Dreaming of Danny

Tyler and Danny had been friends since junior high. They were complete opposites. Danny was tall and slim and asthmatic. He was actually an odd looking fellow. Even when he was 12 years old he looked liked a middle-aged accountant. His light brown hair was rapidly thinning and his pale blue eyes crinkled at the corners. His body was soft and covered with dark brown fur. Tyler was short and thick and healthy. Dark hair and eyes gave him an ethnic appearance. His body was stock and powerful, but not particularly muscular. They were opposites, but the best of friends.

Their junior year in high school they were inseparable. If you saw the 6' Danny in a crowd, you were sure to find the 5'5" Tyler by his side. Tyler and Danny had friends, but not close friends. They were two loners. Danny would often buy beer (he was never carded because of his heavy five o'clock shadow) and the two would get drunk in the vacant lot behind Danny's house. On a hot summer night their relationship started to change. They were both drunk.

"I'd do anything for you Ty. You're my best friend," Danny slurred. Both boys were laying side by side and staring into the starry night.

"Me too, Danny."

"Like what? Would you get in a fight for me?"

"Sure. Wouldn't you?"

"Oh yeah, Ty. Would you give money if I needed it?"


"Would you give me a kidney?" Danny asked as he propped himself up on his elbows.

"You'll need a kidney if you keep drinking like this."

"Answer. Would ya?"

"I guess."

"Okay. This is a serious one." Danny squirmed around. He rested himself on Tyler's stomach and slowly nudged his elbow towards Tyler's dick. Tyler didn't breath. Tyler could feel him rubbing his elbow over his slowly stiffening prick. "Would you suck my dick?"

"What kind of question is that?" Tyler's head was reeling.

"If I asked, would you suck my dick? Cause I'd suck yours. If you asked."

"I guess I would. IF you asked."

"That's good to know. Are you getting hard?"

Tyler pushed Danny away. "Come on you drunk. Let's get you home."

Tyler walked Danny home in silence. And then ran the two blocks to his house. His mind was spinning. Heáshut himself in his bedroom. Did Danny know he was gay? How could he. No one suspected Tyler. He had a girlfriend. He had never dropped a single hint to Danny. Was Danny gay? Tyler didn't think so. He had never thought about Danny that way. The jocks at school and models in magazines, but never Danny. He stripped for bed. Under the covers he started stroking his thick 5" boy cock and thinking of Danny. He came quickly and fell asleep with a smile on his face.

Tyler's thoughts were consumed with thoughts of Danny, although that eventful conversation was never mentioned again. Tyler knew he was gay, but had never done anything about it. He was sixteen and trapped in the conservative midwest. His desire was building and experimenting with Danny seemed the perfect solution. It had to be planned. Tyler knew he would have to make it happen. If only he could duplicate that night in the vacant lot, but he and Danny were never alone during the summer. There were always parties and barbecues with tons of people. And he would have to guarantee that Danny was really horny. How was that even possible? Tyler felt hopeless.

One afternoon Tyler was hanging out at his Uncle Ed's house. No one was home and Tyler was thumbing through his uncle's fitness magazines. The muscular models really turned him on. He was flipping the pages when he gave himself a wicked paper cut. He went to the bathroom and washed it off. Tyler opened the medicine cabinet to find a band-aid. What he found was a small bottle of little blue pills. Viagra! Tyler knew what this stuff was for. He couldn't believe Uncle Ed was taking Viagra. He shut the cabinet and started to leave. The idea hit him like a ton of bricks.

He COULD make Danny horny. He just needed to add chemicals to the equation. Tyler stole 5 of the little blue pills. His plan was in motion. Over the next two weeks Tyler went shopping. He went to drug stores. He went health stores. He found ads in the back of magazines. He stockpiled every chemical, vitamin, herb or ointment that increased your sex drive. Then using a mortar and pestle from the chemistry department he ground them all together into a fine powder. He carried the powder with him everywhere. Tyler had his weapon, now he needed to lure his target. He was patient. Tyler knew the time would come.

In the middle of August, Tyler and Danny went to a party. Danny got really drunk and almost started a fight with the host. The host was a bid dumb jock who thought that Danny was hitting on his girlfriend. Tyler stole a six-pack and forced Danny to the car.

"Come on Danny, let's get drunk!"

"Yeah. Fuck that party. Let's go to the lot and get drunk Ty."

Tyler broke the land speed record. Tonight was the night. Danny would be his. Tyler left the beer in the car as he and Danny headed for the vacant lot.

"Where's the beer Ty?"

"Oh man. I left it in the car. You stay here and I'll go get it."

Tyler ran back to the car and pulled the baggie of powder from his shorts. He opened one beer and carefully poured every grain of the mixture into the can. He swirled it around in the can and sauntered back to the vacant lot.

"Here you go Danny," he said as he handed him the special beer. Tyler then opened a beer for himself. They sat there looking at the sky. Tyler watched as Danny drained the beer quickly. He drank every drop. It was only a matter of time. Danny opened another beer.

"Thanks for keeping me out of that fight Tyler. That guy would have killed me."

"I can't believe he thought you were hitting on his girlfriend. What a load."

"Actually I kinda was."

"What!?" Tyler couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Yeah. She cornered me in the bathroom. She heard from someone, I don't know who, that I had a really big dick and she wanted to see it. She was grabbing at my dick when Chad walked in."

"Who could have told her that?"

"It could have beenů"

Before Danny could finish his statement the sky opened up. Lightening flashed and the rain poured down. Tyler and Danny ran for the house. Tyler couldn't believe this. Everything was going wrong and Danny didn't seem horny at all. They sat in Danny's barren basement. The house was completely quiet.

"Everyone's asleep, but they can't hear us down here."

Danny took off his wet polo shirt and kicked of his shoes. He was wearing a tight Calvin Klein tank and khaki shorts. Tyler noticed that they were stretched pretty tight around his crotch. Did Danny have a big cock? It seemed pretty unlikely. Tyler looked up. Danny had caught him staring at his crotch.

"You were staring at my dick." Danny smiled. He started rubbing his crotch. "Do you think it's big?"

Was Danny starting to get horny? Was this it? Tyler shivered in anticipation.

"I don't know Danny. How big is it?"

"What do you mean? Like what size. Like in inches?"

"Yeah. Haven't you ever measured it? Mines like 5 inches which is about average. You know Tom, the trombone player? I heard they measured his on a band trip and it was 10 inches. That's really big."

"Hold on." Danny hurried upstairs. Tyler slipped off his windbreaker and sat against the wall. As Danny came downstairs he dimmed the lights. He was carrying his mom's sewing basket. Danny sat against the opposite wall and fumbled through the basket. Finally he pulled out a measuring tape.

"Let's find out how big I am."

Tyler just starred. He was transfixed and motionless. Danny unbuttoned his shorts and unzipped the fly. He slowly lowered the band on his briefs and stroked his cock. Tyler could barely see it, but it seemed narrow and hairy like Danny. Danny closed his eyes and stroked. Slowly up and down. Minutes seemed like hours as Tyler watched his friend masturbate. He didn't know what to do. After a while Danny stopped and measured his still flaccid penis.

"Tyler, I can't get hard. It's only 3 and a half inches. I need help. Would you suck my cock?"

Tyler couldn't believe his ears. All his fantasies were coming true. He slowly crawled on his hands and knees to the opposite side of the room. He peeled Danny's undershirt from his belly and tongued his belly button. With one hand he reached up and played with Danny's erect nipples. Tyler used his other hand to lower Danny's briefs. He slowly licked his way down the trail of fur that went from Danny's belly to his now semi erect dick. Tyler looked up into Danny's eyes. Danny smiled and let out a low moan. Tyler devoured Danny's cock. It tasted so good. All earthy and musky. He swirled his tongue around the thickening head. He could feel it swelling in his mouth. He bobbed his head up and down. Danny's lengthening cock inched closer to Tyler's gag reflex. Danny moaned in ecstasy. Tyler removed his mouth and licked up and down the shaft. Danny did have a bigger than average cock. Tyler gently grabbed Danny's balls and licked them too. He squeezed them ever so slightly with one hand and used the other to stroke Danny's shaft. Tyler's mouth and tongue concentrated on the flared tip of Danny's penis. Danny was completely erect and getting dangerously close to cumming.

"Danny this is as big as this thing gets. You better measure before you cum."

Tyler kept stroking. Danny still had the tape clutched in his hand. He placed the beginning of the tape against his belly and stretched it out. Tyler watched in awe. Almost 9 inches and very thick!

"Jesus Danny! It's beautiful."

For the first time Tyler realized that Danny wasn't breathing right. It was his asthma. Danny was trying to speak. Tyler couldn't figure it out.

"Inhaler," Danny wheezed.

Tyler fumbled through Danny's pockets. He noticed that the magnificent boner was beginning to shrink. Dammit. Why this. Why now. Tyler found the inhaler and handed it to his friend. Danny puffed and puffed until the entire inhaler was empty. It dropped to the floor. Danny's breathing slowly returned to normal. He pulled up his underwear, buttoned his shorts and curled into a ball. Tyler sat against the wall with Danny's head in his lap. He brushed the sweaty strands of hair from Danny's forehead and rubbed his chest.

"Well at least I measured up, huh Ty. A lot bigger than yours."

"Yeah you're big. You feel okay."

"Actually I feel weird. All hot. Flushed. I can hardly move."

"You need another inhaler?"

"No. I think I am having some reaction to my meds. It seems kinda hazy."

"It's probably the alcohol."

"No. It's something else Ty."

Danny began to twitch a little and tremble. Tyler picked up the spent inhaler and examined the cartridge. The label read STEROIDS DO NOT MIX WITH OTHER PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. Tyler couldn't believe this. He had killed his best friend. Why did he slip Danny the powder? How could he have been so stupid.

"Danny I think you better get to the hospital. You're hot. You don't look like you feel well."

"Actually it feels good. Fuzzy, but good."

Tyler placed his hand over Danny's heart. He could feel his every breath. It seemed like Danny was holding his breath. Tyler could feel his chest swell. Danny was in a daze. Tyler watched intently in the dim light. It looked like Danny's chest was actually swelling. Tyler couldn't believe his eyes. Danny's chest was swelling. It was filling with MUSCLE.

Tyler thought for sure he was dreaming. Danny was growing pecs. Big, beautiful hard pecs. And it was spreading. Big slabs of pectoral muscle filled Danny's tank. His hard nipples were erect and clearly visible through the thin layer of material. His neck was beginning to bulge. Large veins bubbled to the surface. Tyler could see his neck widen until it was as thick as his head. Danny's chin and jawbone seemed to jut from a column of muscle. Tyler couldn't believe his good fortune. Danny's shoulders bulged and widened. Thick sinewy muscle burst to the surface. Tyler could feel Danny getting heavier. He had to get out from underneath. He sat Danny against the wall and kneeled between his splayed skinny legs. Tyler watched with delight.

Danny now had shoulders like cannon balls and massive pecs that created a dark furry crease running down the center of his body. Tyler could see his back and lats starting to swell. There was a loud RIP has the tank top started to give way. One strap popped exposing the beautiful furry pec. Tyler reached out to touch the warm flesh. Danny moaned with delight. The swelling spread to his arms. They were being inflated by an invisible pump. Big cords of muscle and veins roped his biceps and forearms. Tyler couldn't comprehend that his friend, who had previously had no muscletone, was developing into this god. In a daze Danny begin to pull at the tight tank top. His biceps flexed. It was as big and round as a bowling ball. Tyler gently squeezed it and Danny fluttered his eyes. He ripped the top from his chest. Tyler watched as one by one 8 solid bricks of abdominal muscle developed. The swelling was happening more rapidly. His thighs ballooned. His calves hardened and swelled. His shorts were in tatters. Strips of cloth that were attached at the waistband which now hung slack. While everything else had swelled, Danny's waist and shrunk and tightened. He was a god. A god of muscle. Tyler was in heaven.

Danny seemed to be sleeping. Tyler began to explore the huge muscular body before him. He became more and more aroused as he squeezed the rock hard slabs of beef that covered his friend. He began to lick and suck every inch. And in a moment of bravery he placed his hand on Danny's crotch and squeezed.

"Can't get enough?" said a deep voice.

Tyler was startled. Danny was lucid and wide awake.

"It's okay Ty. Go ahead."

"Danny you don't understand. I did something."

"I know. I liked it a lot buddy."

"Besides the blow job asshole. I spiked your beer. I wanted to make you horny. I think the stuff I used had a reaction with your inhaler. You changed. It's all fine. In fact I think it's real good. But you need to see for yourself."

Tyler stood up and helped Danny to his feet. For the first time Danny began to notice his new massive frame. He rubbed his giant pecs and felt his gargantuan arms, but he didn't comprehend. Danny looked at Tyler. He was speechless and confused. Tyler led him to the basement bathroom and flipped on the light. Danny was in shock. He searched the eyes in the mirror trying to find himself. He watched the massive pecs roll and flex. He raised his biceps in astonishment. Tyler wanted to stay and watch, but decided to give Danny time alone with his new body. Tyler sat indian style in the middle of the room and opened the last beer. He thought he heard Danny crying. What had he done?

Danny emerged from the bathroom. He had discarded the ruined shorts. His briefs were stretched tight and balls the size of lemons poked out of each leg band. Danny looked angry.

"Get the tape measure Tyler," he snapped.

Tyler stood up and grabbed the tape measure.

"Don't just stand there. Measure me."

Tyler stood there in disbelief and then jumped into action. The 60 inch tape measure couldn't encircle Danny's chest. His neck was 21", his waist 29", his biceps 30", his thighs 32" and his calves 19".

"God. You're amazing Danny."

"Didn't you forget something Tyler?" he growled.

Danny grabbed his crotch. Tyler fell to his knees. He was trembling as he slowly pulled down the skin tight briefs. Danny's cock spilled out. It was huge. Tyler could tell it was bigger now that it had been an hour ago. And it was completely limp! Tyler had to use both hands to handle the massive member. He stretched the tape. He double checked the measurement.

"10 inches. Limp."

"Measure it hard homo," Danny said as his face broke out into a huge grin.

"You asshole. You scared me too death!"

Danny laughed as Tyler shot to his feet. He punched Danny in the arm which now didn't budge. Danny laughed and grabbed his short friend. He raise Tyler to eye level and held him close.

"Do you really think I'd be mad about looking like this. You're so stupid."

And with that he wrapped his huge arms around Tyler and kissed him hard on the mouth. Tyler hugged his thick neck as their hot, wet tongues explored each others mouths. It seemed as if time stopped. Danny pulled away and looked deep into Tyler's eyes.

"I was serious. Get down there and see how big this thing gets."

He lowered Tyler. Tyler grabbed Danny's biceps and sucked eagerly on his nipples. Danny flexed his rock hard biceps in response. The giant peaks almost reached his ears. Tyler slowly lowered himself tonguing the furry crease down the middle of Danny's chest. He kissed and licked each brick that formed the steel abs. He dropped to his knees and inhaled the sweet musky aroma of Danny's crotch. Tyler lovingly kissed the head of his cock and began playing with Danny's balls. Danny moaned and combed his finger through Tyler's hair. Tyler gingerly began to suck the massive dick. He once again felt Danny swell in his mouth. This time it was much bigger than before. His mouth was sore and his jaw began to ache, but Tyler was determined to take it all. He used both hands to grip Danny's firm bubble butt. He pried his steel ass checks apart and fingered Danny's pink virgin hole. Danny laced his thick fingers behind Tyler's head and slowly pressed him toward his crotch. Danny's cock was fully erect. Only a third of it fit into Tyler's mouth. Tyler relaxed his throat and felt the tip of giant cock slip past his gag reflex and enter his throat. Danny was moaning with abandon. Tyler watched as his nose inched closer and closer to Danny's pelvis. Finally he had swallowed it all! He grazed the cock with his teeth and looked up at Danny. Danny looked down and beamed. Tyler inserted three fingers into the wet asshole and begin bobbing his head with the rhythm of his fingering. Danny was lost in pure bliss. He began fucking and grinding Tyler's face with abandon. Tyler blew a load into his shorts. Soon after Danny delivered a huge load down Tyler's throat. It was hot and salty. Tyler was in heaven. Danny withdrew and his still erect cock slapped against his abs and reached toward his pecs. Tyler wiped the cum from his lips and grabbed the tape measure. Hew stood and measured the raging boner.

"You won't believe this Danny. 13 and a half inches."

"And still ready for action. Whatever shall we do?"

Danny tore the shirt from Tyler's body. He then bent down and ripped off Tyler's shorts and cum-stained boxers. Stunned and naked Tyler stood there. Danny lifted him by the armpits until his cock was at his lips. Tyler steadied himself by holding on to Danny's head. Danny licked and nibbled at Tyler's cock. Almost instantly his 5 inch dick was a raging hard on. He raised Tyler higher and then lowered his cock into his mouth. Danny pressed Tyler up and down all the while sucking on his thick little cock. Pretty soon Tyler shot his load which Danny took eagerly. He lowered Tyler until his cock nestled between Danny's pecs. He then took one hand and placed it on Tyler's butt.

"Danny, put me down."

"Not yet little man."

With one quick move Danny inserted his big thumb in Tyler's tight little ass. He began massaging Tyler's prostrate. Tyler moaned in delight. His cock twitched and Danny flexed his pecs to squeeze it tight. Tyler's ass was wet and slippery. He had never felt anything like this before. How did Danny know what to do? Just as Tyler was beginning to loosen up Danny removed his thumb. He wrapped his meaty arm around Tyler's waist and lowered him. Tyler started to speak, but stopped when he felt the tip of Danny's cock against his tight asshole. The fear in eyes was calmed by Danny's smile. In one fluid movement Danny lowered and pressed his giant meat into Tyler's sweet rosebud. There was a moment of pain followed by waves of pleasure. Tyler could feel himself being filled inch by inch. His head rested on Danny's iron pec. He wrapped his legs around Danny's waist and held onto the massive shoulder for dear life. Danny began raising and lowering Tyler on his stiff prick. It felt like his huge cock was trapped in a velvet vise. The speed increased. Tyler shot another load all over Danny's abs. Danny's knees buckled with pleasure. He and Tyler dropped to the floor. Tyler kept his legs wrapped tight around Danny's waist. Danny pushed himself off the floor so he wouldn't crush the smaller man. He resumed his assault of Tyler's soft ass. The strokes became longer and faster. Sweat streamed from both bodies. Danny rammed harder and harder. He was a savage. He grunted like an animal. Tyler held tight to Danny's massive body and was lifted completely off the floor. It one final buck Danny filled him to the hilt. And both boys began to cum. Wave after wave of orgasm flooded their bodies. It seemed like gallons of cum filled Tyler ass. They finished with a small shudder.

Danny rolled over onto to his back. The smaller man was still impaled on his meaty rod. He pulled Tyler closer to his face. Releasing his mighty tool as jism spilled out of Tyler ass and coated their thighs. They kissed tenderly.

"Danny that was amazing."

"It was perfect Ty."

"I can't imagine anything more perfect."

"Wait one minute."

Tyler rolled off Danny's chest. Danny got up slowly and lumbered to the bathroom. He returned with something hidden behind his back. Tyler couldn't believe the beautiful, muscular body that belonged to his best friend and lover. It was like something carved out of granite or drawn in the pages of a comic book. Tyler knew he worshipped this man. Now and forever. Danny had a huge grin on his face. From behind his back he produced another asthma inhaler.

"Danny? Oh my god. You think you can get bigger? I'll love you no matter how you look."

Danny puffed and puffed and puffed. His body began to tremble. •

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