Dreaming and Growing


By Pec Hunter

Scott started his visits with Dr. Kindred the following week. The initial tests seemed harmless, but as the sessions progressed Kindred's motives became clearer.

"I can't believe what he told me today. That man is sick. He's says I'm abnormal. Well, he's the abnormal one!" Scott was so upset he headed off to the kitchen to start his fifth high protein meal of the day. He gorged himself on the food, not thinking of the quantity. Zander didn't stop his feasting.

"I had to start the medications today. I had to swallow the pills in front of him. I don't know what's going to happen."

"Don't worry about the pills. I switched them out with a harmless placebo."

That night they went to bed, skipping their usual fuck session. Scott was too upset. He woke up the next morning, scratching his balls. "They're growing again." It was like a dark cloud had descended on Scott's life again. He came home from school each day and immediately headed for the refrigerator gobbling everything in sight. He changed into a jockstrap Zander had gotten for him that would support the size and weight of his growing balls. By the end of the week the cloud lifted.

Scott's first growth spurt while living with Zander packed on another 26 pounds, more weight than ever before. Now at 233 he was almost the weight of his boyfriend. However Scott's physique already looked more muscular. Whatever Zander's features measured, Scott was 1"-2" bigger.

"I love this!" Scott exclaimed, rubbing his hands all over his body to feel the new mass. "Look at this." He struck an incredible double biceps and quickly turned to do a lat spread.

"Can you get anymore muscle stuffed into that back?" Zander's eyes dropped to Scott's beautiful ass, an ass made just for fucking. The two embraced, kissed and began grinding their steel hard cocks against one another.

"The answer is yes."

And so the cycle began again. Within another two months the next plateau was reached.

"Zander!" Scott yelled out. "It's happening!"

Zander rushed into the bedroom to find Scott naked, thrashing about, and breathing heavily. His dick was hard, his balls pumped to an alarming size. Zander watched Scott's body begin to convulse and shudder. It was frightening to watch at first, but the convulsions finally peaked and Scott's body began to explode with muscle growth. It first started in his legs, then moved up his body. His calves and quads quickly inflated to huge sacks of muscle and became more striated. Then came the abs. The chest growth however was the most spectacular. His pecs began rising upward and filling outward at the same time becoming jammed with dense muscle meat. The cleft between them became a huge valley. His tits swelled up at the same time too. The areolas shifted downward and widened to two inches as the nipples grew into small penis shapes. The pecs pushed his shoulder muscles outward while they themselves mounded higher and wider, nearly doubling in size. Gargantuan shoulders must have some enormous arms hanging off them and so the growth proceeded. The biceps ballooned forward while the triceps ballooned backward. Scott's arms actually begin to lift from the bed from the increased mass. His forearms looked like bowling pins. Finally his back exploded. Zander watched the lats turn into giant feed bags hanging off his sides and like his arms his torso moved upward as the muscles inflated. The lats mounded high above his broad shoulders. The growth climaxed with Scott's frantic, involuntary thrusts into the air, his red hot cock blasting a huge load onto his belly. He grew silent and after a few moments opened his eyes, spent of all energy.

"Scott, I think you're going to like this," Zander exclaimed.

"Zander, could you leave me alone for a while?"

"Sure, sure. Let me know if you need anything."

Scott wasn't sure whether he could get up, but after 15 or 20 minutes he summoned what strength he had left to get to the mirror. He yelled out, "Zander!"

Zander rushed into the room to find Scott gazing into the mirror, his back to him. With a little wobble he slowly turned. Zander put his hand to his mouth as he saw Scott's front. The muscles had fallen into their natural places and Zander could see them in greater relief. Scott's shoulders and chest had grown larger than the rest of him. A huge pec shelf now shaded his upper abs. Not even Lee Priest could look this good. Hanging obscenely below however, quivering as Scott himself trembled, was a huge, horse sized dick. Scott hesitated to touch it and swung it back and forth slightly to test its weight.

"This is my father's dick," Scott said, his voice trailing off.

"My God Scott, you are beautiful."

" 264 pounds beautiful. I don't believe it." Scott lumbered around the roomed becoming acquainted with his new bulk. "This is so damn fucking hot, this is so damn fucking hot." Scott took a shower and came out to the kitchen wearing the largest t-shirt he could find. "Is this a XXL or what? It's too small, but it'll have to do for now."

Zander enjoyed watching Scott lumber around the apartment. He loved to watch the immense muscles move, twitch and flex under his clothing. He didn't know whether it was hotter to see a muscle stud naked or watch him test the limits of his clothing. Zander planted a big kiss on Scott's cheek and showed him the unmistakable bulge in his pants.

"Can I see what you can do with that big fuck pole?"

"Anytime," Scott smiled.

Dr. Kindred was furious when he found out about Scott's latest growth. Scott hopped up on the exam table and stripped his shirt off. The doctor took one look and shook his head.

"I don't understand. This is unfortunate. Well, despite the setback I'll still need to record your present condition. Please take the rest of your clothes off Scott."

Scott silently laughed to himself. He delighted in ruining the doctor's research. "I don't know what to do with all this extra muscle, doctor." He ran his hand across his huge chest, lingering at the nipple in a sexy way, subtly teasing the doctor. "And look at this." He grabbed his cock, playfully displaying its size. "What woman could take something this large? It's useless!"

The doctor nodded in agreement. "Let's get started. Weight-264 pounds, Bicep-24", Chest-58", Waist-30", Penis-13", Thigh-33", Calf-21". Patient exhibits increase in body hair, particularly in pectoral regions. Marked increase in size of penis and scrotum."

Scott told Zander later that day what had happened at the clinic. It was becoming more of a game. Scott felt like he was controlling the situation and not Dr. Kindred. He wanted to continue going to the clinic just to interfere with the doctor's research.

"I want to grow even bigger," Scott announced. "I think I can handle it, Zander. Kindred will go nuts! Besides, I love the feel of it, the mass of my arms and chest, my legs, busting out of my clothes. It's a huge turn-on. What do you think?"

Secretly that was what Zander wanted to hear. With a big smile he said, "Fine with me, just as long as I can fit in bed with you."

"Hey Zander, there'll always be room for you." Scott walked up to Zander placing his warm hands on Zander's chest, caressing his pecs and nipples and giving him a big kiss. The image of all that mature man beef- flexing, sucking, growing, fucking was too much. Zander put his steady hand on Scott's large muscular ass and pushed him towards the bedroom. •

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