Cream of the Crop, The

By Anonymous

This story is about my struggle to be better then my peers, to be able to hold my head above all the rest, and to show that brains do matter and help you in the long run.

My name is jack I am 19 years old, I live on a farm, as you can see I am not your typical good looker. But is'nt it funny that when we are alone in our rooms we can be anything we want, and to me when I walk around the house flexing I am the strongest man alive.

I walk through the living room picking up chairs as if they weigh 100k but we all know they don't, but using my mind I can do anything.

Though I may not have the muscles or the looks, there is one thing I do have and that is smarts. I do very well at school, I top all my classes except Phys Ed of course. I don't concentrate well, probbaly cause half the time I am lusting over all the guys there, I cant believe why I have not gotten any bigger, all the guys in the class, some even younger then I am are spurting muscles and developing ripped bodys and I am stuck with nothing.

My boyfriend on the other hand is very fine looking, his name is brad I often wonder why he is with me, possibly because I do his homework as a favour, so in return he will do favours for me. I love having him wear his wrestling uniform and flex his biceps in front of me, while I pretend I am just as big as he is. We have fun together playing and wrestling getting each other hard, then we finish each other off in the showers.

My favorite of all time is when he lifts me up above his head and then starts to lick my dick, the feeling of his strength over me is intense. I just wish that I could somehow one day give him the pleasure he gives me.

After a few weeks had passed I had done alot of study as exams were coming up and I had a lot of projects that needed completing.During this time I had thought alot about myself and how should I say what will become of me, am I meant to remain this book worm, cause I think that after school Brad may no longer want to be with me. I never want to lose him.

I began in my spare time to look up ways of building muscle and getting a better physique. I spent every spare second I could researching to find a way. It took ages it wasnt untill after the exams that I had a breakthrough. I had been ignoring brad as I had been studying so I had not done anything sexually for quite a few weeks,after the exams brad and I went to celebrate as we both had done quite well, thanks to me, we went horseriding on my parents property which they left to me,they are overseas, we have nothing on the property except to horses. So of we went and after about an hour of bouncing up and down I felt very randy. We both stopped under the tree which was next to the creek, I jumped of my horse and through myself onto brad.

He was also excited he too had been saving himself as a gift to me for helping him in his exams. If only took a few seconds for us to strip and then even quicker then that we both had massive hard-ons due to the prolonged release we both had, in no time I hot my load mostly I only got it on myslef a little bit went on brad, but then brad being stronger then I was shot his on my chest and I was a little winded.

It was then when I had a idea that would change my life.

Later that day with out telling brad I went straight back to research. I wanted to find out all I could about cum. What exactly does it do, what it is made up of and what is its potential.

I found that it basically is the seed of life, It is new life, along with it,cum carries information from the host that will determine the outcome of the life it produces. So in fact, it you took it from me and used it to grow another person It would have my gentics, you could grow another very smart but very weak guy.

This idea I put into practise the following week, I jeot the secret from brad as I wanted to treat him to a suprise, and also I wanted to save face incase it did not work. I set about gathering a herd of guys together to use as my crop that would produce me the amount of cum I would need for my idea to work.

These were the five guys that I got from my school. I tricked them into that they were needed for a sox month film shoot with naked ladies and that they will be paid and so on.

All five jumped at the chance when I mentioned the naked ladies part. I told them to come over to my house. When they did that is where I had trouble how would I ask them that I need there cum so I can use it in my experiment.

When they turned up I told them to go out to the barn as that is where the film was being shot. They all seemed happy to go over as they assumed there was naked ladies in there. I was following right behind them, they all went in the lights were not on, I shuffeld them inside then grabbed the horse tranquillser gun and shot them all in the legs, down they fell one by one.

I then with what strength I had tied them all up and removed there clothes as it would make it easier for me later.

I left them for a week so there cum will be at its fullest. They started to wake up and thats when I told them my plan, they all squirmed but realised they were going no where. I needed them to all to get horny so as a man of my word I promised them naked ladies, I put on a tape that they could all watch and I sat back waiting for the soliders to stand tall.

In line they rose to the job they had to do, I went up the first guy and milked him and not only was this giving me pleasure to do this as these were great looking guys but I noticed that they were getting a kick out of me tugging them.

I squeezed every last drop I could then returned to the house, I mixed all the cum with some other supplements that I had would increase growth speeds and also have the testosterone levels in the cum react extra fast. Then down it went, it was warm and sweet tasting obviously due to the mix of the guys.

It only took a week for me to start showing some more bulk I could not believe the progress, more so I could not believe my idea had worked.

I had taken there cum which had there genetic make-up and it had helped along with some other chemical enhancers change my gentics to be a combination of all of them.

A few more weeks had passed, brad had been away on a trip for the holidays, and I had changed considerably, for some reason as I kept draining my studs, they were getting smaller and smaller, no one cared that they were gone as they had led people to think they were in a movie. I was aware they were becoming weak as I was taking all the man essence and they were still tied up, I fed them properly but still they were not getting and sun or exercise.

I went out that day and milked them again, that was when I heard brads car drive up. I ran out to see him and his jaw dropped he noticed how much I had changed I remembered how I told him I was working out around the clock and taking all kinds of supplements, he was astonished and asked if he could have what I was having, I joked with him still not wanting to tell him, but I said lets go into the house and I will make you up something.

He was excited about what I had become, after a while I had piled on more and more bulk, I loved playing cowboy and going out to round up my studs. I let them go after the six months, but in the time they were there I developed a drug to make them think they were somewhere else and this experince never happend, I however pumped them every hour to make sure I had enough cum to last me for ages.

I now have repaid brad with the same love he showed me when we were doing our exams, and whenever I fell low or need a quick pick me I just kick back a bottle of cream from the crop. •

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