Prep School Muscle


By Polodude

Billy met Chris in the locker room after class. Chris was waiting there wearing a white Ralph Lauren polo and a pair of cargo shorts. Billy couldn’t help getting a boner looking at Chris’s biceps, striated and vascular, stretching against the sleeves of the polo.

"Here, dude, I got something for ya," Chris said. He pulled a needle and a vial of liquid out of his gym bag. "What is that?" asked Billy. "It’s juice, dude," grinned Chris. "It’s gonna make you blow up, dude."

"Aw, no, I can’t…" muttered Billy. His heart was racing, and even though he knew drugs were bad, he had a raging hard on. The thought of getting buff and muscular like Chris, and wearing hot, sporty clothes, and looking like a jock, was too much for him.

"Pull your shorts down and I’ll do it. Don’t worry, it’s a new needle. It only stings a second."

Billy pulled his shorts down. His legs were pale and skinny. Chris rubbed a spot on Billy’s thigh with alcohol and then plunged the needle in. Billy moaned, and shot his load just thinking about how big he was gonna get.

"Fuck yeah," Chris said, watching the cum shoot out of Billy’s cock.

"Ever since I came to this school I’ve been lookin’ at you, Chris, all hot and prepped out in your polo’s with big muscles. I wanna be just like you dude. Make me huge, man, I wanna get big muscles!"

"You’re gonna get fuckin’ ripped, little bro," said Chris, smiling. Chris was hard too. Chris turned up the collar on his polo. "Watch this dude," Chris said.

Chris flexed his pecs and they bulged out of the front of his polo. Billy looked on in awe as Chris stroked himself to orgasm.

"Aw, fuck yeah man, fuckin’ Polo muscle dude," Chris groaned to himself as he stared in the mirror at his ripped up jock body and the hot white spunk shooting out of his cock. "Fuck yeah."

The workouts were brutal. Chris met Billy every afternoon after class, and in the evenings, Billy was just as merciless drilling Chris on his physics homework. They started hanging out together all the time, and Billy soon became friends with the other prepster jock dudes that Chris hung out with.

The first week, the roids just made Billy cranky and tired. Plus, the workouts were grueling and he could hardly move from how sore he was. Chris spent a good 1/2 hour after the workouts doing yoga stretches with Billy just to keep his muscles limber and lengthened so he wouldn’d cramp up or tighten up. Meanwhile Billy was eating like a fiend, devouring everything in sight.

The second week, Billy’s skinny muscles felt a little swollen and hard. But the third week, Billy started to explode. After two months of workouts, injections, and constant eating, Billy’s pecs started to jut out of his shirt and he began to see striations and veins in his arms and the front of his shoulders. Chris commented on how awesome Billy’s genetics were, and how surprised he was that Billy was growin’ so fast.

"You’re fuckin’ awesome, you fucking little muscle stud. Little bro is blowin’ up!" Chris said, and slapped Billy on his ass, which was now hard as a rock.

It was spring now, and after an entire fall and winter of pumping up, Billy and Chris were getting totally ripped and bulked up. Chris went online with Billy and they ordered some polo’s.

The day the package arrived, Billy weighed in at 180lbs, 40 lbs heavier than he had been in the fall when he started working out with Chris. Chris tore open the package and they both tried on the various preppy shirts—a light blue polo with a pink polo logo on it, a red and black striped rugby shirt with a polo crest, and some classic oxford shirts. Billy’s muscles bulged out of all of them and Chris gave him a white baseball cap which Billy turned around backwards.

Billy looked in the mirror and stared in awe at his new image. He had completely transformed into a hot, prepped-out high school muscleboy jock. He and Chris jerked each other off and flexed, their roided muscles bulging out of their preppy shirts.

"FUCK YEAH! MUSCLE!" they shouted in unison as they both blew their loads onto the mirror.

Finally, the physics exam came. Chris scored 100% and got into Yale. Billy also got into Yale and they got assigned to the same dorm. The following fall, at school, their third roommate, Darren, was a skinny kid who was hoping to be a political science major.

"How did you guys get so big?" Darren asked them. •

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