Prep School Muscle


By Polodude

Is that a good title? Or maybe "Billy Grows Massive?" or "Homework Help?"

Here is the first chapter....

Billy was 16, and as he typed up his physics problem set at his computer, he stared down at his thin arms, two pale sticks of bone with delicate fingers. He was in the school library in the back, where he usual sat alone, away from the other kids during the athletics period when most of the other kids were doing sports.

He felt a hand on his shoulder.


Behind him was Chris, a ripped, muscular jock, with gorgeous eyes and dressed ultra-preppy in a navy blue Ralph Lauren polo shirt (with a red Polo logo on it), a white baseball cap, khakis, and sneakers. Billy had known he was gay forever, but found it better to hide his feelings, especially around musclegods like Chris who seemed to populate Halston prep and would surely tease or even hurt him if Billy showed an inkling of sexual interest in them.

“I need you to help me with my homework.”

Uh, this is so stupid, Billy thought, like a bad 80s movie, I have to do this stupid jock’s homework or he’ll beat me up.

“Why should I help you?”

“I have all A’s in every subject except physics. I hate it. I only have an 89 average. I want to get an A so I can get into Yale.”

Billy would have been surprised even to hear that Chris knew how to spell.

“You’re the best at it in the class. Please, can you just spend like, a half an hour with me and tutor me a few times?”

Billy was busy staring at Chris’ massive pecs that were jutting out of the shirt placket like two boulders. Billy’s biceps stretched against his sleeves as if to rip them, and thick veins snaked through the arms like a garden hose.

“Uh….um…yeah…I mean, I don’t have a lot of time…I have to study…but…”

“Well maybe we can do like a barter or something,” Chris said, pleading. “Please, I really need this. You know, I’ve seen you watching us work out after class in the gym… why don’t I train you and help you learn how to lift weights?”

Billy got a really big hard-on. He couldn’t believe what Chris was telling him. He never dared to imagine himself working out or putting on muscle or anything like that. He was quiet, kept to himself, and was content to watch the jocks from afar, quietly fantasizing about them.

Chris smiled at him, “Please, I really need this, and you’re the only kid here who knows how to help me. Come on man, I can help you get buff. You’ll look awesome.”

“Ok, sure,” Billy found himself saying, but his blood was racing and his mind was in a fog.

“I’ll meet you at 9 at your dorm. It’s Foxley, right?”


(Foxley was the science dweeb dorm).

At 8pm Chris stood alone in his room staring at his thin body in the mirror. He wasn’t out of shape…well, he wasn’t fat, but he wasn’t in-shape. He was a normal, skinny, gawky 16-year old kid. He didn’t really do sports, but he could ride a bike, he could swim, he could run a couple of miles… But now he began to imagine himself as more than he had ever dared to imagine. He stared in the mirror, wondering what it would feel like to pack on ripped, striated muscle like Chris and the other jock dudes he had watched with envy in the gym.

He went to his dresser and took out his own Polo shirt, which was exactly identical to the one Chris had had on. It was a navy blue shirt, with a little red polo player on it. He’d actually bought it because going to prep school, he thought he should have something preppy and sporty. But it looked sort of stupid on him. The sleeves were big and drooped, his chest was flat and the shirt drooped flat in front. He tried to stick his chest out to see what he might look like as a buff dude. He felt his dick harden as he dared to imagine what he might look like if he trained with Chris and the other guys, and his hand unconsciously made its way down to his stiffened cock. “Fuck yeah, muscle…” he whispered to himself.”

“Nice Polo, dude.”

Oh shit!

“Chris, you’re early…” Billy was totally taken by surprise and moved to hide his boner. •

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