Costume Party, The

By mman

My previous story adaptation had received some negative feedback for containing heterosexual liaisons. This time I'm leaving the "after" up to you.

I have never been popular or much too look at for that matter. Just a 5'7" 135 pound "everyman" who worked on computers around the office. So I was mildly surprised when I got my invitation to the costume party. Hell, it was an office costume party, so I shouldn't have been that surprised. Everyone was invited. But this year there was a theme - "Sexy Surprise." Come dressed as someone else's fantasy. Yeah right. This was going to be nearly impossible for me, the guy who hasn't had a date since his Senior Prom. But, there was a certain someone in the office that I just had to see. Someone I had lusted after since the day they had arrived. A young statuesque hottie who deserved to be featured on the cover of every fashion and pornographic magazine.

So my costume hunt was on. I tried every costume and Halloween shop in town but found nothing to flatter my flabby physique. There simply was nothing that I would make me look good to anyone.

Then, as a last ditch effort, I remembered an ad that I had seen a week ago for a warehouse that was going out of business across town. The ad had said that everything must go, and their stock included everything from health products to sports apparel and novelties. "What the Hell?" I thought. And I headed over after work.

Upon arriving at the warehouse, it looked dark. Weeds were growing high around the outside, and the light full moon was the only way to find my way to the door. As I entered I faced rows and rows of empty steel shelves. It looked like the going out of business had gone.

"Hello?" I called out, but there was no answer.

As I walked past and peered down each row, I was scanning for something, anything, desperate at this point for something to wear to the party. Midway through the vast space, I saw a light coming from an office high atop a flight of stair and followed them. When I reached the top of the creaky flight, I peered inside and said, "Hello?" but again got no response. I started looking around the sparsely decorated office, in desk drawers, behind filing cabinets, searching for something, anyth-

"What do you want?!" a screechy voice sang out behind me. I jumped nearly into the sheet metal ceiling. "Well, what are you looking for?" The voice came from a shriveled old woman dressed in black appearing from a door that I had previously not noticed.

" S-Sorry," I stammered, as I fought to catch my breath. "I'm just looking for a costume. I th-thought since you advertised novelties, you might still have some."

"All sold out," the old woman cackled menacingly. "What did you want to be, anyway."

"It doesn't really matter," I replied. "I needed something sexy for a fantasy costume party I've been invited to."

Now the hag really started to cackle. "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! You, sexy? Someone else's fantasy?" Again she laughed beyond hysterical.

As I turned to walk out of the room, she grabbed my arm with her gnarled hand. "Wait," she said as she regained her creepy aura, and she disappeared into the room from whence she came.

When she return she held a small, sealed cardboard box. Nondescript. Mysterious. "This is not a costume," she informed me, "but is something I sewed up for a very important customer. It was never picked up so go ahead, take it. You need all the help you can get."

"Thanks," I said, puzzled. And I took the box, turned around and headed for home.

I had every intention of discarding the box that woman had given me, but by the time I had gotten home, feeling lower than low, curiosity had gotten the best of me. As soon as I got through my front door I tried to open the box, but was unsuccessful on my own due to the tape that was too strong. So I cut it open with a scissor and started digging around inside. First what I found was mounds and mounds of Styrofoam peanuts, seemingly more than should be able to fit inside the box, but at the bottom I found something that made me laugh even harder than that woman at the warehouse.

What was at the bottom was a shiny, gold posing strap. The kind professional bodybuilders use during competition. It was double-stitched down the ample front and was skimpy with the fabric in the rear. Sure, this was definitely someone's idea of a fantasy, maybe even my office crush's, but not on me. I threw it back into the box, covering it in foam, and wiping the tears from my eyes. As I headed to the trashcan, though, I couldn't help but wonder. What would I look like in that thing? At this point I had to find out. So I took out the golden brief and hurried into the bathroom where my only full length mirror was on the back of the door. I stripped down to nothing but skin and bones. Thin chicken legs. Tiny bird chest. Scrawny toothpick arms. Pitiful, I thought. I easily slipped into the two holes of the brief and pulled it up around my waist. Surprisingly, it fit! Being small, I had a 29 inch waist, but the posing strap stayed put. The rest of it, however, looked like a golden diaper. Too baggy in the front and saggy in the back. I went from my amusing, inquisitive mood to one of despair. No wonder I hadn't had a date in years. I was disgusting and decided I wouldn't be going to the party. Especially not to embarrass myself in front of that gorgeous co-worker of mine.

Just as I started to slip down the strap I was hit by a wave of power so strong it knocked me into the glass shower doors. SMASH!

I slowly got up after what seemed like an endless sleep and looked again in the mirror. WOW! A GOD! It was me, and now I would definitely be going to the party.

The night of the party I had carried the strap the whole day, waiting to surprise everyone with my sexy fantasy "costume." At one point, I even growled at my office crush getting a strange look from them, but knowing the growl would soon be returned.

At the party, most everyone from the office was there, including the one that I would die for. Now, it seemed, they would soon be willing to die for me!

There was Brad, the chief of sales. He was dressed as Tarzan, being a big, strong guy, himself. Tall, with brown hair and eyes, and an awesome physique that he got from working out at the gym 5 days a week. From the flock of co-workers around him, I'd say he qualified as a few's fantasy.

Then there was Melissa, the boss's secretary. With an awesome figure and blond hair and blue eyes, she always dressed as a fantasy at work anyway, so her Playboy bunny outfit was not much of a stretch. Tight black and white outfit holding her together with a deeply plunging neckline and high riding hip huggers. Tonight, she took many of the daytime fantasizers into the night.

Jeff and Jenn, the office couple in accounting, seemed mild mannered by day, but tonight they dressed unexpectedly. They wore the costumes of a Football Jock and his Cheerleader Bimbo. They both went to extremes with Jeff, being quiet but impending due to his size, stuffing his crotch and wearing the tightest pants and jersey he could find. He had on the full package with shoulder pads and gear. He seemed to be sweating around his darkened eyes, too, which made him seem even hotter. Jenn also seemed to be wearing the tightest thing she could find. Taut belly showing do to her aerobics routines and hair in two pigtails, she was exuding adolescent eagerness. The push-up bra she wore helped accentuate he already DD rack and doing a split in the middle of the room made many a jaw drop. Jeff and Jenn were easily identified as two fantasies of many of the faces in the room.

I was just eager to see the look on one of their faces when I walked into the room as my sexy self. I went to the party "normal" and was ridiculed by many for not dressing up, but little did they know.

When the time came for costume judging I headed for the bathroom to slip into my strap, intending never to take it of again! I heard the crowd outside get quiet as one by one each of my colleagues had the spotlight and "Oohs" and "Aaahs" were followed by many a cat-call and whistle. Finally the attention was turned to me. The room thought it would be cute to make fun of the one who didn't come dressed and instead was still his same, dopey self, me. So, I pulled on the glistening briefs, threw open the door and stepped outside. What I received was the expected raucous laughter and derision one would expect in a golden diaper, but as I approach the front of the room, everyone got quiet. Quiet due to my boldness and commanding presence. I said nothing, but just stood there.

With all my might I stayed upright at the first blast of power. Power being sucked into my body from every direction. Power like no one here had ever felt or beheld before. I gathered some newly found strength and stared at the silent people gathered before me. Soon ready to behold their new god. As before my body started changing, from the middle out. I turned around as my glutes started thickening and widening. I could feel each striation stretching my skin and making the patch of shiny gold fabric seem smaller and smaller against my hardening ass. As I turned around there were gasps as my cock started to swell, but not harden, filling out the double-stitched (for a reason, I think) crotch with an easily defined serpentine shape.

I looked around the awe-struck crowd and smiled, knowing this was only just the beginning. Soon my mid section grew tight and abs grew where once there was only pale, flat whiteness. Two at a time the sprouted up and solidified. Two, four, six, eight, ten. Five rock hard levels of steely muscle inside my body, protuding forward and out. I turned side to side for all to see.

Next my thighs, ballooning beneath the holes cut in my briefs. Growing wide and fat with sinew. Soon reaching the measurement of my current waist size, as always 29". I stood upon two tree trunks quickly expanding downward past my knees to thickening calfs. How incredible it feels to have calves sprouting from the backs of your legs, shaky at first, trying to hold up the new found mass above. But soon, they grow to match everything else, definitely not as large as my Herculean calves, but almost as strong. At this point I could kick any of the so called "Hunks" in the room through a wall if I wanted to, and after years of pitiful jokes, there were a few I was eyeing up with a power-filled rage.

Once my legs were done, the back had begun. I again turned around so that all could view the spread of muscle across my body. Lifting my arms to almost perpendicular heights. Rounded arcs of muscle to behold on each side of my body, I felt as if I were wearing an armor shell of protection and power. I flexed backward and demonstrated the power I had acquired causing Melissa from the mailroom to passout. I faced the room and smiled.

Then, at the same time, my chest, shoulders, and arms expanded. Since they happened simultaneously, the growth was slower, but all the more drool-enhancing. My pecs and delts many objective seemed to be to smother me in muscle. My pecs became round, mounds of beef, soon rising into mountains. With nipples jutting downward and cleavage beyond any porno queen's wildest imagination, I had just acquired the world's strongest pair of strength. I felt as if I could snap necks in half and bend bars and crush cars. My shoulders continued to crowd around my neck stacking themselves higher and higher until I could look side-to-side and just see over them. As well, I had trouble seeing my toes past my massive slabs.

My arms finished last, swelling like my legs in time with the smother twins. From my armpits came snakes of blood racing to hungry muscle. Biceps pumping and growing. Triceps guzzling and hardening. Forearms sucking up what's left to become thick partners of their impending older brothers. Together, they looked like any normal man's leg - times two. Huge monsterlike appendages for grabbing and taking and doing whatever as they please!

The growth had subsided, and I stood before the crowd of sweating, sexed-up impostors as the real thing! The ultimate fantasy! A superhero!Their god.

6'9" - 375 pounds - 29" thighs - 29"waist - 64"chest - 25" arms

A huge man! No. A Beast!

As I looked directly at the one I had lusted at for so long, I remembered thoughts of getting head from them and bending them over a chair. Being treated by them like the most important creation of God himself. Having them as my slave. Now it would all come true.

"SIT DOWN!" I commanded everyone, and shivering, they obliged.

"HERE!" I beckoned to the one who had shunned me all these years, now trembling with fear and fantastic excitement. "KNEEL BEFORE ME!"

"Yes, sir" they replied, with a squeak.

And I smiled as I thought, "Now where should we begin?" •

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