Dreaming and Growing


By Pec Hunter

A year into their relationship Scott had blown up to an incredible 334 pounds. His overstuffed limbs were so weighed down with muscle that Zander wondered whether Scott would loose some mobility. Such was not the case but Scott did develop a waddle-like sway when he walked. It was impossible for him to move like most other people. He had to swing his big muscle-bloated thighs around each other. His thighs tapered down to his knees but quickly flared out again to the immense diamond calves. Pants that would fit his legs were impossible to find. The choice was either sweats or gym shorts that rode high above the feed bag thighs. The positioning of his legs helped make way for his huge dick and balls which bounced back and forth as he walked. Zander would get hard watching his muscle boy swagger.

Scott's arms were forced out diagonally by the huge football shaped triceps almost resting on the mountainous lats pushing from the other direction. His back had mounded higher and higher and deepened. The shoulders had become two immense boulders, dense and powerful. His inflated pec slabs, so incredibly overgrown, now blocked his downward vision. Few shirts would fit the massive torso now so Scott wore tank tops. Most the time he just went topless. He enjoyed showing off his muscle mass to his lover and Zander loved to watch the muscles ripple and bounce when Scott made any movement.

With the last growth episode it had become difficult for Scott to move his hands up to his face. The 27" biceps collided with his forearm muscles and huge pecs which had continued to grow downward and out. In response Scott stopped shaving and grew a full, thick black beard matching the thick black hair which fully covered his 64" chest now. Zander kept his beard trimmed and sexy looking.

Soon to be 21, Scott was mammoth and freaky. Sure, there were a few guys out there that carried more size, but no one had perfect proportions in a compact size like Scott Harrison. He had never been happier in his life. It was Zander's extreme pleasure to keep his hot muscle toy satisfied in the kitchen and in the bedroom.

A warm rain fell as Scott made his way to the Kindred Center. He had thrown on his usual sweat pants and t-shirt for the visit with an additional rain jacket he had found in the back of Zander's closet. The jacket was enormous but still ridiculously tight in the sleeves and was impossible to zip up over his chest. It was better than nothing given this type of weather.

Scott rounded the corner into examination room 4D where Dr. Kindred stood, clipboard in hand, back turned. To his surprise on the other side of the room sat Zander, silent with a serious, sad look on his face. Nearby were Center's security personnel- two large uniformed men, mostly overweight. Scott immediately sensed something was wrong and froze in his tracks.

At once Dr. Kindred turned around and said, "Well Scott, you better make yourself comfortable." He watched Scott struggle out of the tight rain jacket and shook his head when he saw how much more Scott had grown.

"I hope you're happy with yourself. You are disgusting."

"But Doctor, I don't …."

"How long do you think you could get away with your little game? Huh? I had your medications tested at the lab. They were vitamin tablets!"

"But Doctor, you don't understand…"

"I understand that I give people hope for a better life. And you just throw it in my face!" Kindred raised his finger and the two security men stepped forward restraining Scott at the wrist. "I've prepared a special injection that should cure you of your affliction."

"No Dr. Kindred, don't …" Zander called out, squirming in his chair.

"Quiet Zander, you're just as much to blame." Kindred grabbed a silver syringe from a nearby table, prepped Scott's arm with a cotton swab and positioned himself for the injection.

"Scott, don't let him do it!" Zander yelled out.

At that point Scott let out a startling roar and threw his massive arms back knocking the two men to the floor, winding both of them. A surprised Kindred recoiled in fear, realizing for the first time what power this man possessed.

"Go this way!" Zander pointed to another door in the room. Scott immediately bolted past Kindred knocking his shoulder with such force that he fell against the table, dropping the syringe. Zander jumped to his feet and raced out the other door, turning the lights off as he went.

From the darkness Kindred screamed, "You're fired!"

Scott found himself at a service entrance that led directly to the alley. Once outside the building Zander was nowhere to be seen. It didn't feel safe to start looking for him. Maybe it was best to go back to the apartment and meet up there.

Scott's pulse was still racing from the encounter with Kindred as he walked along the rain soaked street. He began noticing other people noticing him. Scott's distinctive swagger and massive musculature always drew attention. He tried to remain calm but the sweat poured from his entire body. The growth was coming on. He ducked into an alley looking for a place to hide until it was over. Gulping and gasping for air Scott doubled over, fell to the ground, and passed out.

Scott Harrison lay on the wet pavement- dreaming and growing. •

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