Ran into Matt, my training buddy on the street yesterday. We'd been training together for two years. That is, up until a month ago when my job changed and our schedules no longer fit. He and I were the typical big guys you see in the gyms out here - 6', 220#, 48"c, 19"a, and 31"w. Not giants, but we worked at it. Matt was wearing his usual street clothes for fall - a light jacket and a loose pair of sweat pants. But there was something odd about him...

"Got a few minutes" he said. "Got something to show you at my apartment". "Sure", I responded. Matt's apartment was only a block away.

As we walked along, I couldn't get the idea out of my head that there was something different, something strange about my good friend.

We arrived at Matt's apartment and I closed the door behind us and took off my jacket. I turned around and Matt was gone! "I'm in here, come on in" I heard from the living room. I walked quickly towards Matt's voice, terribly curious why my best friend was acting so peculiarly. As I entered the room, my eyes fell on an incredibly muscled man dressed only in a pair of posing trunks. "How do I look?" Matt said with a grin. This was no longer the man I had trained with for two years and who's body I had seen many, many times. His muscle size was freaky. Where he had been big before he was now HUGE.

"I can't believe it, man", I said. "What have you done to yourself?" As I spoke these words I kept walking towards Matt, because I expected to suddenly see that he had used some sort of mirrors to trick me. "Pretty amazing, isn't it". Matt raised his two huge arms into a front double biceps pose. He knew I'd always loved the shape of his arms. The bicep peaks now nearly touched his ears. "Feel em, I know you want to". I couldn't help myself. My hands grabbed hold of the two biggest biceps I had ever seen. They were unbelievably hard with veins moving like snakes all over their surface.

I stepped away almost dizzy. "This can't be real, Matt. What have you done?"

Matt continued to flex each muscle of his body as he smiled and said "Saw an article in the newspaper two days ago. Asked for volunteers in an experiment run by the military. The article said that they needed bodybuilders for a field test of a muscle growth aid. I called, went over, they checked me out, and gave me that jar of stuff over there". Matt pointed to a large open jar of some sort of cream. The label only said "X-16".

"Want to see how it works?", Matt asked. "Sure, man" I responded quickly. Matt handed me a pair of surgical gloves and said " Put these on and take some cream from the jar and rub it into my pecs". I did as I was told. The cream seemed to be absorbed almost immediately. "Now watch what happens", Matt said. As I watched his pecs became red as if all of his blood was rushing to the surface. "This is where it really does its job" he said. His pecs then began to swell visibly as I stared at two mountainous apparitions which filled my vision. I could see muscle fibers swelling beneath his skin. In what seemed like seconds, Matt's chest had gained over an inch.

"Hey, let's see how big I am", he said. He grabbed a tape measure and help me place it around his chest. The taped stretched to over 56 inches. "You mind helping me put this stuff over the rest of my body?", he asked. "Be happy to, buddy", I responded eagerly. I reached my gloved hand into the jar. There was almost nothing there. "Hey it's empty, man" I said as I looked in Matt's eyes. "No problem", he replied, "I've got another jar right here" as he reached into a box on the floor. This jar said "X-45" on the label. I asked Matt what the numbers meant. "Oh, they told me the higher the number, the more concentrated the growth stuff was". I opened the jar and began to massage the cream into Matt's body. "MMMMmmmm" he said, "that's better". As before, each time the cream touched his skin, it disappeared almost immediately. His muscles this time however became red as beets and seemed to stretch the surface of his skin to the breaking point. They just grew and grew before my eyes.

"Like what you see?", Matt said with a laugh. Mine own body started to become hard as I realized that I lusted after the muscle this giant animal in front of me possessed. "Well grab a-hold", he said. I ran my hands over his body and felt a tension in each muscle that seemed ten times greater than any pump in a gym.

"Hey let's try something", Matt shouted. "They told me I shouldn't lift right after using the cream, but what the hell!". As with many bodybuilders, Matt had a few weights at his place. He grabbed a barbell with two 45 pound plates and began to rep out a quick set of curls. The weight seemed tiny in his huge paws. After a dozen reps, Matt raised the bar over his head and did a set of tricep extensions. "OH, MAN", Matt cried as he dropped the bar and fell into a chair. His already huge arms grew almost black as they filled with blood. I could see that they were bigger than any I had ever seen on a stage or in a magazine. Matt's smile was that of a man in orgasm. He stood and flexed his arms. They were now so huge that they almost seemed to be bigger than his pecs. I noticed that the skin which covered his biceps was now paper thin. I could easily see striated muscle swell and bunch. His veins became even bigger as the blood flowed in.

A minute later, his arms returned to their normal pink color. But they now had taken on inhuman size. "When I checked this morning, they measured 23"" he said. "Measure me again." I picked up the tape as he cramped his bicep into an immense ball of muscle. As I wrapped the tape over itself, I saw that it read 26 inches. "Shit, Matt", you've grown three inches of size in less than a day!". My mouth hung open in amazement.

"OK, let's work on the rest of my body" Matt demanded. Each time I completed coating a muscle group, Matt would grab a weight and pump in the blood. He growled as if he was some huge beast. His eyes took on the wild look of something from prehistoric times. The muscles all over his body took on a size that I never believed possible.

"Buddy, something ELSE is happening", Matt cried. I stared as he began to grow taller and thicker. He started to swell as his body crowded the corner of the room. "Damn, I'm a GIANT", Matt shouted. He was indeed. His hair brushed the eight foot ceiling. With a terrible tearing sound, Matt's posing trunks, which had attempted to contain his new size tore off and fell to the floor. I then saw the reason why. His cock was now almost 16 inches in length and as thick around as my forearm.

"Boy, I'm horny as hell" Matt said as he grinned at me. Before I could move away, Matt took me with his two immense hands and lifted me easily so that we were eye to eye. With one hand he ripped my clothes off. His arms wrapped themselves around me so that I could barely move. "Too big for you now, man", Matt said as he ran his throbbing manhood over my abs and chest. "Let's find out what we can do for fun, just the same".

I remember little of what happened over the next several hours. Matt played with me as if I was some small doll he had found. His continuing growth, I noticed, had only slowed slightly. He finally placed me on his bed and lowered himself carefully next to me. His size was now so great that, even though the bed had a king size mattress, I needed to partially lay on top of him to keep from falling out.

Matt gazed lazily into my eyes. "You know you've always been my best friend", he said. "I need to share some of this growth with you", he smiled.

Matt's behemoth arm reached out of the bed and across the room to the box of jars of cream. With no effort he tore the cardboard and lifted out the last jar. "Ready for your treatment, buddy?", he asked. He twisted the cap off with two fingers. It was then that I noticed the label. It read "X-95".

"Hold on man, this should be REALLY something!" was all that Matt said as he scooped up the cream and began to cover me with it. •

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