My Development

By superhugegod

Of course this is not the whole story but contains the most interesting and important parts of my development into who I am today. I know it may not please some of you, but I went by pure memory to give you the best that I could. If you guys really like it, then I may do a sidestory about a basic day in my life from morning to night (all night).

My Best Friend and My First Time... Based completely on a true story about a period in my life, "The Superhugegod"

It was near the end of July so you could tell it was going to be the type of heat that would make dogs' tongue hang out and your brain fry inside your skull. Besides it didn't help that we lived in Texas about an hour away from Houston, practice had just ended, thank god and believe me you didn't want to be in that locker room. It was the summer before my12th grade year and we really wanted to win the championships another year. It was only me and my best friend left in the locker room, so we didn't really care about how we act or dressed in front of each other. It was still hot and it didn't help that I was of a nice thick size and so was he so we both pretty much were sweating like pigs. I took off my t-shirt that was soaked through with sweat and threw it in my bag, I still had on my football pads on my legs and I turned to see how my best friend was doing. He looked up at me and laughed. "What's so funny, dumbass?" I said to him. "You are, big ass, you've got boobs, dude." he said while pointing at my chest. "You wish, jerk?" I replied. I shook out my chest and bounced them once or twice. "Pure muscle, man. Pure muscle. What about you, you're no better, besides you weigh a little more than me and your chest is no smaller?" I added. "I guess you're right, you little punk." he said back to me. "But I could still kick your ass." he complimented. "Yeah right, man." I chuckled and replied back.

"You know what you just say, it makes me think back though, remember when we first met in the 9th grade, man." I said to him still taking off my pads and shoes. "Yeah, pretty much, man. It was kind of funny when you look back on it, though. We sure were little idiots back then won't we." he laughed again. I laughed back at him, "You were never small. I on the other hand was an ok size for my age." I thought back to the time that we did meet at the beginning of my 9th grade year, I had just walked into my English class and I knew some people in there from last year from my other school, but also some new people that had come from other schools or had just moved from, whichever one it was. There was this tubby little white kid who was sitting and talking to this black kid and they were laughing. I looked around even more and went to sit down near some friends of mine. We were fine for about the first week and a half, it was during that second week that we had our first problem. We had a dispute about some question in the class and I just screamed to him, "That I would kick his ass." Of course that would piss anyone off and he was no expectation, but we didn't want to fight in school or we would definitely get in trouble, so we planned to meet at the park that Saturday. The rest of the week went fast awaiting that impending day at Rex Park at about 6:30 PM, when it was about dark and there wouldn't be that many adults around to stop us if it came to that." I didn't slept at all that Friday night and was actually overexcited about beating up that kid the next day. I eventually felt asleep. I woke up early that Saturday, early enough to catch a little Saturday morning cartoons. It told my mom at about 6 and that I was going over this kid's house to play for a little while and would be back about the time it got dark. (That was the good thing about that decade, you didn't have all those gangs and as much killing as you do today)

I was actually kind of scared of this fight, or maybe I was just overly cited for it. I arrived after him in the destined spot. For some reason he had a smile on his face, but in a little while I was going to knock it off his face. He spoke to say, "I thought you won't going to show it." I almost laughed, "Yeah right, I ain't scared of you. Believe me I couldn't wait for this day." I put my fist up ready for him to throw the first punch, it almost felt like we were playing a game instead of really fighting. I walked up a little closer to him, I saw that I had him by about an inch or so, but I know he had a little weight on me. I know I was a little above average in weight but he was definitely on the heavy side. "So quick question, so how much do you weigh? I weigh about 185 lbs." I said with a little smile that I actually pretty good for a new 9th grader. He didn't speak for a moment but decided to answer my question. "Even if it's none of your business, I weigh about 235 lbs. As you can see I'm a little on the heavy side, they used to know me the Bouncing Blueberry at my old school." he said calmly. I almost wanted to laugh, but held back the laughter. I decided to go for the first strike and went with a quick jab to his gut followed by a punch to his left arm to slow him down. He followed up with three punches but only one hit because he may have had the size advantage, but my agility was well known so I would definitely not be hit too much. We kept at it with punches and dodges for about 10 minutes before he tackled me and we landed on the ground for a moment all I could do was look in his eyes, but he had definitely knocked the wind out of me. I rolled out from under him and jumped behind him to grab his two arms and put him into a half nelson I used his weight against him. I heard a little crack, but he quickly followed that up, "It's ok, I alwasy crack my spine for relieve tension." I couldn't help but answer him back, "Yeah same way with my left hand." It felt like I was getting to know a old friend all over again rather than fighting some new kid. Without thinking I eased up my grip on him. He took the chance and hit my square in the face giving me a black eye I fell back a little grabbing my face and went running forward and hit him square in the eye giving him a black eye. We went back to fighting for another 15 minutes or so trading blocks not even bothering to dodge blows. We were about to about to really get into it, when some police officer grabbed me and him both by the collars and walked us to his car. I could tell he was going to give us a speech. "So you two boys decided to fight in the park huh, now I won't arrest you or anything because you're both young and seem like good boys. Now give me your parents' numbers so I can call them to come get you." I knew that he was going to say that for some reason. I was about give him a fake address, but I knew that couldn't possibly have worked on him, because no one would have come to get me. I gave him my information, then the other guy gave his. My parents didn't yell at me in front of the police officer nor the other kid's parents, but they did decide to get together on Sunday to discuss what would happen.

When I got home that night, I really did get it. My parents yelled at me for a straight hour about fighting, lying to them and basically threw the book at me. I was lucky to only get grounded for two weeks and if I did anything else wrong then I wouldn't be able to go the the upcoming tryouts for football. I was send to my room and that was the end till the next day. Of course being grounded wasn't fun, there wasn't much I could do except sit in my room all day till it was about 7 o' clock and we had to head over the the house of that kid I got into a fight with. His parents and mine sat in their living room while me and him had to get along in his room with the door closed. We just sat around for a while, when I finally decided to break the ice once and for all. I told him my name and followed up with a crack at him. "So fat boy, how's the shiner I gave you yesterday?" I said to him pointing at his left eye. He didn't really answer my question, but also had a smart remark. "How's your's doing?" he asked me. "That the good thing about being a black kid, even if I was hit it will go away faster than normal people." I said eagerly. We got to talking about life in general and why we got into a fight in the first place. After a while our parents finished talking and we headed home. I didn't know where that guy stood with me, he was almost a friend but kind of like a foe. My parents talked to me again going over the same old, same old I wasn't really listening. During the next week, me and him would occassionally bump into each other but would have nothing to really said to each other. It wasn't till about another week and a half before the time for football tryouts came around.

I arrived to sign up and asked around for who was the coach of the offensive coach and found out it was a Coach by the name of Lyles, I saw him sitting in his office but decided not to talk to him yet. I was coming out of the building where his office was when who did I see by the sign-up board then the guy I had gotten into a fight with no more than two weeks ago. I decided to yell to him and see where I stood with him. "Hey dude, you signing up for football, too?" I shouted over to him. "Yeah, I am be waiting all summer." he said back to me. We talked for a minute about our favorite teams, games we had been to and what positions we were going for. I told him I was going for wide receiver and he told me he was going for either linebacker or a plain offensive lineman. I couldn't believe that I was talking normally with this person I had just into a fight with no more than half a month ago. After walking a little bit, we went our separate ways. I saw him the next day in English class but we didn't really talk, the last two days of the school week went by quickly and so did the weekend. On the monday of the following week the football tryouts started, we had to run mile after mile, do constant drills and be shown the basic plays. I was able to make it through the first and second cut and I found out that the guy was also able to make it through the first two cuts fine. At the middle of next week would be the last and final cut, I rested my tired body that weekend. By monday after school, I was really for the continuing tryouts we went through pretty much the same as last week, when the final day came. They gave us the usually speech about everyone being a winner and that we had all done great, also that we should feel honored to have made it this far. He say that after practice to come back later that evening to see the posting.

I went home and waited till about 7 to head back up to the school, when I arrived I thought for sure I had made the team when I went to look at the list I couldn't find my name on there I was shocked. I didn't know what to say, but I wasn't going to cry over it. I heard a cardoor slam and turned around to see the same guy, he didn't even notice me and went right to the list. He read through it several times and didn't seem too happy. "So did you make the team?" he asked me. "No. Did you make it?" he answered. "No. I guess we're in the same boat." I said. We were talking when the coach came out of his office. We ran to catch up with him to find out the reason why we didn't make the team. "Hey coach we have a quick question for you." he yelled out. We ran to catch up with the coach and asked him why we didn't make the team. He nodded to us and took out his little notebook that had notes on every player and answered, "You two were good and should have made the team, but there were just too many people trying out and we had to make a decision but it was pure luck of the draw to have made the team this year." For some reason, I wasn't satisfied with that answer. We started to walk away from the coach while he headed to his car. I looked back one more time to see where the coach had gone and realized that something was on the ground. It was the infamous notebook of the Head Coach. I nods the shoulder of the guy and we looked around one more time to see that the coach had already gotten in his car and driven away forgetting all about his valued notebook. I picked up the notebook in my hands but I thought a little further, " We should head to my house, even though I don't like you, we're both having the same problem so we should both look through this notebook." I voiced. He nodded his head in agreement. We head quickly to my house it took us about 15 minutes to get there, because the guy's endurance wasn't exactly the best in the world. As soon as we got to my house, my parents saw me with the guy and asked if he was same one I had gotten into a fight with. I couldn't tell a lie and answered truly. They didn't even get mad, but were happy we were working out our issues. I didn't really care what they thought and we headed up to my room. I closed my door and turned on the light. I flipped through the notebook and came to my name first, "King" main problem: Under weight for wide receiver and a little short. I couldn't believe what I was reading. But then the dude wanted to see his descriptions, "Moore" main problem: Overweight (mainly too much body fat) and needs to work on endurance. We were both shocked and for a while we just sat around doing nothing. But he thought of a good idea, "Hey why don't we work together to improve ourselves for next year we'll even skip Spring Football to make sure that we improve ourselves. I mean I don't think our plays and learning needs work just our bodies." he said. "That's a great idea, man, let's do it." I replied. We kept ourselves busy that whole year, we didn't tell anyone about our special training not even our parents, we worked out many different ways during this time, 2 days at my house, 2 days at his house working out doing pull-ups, push-ups and a few sit-ups and lifting weights. I had to get his endurance up by taking him running with me twice a week to also improve his air intake and leg power. He helped me in my eating habits we both pretty much weren't restricted from anything and could both put it away. I know before I had a nice appetite but now I could really put it away. We had started in mid-September and kept up our training regiments for 9 straight months and during this time alot of stuff changed especially for me.

By the beginning of the summer, I had really gotten to know the guy and we had become best friends, believe me you could tell, we knew way too much about each other from favorite colors to much other stuff. Weight wise, he had only gained about 10 lbs. but he was alot more muscle now and I had hit a weight spurt or something, because I gained an amazing 45 lbs. thanks to him, but thanks to my twice a week runs and him coming along with me I wasn't slow and he wasn't far behind me, but I did have to sacrifice some speed for size. We had both gained about an inch in height. I stood 5'11" 230 lbs. and he wasn't far behind at 5'10 1/2" but he had me by 15 lbs. at 245 lbs. Alot of people thought we could have been brothers if it wasn't for me being black and him white. We were inseparatable and were always around each other and couldn't really wait for the summer to come for more training and hanging out time with each other. "Hey man, we better train some more especially you, I'm about to catch up with you in the weight department." I said touching my stomach. "No way man, I'll always be the biggest." he said pointing at his chest and laughing. I didn't know what I would do without a friend like him now that we had been together for these past 10 months. We kept gaining that summer but that's another story.

Back to present during that time...

"Yeah that was an interesting first year we had together, I wish I could have met you earlier in life though." he said to me. "I know right, but if wasn't for you I won't be where I am together size wise." I replied. "Same here, I would be really out of shape." he said back again.I finished putting on an old red t-shirt and a pair of biking shorts and asked him, "Are you ready to go?". "Yeah." he said also wearing an old blue t-shirts and some bike shorts. We both had on some running shoes and started our way to his house for the weekend, since my parents had headed our of town for their honeymoon and his father had went our of town for business taking his mother with him on a spur of the moment type of thing. We were left alone, lucky we were able to convince them to let us stay home alone. By now they could trust us, we still fought but mostly playfully and if so we never really hurt each other. We ran the rest of the way to his house for a good jogging workout. He unlocked the door and we walked in, it sure was quiet. We went into the kitchen to make a snack for yourself, he pulled out a pan of chicken that had already been cooked and two big pots, one was filled with corn and the other with mashed potatoes. We threw them in the oven for about 10 minutes and then ate like pigs both of us eating 8 chicken legs and a heap of corn and mashed potatoes. It definitely hit the spot. We sat around for about 20-25 minutes watching a little T.V. before I thought back to the past once again. I bumped him a little hard (well like a little push to him, what was a knockdown push for others.) to get his attention and got up to turn off the T.V. "Now our story ended at the upcoming summer of our ninth grade year right and we both had changed alot, also becoming best friends. So let's continue."

A new story...

As I had stated earlier we were getting alot bigger, faster and stronger very quickly. One time my paretns even thought that I was using steriods and took me to a doctor, but of course, he found no steriods or any other drug in my system, but he did mention that my growth was a little above average for my age, bu that I would be ok. We had alot planned for the summer but didn't want to train for the first two weeks of summer. For the first week and a half, we went camping in the woods near our house alone for a that whole time. I had packed plenty of food and our fishing rods to also catch some dinner. We bought a super size tent and some changes of clothes. But nothing too serious so we could just have fun. We loaded our packs and say bye to our parents and headed out all on our own. Little did we know that it had gotten super hot sooner than even we had thought it would. So by the time we had set up our tents at our camp site and eaten a snack it was night and it was still 96 F. We tried our best to keep cool but our size combined with the Texan heat made us have to sleep in our boxers and even those were being sweated through. We both ended up going to sleep about 10 o' clock and it was well earned sleep. We woke up early to get some water and practice our fighting, I put on only a pair of shorts and he followed my lead. We headed to a area full of grass and went to wrestling we kept it up for about an hour before our appeites got to us and we had to catch some fish for our lunch we both had about 3 whole fish (cooked) and some vegetables we had bought with us. We kept this up for the rest of time including just sitting and talking about life, parents and the upcoming football tryouts at the beginning of our 10th grade year. The weirdest moment during our camping trip was about the 8th day, it had been a while since we had taken a bath and our clothes were running out so we had to go to the river that day and things got better from there. I stripped out of my clothes and jumped into the cold water, which felt good against my hot skin. I dripped my head in and when I came back up I heard a splash near me, I knew that it had to be him. I wanted to stand up but everytime I showered in gym class people would look at my penis saying something was wrong with me because it was too big. I even talked to my dad about it, he say the average male penis was about 6 inches erect, when I told him that mine's was 7 inches soft he almost wanted to scream, but say my genetics were just lucky. When I looked over to see how he was doing, I saw that his penis was about as long as mine still soft. I stood up shamelessly for the first time. I went to hug him and told him, " If it wasn't for you, I would be a freak among people with you, I feel normal somehow." But I quickly let go with no clothes on, our bodies were pushing against each other. I blushed a little but corrected it by slamming him into the water, we played for a while and also had to clean all our clothes. We had to sit in the sun to dry off about this it in every boy's life is when he starts to discover his sexual appeite. We were no different, I went to sleep that night only to wake up with a greeting from my friend poking out the bottom of my boxers at 11 inches I ran out of the tent and into the woods to relieve myself and spurted all over the woods. It felt great, I came back a little while later to find him gone. I didn't think too much about it and just went to sleep, when I arouse again in the morning light he was back. (I now know that he was in the same situation as me.)

We kept ourselves busy for the last two days but every night I had the same problem with masterbution. By the time the week and a half had passed, we were ready to head home. We packed up our stuff and headed home. Life was great and probably wouldn't get any better than this. We had had our awkward moments, our bad moments and our good ones. We decided for the rest of the week we would rest our bodies a little more before starting our new training for those all important tryouts. We were able to convince my dad to take us to Houston that Friday, when we headed there it was definitely going to be a hot day. My dad had some work to do so he let us walk around for a while. We travelled for a while till we came to this gym at the time we didn't know that it was actually one of the many famous Gold's Gym, we look through the glass and saw what we wanted to be, men, many men lifting weights, pushing themselves to their limits. We didn't really want to be weightlifters but wanted that type of size that alot of dudes in there had. We stood around for a while just looking till we were busted, we didn't even hear him coming up which was strange because of his size. "So you kids are watching guys work out, maybe I should call the police for you guys peeking on other people's business." the old guy said, he had to be about 50 years old with all that gray hair but was huge. We turned around to answer him but decided it was best to be quiet. He looked us up and down quickly and then spoke again, "So you two are pretty big boys, huh. How old are you two?". We didn't know what to do, but decided to answer him this time. " We're both 14 years olds." my best friend answered. "Oh so not that old, but pretty big still. I say you two are both around 5'10" weighing a good 240 lbs. each, give or take a little." he questioned. "Yeah, you're about right." I said. He walked past us a little and stopped, "So let me guess you two are playing good old American football. That's good with you two's size you'll easily make the team. I could help you two out by getting you better and bigger, you just have to ask your parents." We decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth and decided to ask my dad. The old man walked with us to find my dad, when we found him he had the usual parental reaction. "Hell no." but decided that they needed to meet with him along with my mother and my best friend's parents to see what the final verdict would be. They got to together that Sunday at our house to talk it out and found out the guy had a house not to far from us but just travelled to Houston occasionally for a workout every now and then. He didn't live no more than 5 miles away from us. We beg our parents to let us train with the guy and eventually we worn them down but at first on a trial offer.

Our training started the next day, we met at the old man's house. We walked into his living room, it was fill of trophies and weight belts that he had used over the years. He told us he never had any children of his own, but had been a trainer and part-time school teacher for many years but had just entered into retirement about a year ago. He went right to training us, he wasn't small for an average person, let alone a man in his 50's. He stood about 6'4" 356 lbs. of hardworked muscle, although you could kind of tell that he had a kind of gut. He took our basic measurements on the first day I had gained 1/4 inch but my best friend stood the same height. But I had only gained about a pound, while he had gained 2. For the next 9 weeks he trained us with weights, running, even how to eat even though he restrict us from too much, we had to sleep right and even study our bodies and what they responded to. By the end of the summer, we had made some definite gains I stood 6 feet even weighing 271 lbs. gaining about an inch in height and 40 lbs of weight, which was pretty damn good. My best friend wasn't far behind at 5'11 3/4" weighing a good 289 lbs. gaining almost an inch himself and 45lbs weight wise. We were trying to get our bodies as close as possible, but we couldn't control our bodies to an extreme point, we still wanted to be bigger than our teacher, but right now we were happy with our gains we trained like powerlifters but felt even better than strongmen. We rested for a week to recover a little more and then went to football tryouts and were able to make it both as offensive lineman (I was a little big for a wide receiver now.) The coach was surprised to see us and at first didn't even realize who we were but when he did he just let his mouth hang wide open. There was a downside though, tradegy struck no more than 5 days after we had made the team did the old man have a massive heart attack and died while doing a bench press. We couldn't believe it, he left us all his worldy possessions since he didn't have any more family left in this world. We had to sell his house and moved all his weights, trophies and other equipment to this special weight area we had build with some of the money we had gotten from selling his house. He also left us a letter almost like he knew what would happen.

Dear boys,

I guess I am getting on in age even before I met you two. But I'm glad that I did meet you two, I feel like I've put my last bit of life and effort into you. I've taught you everything I know now all you have to do is use it. You two know I'm not good at talking so this won't be a long letter. I was always seen as some kind of freak back in my day for my size, but I want you two to be even bigger than me. Please take care of each other and enjoy your lives. You must believe that you can do anything you want. You must take your destiny into your own hands and do with it as you will. Do only which makes you happy and one favor though: Don't forget about me.

Sincerly, Old man

When we read that letter we couldn't but cry. I, we didn't know what to do without him. But for a while, we didn't train and didn't even go to practice. After a week or two of this, my best friend's dad decided that it was time for us to get a talking to. "You boys should be able to move on by now. I know that you've suffered a major loss but would he want you two to just sit around mooping, not training not going to practice even though you both trained so hard to get on the team." he said to us. "You're right." my best friend say to him. I agreed with him we got up quickly and ran to the school and arrived just near the beginning of that day's practice. We walked up to the head coach and he turned around to say, "I thought you guys had quit the team or something, well hurry up and get your stuff on." He gave his key to go to the locker room to get our pads and practice jerseys we quickly stretched and ran to the other side of the field, where everyone else was located. Since we were on the defensive side we got to test our strength the defensive coaches got on the equipment and asked us to push it. "Yeah right, me and him could do it by ourselves." I said and to prove it we did just that and scared the hell out of now only our coaches but our team members, too. We showed them what true strength that could have only come from training under that old man. We went to practice against one another, we were easily able to sack the quarterback everytime because we easily got through the opposing defensive line. That year we won the championships without any problems, no one could get through our defense thanks to me and him the season finished up around November and the rest of the year would be used to train for the upcoming season and to get even bigger.

Back to present during that time...

We sat in silence on the couch for a moment, but soon I started to sweat again. This heat was really getting to me, I didn't know about my friend. So I decided to make a suggestion, "Hey, man we should go to the pool to try and cool off." Luckily he agreed with me, I went to his room and put on his swimming trunks that fit rather nicely. When I made it out to the pool, I saw him already out there with his trunks on stretching a little I don't think he even noticed that I had come out of the house yet. So I moved quietly over to the side of the pool that he was on and pantsed him quickly and pushed him into the deep end of the pool. He screamed and landed with a big splash. I jumped in after him and surfaced I looked around but didn't see him around. Suddenly out of nowhere I felt a strong pull on my shorts, he was pantsing me underwater and surfaced with my trunks and threw them out on the side completely out of my reach. I decided to get revenge and pushed him back grabbing his trunks and throwing them to where he had put mines at. I then grabbed him around his thick waist and slammed him into the water, but he quickly recovered putting me into a choke hold and dragging me around a little. Eventually he let up and I squeezed free, I stepped a few feet away from him to recover a little and then went other to where he was standing and we went back to wrestling and we didn't know where anything was, hands and feet flying everywhere. That's when the first moment happened we kept moving around till we ended up kissing each other. Neither one of us knew what to do for a moment, we moved back from each other. I didn't know what to say so I walked quickly to the edge of the pool and stepped out without any shorts on completely nude, I was in that much of a rush I ran to the house into the guest room and shut the door. I ran into the guest bath, that's when I noticed I had a hard-on I began to beat off into the toilet and after about 10 minutes I unleashed a huge spurt of cum and then flushed the toilet, but after a few minutes I got a hard-on again and had to repeaet the process, and also a third and fourth time. After that, I threw on some boxers and noticed that I was dripping in sweat I took a quick cold shower and then went to see where he was at. By this time, he was sitting on a chair at the kitchen table with his face in his hands only in his boxers. "Um, man, I'm going to go to bed now." I said to him but looking down at the floor. I went to bed but couldn't sleep at all. I looked back at our time together and I realized that I had always had feelings for him, unnatural type of feelings, but I had never acted on them. There was no way I could do that or I would have ended our frienship forever and further more, I would be seen as a weirdo by everyone at our school.

I started to think back again to an occasion that really solified our friendship. It was near the end of the summer that had followed our 10th grade year we had a little less than 2 weeks before school would start, we had been training hard the whole school plus between working two jobs, one at a construction site and the other for our neighbor's fruit stand business we had definitely grown we got paid pretty well and got all the watermelons, peanuts and other vegetables we could eat that helped with our big appeites by the end of that summer both of us had put on some more weight along with growing a little more in height. I was trying my best to catch up with him in the weight department, but he maintained to stay just a little ahead of me. We walked out to the woods near the creek where we had camped last summer, it was late and it just so happened to be a full moon that night. I laughed a little and my best friend asked me what I was laughing about. I answered, "Just life, man. Where would I be without you, man? It's almost like we're brothers instead of best friends by now." I said. "Hey why don't we do that, I know of a way that we can become blood brothers, dude." He took a needle out of his pocket that was stuck in a piece of cardboard, he first poked his own thumb and then handed the needle to me to do the same we put our thumbs together and declared, "That now and forever, we would be brothers." I couldn't help but laugh afterwards about it. But it was true, I felt closer to him than almost any brother that I would have had, even though both of us were the only boys in our families.

Back to the present during this time...

Now after remishing once again, I went to sleep without fail. I woke up bright and early the next day on a glorious Saturday, me and him didn't talk for the rest of the weekend even though both of our parents wouldn't be back till that Wednesday night, well mine's wouldn't be back till Thursday or Friday. On that Monday afternoon we both walked silently to the football field for another day of practice, I didn't know about him but I stroked for another day of punishing practice that would push us to our limits. Once again we spent the bulk of practice going through drills and practice plays, we spent a little time limiting some weights I maxed out my bench at 480 lbs and my squat at 680 lbs. I was really pumped after that, my best friend followed up right after me. At the end of the day's practice, we had our basic measurements taken we were definitely the biggest guys on the team my best friend was 345 lbs. at 6'1 1/2", I was a little bit taller at 6'2" but only by half an inch but in weight he had me by10 lbs. because I only weighed 335 lbs. Our hard working summers had paid off everytime and of course later we would find out that our genetics were also to be a major part in our size especially mine's since I had nearly double my weight, but I knew he wasn't far behind adding on a little over 100 pounds which was no small task in it's self. We all headed to the locker room to change, but only after we had went through a sea of guys patting us on the back for our gains. We ended up talking in the locker rooms for a while, which ended up me and my best friend being left in the locker room alone once again. I looked over to see him without any boxers on, I playfully slapped him on the ass and laughed a little. He looked back and didn't say anything, so I went back to my locker and started to undress for a shower. I heard him say that he was heading to the showers, too. I then felt a stinging pain on my ass and looked around to see him holding a towel partially rolled up. "Ok, we're even." I said laughing a little more. I headed to the showers first, I picked a shower near the end of room, I turned on the showerhead and felt the the hot water pouring over my sore muscles believe me it felt great. I looked to see him enter into the showers a few minutes after me and go to a showerhead about three down from me, I couldn't help but noticed his body the body that I had help create along with my own. We were so physical similar it was scary, we were both genetic gifted monsters that against all odds had found another who was so similar to ourselves. I shook my head to concentrate, I wash myself off and realized that I needed to wash my back, "Hey, guy, could you wash my back?" I said to him while pointing to my back. He walked over and grabbed the soap and a cloth to wash my back down. It felt too good for words. I didn't let on how good it felt for him to be doing that to me. After a few minutes he handed me back my soap and went to go finish his shower, I was about to leave but he called me other. "Yeah, just wondering if you could wash my back, too." I decided to go ahead and do it, I wash up and down but had to stop myself from going any farther, I had to admit my love to him I couldn't go on like this anymore. I kept washing and eventually ended up on his fat pecs washing them but he didn't stop me I threw the soap and the washcloth to the floor. I turned him around to face me and pushed him back into the wall just under the flowing water of the shower, I walked closer to him and put my hands on wall on either side of his head. "I can't lie to you anymore, man. I know what I feel for you is even more than that of blood brothers. I love you. But I was scared to tell you because I was scared of ruining our friendship our brotherhood." I said while almost crying. He paused for a moment and finally say something, "I kind of knew along, I felt the same way but I was scared of the same result as you. It's amazing as big as we are, it's this strange feeling that we both were feeling for each other." (Gay love was strange in Texas during this time. We didn't even know it to be gay at that time.) I lend forward and put my lips to his and kissed him, out of all of the kisses I had done with all the girlfriends I had been with, this was the most amazing moment of love ever. We made out right there in the shower head the hot water flowing over our huge bodies, we realized that it was getting late and got dressed and headed to his house again. We stay out of each others' way for a while, it was a little after 10 when I had hit the sack but once again I was in a daze and couldn't fall alseep to save my life. I turned to look out the window and strange enough it was a full moon like that night that we had become blood brothers. I heard footsteps, heavy footsteps walking in the hall and then heard them stop. I turned around to see him standing there with no clothes on, I got out of bed and put my hand on his huge chest and my other on his bubble butt. I kissed him again, I stepped back and pulled off my boxers and got into bed. I moved over a little to make room for him, he looked at me and asked me, "Is this right?" I thought for a moment. "It feels right and with you I feel I can trust you forever." He smiled and got into bed with me the bed felt like it could fell anytime. I moved closer to him and hugged him our bodies moving against each other, hard muscle and a little fat moving in the bed together as one, I kissed him on the forehead and then on the lips and we did it together for the first time. For the next two days, we made out and had it out everywhere in his bed, in the pool and after practice. We go at it like rabbits, after our parents got home. We never told them about it and no one ever found out about us till 10 years later when homosexuality was just coming to a head in the general public.

It turns out that me and him would be together to this very day and because of each other we kept increasing our size, both of us gaining a few more inches in height and putting on another 150 lbs to be truly huge monsters making out at any time that we wanted. I love him and if I had never met him, believe me my life would be different. I thank him for my first time... •

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