he subscribed and on displays in the supplement store. Life had not been too easy on Elijah. His dad had fallen into the bottle after his mom died. Elijah and his twin brother Alfred had been so young then that they really didn’t remember much about her. Their father had drifted from menial job to menial job but never seemed much interested in refocusing or moving on. He lived for each day and his blue-collar pride prevented him from seeing the truth about himself. Their dad wasn’t a bad man. Just one who wasn’t really prepared to deal with the harsh realities that became his life. Once the boys were in their mid-teens, dad just disappeared one day and never came back. As a result, Elijah and Alfred had to fend for themselves and pretty much do things on their own. Alfred and Elijah had drifted apart with their respective interests. Now all they really did was share an apartment. College had never been an affordable option for Elijah. At least his job at the nutrition supplement store let him get a discount at the local gym. He worked out regularly and was happy with his progress. He wasn’t huge, but he felt good about his build. Elijah was committed to improving himself as much as possible considering the limits on his opportunities and diet. One day he hoped to have his own small gym. But that would take a lot more than life offered him right now. The early evening sun cast long shadows across the walk in front of the auditorium. Limo’s pulled up one behind the other as the time for the main event grew closer and closer. These were the people who were the kingpins and shakers in the muscle game. Elijah edged closer to the front doors. Splendid tuxedo after splendid tuxedo whisked by, often brushing into him as if he weren’t even there. When the last of the big cars emptied its occupants into the great shining hall, Elijah remained out front staring at the poster filled with the images of the fabulous bodies scheduled to compete. There, looming bigger than all the rest, in the dead center was the reigning Mr. Galaxy, Zoltan Kuminsky, the Romanian muscle God. If victorious, this would be his fifth win and would tie him with the first "Mr. G" for the greatest number of victories. There was no comparison between the first title holder of two generations ago and the supreme being of muscle competing to tie him tonight. It had been reported that Zoltan weighed in at 320 pounds of perfectly sculpted gargantuan muscle. Elijah couldn’t even begin to imagine what that must look like up close and in the flesh. The poster showed a man that virtually oozed muscle. Even the flat, two-dimensional poster could not subtract from the awesome protrusions of vein sharpened muscle that appeared to be more in keeping with an exaggerated anatomy chart of male perfection. Crisp abs, biceps and calves were sculpturally attached to the light-reflecting striations of impossible triceps, pecs and crushing thighs. In spite of the great size of each remarkable body part represented on the image of Zoltan, Elijah found himself ever drawn to the undeniably huge mound in the middle of the imposing image inside the too small posing trunks. No matter what pose in which he was cast in the various magazine spreads, it was clear that Zoltan’s genitals matched the scale and scope of his enormous musculature. The poster clearly depicted the multiple mounds of a mushroomed cock head outlined in darkly shadowed definition over amply rounded balls with unabashed splendor. "Hey, you, if you don’t have no ticket, get the hell out of here before I call the cops on you." Shouted the old manager from the doorway. "I’ve warned you not to hang out here before. Now get going." Elijah had, as always, drifted to close to the poster. The image of Zoltan, the mountain of muscle, always did this to him. If only that could be him. Just once to feel that muscle…Just once to possess that muscle…That’s all Elijah wanted…That’s all Elijah dreamed for…That’s all…

"The Lust In Me"

(to the tune: "Wouldn’t It Be Loverly") (Elijah) All I want is to be in there. Watching muscle from a nearby chair. Muscle sweat flying through the air. Oh, it brings out the lust in me. Lots of muscles to sit and see. Hugely flexed right in front of me. Massive bodies, built enormously. Oh, it brings out the lust in me. So much muscle nearly naked, posing huge and lean. Skin so thin it’s not much more than a polished translucent sheen. Pecs so thick that they’d fill two hands. Cut like rocks chiseled into strands. Writhing densely at the leering fans. Oh, it brings out the lust in me. Arms so large with their veins so thick. Split and balled, stirring up my dick. One peaked flex will do the trick. Oh, it brings out the lust in me. Thighs and calves cut out of diamond, Just as thick as trees. Trunks so small they show each ass right down to the sphincter ring. Abs cut up into six and eight. Waists so tight, bearing all that weight. All that muscle must feel really great… Oh, it brings out the lust in me… lust in me…lust in me……lust in me… Oh, it brings out the…lust…in…me. Elijah crouched down in the nearly side alley. ‘What’s the use’, he thought to himself. He had no idea how long he sat there … dreaming of the muscle visions that those lucky few with tickets were getting to enjoy. It was dark now, in spite of how late the sun set on this warm summer evening. He must have been there for hours. He heard the noise of the crowd as it began to exit the auditorium. God, the show must be over! Elijah ran to the front of the alley. There was so much excitement in the air. He just wanted to hear what happened. There was so much talking, so much noise. Here and there Elijah managed to pick up a word or two. "…greatest ever…", "…so huge…","unbelievable muscles…", "…Zoltan…". So, it had happened again. The great Zoltan had secured his fifth victory. The growing crowd began to spill past the opening to the alley. Elijah, fearing being caught again, fell way back, far into the shadows of the alley. Seeing no other reason for staying, he turned to head out through to the far side. Several yards down he passed the rear door to the auditorium. Just as he got up to it, the door flew open hitting him in the shoulder and sending him down, hard, onto the ground. "Now look what you’ve gone and done, Henry!" Came a stern voice. "Help this guy up, Zoltan. Are you OK, young man?" Elijah nods. "Don’t go trying to push the blame for this on to me, too, Hugh!" Returned the man named Henry as a huge shadow loomed over the downcast figure of Elijah. "You’re always rushing; always hurried; always wired. You and your men. It’s those drugs. You call this a victory. It’s nothing more than a victory of drug program against drug program - not man against man." "Men are given the potential for great power and size." Hugh responded as a pair of enormous forearms unveiled themselves from the shadows and soaked up Elijah’s shaken body from the ground. "All I do is assist in the release of that promise. The rest of the world seems all too satisfied with my results my good Professor. Maybe, with your failing eyesight, you didn’t get a good look at what the world acknowledged on stage tonight? Let’s let the Professor get a good up-close look Zoltan" "You mean ‘manufacture’, not ‘release’ don’t you Pickering!" The Professor retorted as the huge shadowed figure deposited the dizzy Elijah onto the ground in a standing position and took a step toward the sharp single light over the stage door. "Anyone with a chemical lab and a few hand-picked experimental human mice could do what you do. Some day the world will realize that you can get the same results from my plan of natural training, appropriate diet and raw drive." Following the unspoken direction from his benefactor, Zoltan tossed of the loose, unbuttoned, oversized shirt he had been wearing and shoved a pair of billowing sweat pants to the ground around his ankles. "What I have done with my newly re-crowned Mr. Galaxy takes a lot more than your silly ‘natural’ notions!" Pickering tossed off stiffly to the Professor. "Poppycock!" Higgins retorted with obvious conviction. "I could do that (pointing to the undressing shadow) with any willing, driven and desirous healthy young man" Elijah stood dumbfounded as the image from the poster loomed into fully realized, mind-numbing view. A pair of arms hewn from perfectly veined granite chiseled themselves into raised position filling the range of vision. Twenty-eight inches of muscled rocks were perfectly displayed in split and striated grandeur under the shadow-enhancing sharp single lamp. These peaked marvels of muscle were braced in place between the cliffs of writhing forearms and the foothills of lined shoulder capping deltoids. Zoltan tensed his extended pecs as they fleshed out much fuller than seemed possible for two male muscle breasts in such a stretched position. Bundled lines of muscle swept from the diving core of the biceps/shoulder joint and fanned out to the clearly discernible vertical cleavage line. The twitching fibrous masses caused the shadow enhanced excited nipples to dance in erotic vibration in place on the lower arc of the pec meat. The harsh lighting hid the purposely sunken abdominal core in the shadows of complete darkness only serving to further exaggerate the mental image of the voluminous upper body. Thighs exploded in an endless series of spring corded striations as the several muscle parts cut into images of inflated peaks and deep, dense valleys. In the very center between the abdominal darkness, and the sharpened stone ranges of leg muscle loomed the huge rounded mushroom-peaked genital volcano shielded by the over-stretched swatch of maroon fabric. It, like its nippled brothers above, undulated in self-stimulated excitement threatening to push the material past its capacity to expand. "THAT is what the world dreams to be." Pickering went on, signaling to Zoltan. "You can’t tell me that you could do better than that, Higgins. Come on Zoltan, we don’t need to hear more of this nonsense." As quickly as it had appeared, the mountain of muscle vanished under the huge capes of material and shadow. Before they were finished and ready to leave, Professor Higgins shoved a card into the meaty hands of the dressing Goliath. As he turned to go Higgins added. "When you’re ready to rejoin the natural human race, you come see me." Zoltan completed knotting his sweats around his small tight waist as the image of the Professor disappeared down the alley. "You have no need for that" Pickering said sternly to the robed giant as he grabbed the fisted scrap of paper and threw it onto the ground. Just as suddenly as they had erupted into Elijah’s presence, they were all gone. He stood alone in shocked, delirious confusion for several minutes before shaking himself back into reality. Elijah’s mind had not deceived him, the reality of Zoltan’s erotically enormous musculature was every bit as wonderful as he had dreamed it would be. It was getting late, he had better get home. He hoped Alfred wouldn’t come home too late or too angry tonight. As he turned to leave, his eyes caught a glimpse of the discarded piece of paper. From above he could tell that it was a business card. Elijah stooped to pick it up. As he did so, he noticed that the crotch of his jeans was stained in dark wetness. No wonder he felt so spent. The embarrassed young man realized that he must have been so engrossed in the unexpected marvelous muscle show that he didn’t even know that he had cum. Act One, Scene Two (At the home of Professor Higgins) Elijah stood nervously on the stoop checking the address printed on the card in his shaking hand against that written on the wall-mounted mailbox. Yep, the number on the box matched and the name printed "Professor Henry Higgins, Doctor of Physiology" matched. With a deep gasp, Elijah pushed the bell. The door was opened by an obviously extremely well-built man a few years older than Elijah. "What is it, Mr. Dumoor?" The Professor asked as the assistant interrupted his way into the study. "I’m sorry to interrupt, Professor" Pearce Dumoor spoke apologetically presenting the Professor’s own business card back to him. "but there is a man who says he is here about your offer of last night and he had your card with him." "Offer, what offer? I made no offers to anyone last night. Send him away!" Higgins shouted back. "Oh, but you did, sir." Elijah interjected shyly as he cautiously stepped into the doorway of the study uninvited. "Forgive me for the intrusion, but I would like to take you up on the offer you made." Turning in shocked disbelief to the young invader, the Professor responded with obvious displeasure while quickly noting his unrefined appearance. "I made no offer to anyone … about anything … last night! Least of all to the likes of someone like you. And I have no idea who you are anyway. Mr. Dumoor, escort this unwanted mess out!" Pearce traversed the distance to Elijah with the agility of a well tuned athlete and caught up him under one arm with unexpected strength. The well-tailored servant uniform could not hide, or had been designed not to hide, the flow of sharp muscularity guarded by the stiffly starched fabric. Elijah felt the prominence of a largely balled bicep grasping his own significant forearm and thought he sensed the swell of a particularly meaty pectoral against his upper back as Pearce moved in to gain a tighter hold. He could sense that this man possessed a body of great muscular richness as the tensing and writhing capturing muscles rubbed like hardened moving stone against the points of contact. Even through both of their respective garments, Elijah could feel the pump of blood coursing through a series of surface mounted veins that had been ejected from within Pearce’s densely packed, balled upper arm meat. "Just a minute!" Came a voice form the hidden front of a high-backed leather chair. "Yes, you did make an offer last night, Henry." Hugh Pickering continued as he rose from the chair noting the look of sudden surprise on the face of the uninvited visitor. "I most certainly did not, Hugh!" Higgins shot back. " I should remember what I did and did not do. Plus, with all do respect, this is none of your concern anyway." "Quite the contrary Henry, it is VERY much my concern." Pickering responded sharply as Pearce was brought to a halt by the surprisingly strong resistance of the figure in his grasp. "You made the offer right in front of me and, frankly, it would quite disappointing to find out that all your talk last night was nothing more than that." "What the devil are you jabbering about Pickering!" Henry demanded back. "Have you lost you senses to your growth-drug induced stupor?" "Not at all Henry." Pickering went on as he sauntered over to the object of discussion. "Good morning young man." (He smiled toward Elijah). "Of course you don’t recognize him, Henry. You would have actually had to care about someone else enough to do that. This is the young man you knocked down in the alley outside of the auditorium last night. (Turning back to Elijah) You are all right I hope young man." A confused Elijah merely nodded. "You are out of your mind, Pickering!" Henry reasserted. "Last night you claimed you could turn any desirous young man into my Zoltan, Henry." Pickering continued ignoring the Professor’s displeasure. "Obviously this eager young man is here to accept your challenge and, frankly, so am I. Would that be pretty much it, young man? What’s your name?" "Challenge, what challenge?" Higgins screamed in growing confusion. "Elijah, Elijah Dolittle, sir." He responded with increased shyness. "And, yes sir, I came about the challenge. I would like to volunteer." "There you have it, Higgins." Pickering stated matter-of-factly. "Challenge offered, challenger present, challenge accepted. Now all we need is an appropriate wager. I think you can release your hold on our new friend, Pearce." Elijah silently lamented the loss of contact with the warm, hard muscular figure behind him. "Will someone kindly explain to me what the hell is going on here?" The Professor bellowed. "Look, Henry, last night you claimed that you could convert any willing young man and turn him into a challenge to my, as you put it, ‘creation’, Zoltan." Hugh began to explain with obvious relish. "Here is your challenger. I accept the offer. What do you say to one year, we will let the next Mr. Galaxy contest be the test. And I think $100,000 would be a fair personal side bet amount. All we really need to know is if you will stand behind your boast of last night or not!" "$100,000! Now I know that your are out of your mind Pickering?" Higgins bellowed. "And only a year? I don’t even have the foggiest notion what I am being asked to start with here!" "Then you admit that all your bragging over these past years amounts to nothing more than the idle ramblings of a dejected former Professor!" Pickering taunted. "How about if I will personally recommend your reinstatement to your former Chair at the University if you succeed in building young Mr. Dolittle up to the point where he can defeat Zoltan?" "You, of all people, would recommend that Hugh?" The Professor responded with a sudden shift and instant keen interest. Turning to Elijah he added. "Before I agree to anything, I need to see what I am to work with. Kindly remove your clothes young man!" Elijah stood in dumbfounded stupor as Professor Higgins began to grow impatient once again.. "It’s a simple instruction, Mr. Dolittle. You can handle simple instructions, can’t you?" The Professor demanded. "Oh, give him a hand will you Mr. Dumoor." Without a word, the heavily muscled assistant stepped in front of Elijah and winked a hidden smile at him as he started to unbutton the loose fitting shirt. He pushed the sleeves back down the arms and smiled his pleasant surprise to Elijah as a pair of aesthetically defined arms that showed the results of clear training efforts appeared as the shirt fell to the floor. Pearce’s hands seemed to linger momentarily on the graceful swell of Elijah’s pecs as they arced up under his worn tee shirt. Soon, this too became history as a smooth, hairless chest with clear cut lines outlining the pleasantly sized pectorals came into focus. The sudden exposure sent a quivering lustful chill across the expanse of sinewy flesh hinting at the promise of future striation opportunity and causing the nipples on the coin-sized man-tits to jut out in readied excitement. The line defining the vertical separation of the breast area continued down in renewed sharpness between the six clear rectangular flats of the individual abdominals. The upper parts of the pants were cinched in to surround a remarkably small, tight waist. Next, Pearce’s fingers invaded the unbelted fabric and began to undo the zipper in front of the pants. Once again, it seemed to Elijah that desirous hands dwelled a bit too long when they first encountered the feel of his bulging crotch area. The pants fell to the floor and unsheathed two legs that carried a wonderfully balanced blend of upper leg mass and neatly cut definition. The pants caught themselves momentarily on the nicely rounded mounds of the calf muscles before continuing to fall down around the trim ankles. The back of Pearce’s hands seemed to blunder purposely into the large mound of hidden genitals as they, and he, moved away from the mostly-disrobed figure. Professor Higgins moved in immediately and walked completely around the exposed body with one hand planted, as if pondering the vision, on his lower jaw. The other hand reached out on more than one occasion during the inspection revolution to pinch or tweak the presented flesh as if inspecting fruits at the local grocery. "It doesn’t look bad at all from here, Henry." Pickering interrupted. "But he certainly has a long way to go to consider challenging Zoltan or, for that matter, any of the other Mr. Galaxy contenders. Maybe we should just drop the whole idea here and now. You’re probably right. There’s no way you could build this body up in a year to beat my Zoltan." (Turning directly to Elijah) "Don’t get me wrong, Mr. Dolittle, you have a very, very nice body. It’s just not competition caliber. Do you know your stats Elijah?" "But I can do it, Mr. Pickering, sir. I know I can!" Elijah blurted out suddenly - a bit angry at how everyone was looking at him and talking around him as if he were nothing more than a new pet or an unwanted toy. "I love to work out. I want to be as muscular as Mr. Galaxy. It’s all I’ve ever dreamed of. I can do it. Just give me a try! I’m not bad for an amateur." Drawing on his own internal stamina, Elijah did his best to show off his trimly muscled body. An immediately impressive array of impressively cut striations formed across the width and length the fat-free body. The long, lined biceps cut and crested on top of finely spiraled triceps and mounded in to perfectly peaked baseball shape and hardness as the 17" upper arms rose parallel to the floor. Elijah moved into a crisply tapering lat spread with his pecs appearing like two broad unfolded Japanese fans. The width was surprisingly wide for the 45" upper torso girth. The minuscule 28" waist mapped with shredded lines of tightly wrapped obliques helped the visual distortion between waist and chest size. Prominent deltoids rounded up with fissured sharpness from the balled biceps and dove down into strikingly veined neck muscles. The lower flair of the upper legs and crisply defined quadriceps promised great opportunity to look toward. The calf muscles were long and balanced riding atop considerably tight ankles. Elijah’s water-starved 190 pound body quivered like a quaking middle-weight locked in a great battle against a heavy-weight. The spastic rhythmic movement caused the white-clothed sac containing his overly ample cock and balls to jiggle in erotic splendor. A side glance found Pearce focused on the significant forward projection of the fabric captive basket. Higgins turned suddenly toward Pickering. "You guarantee that you will recommend my Chair back!" (Pickering nods.) "Then you are on, my good sir! I’ll take you bet!" Elijah could barely believe what he was hearing. Was all of this really going to happen? Only his near-naked nervousness prevented the smile inside of him from coming out. His body began to shiver with excitement. Noting the shaking and mistaking it for a reaction to a draft or something, Professor Higgins turned to Pearce. "Take him upstairs and clean him up. Mr. Dolittle will be living in the spare guest room on the third floor next to your room, Mr. Dumoor." Higgins commanded. "Now get going, Pickering and I have a lot of details to work out." "But what about my cloths and apartment and the gym I work out at?" Elijah blurted out as Pearce moved toward him. "Details, details, details." Professor Higgins tossed off waving dismissal without bothering to turn to look back toward Elijah. "Those will all get worked out, I’m sure. You are being offered a very rare opportunity young man. I think I would accept it at face value if I were you." One more time Elijah found himself in the warm, muscular hold of the broadly smiling Pearce as he was lead out of the room. This time there was no mistake in the feel of two hugely muscled male breasts driving into his exposed back and the swell of a stiffening package along his ass cheeks as Pearce tightened his hold as they moved from the room. "I think I’m going to like having you here." The muscular assistant whispered as they began to ascend the stairs. •

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