Presentation, The

By Archangel

"So now that you are all present" Ms. Chambers announced as the last of the trio of executives filed into the room. "I can get to the point of my presentation, and thusly the reason why I called you here." Ms. Chambers was commanding the room, even from her 5' stature. She was by no means plain though, her supple breasts nearly exposed for all to see in her less than appropriate lab wear.

"Can we get to this point, you have promised us a great deal" It was Mr. Jameson who broke the expectant silence. He found these presentations pointless. All they were to him were stall tactics. Stalling from giving him what he wanted. And Jameson rarely had to wait for such things. A man of over 6 ft, and an avid bber, he sat annoyed as the woman talked on. He only contented himself with sideways glances at his friend Davidís.

"We expect you to deliver" Jameson, startled at the sudden directness averted his gaze from his friend. He was something to look at though, while not tall by any means, the man was the perfect mix of muscle and grace, and his long slender face and deep blue eyes stole all of Jameson's limited attention.

"I must say though I am intrigued by your proposal, I have been going over your numbers" Jameson wondered why Reads listened to this woman so attentively, though he assumed it was the pair of hooters hanging inches from his face. Reads was enraptured, but more so by the presentation than the woman presenting. He had suffered from a childhood illness and as such could not develop properly. In other words, he was over 6 feet but barely 100 lbs. the entire concept of normalizing himself, developing the body he deserved intrigued him.

"Thank you, and as you can clearly see in the charts on prefix 4." Chambers stopped herself, she knew the only way to reach these execs would be with a demonstration.

"This is where Mr. Tell comes into play" As she said this, through the door walked a small, thin sheepish fellow, dressed in nothing but a small hospital gown, appeared to be in his early 20's. Suddenly the execs perked up.

"William Tell was born with a heart defect causing him to require an operation at an early age. It was this which caused him to stay sickly and ill for most of his life."

Immediately reads heart pounded, this could be it.

"Behind him you will see a small vial, in this vial is the formula I have been working on." sure enough, as Tell turned around, a small cart with a large 8 L beaker and a small vial upon it lay in reach. Tell lifted the vial to his lips

"Watch" Chambers said as she waited

Tell swallowed the small sip, and a second passed with everyone's heart in their throats. Suddenly tell bent over, his breathing increased. The sounds of cracking and stretching could be heard throughout the boardroom. His breath elevated, suddenly his arms started to swell and bulge outward, as he leaned over his back spread outward, bulging bigger. He started to pant as his legs burst with muscle inflating with rock hard tension and lengthening, immediately he started to grow taller, the small gown sliding up his legs. Though after a few more seconds of panting the growth subsided. Tell stood up, now well over 6', and regarded himself. His arms rippled as he flexed, and looked downward to see that his 8 pack wasn't the only thing that had developed. Hanging beneath the now mini gown was an 8 inch flaccid cock.

"Well then," Ms. Chambers said as she watched him stroke himself. "As we fully expected----" her voice trailing off, until suddenly she leapt upon Tell, and started to stroke his huge chest muscles.

"What the fuck." Jameson asked, nearly cumming as he did so. The growth was extreme, now a sex show?

"Itís a result of the formula, it accelerates hormones and pheromones." Reads explained, his hope had become a reality; he could be as big as he wanted.

Ms. Chambers pushed tell to the table and grabbed his huge cock, she started to rub it up and down, and as she did so, the beast grew in her hands until she could no longer hold onto it. She looked up to see Tell growing again, he passed into seven feet, and his huge pecs kept pushing out. Suddenly Tell got up and threw her to the table to fuck her from behind. He grabbed her hair and shoved his now 17 inch cock into her tight ass. He kept pounding harder and harder, her round ass smacking his 10 pack. Suddenly she started to shout.

"Youíre growing inside of me, youíre getting bigger" she panted. Tell looked down and watched his arms surge outward, now 30 inches around, the gown was in shreds and Tell stood 8 ft tall completely naked in the center of the room. He was huge now, his muscles swelling as he inhaled.

"More, bigger" she cried out

Tell picked her up in his massive arms and carried her, still fucking her ass, to the table with the formula.

Jameson was in awe, though suddenly he realized that his formula was about to be wasted on this other guy. That just wouldn't do. He got up to stop him, but suddenly, Davidís reached out to him. Jameson looked down to see Davidís pants strained outward, his cock at full attention.

"Let him" Davidís pleaded; his deep eyes made Jameson sit down.

"No, you can't I have to, I have to" repeated Reads as he rose to stop Tell. But by the time he reached him Tell had swallowed all 8 L. he kept pounding his abs against Chambers for a few seconds, but then the growth overtook him. He grabbed his sides and suddenly swelled upwards, his sides doubling, and then tripling in mass. Tell moaned louder as his cock grew within chambers, suddenly chambers started to scream for him to take it out, and just as Tell did, his cock bulged and ballooned to over 3 ft.

"Wow" Tell said, his voice getting deeper. His arms grew bigger and bigger, until each was as big as Chambers, then grew larger still. His legs kept pounding more and more muscle until he found it hard to move any further, so he lay down onto the table. He kept growing taller though, as his muscles swelled. He passed 12 feet, and laid back onto the table nearly a ton of muscle.

"Some table." Jameson said. Suddenly, staring at the now four foot cock, Jameson could no longer stop himself. He needed to fuck this giant. But no, he cared for Davidís, but before he could finish the debate, Davidís jumped atop the table and grabbed hold of the huge dick.

"Yeah, all of you make me cum" all obeyed, the pheromones too strong now to do anything else. Jameson pulled Davidís off the cock, and started to jerk it off himself, the four foot monster bulging in his arms. Davidís and Reads sat on his arms and liked his pecs, only to watch them flex and swell. Chambers ran to the end of the 12 foot man and licked his huge balls, Davidís and reads did the same. But again as Jameson worked the monster, Tell started to pant

"I'm growing again, holy shit, I'm gonna get even bigger, I'm growing ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" at the end of the moan he started to swell all over, the huge dick surged up and bigger until Jameson could no longer hold onto it, it had become as wide around as a grown man, which meant the rest of tell would grow to match

Sure enough his body started to lengthen and grow, his legs pushing past the others as his body doubled in size, his massive pecs didn't stop growing. Tell could barely see over them. His arms bulged bigger and bigger, the biceps passing 100 inches and soon off the scale. He suddenly stood up, and kept growing taller as his head hit the roof eventually breaking through it into the outside world, 20 ft, 30 ft, he kept growing taller, his muscles so huge now, far beyond imagination, and his massive 24 pack glistening. The growth finally started to slow. Suddenly his 8 foot cock bulged as Tell moaned

"Oh, yeah I'm cumming, I'm cumming, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," his huge cock sprayed outwards, covering the entire boardroom in a foot of cum, and again the growth started, He kept growing this time until he hit 50 ft, his muscles bigger than mountains. But still he looked downward. To his surprise, he saw the men in the room panting.

"Great, you guys too!" he said, his deep voice shook the ground. Sure enough Davidís, Jameson and Reads all started to sweat, the cum they'd ingested working like a toned down formula. immediately they all burst out of their suits, and stopped at 8 ft each, Reads flexed his new muscles and looked up to Tell.

"So what now?" he asked the giant. Tell was not sure when the growth would stop but he did know where ms. Chambers kept the rest of the formula... •

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